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Two Microsoft employees (Kate McKinnon, Fred Armisen) field questions from the audience (Casey Affleck, Kenan Thompson, Aidy Bryant, Alex Moffat) about a new type of robot (Beck Bennett).

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Runtime: 5:32
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Author Michael Hood ( ago)
the woman behind Affleck is distractingly hot

Author Brianna Casey ( ago)
Lol this skit relates to much to real life and it's HILARIOUS!😂

Author A B ( ago)
I didnt realize the robot was a person until he moved

Author Xylvearth Gaea ( ago)
Based on the definition of their types, I think they type each other.

Author Z B ( ago)
I am not a punchline.

Author Michelle Jin ( ago)
I have seen beck bennett talk about being attracted to men live in front of an audience my life is complete

Author Aubrey Martin ( ago)
It's 2:16am...and I just laughed "Here I go, watch out, coming through"
1 like= one prayer no one heard me laugh...

Author Hector Gonzalez ( ago)
"Did y'all program it to walk gay?"

Author Christian Bekele ( ago)
....What is it that whenever SNL does a skit about robots, it's never funny?

Author Adrian Brinson ( ago)
This is hilarious

Author roman iskhakov ( ago)

Author roman iskhakov ( ago)
You guys are amazing.

Author Mark Curtis ( ago)
..who is that? Casey Affleck?

Author Mednay ( ago)
1:39 "umm.. why NOT??"

Author Moo Moo Puppy ( ago)
Look at Fred's face @ 3:00. You can tell he is "pre-smiling" so he doesn't break character after the robot prances about the stage.

Author TravistheHuman ( ago)
He just outed the robot.

Author 985shane ( ago)

Author Anthony Doria ( ago)
When he started to walk 😂😂😂

Author Jk ( ago)
Beck bennetts physical comedy is amazing as always. His adult baby sketch is frigging hilarious as well

Author Jeremy Fickle ( ago)
Does anyone else find Beck Bennet really attractive or is it just me?

Author juliajulia julia ( ago)
These damn companies tryna relate to younger users😂

Author :::xieramanda ( ago)

Author :::xieramanda ( ago)
this is probably one of the best sketches i almost pissed myself

Author Seamus Frederick ( ago)
"Oh boy you really stepped in it now"

Author Rebecca .Random ( ago)
omg this so funny ;P

Author Jeff Stanton ( ago)
stupid fag shit

Author Penguin Community ( ago)
Those robots were hot! 😂

Author Northern Cross ( ago)
I like to imagine this skit takes place in the same continuity as Portlandia

Author Fury CSGO and More ( ago)
Wait this was posted in 2017 and they said it was 2016

Author funnyblog100 ( ago)
The funniest part of the video is the fact that this robot runs on windows. XD fail

Author Nash1a ( ago)
What no Lez-Bots?

Author Nash1a ( ago)
So... ummmm.... He Licks 900 what exactly?

Author Sarah Lindsay Mccain ( ago)
I don't want to get involved with that...

Author Rapportus Rich ( ago)
That chick behind Casey Affleck is hot as fuck.

Author This is fine ( ago)
Actually it's 2017

Author Jaguar7444 ( ago)
Sexy ass robot.

Author Mark Brigante ( ago)
Awesome liberals sensitive to robot feelings and acting accordingly. You brainwashed morons.This skit is against your own backwards ideology. Lol thumbs up you dumbass idiots.

Author Delia Panda ( ago)
He never blinked

Author Vic Syy ( ago)
The wrong man asked the wrong questions.The right one to ask why are they trying to incorporate their version of how a homosexual man should act in a robot? So all gay men sashay? Did a gay man even write the programming of this robot?And why are there no Asian robots?

Author itsranton ( ago)
There's levels to this shit. roflmao

Author Jasmine Won ( ago)
the second robot reminded me of mitch grassi

Author RivalsAirsoft3 ( ago)

Author machine7269 ( ago)
fuckin liberals burn in hell, Trump will light the match

Author mrengulfeddirector ( ago)

Author J. Fabricio Elías ( ago)

Author StillAtMyMoms ( ago)
Face it: Liberals are not funny. Lorne, stop putting an agenda in every skit.

Author Peter Kalnin ( ago)
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Author Christopher Cutugno ( ago)
Wow, SNL really sucks vs the old school stuff

Author Thot Quin ( ago)

Author Fabian Mar So ( ago)
One of most clever sketches i had ever seen.

Author Sami ( ago)
This sketch made me like Casey Affleck even more. lol.

Author Adam's Instrumental Music ( ago)
4:08 helix 950 his face is so sexy

Author Livvilover27 ( ago)
He could have just asked, "Why does a robot meant for office work have a sexuality?"

Author Jenna Noce ( ago)
This is great because kate is like very fucking gay

Author Herbert West ( ago)
Beck's mince was on point.

Author megacrunch ( ago)

Author nj13 nj13 ( ago)
SNL is gay robot

Author Admiralty86 ( ago)
Nick Swardsen had the original gay robot

Author Hawkmoona Matata ( ago)
How do they even make the hair look that plastic and slick...just a shit ton of hair gel? Honestly wondering! 😂

Author SeaTimeless ( ago)
I came back to this video from something else because I realized that Fred's character actually outed the third robot ('he's gay but he's not out yet'). Weird mixing of messages in the skit.
Overall a funny skit though.

Author far_out ( ago)
Does Beck Bennett even blink???

Author ̗̀Sofia ( ago)
I'm funny and I find this gay

Author Matthew Thompson ( ago)
Where's the transgender robot?

Author what would you do for a Klondike bar ( ago)

Author beansdan ratatatat ( ago)
I hit the powerball I'm gonna buy kate mckinnon

Author GenieLogic ( ago)
I freaking love Fred and Kate.

Author LXXXV ( ago)
that sketch was dope. whoever wrote it should get a raise.

Author Robert House ( ago)
Beck Bennett is so fucking underrated. He and Kate McKinnon are in their own league of good.

Author alexis ( ago)
Why was this made in 2016 but they just put it on YouTube

Author Diana Montaño ( ago)
what is Heatwave with hair doing on the back of the crowd?

Author kjdnyhmghfvb ( ago)

Author FIREDRAGON158 ( ago)
If you make a robot to do work specifically, why give them any sexuality?

Author Main Street ( ago)
Casey Affleck looks dirty. needs a haircut and shave. BUMMY looking.

Author Jake Pullman ( ago)
Are you really supposed to announce that somebody's in the closet? Seems to defeat the point.

Author Ryan Pfeiffer ( ago)
Okay but no he had some valid questions.

Author DuckthatGames ( ago)
Why was the second robot allowed to blink more than the actor who did the first? If you're gonna make an actor not blink, don't bring in another actor who's playing the same role and allow him to.

Author Mathy Don ( ago)
The funniest part is where Microsoft would develop a robot

Author Alan Day ( ago)
Ummm Wow that was.... Nevermind..

Author quatros1000 ( ago)
That's just lame and not funny.

Author lauren shankle ( ago)
Why is gay stuff shoved in our face even just in trying to enjoy a sketch

Author Jiraiya Plays - Great British Game Plays ( ago)
They made a Homosexual Calculator!!!

Author Che McCumskey ( ago)
This is so accurate to feminism as well. What ever u say even if it's supporting them they get defensive and aggressive

Author 김동현 ( ago)
nutella head

Author Racharina Bettis ( ago)
OMG, I just died... Lol lol lol

Author Rafael Perez Barron ( ago)
TRUMP IS ALL TALK NO ACTION....NOT ACTION EVEN WITH VIAGRA...............MELANIA SAID..................IVANCA SAID................................................................................
TRUMP DOESN’T DESERVE A CHANCE.......................................TRUMP IS A CLOWN CRAZY INSANE..................SENILE.....
TRUMP WORSE ELECTED EVER.....He has divided this country more than any president in our history

Author keen ( ago)
I really want to see Helix 1000

Author Steve Holmgren ( ago)
Isn't this a month old?

Author Carlos Peralta ( ago)
Question - why is Microsoft working on Helix and not Apple, Google, or other tech companies? Just wondering.

Author Rene Otero ( ago)
But I really wanted to know why

Author Steve Matousek ( ago)
Why are they uploading a bunch of videos from 2 months ago?

Author YouTube User ( ago)
If you gave Kate that dude's glasses, she would look like that short, nasally woman from the Incredibles

Author Kayetlin Alexander ( ago)
I'm so used to Portlandia that for a split second I thought Kate was Carrie

Author nthekno ( ago)
please check out and please share
insane minds ent
cash me ousside how bah dah

Author Zakxz Monroe ( ago)
Holy shit a satire on sjw culture from snl? Fuckin incredible.

Author terry c ( ago)
hahaha  perfect

Author Mrcardman12345 ( ago)
Why didn't he just ask why they programmed it to be attracted to anything? Wouldn't that just be an inconvenience around the office and for the programmers?

Author Mammalogy Master ( ago)
I like little latin men

Author CURTIS HAWKINS ( ago)

Author Tyrant-Den ( ago)
Key and Peele did it better.

Author Dave Prisco ( ago)
Adam Sandler thought of the original gay robot sketch

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