How We Know The Earth Isn’t Flat

Rapper B.O.B thinks the earth is flat, but how do we know it isn’t?

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Flat-Earthers are back: 'It’s almost like the beginning of a new religion'
“YouTube user TigerDan925 shocked his 26,000 followers recently by conceding a shocking point: Antarctica is a continent. It’s not, as he previously thought, an ice wall that encircles the flat disc of land and water we call earth.”

When I stand at the water's edge and look out over the ocean, how far away is the horizon?
“One of the funniest things about the ocean is the fact that its surface is curved. We tend to think about water forming large flat sheets, but the surface of a large body of water is not actually flat at all -- it follows the curvature of the Earth.”

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Author Danis Raditya ( ago)
I said in Flat-Earthers' youtube channel that they are all dumb and they said that I'm a new Trump... all hail new Trump

Author owl cat ( ago)
Trace fired shots bigger than bowling balls when he said "Your move, Bob." LMAOOO

Author Sean Depagnier ( ago)
This guy is an idiot!! Ships don't disappear because of the curve of the Earth. They disappear because the eye can only see so far due to the law of perception and the vanishing point. If you look out of a telescope, the ship will appear again. Ball debunk #1!!

Author Andrew Jones ( ago)
Here's the plan! We're just going to fund for a spaceship and half the flat earth people and half of the Sphere planet people will get on it. Then once we are in space we'all finally come to an understanding together.

Author Local Body ( ago)

Author Jay Fetty ( ago)
when ships disappear over the 'curvature' simply pull out your camera and zoom in and you can see it again

Author Narit Phoonsawat ( ago)
l've had alot of conversations with round earth people. One thing is clear to me, and my conclusion is that round earthers they can never anwer you a question. The only shit they can come out with, "you're retard", "you're flatard". Seriously is that all you got. Where are my fucking satellites? I'm just asking a question, I'm not a full-flatard yet, I'm still 50/50.

Author Fidel Ortega ( ago)
Replicate the earth with a sphere and have water sit on the outside of the sphere... It'll NEVER work let alone have the sphere spinning #recked

Author Steve Arai ( ago)
3k of the views are flat Earthers

Author SICK ( ago)
its a slippery slope. they think were brain washed to thinking their bain washed and we think they are brain washed to thinking were brain washed. Even though it takes simple logical to know the earth isnt flat.

Author Narit Phoonsawat ( ago)
seeker, at what distance a boat start to dispear? I just don't see no curve. I don't believe in flat earthers nor round earthers , I just believe in what I can see. I see a whole lots of BULLSHIT out there. And where are the thousands of satellites suppose to be up there, where are the fly-by?

Author Narit Phoonsawat ( ago)
The is flatard people, it’s time to wake up. Even Donald Trump and Shaquille O'neal said the world is flat. Get over it.
Explain to me this then, Neil Degrasse Tyson said, "the earth is not perfectly round, it’s oblate, it’s like a pear shape; but all Nasa's pictures model of earth is perfectly round ball marble. So which one is it, round or pear shape?

Author umer chaudhary ( ago)
earth is round like a round table and not some ball so develop some balls to accept this FACT

Author Robert Newman ( ago)
You ball earthers are taking one heck of a beating at this simple stuff ! How embarrrassing ! The good news is that flat earthhas been proving itself for years worldwide on the world wide web. I think ball earthers are an endangered species.

Author Robert Newman ( ago)
''If it looks like a duck, flies like a duck and quacks like a duck it's probably a duck''. The Earth looks flat. Yes, it does ! (LOL) The sea is level and the sea takes up almost 2/3rd's of the area of our Earth. The FLAT flat lines of water in the sea have been called 'sea level' for millenia - and water finds its level. Er, the Earth is flat. Ah, yes, I see what you are saying (LOL)

Author RayVitoles ( ago)
I will spam this until all flat earthers get cured->Explain lunar eclipse

Author Spotify Spotify ( ago)
Show me images of the "spherical" earth taken from space. Not renders please, real pictures. Thanks

Author 541 JayDub541 ( ago)
You really didn't debunk it though. If as is always said "go to beach and watch ship sail over horizon", with a vanishing point of vision or horizon at just 3 miles away you would not be able to see a ship sail over the curve, as with a sphere of 24901 miles around there is only 1 degree of curvature in 67.8 miles, meaning that you would not see a ship sailing over the curve in just 3 miles. this would have to happen due to something other than curvature. as far as the pictures it's noted that from nasa they are composite photoshopped images. Now for the shadows from two sticks, that could easily have been observed in the same manner if the sun is smaller in diameter and closer in proximity. As far as the moon goes it too is smaller in diameter and closer in proximity. The Tycho crater on the moon is only 50 miles in diameter yet from 238000 miles away this is observable with the naked eye. Scientists claim that observations that cannot be duplicated or explained are "psuedoscience" yet theoretical physics and all theoretical sciences would therefore also be psuedoscience due to the fact that nothing they state can be duplicated or even observed. The building block of modern science has never been explained as to what it is. Therefore using something that you cannot fully explain or understand as your foundation for everything else would thereby nullify all discoveries based on such false information.

Author Chris ( ago)
Can you please trim your hair on the side of head you look like the wolverine

Author Drew Thrower ( ago)
this video makes ball earthers look stupid. u have no evidence that is even right for them.

Author Drew Thrower ( ago)
this video proves nothing. go watch a boat disappear over the horizon, then pull you zoom camera out and watch as the whole boat comes back into view. the moon terminator is not caused by the earth and all this takes is a Google search to find. get ur facts straight.

Author Sami Neve ( ago)
what a stupid video. the earth can be flat and round but not a globe

Author Uriel Septim ( ago)
"Love you, neal"? Neal is a charlatan freemason.

1. As you observe a ship going out to sea, it SEEMS to disappear because of the vanishing point of your perspective. However, if you pull out a powerful zoom lense, the ship comes right back into view up to 50+ miles away. Only possible on a flat plane. Also, islands over 100 miles away have been zoomed in on at sea level, where there should be a curve of 6,273 feet, and lasers have been shot over the great lakes showing 0 curvature in large bodies of water or oceans hence, "sea LEVEL."

2. The earth being flat doesn't mean other celestial objects are flat. I don't believe the sun or moon to be flat like the earth, I think they're spheres. Does a basketball have to be flat because it's on a flat court? No.

3. Eclipses are mysteries to both cosmological explanations.

4. The shadows can also be explained by a close sun of 3 - 4,000 miles away with a diameter of 30 - 40 miles (orbiting the equator, fluctuating north/south for the seasons). This can be shown through basic trigonometry of the suns crepuscular rays.

5. Ball earthers don't trust science. True flat earthers are some of the most scientific people in the public I've met. The thing is there's a huge counter operation to discredit flat earth which is what the flat earth society is.

6. I've been in a "PLANE" at about 30,000 feet and still have observed no curvature. I've seen footage of weather balloons 120,000+ feet in the air without a fish eye lense proving the earth is STILL perfectly flat in all directions with the horizon ALWAYS meeting eye level. Impossible on a ball with a circumference of 24,860 miles averaging a curve of 8 inches per mile squared (0 observable rotation of earth also BTW). The horizon should seem to fall away with the 8" x ym2 theory, with the highest point of the earth directly below you. Instead the horizon holds its ground level and meets your eye.

7. Flat Earth Society = Flat earth psy-op.

8. 3:26 is a fake CGI image admittedly photoshopped by nasa (which means, "to deceive" in ancient hebrew btw) just like all the rest of them. There are 0 pictures of the whole earth from space.

9. 9/11 is obviously an inside job.

10. God help you.

Author George orwell ( ago)
911 was a inside job

Author Michael Montelin ( ago)
His first point was already proven false you can take a telescope and pull the ship back into focus after it disappears from the perception of the human eye. You can find videos of this on YouTube. Also a simple flight should prove that the earth is not round. Google this if you don't believe me but at 40,000 feet you can see 244 miles in any direction by looking out the window. If you divide 8000 which is approximately the diameter of the planet by 244 you get approximately 1/32 of the earths diameter. Meaning there should be curvature within those 244 miles in order to complete a sphere. There is not. Even at over 80,000 feet when you can see over 1000 miles in any direction you still cannot see curvature. That's 1/8 of the earths diameter. Once again you can check out videos from weather balloons and see this for yourself. I find it funny it's not until astronauts get into space that you can see the curvature. I've flown at over 40,000 feet several times on a clear day and never noticed any curvature. Why is that? I'm all for people proving the earth is round but when did we throw all logic and reason out the door just because some scientists told us the earth is round not flat. Oh and I'm sure someone is going to call me stupid. But the only stupidity is believing something you're told without actually looking into it. And I'm sorry but the points he made in this video have already been proven wrong. I would like to know why when you can see a good portion of the earth from such high altitude (minus going into space if there is such a thing) you cannot observe any curvature? please someone explain that to me and please do not use the we've been to space so we can see it from space argument because unless you've actually been to space that is not a relevant argument. I want to know why we can't observe curvature of the earth in our own atmosphere.

Author Evan Kairuz ( ago)
1:08 Pythagrias????

Author Syncr0sity ( ago)
Artica and antarctica have opposing seasons of light and darkness. Flat earth is a hoax.

Author damacrich ( ago)
ship over the horizon really... a zoom fix that. earth from space... really.... are u sure those are not CGI... the experts admit that... daammmm.. everyone just cant wait to call the other man stupid jus because his views are different. ..

Author Anthony Washington ( ago)
You globers are stupid. The Earth is flat. You've been fooled!!!!!

Author John Richardson ( ago)
You should learn how to pronounce Eratosthenes and Pythagoras properly so you don't sound like a dumb cunt. It won't help much, but it won't hurt either 😆

Author Jerey Kobalt ( ago)
Don't waste your time trying to prove anything to these Dumbass Flat Earther Motherfuckers... Their level of stupidity is beyond repair. A complete and utter waste of time

Author tony t ( ago)
pathagreas? wtf its pronounced pie thag er os

Author Alilruthless ( ago)
wait that first reason he puts across doesn't hold any truth at all. Not calling anyone stupid but this guy is simply reading cue cards......

Author Tristan McLean ( ago)
aaaaahhhh feels so good restoring good ole knowledge after "researching" flat earth theories

Author Frosty Greenz ( ago)
All lies and misconceptions. Flat earthers unite!

Author Vvojciech93 ( ago)
hahah you're funny mate. watch the ship sail over the horizon, and then take optical zoom device like a camera or binoculars and see it again ;)

Author D Lll ( ago)
great should take some of the common sense you show us in this video and apply it to your denial of the events of 9/11.

Author Dade Thomas ( ago)
If I hear that 'ship going over the horizon' bullshit one more time I think I'm going to throw up !

Author buddyzee ( ago)
that is some vigorous use of eyebrows

Author Robert Newman ( ago)
'Ball Earth' supporters can prove their theory easily if it's true. They never have. Just choose any 2 fixed points on Earth and tell us here in advance (so we can arrange its verifiable measurement) the accurate and exact distance between them. Include in your calculation the amount of supposed 'Earth curvature'. But you know what ? The ball earther CANNOT DO THIS. He never has. He never will. This ends his shell game. He is a fantasist. Flat Earth wins hands down. There is NO 'EARTH CURVATURE'.

Author dingbat nomad ( ago)
a philosophy is not based off fact or science. it's a philosophy. all your facts suck.

Author theologynerd1 ( ago)
I'm no flat earther but whenever I see "debunking" videos lump all 'conspiracy theories' together (especially with the flat earth garbage) I can't help but wonder if the producers of said video would have or have ever made a "this is why the government is not spying on citizens or collecting metadata" video.
Because there are conspiracies out there that we have been calling out for years which are no longer just theories. Unless of course you believe Wikileaks and Edward Snowden are just more 'conspiracy theories.'

Author Dale Sollars ( ago)
he cant even pronounce eratosthenes correctly. lol

Author Tom Nesheim ( ago)
You are trying to connect the flat earth theory with other false narratives give by the government and the media like the 911 attacks, labeling all conspiracy theories wrong. Each event must be looked at individually. The evidence and the facts.

Author Tom Nesheim ( ago)
Debunk this.... How did building 7, a 47 story building collapse at 5:20 that afternoon when it wasnt hit by an airplane. And if you say office fires then think again. Office fires or even aviation fuel doesnt burn hot enough to melt steal. And why did Larry Silversteen say that there has been such a terrible loss of life so were going to have to pull building 7. They even did a countdown and it fell at the speed of free fall just like controlled demolition. And if you say they wired it for demolition then I say it takes weeks to wire a building for demolition and its illegal to do so when it is occupied. Building 7 was occupied up to and including the day it fell.

Author Maxime Couture ( ago)
Someone send this to Shaq

Author Abel Abebe ( ago)
ppl need to stop being jerks. someone who doesnt trust popular belief is not automatically retarded, maybe wrong or innocently ignorant. The explanations for round earth make sense but they are concepts that may have been hard to come by or fully understand. Its not like governments/authorities are always honest...I never was a flat earther but I sympathize with people that have a hard time trusting voices of complex things. Sure if someone is 100% confident in flat earth needs to take the time to really study it (or just have faith in "smarter people") but im sure there are alot of ppl that are not 100% either side and thats ok. It just means they too have an opinion but some patience and sincere thinking is all they need. Not insults.

Author SynKronus themagus ( ago)
flat earth awakening = MKultra destruction

Author Paul TheSkeptic ( ago)
(erosthetees)? It's (era tos then ees). And (Py thag o ras).

Author TehNoobPwner69 ( ago)
Thanks for debunking that "grade school crap" we were taught that people didn't know the Earth was round before 1492. What "grade school crap" are you going to debunk next? How about the impossibility that millions of Jews were cremated at Auschwitz? Or maybe you can debunk the "grade school crap" That dinosaurs really existed and didn't just start popping up around the time Darwin came up with his theory of evolution? Please debunk one of those.

Author ajmohrvatski ( ago)
checkmate, athiests

Author O R ( ago)
According to his linkedin, Trace Dominguez has a BS in behavioral psychology, and a MS in Public communication. How is he an authority to explain the physics of round earth/ flat earth, with a clear bias and mocking undertone?

I'm not arguing for either side here, I'm just saying don't take people like this guy's word for it. If you're truly interested in finding out if the earth is flat or round, study physics, math, and other relevant science and use the scientific method to test the information you are presented with. It's also important, and sometimes difficult, to design tests that will actually test what you are trying to measure/find out. Of course, 99.999% of people are not interested in using their minds to actually test the validity of the round earth model, and yet they will fiercely defend it as if they personally know it without doubt. I can honestly say I do not know, and that both "sides" have compelling arguments.

Author Farifafa ( ago)
Can someone explain to me why in the world the governments of the world would want to mislead us into thinking the Earth is round if it's flat?

Author J Cole ( ago)
I hate to even give the title "flat earther" to someone because to name them is giving them some sort of credibility, reality is they are either trolls or just really reallly REALLLLLYYY ignorant lmao.

Author Platinumrings ( ago)
But you can bring the boat back into view with zoom so...

Author Jay17 ( ago)
This bloke is embarrassing. The stupidist thing he says is claiming he knows all FEers don't trust science. Meanwhile, the reality is an unknown percentage of folks become FEers due to conducting their own scientific experiements in stead of blindly believing what the "experts" say.

I think this vid is good for non thinkers who, having been indoctrinated, conditioned in school, then through mass media, already believe the earth is spherical and see no need to find out for themelves.

Author Mike Ross ( ago)
Also note .... the formula for the earths curve is believed by many to be 7.99 inches per mile squared. This means that at 4000 miles out from line of sight the surface is 2,020 miles down. WRONG it is 4000 miles down. This seems to work for short distances when compared to a CAD diagram but falls apart at large distances so it is not accurate.
Other sites and videos dont mention the squaring of distance so it descibes a slope not a circle.

Author Mike Ross ( ago)
I had to stop at 45 sec in. Any zoom lens will bring the disappearing ship back into view as it will anything that is beyond the horizon. Science says this illusion is caused by light bending ( refraction ) Retarded fucks like Infamous Matt dont know this because people like that are to busy trying to insult others that they cant find a way to debate this kind of evidence because they dont even know about this light refraction optical illusion argument. now that he does he will accept it as fact. I hate educating these bone heads.

Author buck allen ( ago)
There was a president who knew and sat for minutes not even questioning exactly what was happening bcuz he already knew and was shitting his pants affraid if he said boo that cheney would shoot him down too:) u gotta love our crooked govt and ass clown puppets like u guys:) have a nice day:), btw Jesus us coming back and obama can't stop that! Pow!

Author Brian Richards ( ago)
If the Earth is flat there would be a beginning and end. The ocean would just run off the wnd. or if it ended with land being the furtherest part you could just jump off. With it being round you always have curvature gravity keeps from falling off the earth With it being flat there would have to be a ending pont.

Author Aaron Cappello ( ago)
it's funny because 500 years ago this was all switch

Author dillon kegley ( ago)
thing is just get a camera with high powered zoom and you can bring that ship right back into view or just look up videos of someone doing that for you cus I mean who's actually motivated enough these days to go out and do it themselves 😂

Author Robert Newman ( ago)
Ball Earth supporters can prove their theory easily if it's true. Just choose any 2 fixed points on Earth and tell us the accurate, measured distance between them. Include in your measurement the amount of 'Earth curvature'.

But they will NEVER do it.

''Earth curvature'' is science fiction. It's busted !

Author Matter Fact ( ago)
There is a rotation of the stars that you NAsshole con artists are bullying Americans into believing is being seen from a "giant ball," an obvious lie. The stars all spin on a fixed axis point, you cannot deny that! This would be impossible on a "giant globe." The stars and with their constellations for centuries have been used to navigate the seas, as they rotate in a fixed position, that would be impossible on your ball earth model, therefor you ARE a con artist.

Author David Reid ( ago)
what crap

Author Vernon William Baumann ( ago)
Go and speak to a pilot. As him (or her) whether (on a long-distance flight) the pilot has to continually steer the nose of the plane downward, which is what pilots would have to do to compensate for the curve of "globe". Isn't it right? You agree that's what pilots would have to do, right? And of course, you know an argument like "gravity automatically pulls the plane's nose downward" is ludicrous. Why would gravity be so selective?
And about gravity. So-called gravity is strong enough to make all the water of the oceans cling to a sphere, that's not only spinning around its own axis, but also hurtling through space at incredible speeds, yet a little lady bug is able to fly off with no effort whatsoever. Does that make sense?
And of course, planes flying westward would actually be flying at 1000 miles per hour (speed of earth's spin) plus their own speed. Whereas planes flying in opposite direction would have to travel at above speed - just to remain stationery!! And please, don't tell me the earth's atmosphere spins with the earth. How could it possibly? And even if it did (let's suspend all common sense for a moment) why would it have any effect on things like planes. Once again, is gravity really that selective?? I don't think so.
Go ahead, sad little sheep. Try and disprove those.

Author Vernon William Baumann ( ago)
But wait. Your so-called celebrity scientist, neil degrasse Tyson, said the earth is not a perfect sphere. He called it pear-shaped quote unquote. In fact, astronomy in general teaches this. Yet, your supposed photo from outer space shows a perfect sphere. Hmmmmm. All the "proofs" this idiot listed can be easily debunked.
And btw, no serious flat earther takes the flat earth society seriously. It's controlled opposition, designed to make flat earth theory look ridiculous.

Author paul mark lucino ( ago)
i guess some human beings are goin down the process of evolution once again.. give them a couple of hundred years they would start crawling like apes.. stupid flat earthers have some ancient minds if they have one anyways..

Author Jamar Martin ( ago)
Mark twain said Never Let Schooling Interfere with you Education. This is discovery Chanel for God sake they are obviously biased. Stop being simple minded, you all who are commenting are nothing but Pseudo Intellectuals and after watching this I bet you tested none of his claims, even his history was off, but yet you had your mind made up before you watched this. Why disrespect another's options it's important to have these conversation and when you are disrespectful and arrogant in your opinions it says a lot about you, you lack character, you are unfit to make Any determining decisions, you are not a leader you are a follower you fall under every stereotype of this millennia.

Author Retromind ( ago)
Explain this then:

Chicago is 59 miles from the opposite shore of Lake Michigan but can be seen with a naked eye (assuming you're at Lake Michigan's opposite shore). This is impossible due to Earth's curvature.

Author Stellar Shores ( ago)
3709 people are mentally retarded.

Author Marvin Mobley ( ago)
you all are brainwashed wake up people the government has lied many many times the moon landing JFK Gulf of Tonkin many more do your research people

Author Marvin Mobley ( ago)
are you a complete moron the whole ship disappearing Over the Horizon has been debunked all you need is a camera with a really good Focus & that goes right out the window you f****** shill

Author V ( ago)
WOW. very nice. Subscribed. Id have an idea, why don't you debunk Evolution. Should be easy for you.... Actually i dare you :)

Author Relevant Truth ( ago)
3:28 that earth is a perfect sphere, which earth isn't a perfect sphere. It's a oblate sphere bigger around the equator, and flatter at the poles.

Author Relevant Truth ( ago)
3:28 the picture of earth is fake if you enlarge picture you will see green paint in the ocean of off the east coast of Africa

Author Relevant Truth ( ago)
2:14 this person rode a camel from distances 100 miles apart on the same day? right.

Author Relevant Truth ( ago)
1:44 isn't hidden, but distance is to far to see the stars light. Yes that's right the farther you are from a light source the smaller, and less brightness you see.

Author Relevant Truth ( ago)
:46 Ooopps ship don't sail over the horizon. This has been prove many times, and there is video on youtube showing that ships don't sail over the horizon.

Author wartd rohan ( ago)

Author C Squared ( ago)
Your first point is wrong. Take a camera, zoom in, and it comes right back.. ✌🏻

Author Robert Newman ( ago)
Flat earth is simpler, more true and more smart than all of us put together.

Author ray mcknight ( ago)
I've been really upset of my flat earther in my country...the reason why they're FE believer is only because of the Quran, well as a Muslim I read my holy book, which is most of them are misconception about earth thing, and that is really bothering me about their stupidity...huftt-_-

Author Jesus-is-King ( ago)
how about debunking your own ugly ass... ok THINK dewb... IF you can see a ship "disappear" over the horizon heading away from you....and it disappears at say 6 miles away... following so far? THEN WHY CAN YOU NOT SEE THE CURVE WHEN YOU LOOK 6 MILES TO THE LEFT OR 6 MILES TO THE RIGHT OF THE SHIP? because THERE IS NO CURVE.

Author Brenton Iverson ( ago)
Greeks went to Egypt for wisdom!

Author Ramsay McEwan ( ago)
piece of trash

Author ada grey ( ago)
yes pls make a debunk video about saleout gaywhores!

Author Spaatacus ( ago)
Some people did say bombs were going off, yes. Some people, noticed these claims were corroborated by the footage, and decided for themselves who to believe. Some people, didn't decide for themselves, like you, buddy.

Author Karl Storey ( ago)
You must be kidding me, this must be a joke? You really used the boat going over the horizon? It is like they have not seen any of the videos online at all. I guess ignorance it bliss. I am sorry man, but the Heliocentric Model is wrong. It has more flaws than you could ever imagine. I have so much things to do I cannot try to convince everyone that they are wrong. Could you imagine how hard that would be? Do your own research. I would really study the suppose curvature of the earth and gravity. What is gravity? Tell me what it is. You can't, because you don't know. You don't know, because no one knows. No one knows, because it doesn't exist... Your science is pseudo-science, "a collection of beliefs or practices mistakenly regarded as being based on scientific method." Gravity cannot be observed so by definition, it cannot be based on the scientific method

Author John Sherry ( ago)
You have no proof here. Same tired arguments parroted and already been answered by flat earthers

Author J B ( ago)
The flat earther society is organized all around the globe.

Author Waffen Collider ( ago)
This tool just blew his credibility with his schpeal about 9/11 at the end.

Author Robert Newman ( ago)
I met a guy who believes the Earth is a ball. I asked him how much curvature above sea level there is between Calais in France and Dover in England - which are separated by more than 20 miles of sea He said he would get back to me. That was 7 years ago. Last time we spoke he said he is still trying to find an answer. We should not laugh at him. The Ball Earthers are taking a very heavy bashing these days. We should be friendly to them - we should place our hand on their shoulder and tell them, ''It's ok - take a break - everything is all right'' (LOL)

Author Răzvan Dincă ( ago)
Flat Earthers=those people who have never heard about Fernando Magellan before!

Author owens douthit ( ago)
i love math but it can deceive u..think about this math can tell u a distance from one place to another with the right info but i can give u the wrong odds in a statistic

Author owens douthit ( ago)
all yall dumb u believe we went the moon and same ones telling u cant go today do to van Allan radiation.. answer how is that possible ..plz answer this fot mr someone

Author therealknoxclan ( ago)
The Danyang-Kunshan bridge is 102.4 MILES long. It is over the ocean and should have a curvature drop of 6,990.5 ft. but it is flat and you can see the whole thing. Refraction only adds 0.232 miles to your view over the 3 mile horizon, (for you globers that would be 3.233 miles by GLOBE math). Engineers who build these long bridges, railroads, tunnels, cable lines, pipelines, and highways do not have to calculate for downward curvature because there is none. Repeating public school education/indoctrination doesn't prove anything. Globe believers, apply your math to real places in the real world. Find the appropriate curvature that fits globe math and this will all go away. No one can find it. You think you wouldn't be able to see almost 7,000ft of curvature drop in a bridge over water? Wow and flat earthers are being called dumb. I am not convinced of everything in current flat earth models, but what I know is that globe math isn't the truth. This can be tested by people who aren't lazy. Maybe the earth is 4 times bigger than what they have told us. I did the math on that too. There is no curvature on earth that would support a globe at 100,000 miles in circumference. So where is the curve for a 25,000 mile circumference earth? Ask real questions. Give real answers. Stop repeating public education/indoctrination dribble. Find the curvature drop that fits globe math, anywhere on earth (get off your rears and go outside), and this will all go away. Do the math. I am a flat earther because I tried to debunk it with globe math and a desire to believe in space. There is no curvature. Prove it for yourself. That is how it always begins.

Author Mike Konyndyk ( ago)
Can't wait until your smug face changes when the truth is revealed. Charlatans like you, should all be rounded up and put in a work camps, until all the money you stole is paid back. we all understand what you think, because we all were taught the same, we are just smart enough to discern fact from bullshit. You probably know the truth but are into deep and you have no intestinal fortitude to stand for what is right. Pathetic!

Author Elizabeth J ( ago)
NASA means to lead astray .... i could do better photoshop than they do... its a joke... i trust the geocentric model over the heliocentric model .. wake up and sense truth! one love

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