The Best of Milo Yiannopoulos!!! Best insults, roasts, and comebacks!!!

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  • Alejandro M
    Alejandro M 6 hours ago

    In America, you wont see gay people being thrown of a roof. FUCK MILO UR A CUNT LOL

  • Hunter
    Hunter 15 hours ago


  • Sad Panda
    Sad Panda 16 hours ago

    The fucking guy standing outside alone 😂😂😂

  • Dubstep Highlights
    Dubstep Highlights 18 hours ago


  • OROMplays
    OROMplays 22 hours ago

    Whoa whoa whoa... did milo vote for trump...? Well, shit

  • Nikki Naydenov
    Nikki Naydenov 1 day ago

    4:42 was hilarious

  • dirbrody
    dirbrody 1 day ago

    Much love for Milo here in Shreveport, Louisiana!

  • tahu nuva
    tahu nuva 1 day ago

    I disagree. this shit doesn't happen in Malaysia.

  • Iso Joe43
    Iso Joe43 1 day ago

    5:22 is what you're looking for.

  • Distemper
    Distemper 1 day ago

    Modern day feminism: Getting triggered from a gay man saying 'Darling'

  • David Garry
    David Garry 1 day ago

    3:20 was not cool. that's the type of stuff that ruins this guy. :/

  • My Accountant
    My Accountant 2 days ago

    Do a Paul Watson, Laura Southern and Steven Crowder

  • Simone Mastrovito
    Simone Mastrovito 2 days ago

    Ok, I'm not a native English speaker, but I fail to grasp what the fuck is wrong with calling a woman "darling".
    If I call a male "caro mio" (italian for "my dear/darling") it's all perfectly fine. Why should it be any different when talking to a woman?

  • PcGamerIvan
    PcGamerIvan 2 days ago

    Lol this guy honest and the truth hurts

  • Kristal Molina
    Kristal Molina 2 days ago

    Even as a liberal, I love this dude because he's hilarious and makes many good points. Also, wtf is wrong with calling someone darling ????

  • Bradley Clansen
    Bradley Clansen 3 days ago

    Milo is a legend

  • Dylan Jacobs
    Dylan Jacobs 3 days ago

    them gold chainz

  • Ronny Racks
    Ronny Racks 3 days ago

    this may be off topic , but is it just me or can this dude rock anything ?

  • ... Funky Crumpet ...

    When in gods ass did the words " pissed off" get replaced with triggered ?.
    Shit sounds like it's been pulled from a easy E song.

  • Gianna S
    Gianna S 4 days ago

    I'm dying I can't believe he put up an onision picture what a savage

  • Hello I am Micheal Bay and i like explosions

    6:16 I cant tell if hes actually being sarcastic or concerned.

  • SpannerzIsHappy
    SpannerzIsHappy 4 days ago

    "Madame, I'm grateful for you for coming but fuck your feelings". What a lad.

  • PJ Schonder
    PJ Schonder 5 days ago


  • JuniorDe
    JuniorDe 5 days ago

    He is right about Islam and Gay people. It is simply how it is. Christianity, Judaism have the same core principles regarding homosexuality. The only thing is that majority of Muslims actually believe in their religion and their Holy Book, where Christians don't. That is why muslims don't tolerate Homosexuality because Actually they view Homosexuality as existential threat due to the inability to produce offspring. It is in human nature to long for survival trough reproduction thus making Homosexuality something abominable to that nature.

  • IQofHoly Potatoes
    IQofHoly Potatoes 5 days ago

    "I let you finish, let me finish" oh shit... i need to use that!

  • hopkin104
    hopkin104 5 days ago

    I dont understand why she was upset when he called her darling.

  • Bruno Cerri
    Bruno Cerri 6 days ago


  • George Z
    George Z 6 days ago

    Darling is an offensive term now? Wtf is happening.

  • Ruby Clarie
    Ruby Clarie 6 days ago

    What is that black stuff on his face in the first video?
    6:40... Is that Onision? Did he just called out Onision? I love him!

  • Yahya Mohammed
    Yahya Mohammed 7 days ago

    is Milo anti-Islam?

  • Kyle Strahan
    Kyle Strahan 7 days ago

    omg I fucking love this guy xD

  • Ken
    Ken 8 days ago

    Milo is cool, but so bad he don't know islam that well.

  • tom thorn
    tom thorn 8 days ago

    I love listening to this guy! He is so right and so damn funny while doing it!

  • Pontrik Stoomp
    Pontrik Stoomp 8 days ago

    I used to be a feminist and i cringe just at the thought...

  • Alexander Lund
    Alexander Lund 9 days ago

    i agree with everything exept the gay part

  • Tim Clark
    Tim Clark 9 days ago


  • Electric GamingHD
    Electric GamingHD 9 days ago

    He said feminists will become endangered and would be put in zoos. But wouldn't they be put in aquariums because they are mostly whales, I guess they can be classified as an orangutan

  • Benjamin Remlalnghaka

    Milo is a real hitman

  • Kevin Jimenez
    Kevin Jimenez 9 days ago

    wait I hate Milo but how is calling someone "darling" offensive?

  • pie
    pie 9 days ago


    Damn. That alarm sound scared the shit out of me.

  • The64Master
    The64Master 9 days ago

    he reminds me of jack sparrow for some reason

  • Nya&Stuff
    Nya&Stuff 10 days ago

    5:42 i love her but she does look like a man

  • Nishant Torres
    Nishant Torres 10 days ago

    Omgf he destroyed them all

  • Custom Custom
    Custom Custom 10 days ago

    feminist s get rekt

  • Har Kat
    Har Kat 10 days ago

    what would you want your child to have feminism or cancer?
    what's the difference

  • Full Of Beans
    Full Of Beans 11 days ago

    'I'd rather have cancer than feminism' what a lad!!!!!

  • Joriz Fairbanks
    Joriz Fairbanks 11 days ago

    The Hilary Thing really makes me LOL. Cant stop laughing

  • Chad Winbush
    Chad Winbush 11 days ago

    This dude is Hilarious! I could watch this all day!

  • electroleah
    electroleah 11 days ago

    Milo is gay, and I am gay, but I'm in love with him.

  • Manuel Mejia
    Manuel Mejia 12 days ago

    Milo would low-key play a bad ass joker

  • Black Templar
    Black Templar 12 days ago

    his smirk... is fucking awesome 😂😂

  • Brian Regan
    Brian Regan 13 days ago

    My ears were killed at the end

  • Rivenator
    Rivenator 13 days ago

    Did you really use Katarina's laugh from league @ 3:51 lmao

  • Motorcycle Lover
    Motorcycle Lover 13 days ago

    Milo has to come to my high school to give the feminazis of my school a lesson.

  • Gotta Luv YouTube
    Gotta Luv YouTube 13 days ago

    I laughed so hard at the Onision part. Lord protect this man for he is truly amazing

  • Denis Doda
    Denis Doda 13 days ago

    This guy is pretty fire. He says some shit that is fucked up but who cares feminists get put in place!

  • please kill me ;-;
    please kill me ;-; 13 days ago

    *I aspire to be just like milo*

  • Vishal Sarmalia
    Vishal Sarmalia 14 days ago

    2:33 the face of ovaries exploding.

  • A Tank Gamer
    A Tank Gamer 14 days ago

    I come here for triggered feminists

  • Lil Yachty
    Lil Yachty 14 days ago

    He's a fucking beast omg

  • Six Shooter Stallion

    Omg, was that a picture of Onision XD

  • Stuart Murphy
    Stuart Murphy 15 days ago

    The Fucking Lion Heart.

  • AldoPutraGt
    AldoPutraGt 15 days ago

    Milo for president

    • richter75
      richter75 12 days ago

      im Norwegian, i support Israel.. But its a parlament system as a republic., President nobody has heard of though.

    • AldoPutraGt
      AldoPutraGt 12 days ago


    • AldoPutraGt
      AldoPutraGt 12 days ago

      richter75 israel

    • richter75
      richter75 12 days ago

      In what republic?

  • Lucas Gonzalez
    Lucas Gonzalez 16 days ago

    Dude Milo gas such a nice voice when he was talking to the one protester I thought this guy would be a great dad

  • Computer Glitch
    Computer Glitch 16 days ago

    Why would you make a sign direct to Milo and say you don't wanna talk to him when you're confronted? C'mon man, think in the hindsight.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 16 days ago


  • MrExterminator556
    MrExterminator556 16 days ago

    When that picture of Onision popped up I laughed so freaking hard

  • Canaan Paschall
    Canaan Paschall 16 days ago

    buzzer at the the very end scared the hell out of me........ love listening to Milo destroy!

  • YungLucifer
    YungLucifer 16 days ago

    Milo is straight badass but the Muslim one was kinda mean I still laughed at it though lmao

  • T K
    T K 16 days ago

    Him giving water to that guy is me doing the same to my haters. Poor things.

  • Jeareo
    Jeareo 16 days ago

    the ending matches perfectly with the next video

  • Josh Lachman
    Josh Lachman 17 days ago

    I love milo but my allergies are acting up; a lot of these smell like plants

  • commentfirst shootlast

    I love this gay man with all my straight heart.

  • Michel Smiffi
    Michel Smiffi 18 days ago

    I wonder if at some point Milo will either
    a) shock the world saying he actually has never been gay and was wearing these fancy outfits all the time just to make fun of gay people, OR
    b) shock the world saying he actually has never been a Trump supporter and is indeed gay and was doing this stuff to make fun of Trump supporters

  • Cruel Team Gaming Hub

    aloha snackbar

  • Shot Into Oblivion
    Shot Into Oblivion 18 days ago

    leave onision alown XD

  • Shot Into Oblivion
    Shot Into Oblivion 18 days ago

    fucken roasted

  • UnknownGamerrr
    UnknownGamerrr 18 days ago

    3:48 that Katarina laugh from League XD

  • ZeroPhoenix
    ZeroPhoenix 19 days ago

    He's gay? You learn new things every day

  • Bachri Blank
    Bachri Blank 20 days ago

    Jumpscare warning: 7:46

  • NoVaKane
    NoVaKane 20 days ago

    love this bitch.

  • FSXXtreme
    FSXXtreme 21 day ago

    The guy has a tremendous sense of style.

  • Catsonite
    Catsonite 21 day ago

    Its really a miracle he hasnt been murdered yet

  • Archcool
    Archcool 21 day ago

    milo is a gay retard

  • ProfWulfenstein
    ProfWulfenstein 21 day ago

    Milo is the greatest man alive.

  • Eddie Capone
    Eddie Capone 21 day ago

    Wonder why he thinks islam is funny?

  • Lui Lopez
    Lui Lopez 21 day ago

    bruh Hillery cheated and she still lost remember that when you think it isn't worth fighting for your values

  • Rvoel777
    Rvoel777 22 days ago

    1:50 Is that Tyler Durden from Fight Club?

  • gmy33
    gmy33 22 days ago

    i m right. com

  • Wild Fire
    Wild Fire 22 days ago

    "Man/Woman & Retard" hahahhaa

    Milo for the most part is the hero straight men have been longing for haha

  • Maxam Lemmon
    Maxam Lemmon 23 days ago

    Lol I tend to be left-wing more than right but this dude is a god XD

  • james lloyd
    james lloyd 23 days ago

    5:59 had me crying with laughter

  • mieguistumas
    mieguistumas 23 days ago

    Lol at the retard holding a sign for Milo :D "Milo,..." yet he doesn't want to speak to him. He just wants a safe spot with his little sign he made. Poor little angel indead.

  • natasha leigh
    natasha leigh 23 days ago

    he's gross this dude (except from what he said about islam)

  • VioletSky
    VioletSky 23 days ago

    Milo confronting the lone protester, I can't😂😂😂 "Well I never said I did darling" "you poor little angel awww"😂

  • Ryan E
    Ryan E 23 days ago

    *fuck your feelings*
    words to live by given today's society

  • 3xoticx
    3xoticx 23 days ago

    I'm a woman and I hate feminism. Its one of the most retarded things of this century. Whats crazy is I can't even express my views without a couple crazy 400 pounders trying to hit me and beat me.... And they say I am suppressing women.

  • Klutch Leonard
    Klutch Leonard 24 days ago

    Oh god how is it fucking possible to be offended by the word DARLING. What the fuck. That is some next level shit.

  • Tito Rodriguez
    Tito Rodriguez 24 days ago

    This guy is a god

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