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Get your FREE ROTMG Gold-Actually Works! FREE Realm of the Mad God Gold[December 2013]

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Author SuperGurke | Geboren zum Zocken (21 hour)
The side is down :(

Author jay ruan (12 days)

Author -PvN- Nakatoshi (2 months)
Fuck this these offers needed to be paid

Author Matti Muukalainen (4 months)
that is test server noob

Author Charlie Lee (4 months)
SURVEY! i hate em

Author djanfisio (5 months)

Author Matti Muukalainen (4 months)
dat is testing serevr dudes.

Author Fariba hassan nezhadi (7 months)
are you dumb?

Author ROTMGTacobrood (9 months)
just updated it, no viruses update 3.0 is much simpler to use

Author Rachel Rosario (8 months)

Author Jandre Mcalister (8 months)
you dopped them xD

Author Dibbon Owl (8 months)
are you this hopeless to scam us?

Author SuperSneekySpy (9 months)
You do realise this was on the testing servers..

Author Qewrgttz (2 years)
So why is u here?

Author MasterChiefBeast93 (1 year)
how do you do the trick

Author Rahat Rahman (1 year)
surveys nooooo!

Author John Flipperson (2 years)
What's the password?

Author Alex blunt (2 years)

Author alex morrison (2 years)
You actually do get free items from the testing site such as, gold, and
some other stuff I don't know.

Author Nitori (2 years)

Author Fawaad Raja (10 months)
does this give a virus

Author Benjamin Le (1 year)
What a dumbass -_- hes on his mule

Author Oscar Hachem (2 years)
haha yea right isnt real u **** shit are u kidding me ur name is uoro the
spiderpig hahaha noob u call urself hacker :P\

Author Tuli Pelaaja (1 year)
I know how to really get free items (and free fame and gold) be sure to put
5k max fame so kabam doesnt ban you :)). The site is

Author T&M T&M (1 year)
That is a Trick because at First his name is uoro and later his Name called
(no Idea) but his Name is a other name looks exactly once on the name

Author The5DreamersT5D (1 year)
Well, I hope you grow up to be as dumb as you are now.

Author ThePixelJack (2 years)
too bad it god turned off.... all my fucking stuff was in that game....

Author CptBoomsauce Jutomi (2 years)

Author monika moniasia (1 year)
Jak to zrobić

Author GrumpyCannuk (1 year)
its not fake he is the testing build retard

Author Riotonzuk Rinav (1 year)
hey bro... :3 i think ur mom found out that ur a fckin survey btch.hope u
enjoyed this comment suckaa :D

Author brenden pike (1 year)
no it works iv tryed it

Author vivian j. Vrolijk (1 year)
Servey remove plz

Author DAT Thing (1 year)
BRING OLD TESTING BACK, i miss the old nexus ._.

Author quantumkilla1 (1 year)
Survey *_>*

Author BluuSkyz (2 years)
Fake and Gay.

Author CameronThe69er (1 year)
what website/server?

Author Logan Walton (1 year)
I did not find this useful

Author bacontoast99 (1 year)
this was for testing guys old testing the survey is jus tto get ur

Author Andrew Parkins (1 year)

Author PirakaFan093 (1 year)
LOL you're stupid, it IS fake, his inventory changes, and the accounts
change! fucktard

Author Darius Darenas (1 year)
Idiots, this is just a testing server....

Author TheNeon273 (1 year)
Stupid surveys again!

Author Raymond Guo (1 year)
Look at the names! He stopped recording and went to his mule! M-U-L-E.

Author Heppuman (1 year)
You dont get the method then dont you? You buy chest and every new bought
chest has either some color drake egg or tincture or effusion. When you get
drake eggs you just move them to one char and sell them for pots.
Repeat=infitie pots.

Author Noskar (2 years)
I got two vits doing this, truly possible. Ingame: AleCoolRM

Author Nic Kaufmann (1 year)
Canuget items?

Author Alan Sanchez (2 years)
He edited it and made another account, giving him more free stuff.

Author fudgethecatvideos (2 years)
testing.realmofthemadgod. com

Author Dericans500 (1 year)
Yeah you hacker!

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