Ripcord Arrow Rest Set-Up and Installation

This video shows the proper set-up and timing of the Ripcord Arrow Rest.

Presented by Ike's Outdoors

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Author Robin Steal (4 months)
Man o man you make it look so easy. I'm new to all of this and just setting
up my first bow. Seems to me the key advice as you have mentioned is
patience which thank goodness I do have quite a bit of. Slow, methodical
and step by step is how I'll proceed and watch your video who knows how
many times until I nail it. Got a Peep Eliminator after seeing your review
on it. That's next to install.

Author bluelagoon10023 (4 years)
my vanes hit the bottom of my rest does that mean my nocking point is too

Author Ike's Outdoors (4 years)
Anything is possible. I have seen stranger things knock a bow out of time.
If you had to much pressure on your downward cable at full draw it may pull
one cam out of time. I have never had a problem with this happening though.

Author Ike's Outdoors (3 years)
@atwozed123 Try this one (take out the extra spaces) youtube . com

Author RussFlukeOutdoors (3 years)
Not sure whether you are still answering questions but anyway. Shooting
these does the cock vane go up, out or down? Cheers

Author MAIDEN068 (3 years)
i hear about a lot of issues with tuning these arrow rests, and people say
that if they are not tuned right, there will be fletching contact. how do
you tune it so that this doesnt happen? is it all about your knocking

Author Ike's Outdoors (3 years)
@RussFlukeOutdoors Cock vane up works best with this rest

Author Andrew Zindilis (3 years)
A lot of the setups are not filmed at close up

Author Ike's Outdoors (3 years)
@civicblizz No offense taken. I am always willing to learn from others.
Thanks for the advice.

Author jZENO186 (3 years)
I have the 09 Admiral with the rip cord rest. When the rest is in the down
position, the launcer arms are hitting the riser shelf. This is preventing
the rest from going completly down and i am having clearance issues. What
do you reccomend?

Author Bowhunner22 (4 years)
@ikesoutdoors Thanks

Author Ike's Outdoors (3 years)
@MAIDEN068 If they are not timed right they will have clearance issues. I
made a new video showing how to time them. You should be able to find it on
my channel. If you can't let me know and I'll send you a direct link.

Author Ike's Outdoors (4 years)
I used the biscuit for a long time and was intimidated by the setup on
these fall aways. When the rep brought one into the shop and showed me the
set up I switched and never looked back. I love my Ripcord and they are a
great company to deal with.

Author Bowhunner22 (4 years)
Is it possible to knock a dual cam bow out of time with a drop away rest
like this? Since they use the pull of the downward buss cable? thanks

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