Ford F350 Super Duty Powerstroke Dually Rear Brake Replacement

I needed to replace the caliper on the right side and both rotors. I installed ceramic brake pads and bled out the new caliper. The job took about 2 hours and cost just under $250.

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Author Mauro Vera (4 months)
How much was the cost the kit 

Author jboydmv90 (2 years)
You should of replaced those oil seals in the hubs and cleaned the bearings
and the inside of the hubs soaked the bearings in oil before re

Author mikejr662007 (1 year)
No....not at all, I applaud the diy and do it as well, safety is my issue,
working in the grass in an emergency ok, but for service never, proper
torque is really important especially with brake service, and the parts I
can't say for sure, but looking for bargain brake parts ? Not for me,
so....there's my reply, ive been working on and building my own vehicles
for many years, and encourage others to do the same, but never overlook

Author EdzGarage (4 years)
@rthom86 Thanks for the comment and the 02 info. I bet your boss was happy
to have it all fixed.

Author Ihtiyor Hamraev (2 years)
I also got Holly rusted rotor! My Ford F550 needs rotors, calipers, break
pads, break line all around. Now im running with no break at all. It taking
too long to stop :) Good job edzgarage, it helps alot, thanks

Author EdzGarage (4 years)
@Intelpentium54321 I have never used it. Thanks for the comment.

Author EdzGarage (5 years)
Thanks Tom! The truck has been a work horse. We use it to pull our 31'
travel trailer. It has great power and gets pretty good mileage while

Author kctyphoon (2 years)
this video would be much better if you actually showed HOW you did
everything,, but still better than nothing,

Author Joe Impala (1 year)
Agreed, I work on my 2004 Ford F450 XL Super Duty, Did Rear brakes and
doing fronts tommarow... It isnt hard and I paid for top notch original
ford parts and i have all proper tools to do it, I got Three 6 Ton Jack
stands and a 6 ton jack.

Author cavediver2 (4 years)
I have to repair the same one on my truck and was wondering was there a
clip inside the punkin that need to come off before you pull the axle.

Author gmtgmt123 (5 years)
do you put grease where the pads slides?

Author EdzGarage (2 years)
I'm not sure what the torque spec is. Thanks for watching!

Author ShnitzlHaus (2 years)
ed whats your mpg like? I am looking at a crewcab dually f350 1998.

Author RickM1953 (1 year)
Did you do anything special to remove the hub plate? Mine feels like it's
being sucked back in.

Author EdzGarage (3 years)
@TheHuracan1984 Thanks for the comment!

Author Chrisgarage1 (5 years)
Now she should stop like new! love the DRW 350's, such beasts! iv got one
sent as my backround picture which is my favorite gen of the 350's

Author EdzGarage (3 years)
@abcmclovin I think you can, but the tire will be offset from the front.

Author EdzGarage (1 year)
Sorry Mike, I don't really know the answer. Sounds like a fun project. Good

Author MrGommer101 (2 years)
hi nice video what brand parts did you use and are you happy with them

Author EdzGarage (5 years)
You need to grease the pins. I did not put grease any place else. It could
get on the pads and affect the braking.

Author mchl8 (1 year)
i have a question i own a 86 f250 diesel 4wd w/ a 3 speed c6 ok i almost
have a 85 250 4wd for the cab it seems decent as a replacement its a 4
speed manual also a diesel i would like to use the cab w/ the manual trans
do i have to worry about moving the crossmember or is the geomerty the same
as a unit? can u do the very best to answer this we are all back yard
repairs or hobbies. thks mike

Author EdzGarage (4 years)
@hp11208 Thanks!

Author EdzGarage (3 years)
@XPBPROX Thanks for the comment!

Author EdzGarage (2 years)
Thanks for the comment!

Author EdzGarage (4 years)
@christopher5361 Thanks! I hope it helped.

Author 500passwords (5 years)
man , i always fix my own 99 f - 150 . my brakes and rotors are so easy , i
fell sorry for ya. but theres nothing like new rotors , truck feels new
again when it stops good.

Author EdzGarage (2 years)
Thanks for the comment!

Author vwbeetleowner (2 years)
How do you know when you have torqed them down enough? Do you use a special

Author EdzGarage (4 years)
@stydel311 Yep, I'm sure it's rust colored now!

Author dieselinside69 (4 years)
@edzgarage mm thanks buddy i was comparing the frame of my old 1995 and is
IS SAME MAYBE CAN VARIate the gerar ratios but nothing hard ! and thanks
!!! see my old pal at my channel dieselinsi69

Author MrMustangcar (2 years)
i have a f53 1992year model with 4 way discs, you think set up is kind of
the same, i would like to have the rear rotors cut or replaced thanks

Author EdzGarage (2 years)
Thanks for the comment and for watching!

Author christopher5361 (4 years)
Thanks for this video.

Author Allen Provencio (3 years)
Thanks! I have a 85 dually and I could see the similarities and this video
really helped me figure out how to take it off

Author EdzGarage (2 years)
Mine gets 17 - 18 Highway and 13 - 14 City. Pulling my 30ft camper it gets
10 - 12. It's been a great truck too.

Author EdzGarage (3 years)
@CPUNeck Thanks for the comment! The inner seal was good so I just reused
it. Still holding oil today.

Author Intelpentium54321 (4 years)
your supposed to use the parking brake...even if it is an automatic.

Author EdzGarage (1 year)
They do love diesel, but they have a lot power too.

Author EdzGarage (5 years)
Thanks! Heavy truck, heavy parts!!!

Author EdzGarage (1 year)
I never overlook safety... truck is still on the road today with those
brake pads, rotor and caliper. If you noticed the truck was on 3 ton
stands. Being on the grass has nothing to do with anything... if you look
close you can see there is board under each stand... I guess I don't see
the point in your comments is all I'm saying. Thanks for watching!

Author nutcase444 (2 years)
Great Video, good editing for time, nothing really missed. only thing I
would have done is replaced both calipers. Ill still give you two thumbs
up. P.S. I Love my Single wheel drive, way less work on the rear rotors.

Author Chris07860 (4 years)
You sir have a new subscriber, excellent video I will check out your other
ones right now. I am a big time Ford guy

Author EdzGarage (2 years)
@godofwar09 Yes, if you loose a lot of fluid you need to replace it. That's
why I mentioned you need to bias the truck back to keep from loosing the

Author EdzGarage (2 years)
If you're unsure use a torque wrench.

Author Gerhard Klittich (1 year)
Very useful for me, thank you.

Author tom58c (5 years)
Best video ever! lol :) How has this truck been doing? im not a ford guy,
but we had a 2003 f350 4x4 for a while. I got to say... it was the
smoothest most powerful truck we have gotten to drive with a load. It didnt
even have to try with that old 53 chrysler impereal. So fancy inside. You
can imagine my face when i found out what seat warmers were lol. Just too
expensive of a truck though.

Author dieselinside69 (4 years)
@cavediver2 i have a 1995 f-350 7.3l dually can i convert my drum brakes
into disk brakes at rear !!!???

Author EdzGarage (1 year)
No, I don't remember anything unusual I had to do.

Author GlennHa (4 years)
I would always replace brake calipers in pairs, just my .02, so they apply

Author Lemony Snicket (1 year)
Great Video. Thanks. I get 10 mpg in town pulling a lawn trailer but I have
4WD. Maybe 12 on the highway.I document every single mile so this is a 7
year average figure.

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