Our First Maid Cafe

For this week's adventure, we're heading to the @home Maid Cafe in Akihabara which is having a special Gudetama month, and we're having our first maid cafe experience. Martina loves every second of it. I, on the other hand, need to re-evaluate my life decisions.

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Author 異吃藥啦 ( ago)
is Ryu!! a youtuber
in 3:44

Author 茱香阿豆あろま ( ago)

Author Yabbi Yabbi ( ago)
It looks like simon's on drugs

Author Blank Gamer ( ago)

Author Bunny cutie ( ago)
They made my afternoon.. i did not stop laughing. (ノ∀\*)
Both are so fun and cute~

The maids are so cute, I want to hug them and put some bunny ears! o x o ❤

Author Missy Mullins ( ago)
This is why Ive lost faith in humanity.

Author cakewatcher ( ago)
Simon is definitely the cutie cutie one in the pic.

Author Dashan Yue ( ago)
I saw Ryuu and Yuma in the background?!?!

Author kyookoo esume ( ago)
WHY IS THIS CRINGY??? I find it adorable. I feel Martinas vibes

Author SanDee's Wayward Channel ( ago)
simon lol

Author 吴鸣仪 ( ago)
Wow,is Ryun and Yuma !

Author Albert Akira ( ago)
if i go to a maid cafe, ill probably cringe to death

Author Irene Chan ( ago)
Simon seems to be having existential crisis

Author Bose Ritchie ( ago)
I love it when he says my mistakes was I should of drunk be for coming here

Author .........〉l:3 ( ago)
even though im not there, just watching their experience gave me a cringe that never went away...

Author OneLove Phia ( ago)
if probably be like dan if I ever went but knowing people won't look at me like omg that's person's here cos of friends cos my acting skills

Author Sweet Lolalita ( ago)
Simon is so boring...

Author Lee Annas ( ago)
I was wondering if I went to this Maid Cafe when I lived in Japan. The second I heard "Moe Moe Kyuu~" it all came back to me. The food didn't taste great, but I guess you're not really paying for amazing food. Actually, they didn't let us film the staff but you can still take pictures of yourself and your food so that's okay! It was still super fun!

Author Uni Kitty ( ago)
I would do the same thing if I went to a maid café and they asked me to say the same thing xD 7:51

Author Tiffany Layla ( ago)
Simon omg lmfao!! Had me dying this whole vid. He's so sweet to Martina going through this cringe for her haha

Author David Brancho ( ago)
You know it's a good episode when 30 seconds into the movie, you started laughing like a maniac, waking up your neighbors and had to deal with the police who came because they received reports saying there has been a murder attempt in your house.

Author Winnie Yau ( ago)
I love your video, you two respect japanese culture even if you might not fully understand them, and you try to explain some of the tradition/features there which is nice. You video is a lot better than other videos I'm watching online. Thumbs up.

Author LumpySpacePen ( ago)
lol you two make a great duo.

Author Cake ( ago)

Author duchessvk ( ago)
I like the fact that only one of them was enthusiastic in going to the maid cafe. At least simon represents the population who's so not into the cutesy stuff. Thumbs up for a great unbiased vlog on a maid cafe!

Author ns ( ago)
Simon needs to pregame a maid cafe

Author ansr1019 ( ago)
You guys were lucky Hitomi was there! I visited today but it didn't seem like she was there... still a great place nonetheless!

(Update: Since this is a press event, Hitomi probably had to be there, since she is the president of the café)

Author Torisabi ( ago)
loved this!! please go to a butler cafe next pleaseee!

Author Vivit S ( ago)
Simon and Martina... please make videos about halal food in japan.. compare it with one another.. thank you..

Author 旬モグリ ( ago)
これは きつい (笑)
日本人 にとっても heavy な おみせ だもの

Author Ainsleykittycat ( ago)
Would I have to Japanese to work here?

Author winky Lau ( ago)
2:45 They are famous youtuber in Asia.

Author Dion Cheah ( ago)

Author Derpette Derpington ( ago)
simon is such a good husband. Holy shit 😂

Author Delitescent Cenotaph ( ago)
Great video ^_^

Author Violet Rose ( ago)
Did she suck on balloon before work? :D

Author Fabienne Hilse ( ago)
hahahaha :DD my boyfriend totally looked like Simon when we went to a maid café in Tokyo xD

Author Derpy Me ( ago)
I'm totally Simon in this kinda situation ._.

Author Reg Whiteman ( ago)
simon seems and sounds gay af!

Author Inari ( ago)
In Tokyo friends and I got tricked into a maid cafe. We were so broke after this ToT (it wasn't a good one but the maids kinda forced us to stay .__. not all of them are good i guess haha)

Author Naufal Aziz Ferbi ( ago)
i can't​ stop laughing

Author Dayvert 02 ( ago)
WTF HAHAHA I would love to go to a place like this high AF

Author capital Nadia ( ago)
This is nightmare 0-0 .. I know how u feel simon

Author Love's Bangtanboys ( ago)
Omg i was there too in the same one😂

Author Cristy Stars ( ago)
I just had my first black coffee ever and I am laughing hysterically

Author why am i even ( ago)
To be honest that looks fun....

Author Brittney Culver ( ago)
How about a butler cafe next time?...... Just a suggestion. ;-)

Author Gyaretto, the Brave and the Bleh ( ago)
This gave me kawaii pink aids.

Author Chihara-chan ( ago)

Author Yumiko Hashi ( ago)
the maid who was explaining you guys the menu looked familiar, I'm probably confusing her but she looks like someone from a Japanese drama I used to watch. lmao

Author Kim Du Han and Persephone Kim Du Han and Persephone ( ago)
The cutest thing on the video was Martina's outfit!
love your style! <3

Author K. Fleming ( ago)
The cat on the omuraisu looks... like the Spudgy

Author 藤崎たくや ( ago)
so that's japanese culture maid

Author 藤崎たくや ( ago)
ryuuu & yuuma in our right side haha...

Author Kenneth Donnelly ( ago)
wow....that forced happy cute is creepy........that whole place just makes my hair stand up with the creepy vibe...........

Author poh fen ( ago)
Ryuuu & Yuma from Ryuu TV sit next to both of you 😃

Author kiyonexus ( ago)
How the hell did they let you guys film? You lie to them like you were famous youtube stars or something and would promote them? I just went there and they don't allow personal filming.

Author Cecile 村上 ( ago)
don't take me wrong i love you guys but it's been more than a year that you live here how can your japanese be so bad ? hahaha

Author Joseph Meh ( ago)

Author Angelica Thompson ( ago)
Omfg I flippen adore you guys. You guys are just too amazing

Author Michelle Collins ( ago)
Marriage Simon, marriage.

Author Sally Brack ( ago)

Author Tommy Conlin ( ago)
RyuuTV at 02:49

Author Shaun Stewart ( ago)
My cousin from Japan told me about this

Author Celestia Playz ( ago)
"I say give her 20 minutes and they'll offer martina a job here"

Author Michelle Kwong ( ago)
Did you notice those two youtubers next to you? :D it's RyuuuTV and they are also a great channel :D

Author Magnolia Brox ( ago)
Thumbs up for Simon's cringe

Author Wycked Syn ( ago)
I just about died in all the freaking cuteness of the both of you!!!!!

Author Smorf Hound ( ago)
That was funny. That is one girly girl place to eat. Girls and kids. Men will feel awkward. Haha.

Author argon lavis ( ago)

Author Meko ( ago)
I Would Die of cringe In there i swear

Author sonia jayanthi ( ago)
is that high pitched child like voice real or is it just for job purpose? but I often find Japanese girls on youtube to have high pitched voiced.

Author mile ( ago)
I would feel awkward there.

Author Mikaeel Samodien ( ago)
don't they speak English

Author Ariel Sahar ( ago)
Officially my favorite Simon and Martina video. So many movie references...the editing was hilarious....Martina is adorable and excitable as always. I wanna be you guys when I grow up.

Author 정상희 ( ago)

Author Unchained Irony ( ago)
I am willing to do a lot of stuff, go skydiving, go bungeejumping, go to some weird joga type of shit, whatever.

But this...This would require such a vast amount of alcohol I would probably die of alcohol poisoning before even making it into the cafe. God the sheer amount of cringe I got from this video was great, I felt so bad for that guy. I know these girls are just doing their job, but jesus if cringe is anything to measure a job with, they are the best employees a boss could wish for.

Author HAMMATIC Andrewgyny ( ago)
Where can I find THIS maid?

Author Laura G ( ago)
what is the address of this maid cafe please? there are so many in akihabara

Author HelloDarling! ( ago)
Gudetama! I love that little negative, lazy egg yolk. I first discovered it here on YT some months ago, and I'm not kidding you I was sitting in front of my laptop with my mouth open completely hypnotized by that freaking egg yolk 🤣🤣 it was such an unusual experience. Japan does some weird things, but I don't hate, cause I'm just as weird

Author Luz Bobadilla ( ago)
both of you are so lovely <3

Author Sleepie Annie ( ago)
Aye I like curvy

Author Hannah Yip ( ago)
3:47 Ryu& Yuma!! I just realized they both were in this video accidentally lol

Author Ash Cortez ( ago)
I fucking cringed at their voices 😧

Author Kendra Kaye ( ago)
going today! thanks for the video 😘💜💚💙

Author the pacifist pro ( ago)
I'm sorry I don't speak italian

Author ハートらいおん ( ago)

Author george5630 ( ago)
omfg this is sooo cringy to watch

Author Marky 影片推介 ( ago)

Author Oros Abaddon ( ago)
all the maids go out into the back alley during lunch, chew tobacco and play a quick round of strip poker.

Author Oros Abaddon ( ago)
I would be Simon in this situation.

Author arklung03 ( ago)
RyuuuTV behind him 2:56

Author amy9530 ( ago)
2:56 that's Ryu & Yuma !! CoolXD

Author Janelle Loy ( ago)
omg...they sit beside ryuuutv

Author jar puppy ( ago)
creepy guy bet he got a boner

Author NA TA ( ago)
2:48 Ryuuu TV!

Author Hatsune Miku ( ago)
Yuri on ice cafe Xd

Author luckysuperlee ( ago)
Why did he say he "wanted a screwdriver"? What does that mean?

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