Q&A session for non Muslims with Dr. Bilal Philips and Dr. Zakir Naik

This was a special Q&A session held at the Journey of faith
for our brothers in humanity giving them an opportunity to ask
us any questions about ISLAM with two great scholars Dr. Zakir Naik and Dr Bilal Philips enjoy the video and share it with everyone and to learn more and to see more shows visit Like DigitalMimbar on Facebook:
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Author Abdihakim Ali (3 months)
the best scoller i never cross my live that is dr zakir naik

Author Fadiga Youssouf (1 year)
I think it will be useful to paste it as a comment.

Author Mohammad AlFaruq (1 year)
Q&A session for non Muslims with Dr. Bilal Philips and Dr. Zakir

Author Al liberator (1 year)

Author adnanaddi (5 years)
@SamirTuber , what I understood from what Dr Zakir Naik was saying is most
probably a Hafiz cannot give reference to the Ayaat , by referencing means
referencing the Surah # and Ayat #. Hafiz can ofcourse quote the whole
Verse. So quoting means to read out exact Verse but to quote means to give
reference # of Surah # and Verse #. I hope I am making sense.

Author 3azoozbinfahad (2 years)
how he can not be, He was the student of Ahmed Deedat

Author Hassan Bello (3 years)
May Almighty reward Dr Bilal and Naik for the enlightment and the sponsors.
Allah knows best.

Author hmohdkhan (5 years)
Jazakallahu Khair Does any one know about the opening nasheed? La Ilaha

Author gharib4ever (5 years)
Toronto, "Journey of Faith 2" I was a security there :P Asallam wa alaiakom
wa rahmatullah

Author Abdul Rahman Hindi (1 year)
Allahu Akbar!

Author Sameer Muhammad (4 years)
can anyone tell me which is the nasheed being read in the beginning of the

Author Syed Kamran (1 year)
Salam, The Advertisement which came up when i wanted to watch this video
was very un-islamic of course i can skip it but please see if you can do
anything about it. Thanks for the video.

Author nlislamic (5 years)
Can anyone tell me the name of the nasheed in the beginning and the name of
the one who sings it.. sjazakhallaho ghayran, may Allah give djannat al
firdaus for the one who answers me the first

Author wrb409 (5 years)
V.Gud info by the most respectable scholars, Thank you for uploading this
video, May God reward you heavily hereafter Amen

Author Naytifsun (4 years)
@Yaiyasmin when the stars lose their luster,it means the stars lose their
shine and the only way for that to happen if the stars were to die.If the
sun,being a star,would to die off,would it not affect the earth?The sun is
an important player in the water cycle,in photosynthesis,in giving heat to
the earth,in providing the necessary gravitational pull on the earth and
keeping it and other planets on their orbits.

Author Yaniv Ashkenazi (5 years)
such a good video.. even for new muslims jazaak Allah

Author AAAjMMMiRRR (5 years)
the word 'crucifiction' was coined by Shk Ahmad Deedat, isn't it?

Author ibrahim s (1 year)
Mashallah may Allah showers his infinite blessings on Dr Philips and Dr
Naik ..

Author itsgull1 (4 years)
MasshAllah Zakir Naik is Gift from the Allah.

Author MrSajjad430 (5 years)
dr bilal looks more than dr zakir isnt?

Author hamidq (5 years)
jazaka allah khalifaklothing, you have the best channel on youtube.

Author غريب القومية (2 years)
i agree he is, of course thanks to God. and thank you for acknowledging
that :).

Author Ahmet Ozsevgic (4 years)
@Yaiyasmin salam alaikum. thats one of the signs of the days of the

Author cure4atheism (4 years)
The Qur'an was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad over a period of two
decades, calling people to worship One Almighty God and to live their lives
according to this faith. The Qur'an contains stories of Biblical prophets,
because these prophets also preached the message of God. Stories are not
merely copied, but the oral traditions are referred to in a way that
focuses on the examples and teachings that we can learn from them.

Author Moh Bok (1 year)
رحمة الله على ديدات، و وفق الله كلى الشيخين.

Author 2005omar (5 years)
i love this channel

Author Muslim Man (5 years)
"Indeed to Moses we gave the Torah and sent after him other messengers in
succession; then we gave Jesus, the son of Mary, clear signs and
strengthened him with the Holy Spirit. Why is it that whenever there come
to you a prophet with a message which did not suit your desires, you became
so arrogant that to some of them you called imposters and others you
killed!" -English Quran translation 2:87

Author fatboybread (5 years)
I find the Indian man very hard to understand

Author Luckyxseven (4 years)
It would have been nice if we could have heard the questions.

Author youngmuslimah93 (3 years)
who is the nasheed artist singing in the beginning of the video?

Author AncienTLorD86 (3 years)
im so glad is uploader put english sub on this video..:)

Author MOHAMMED492 (5 years)

Author MoShow4000 (5 years)
@antonio12390 nice comment brother! peace and blessing from a brother in
the uk

Author Yaniv Ashkenazi (5 years)
such a good video.. even for new muslims jazaak Allah

Author atiq0204 (5 years)
Sunday/July 05, 2009 at Metro Toronto Convension Centre during the 2nd
Annual Journey of Faith Conference.

Author Ibadu Ar-Rahman (5 years)
jazakallah brother thank u very much for uploading

Author Sameer Muhammad (4 years)
@5graffitiartist5 JAZKALLAH

Author mavericksyed (5 years)

Author shad bazmi (5 years)
it's Great to see the video..

Author zerroffff (5 years)
@AAAjMMMiRRR ya i think so, the book which he has authored "CRUCIFIXION OR

Author Shahnaz Ahemed (4 years)
Dr.Zakir naik sab assalamu alaikum. RAMAZAN MUBARQ Your service towards
Isam, and your lecture is giving us the knowledge of Quran and general
things regarding to the life,we are learning many many things,we
appreciate, and we are proud to be a good muslim, you are doing wonderful
job and we pray for good health and long life. May allah subhanawathala
bless all ameen. Ameerzada

Author Muslim Man (5 years)
Hello vihtorin, I don't know if this answers your question but in the
Islamic view, All the Prophets (Jesus, Moses, Muhammad etc.) of God with
God's will can perform miracles and were inspired with prophecies.

Author akhan07 (5 years)
where was this

Author zahratalain (5 years)
Salaam Alaykoum Wa RahmatouLlah Wabarakatouh. The name of the singer is
Dawud wharnsby Ali. the nasheed's name i tried to find, didn't get it.
maybe it is new :( JazakaLLah Jannatal - Firdaous to u too. 'Amiiin'

Author fabregas0110 (2 years)
Allah Akbar brother not( Allah ho akbar)

Author Tanveer Ahmed (2 years)
Its Talib Al Habib

Author Tanveer Ahmed (2 years)
It Talib Al Habib

Author wertyo007 (4 years)
Great video, Zakir Naik shows the non muslims the truth! How knows
evolution is a lie, I hope other people see this

Author salafi580 (1 year)

Author FoAllah (5 years)
hahaha i was at the JOF! and i seen Eddie!!! Taller than he looks on tv
Mashallah lool :)

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