Car Crash very Shock dash camera 2016 NEW ★★★★★ By Top Speed Motor 79

Car Crash very Shock dash camera 2016 NEW ★★★★★ By Top Speed Motor 79
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Please be careful on the roads! Never consume alcoholic beverages before driving. This is the most frequent cause of serious accidents. If you drink, use a non-drinking designated driver, a taxi, or sleep over.

Follow street signs and traffic lights, but use your judgment too. Don't try to beat red lights. And expect others to try to do so, so give them time to go through, particularly trucks that have trouble slowing down. Always stay at a safe distance from other vehicles. A general rule is the farther you are from them, the safer you are.

When you try to run a red light, there are many grave hazards. You take the risk that someone will turn in front of you (thinking that you must be stopping). Or, when the light changes, someone will pull out from the side and into your path. Or, a pedestrian (perhaps a child) will step out into the crosswalk on the far side. You are probably speeding and are committed to running the light, so the accident will be a severe one. The resulting carnage will be your fault, and you will have to live with it for the rest of your life. Keep in mind here that, it is exceptionally difficult for the other driver, when looking at your vehicle head on, whether your are about to accelerate, stop, or even how fast you are going.

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Author TheDiamondFighter ( ago)
How did u get the music

Author Jens Goldschmidt ( ago)
New GTA 6

Author Justinas Pačtauskas ( ago)

Author J. M ( ago)
Better the natural sounds, even screams and brakes, than this "music"...

Author EL SANDUNGUERO ( ago)
sin musica seria mejor

Author Xpdc Tutorial ( ago)

Author mauricevgr ( ago)
music sucks dude

Author reba kows ( ago)
the music needs to go.....

Author Stephen Murray ( ago)
I thought the music added something.

Author Franek Olsch ( ago)
Very shock? 🖕🏻

Author Elvis Presley ( ago)
what the hell is that crappy music, why try and make it more upbeat jesus christ.

Author Max Yurievich ( ago)
Stupid music is inappropriate

Author Robin Paul ( ago)
sound is crap

Author 80nei ( ago)
original sound always is better,so fuck your music and dislike for this

Author NOICE ( ago)

Author Leon decruz ( ago)

Author Jahmela Stenson ( ago)

Author Jack Frost ( ago)
I love those cute little gay Russian police cars. I want to hug them and tell them that one day they will grow up and be taken seriously.

Author Darren Bradnick ( ago)
get that shit off the video and get rid of that bloody music. lord! 😫

Author Karavan Verbludov ( ago)
Это не музыка, это пиздец какой-то!!

Author Chris84Redfield ( ago)
fuck you and your music

Author Bruno Varsalona ( ago)
Questo video è ben fatto,peccato per la musica assordante.Bocciato!!!!

Author Edwige Tabouret ( ago)
il sont tous de venue fout la ba

Author gozilloso89 ( ago)
as it is called the song at 00:20?

Author ber lee ( ago)

Author Tactical Seize ( ago)
5:23 typical on his phone

Author Sigma1PoliceDept ( ago)
jeb jeb jeb

Author Danny Smith ( ago)
2nd rate eastern European dance music combined with videos of fatal car crashes is what the internet was designed for. Thank you Mr Berners-Lee!

Author Danny Smith ( ago)

I just put it on repeat, its fantastic. Don't listen to these losers. I have learnt all the words.

Author the1pow ( ago)
the second to last one, the smartest way to stop a Chase is to shoot a guy at 90 mph while driving on the wrong side of the road

Author James Oldham ( ago)
Would recommend that anyone who wants to watch videos like this avoid all the ones with "very shock" in the title. The music tracks make them totally unwatchable.

Author nps2512 ( ago)
must agree great video dreadful music

Author Adler31 LP ( ago)
What do you have of such videos, in which humans have to live their lives only because others simply to be unable to lead a vehicle. I find something repulsive and repetitive. I wish such people like you a bad accident, so you can even notice how it is in the skin of the victim.

Author ChessNut ( ago)
0:13 you can see the guys soul get sucked into heaven

Author rapidboy84 ( ago)
5:24 funny

Author Brooke Roberson ( ago)
Online or onlain?

Author Pizza Place 21 POOPY TIME ( ago)
omg they ok

Author mcft 81 ( ago)
this music is terrible

Author danny zuko ( ago)

Author Thegamingkai ( ago)
Bro bro bro I can bearly watch this😩

Author Mr.LONEY 27GONNER ( ago)
why the fuck is that stupit music playing in a crash

Author Alien Abductor ( ago)
Keep it up. Just drop the crap music.

Author Rob Simpson ( ago)
music is crap!!!

Author HighZz Games ( ago)
That was car-nage 😂😂😂

Author Mike McRoberts ( ago)
What does "Onlain" mean?

Author slapmyfunkybass ( ago)
Who listens to music like this?

Author Cosmin Sandu ( ago)
R.I.P to people have died

Author Shadow Craft ( ago)
You need respect😵😵😵

Author Pure Competizione ( ago)

Author Moriarty ( ago)

Author Dudu Ilha ( ago)
How you pick this videos (sorry for My english i an brazilian)

Author DJVolte1 ( ago)
Don't need music. Don't need a watermark across the middle of the screen. Especially when there's one in the top corner already.

Author TommyTV ( ago)
i like you videos

Author Jr Shaunk ( ago)
this music suck and it is shitty

Author stclairstclair ( ago)
It was either rip out my ears with a fork or stop watching, annoying music of the year.

Author Mike Yau ( ago)
wtf is with the soundtrack why would you have a dance track for this kind of video?

Author Davidtube HD ( ago)
5:21 what is 180 or whatever please answer

Author Davidtube HD ( ago)
I like the music

Author vugnmiboss DK ( ago)
Onlain??? Lol. Try online..

Author Lillie Berry ( ago)
That 2 one was by me

Author Gweilo Xiu ( ago)
Garbage music ruins every single one of your vids. Not worth subscribing or liking. Original sound or it is shit.

Author Les Reed ( ago)
Entertaining vid, but what is this shit music doing here?

Author Fernando Salazar ( ago)

Author Maxim Fedorov ( ago)
А на какую залупу снят сюжет на 7:04??

Author Trond Olsen ( ago)

Author Hiljadu Tango ( ago)
what stupid music

Author Andy Grylls ( ago)
unnecessary music

Author Jamachi Games ( ago)
Video is nearly as bad as your English.

Author Ar:::::: 326 ( ago)
off music....

Author Iok Askme ( ago)
shit music

Author Road Train of Australia TruckerMagazin ( ago)
Die Musik ist nun wirklich nicht angebracht bei diesem Film!

Author DiamonBro VloggIng ( ago)
at 5:00, did that guys arm get taken off??!??

Author John Jones ( ago)
I can't watch your videos because of your logo right in the middle of the video. Sorry, you need to have it show for a second or 2, then be gone.

Author kk piter ( ago)
BAD music for these clips man

Author Roguemember ( ago)
Playing dance music to fatal car accidents. Such retards in this generation.

Author Aidan Martinez ( ago)
That intro makes my eyes hurt, other than that, original sound like vivostubes said

Author Li Ko ( ago)
the music is so Bad choicen

Author Honey and Lemon Production ( ago)
what is the title of the 1st background music?

Author F. Teixeira ( ago)
3:35 waiting for the comment "its biker fault"
being a biker is worse than being a kkk member, leftist, capitalist...people are jelly

Author As It Is ( ago)
1:09 Back to the Future fire trails.

Author Teodor Orlov ( ago)
звук дерьмо.

Author Ruthless Dizzy ( ago)
any1 know the song used???

Author Nicke Lindström ( ago)

Author Satanas ( ago)
clickbait bastard

Author Bailey Fear ( ago)
whats the song after intro

Author Kyren Scott ( ago)

Author wladbalin ( ago)
Why do you guys put as a background sound such a shit sounds? That is noise, not a music. You target a public channel forgotting that most of us, people, do not like pshyhodelic. The head is aching from that "music". I had to silence sound from the clip, it was so annoing!

Author Gaming Steve ( ago)
Let me gues all of these clips were taken in Russia....

Author Abul Quasem ( ago)
NOTE TO THE DRIVER: no men do not know what he will do tomorrow, what he will eat and where he will stay - death warrant issued each and every men /women- but no man do not know what situation will face after one second ( means future ) there is no present time only two times surrendering by humankind that is past and future , hope it is clear when one second left means pasted only in front future . When men do not know what will happen after one minute - men should not feel proud - only - each and every men will remember almighty - WHO IS WATCHING EVERYTHING, WHO IS LISTENING EVERY TONE , SO WHENEVER YOU START - SAY BISMILLAHIR RAHMANIR RAHIM - during walking read ALLAH ALLAH, during journey READ ALLAH , and follow almighty instruction - then NO ACCIDENT, NO DISASTER - NO HUE AND CRY - ONLY PEACE AND PEACE will established in the society .

Author Józef debug ( ago)
5:24 if it's wife, everything is understood :D

Author S Challenges and vlogs ( ago)
also lot at what happends at 6:55 guy gets crush latterly crushed ooch

Author S Challenges and vlogs ( ago)
I meant not to be mean or anythinh

Author S Challenges and vlogs ( ago)
ok not otherwise be mean or anything but a lot of people just drove off and didn't help and didn't help the people and didn't care that's really really weird that you wouldn't help them what if it was your friend family I would of help that person

Author MrFaZeMINECRAFT 12 ( ago)
5:00 I fell very sad for the old man all a want to say is YOU FUCKING STUPID DRIVERS GET FUCKED WANNA BE COOL AND DONT LOOK FUCK YOUS ALL. P.S The music is terrible and ruined the whole compilation

Author Bjørn-André Henriksen ( ago)
Car Crash TV Online*

Author Eddie p ( ago)
why the BGM?

Author Ajmal Rahmat ( ago)
Shocking videos + happy music = fucking irrelevant shit

Author Rafal Grabski ( ago)
happy background music ? really dude......

Author fran bran ( ago)
people don't realize your car can be your coffin ,its not a safe zone, all new drivers should be made to watch these videos,I've seen many bad crashes in my years of truck driving,some cant be avoided and you die,sad but true.

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