10 Anti-Piracy Measures In Video Games That Were Total Genius

Oh, you pirated our game? Now all the sex scenes contain grandmas.

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Author Nedo ( ago)
Porn little pony!

Author Julian Rietveld ( ago)
I would just make my videogames turn into a horrorgame after piracy.

Author Patrick Star ( ago)
2:43 I love how these idiots don't seem to realise that there is a mouse icon next to your name which indicates you have the game, if not you don't have the game. I have seen plenty of people asking for help on steam exclusive indie title discussions, fun times :)

Author :D Nightmare20l FTW :D ( ago)
Arkham Asylum doesn't let you glide on pirated copies

Author Mi nam iz Yee ( ago)
no undertale? wow. but i wont judge. it all is well until flowey says "Sorry bub,this is a pirated version of the game." and i have heard the logo turns into a pirate ship.

Author Krad eily ( ago)
Better question who the hell pirates spyro 3???

Author Chaotix ( ago)
when I was younger. I used to pirate games. but then I found out the consequences I deleted all of it and bought it on steam

Author Adeel Raza ( ago)
2k Pirates dislike it 😃😄

Author Cinos the Dense potato ( ago)
I got an idea.
The game starts you off with a pirate hat and a flintlock, instead of whatever its supposed to be.
You will be able to play until the tutorial character sees you and just straight up shoots you.
Then the game is deleted from your computer and you must try to pirate it again to get the same results.

Author The Dank Elf ( ago)
you can just install a patch/crack for mirrors edge to fixs it -_-

Author Nathan Hamberg ( ago)
that's awesome

Author Fear Induced ( ago)
Things like this don't happen unless the company who made the game uploaded their, "Anti-Piracy" version of the game to a website for downloading pirated games, and you happen to choose that one. You can just delete it and find a different up-loader from that website other than the original up-loader you got it from. Unless the company finds you specifically playing their game cracked, and basically hacks your computer to upload modified files to your game without your consent. Then again, you can just disconnect from the internet before playing. There's a lot of these videos I find on YouTube, where they act like companies have full access and knowledge to who pirated their game..... They really don't. It's not like their standing there talking to each other at there development studio, when all of the sudden their computer goes, "Beep beep", and they go, "Oh, looks like we better screw with them for illegally downloading our game".

Author #Soft Tings ( ago)
*thank god there are smert people on the entarnet who found ways to bipass them

Author That Dude ( ago)
that was the reason why I pirated the witcher 2 though

Author crippledcommie ( ago)
Another one was Mass Effect. The galaxy map doesn't work in a pirated copy, making it just an extended demo. You can get around this with cheat engine but still, that's just annoying.

Author Dave Torres ( ago)
More like a list of troller developers lol

Author Art Music ( ago)
Wow........I'm off to pirate Witcher then......

Author DrunkSamurai ( ago)
Piracy isn't theft. It's copyright infringement.

Author Sophie Sykes ( ago)
all games should have free demos availble, so the customer knows if they like the game or not, before purchasing

Author gangforce ( ago)
the one from the witcher 2 isnt true. i played it this week, and no granny sadly

Author Rokkiteer ( ago)
I fucking hate it when people shit all over other peoples hard work.

Author Aaron Brandt ( ago)
My spyro was like that and I bought it.

Author Lorigulf Noldor ( ago)
Actually, stealing or not (stealing = "taking from other the good that other did not want to give to you, while depriving them of this good"), I think we all would agree that copyright infringement is STILL "taking from others what others did NOT give to you by their own good will". Depriving them it may be not; non-consensual taking from others it still IS, and from karmic perspective, it is still misconduct.

Author Thewaterspirit57 ( ago)
Oh. you mean like ridiculously difficult enemies?
Or even not loading the game at all?

Author Dat Phan ( ago)
good luck with the anti pirate systems when people now are trying free to play games more now

Author Yvthan Rosémary ( ago)

Author Yvthan Rosémary ( ago)
haha yet they are fine with on CD locked dlc and dlc it's self

Author Yvthan Rosémary ( ago)
Well some people don't want to shell out 60-100+ for a game that can be completed in 4 hours

Author Apple Black ( ago)
Before there was not real reason to pirate because major games was good. Now games sucks.

Author 18pekdar ( ago)
Soooo, the anti-piracy policy for Spyro 3 was to just give it the problems of a NES game?

Author Nikolay Stoynov ( ago)
Hm... I pirated Mirror's Edge back in the day, I'm ashamed to say. There were no problems.
Update: Same with Crysis: Warhead.

Author FrankZito29 ( ago)
That Witcher 2 granny sex scene is fking hilarious.

Author TheAvathari ( ago)
Meanwhile in the 90's, iD Software encourages people to share and copy as many copies of Doom as possible. -- Anyways I don't see a problem with pirating games, I mean people who pirate games either ain't going to buy the game anyways or use it to test if the game is worth paying for anyways. You know, like a demo, so you won't pay for something that is marketed but pay for what the game actually is.

Author The Crooked Penny ( ago)
Over 2000 people that have pirated games have disliked this video.

Author random stuff ( ago)
What about age of empires 2 saying you are victorious at 5:11 minutes in the game

Author Flawless ( ago)
So developers have the time to write anti-piracy messages, but no time to finish games before releasing them for full price! Yeah piracy exists for a reason!

Author Micah ( ago)
If you pirate Pokemon, you can't gain any experience.

Author Dziaji ( ago)
If a game designer could tell if you were playing a cracked version, he could just program it to say "error" and not run at all.

Author Lé King ( ago)
i just came for the thumbnail

Author Lois • ( ago)
Whats with all the comments from people proud to be pirating...? Good job you fucked over the devs who make it feasible for you to actually play the game. Kind of sad the amount of people who think thats something to brag about.

Author Brian Griffin ( ago)
Ok who is that girl at 0:12 ? Is she a pornstar?

Author Pen Island ( ago)
I've pirated 3 of these games and never had this shit happen.

Author Cursed Madara ( ago)
Long ago i used to BUY pirated games...i did not know you could simply download them,so now i dont see why i would buy the legit version when i can get it for free,i have 1tb of pirated games IDGAF,i will buy them when i can afford them

Author mibbim mibbim ( ago)
In Mirrorr's Edge Catalyst, the slow thingy didn't happen to me... am I lucky ???

Author Monkey Việtnam. ( ago)
Pirated 4 games in this list and nutthin happen

Author buckeyeinblack ( ago)
Who now wants to pirate Crysis Warhead for the chicken bullets? I'm serious, I woke up all my roommates laughing my butt off over this.

Author Teodor ( ago)
Gamedev tycoon, a game that copy-pasted everything from a game made by kairosoft for mobile, except the graphics, which somehow are shitier. Who pays to play that :))

Author Jorge Martinez ( ago)
What most people don't really know is that ORGINAL games on most third world countries cost a SHITON more money that in EE.UU, Japan or most EU countries, for example, in my coutry (Argentina) every dolar cost almost 20 times my national currency (argentine pesos). Imagene a game like CSGO ten times is base dolar price... even with discounts it's a lot of money for us.

Author Juro ( ago)
I like what Nintendo did on Pokémon Sun and Moon

Author Josh Kaid ( ago)
Wow. Reading that guys help for the Dev Simulator was insightful, but the idiot was too stupid to see it.

Author Digital Blade ( ago)
OK ok so I am pretty sure I came across 75% of those games first as a Pirate copy (not mine of course it was ling on the Internet) and you know what eventually I both a copy cause they were really good games. Never came across any of those "Genius" jokes. I smell something funky.

Author ch1mio ( ago)
My dad pirated Spyro when i was younger and I got that message, but none of the other stuff happened to me, for some odd reason.

Author Valperci Nabanalan ( ago)
too old!.. patch and crack already solve in any game release out there

Author NoobKiller Roof ( ago)

Author Christobanistan ( ago)
Why is the date in the future on your PC?

Author Christopher Matchett ( ago)
Also Pokémon fire red had a pirates message

Author venley28 ( ago)

Author laure Beguedou ( ago)
ye be warned

Author Denny Council ( ago)
fuc^ off paid version games... i'm all pirate hahaha

Author Zork The Destroyer ( ago)
Some of these aren't entirely true.

Author GM Steelhaven ( ago)
What a friken waste. Make good games, make them accessible (ala Steam), don't mess around with DRM b.s. and piracy drops like a rock.

Author Daniel Brown ( ago)
Jokes on cd projekt red. I've been masturbating to granny porn for years.

Author Project Soul ( ago)
why get 60$ open beta when you can download it and see if sucks or not. only game that was worth my money was witcher 3

Author Project Soul ( ago)
pirated all this games, never had any problems like in this video :)

Author CipherBytes ( ago)
Anti-Pirate tactics have consistently failed....except one. Satisfaction guarantees.

Author SubvertedFetus ( ago)
So these companies put these versions up themselves? And wouldn't this only work once?

Author Cactusben ( ago)
If I made a shooter I would make it so that if someone pirated they shoot a gun and the gun turns around and they shoot themselves

Author NEWGHOST9 ( ago)
my biggest fear is what if they programmed it wrong and it can effect legal copies. some of these are pretty great. just hope when devs implement this they make sure that it cant interfere with people who buy it.

Author Donald Kronos ( ago)
Really obviously missing from this list: Alternate Reality.Both The City and The Dungeon, each for different reasons.

Author Acapulko Jik ( ago)
I always forget what number he is talking about. And when I realise that, he is already at 1.

Author Jānis R ( ago)
If your pc is slow cant get 60 fps on max setings its ok to test game.

Author knifed91 ( ago)
I've never heard of the self destruct sequence in Red Alert 2 and I've been a hardcore fan of the game since I was 8. And I've always played pirated copies. How is this even possible?

Author ShadowLion20 ( ago)
There's also the fun anti piracy measure either in Pokemon Black/White or Black/White2 where when you earn enough experience points for your pokemon to level the experience meter resets and the pokemon gains no level.

Author Ignit Wacom ( ago)
I understand that piracy is not a very nice thing, but you make it sound like its the same as killing a person or something. There are people who can't afford games so easily, and love to play them. I know this is a really bad thing for indie games, but mirrors edge? That AAA game whose sales were up to millions? Come on.
Also, people who do piracy don't "feel like the best thief" or "a great pirate", they are doing it to play games who otherwise would cost them a lot.
In my case, I used to play pirated games, until I got my own money, then I bought most of the games that I had pirated, how do you know that doesn't happen with other people?

Author FizzyWM ( ago)
I made the mistake of legally purchasing Game Dev Tycoon from the Windows Store on Windows 8 when it was first released. It treated me as though I pirated the game and constantly screwed me over because of pirates in the game.

So I pirated it and it worked perfectly and I had no issue.

Fuck that game.

Author kinshuk dua ( ago)
this makes me want to play the pirated versions of these games

Author Nitrogue ( ago)
Do what you want, 'cause a pirate is free, YOU ARE A PIRATE!

Author MiiSeeks ( ago)
2500+ fedoras disliked this.

Author Dues Lucem ( ago)
Though. Most hackers patch these kind of things. xd

Author Aaron Yan ( ago)
ending music?

Author Isa Akbar ( ago)
Ever played pirated copy of Wild Arms Alter Code F back then in PS2 console, the game turns out to show you black screen when you reach certain chapter.

Author dak med ( ago)

Author Tony V ( ago)
aw! I want to shoot chicken bullets at pink scorpions!

Author hypoglycemia fag ( ago)
If there's someone who lives on a ship with a crew searching for treasure, who illegally downloads video games about rodents that love pastries... is he a pirate pirating pie rats?

Author Banana Buns ( ago)
Pirate Game dev tycoon?
It used to be paid for? that would suck if they did buy it, the game sucked ass.

Author SSU ( ago)
Wish they removed all these "anti-piracy" measures from games bought (steam/origin) where i have to be signed in to even play the damn game!

Author BIZARREBOT9000 ( ago)
You know all this crap gets fixed from the crack right? Fucking stupid video, pirate games until companies stop releasing unfinished shit ass busted games.

Author Nemo D333 ( ago)
People who play pirated games are not pirates, they are consumers of pirated content, you mug. People who crack games, they are pirates. But this is developers fault. They inflate price for new games like everyone have loads of money to spend. Games must cost in range of £5-10/$5-10, but not £40-50/$40-50. It just ridiculous.

Author marcus24000 ( ago)
i get that piracy is annoing but there kinda causing it,when you make a game verry expensive or make dlc´s that cost allot people tend to go for piracy,i know making a game costs allot so the root of the problem is the people making the technology are selling it to expensive. i bet that if you make a game less expensive youl sell more. especialy with more people out of jobs because of diploma demands or replacing people with robots,when all this happens wel something has got to give meaning change. if it where just the game oke but cd with music cost allot aswel and movies and going to the movies and clothes everything gets more expensive each year so people have less money to spread and if you wanna go in vacation aswel wel all this together costs allot.

Author Nomad 2145 ( ago)
Most of these are fake

Author Something Hidden ( ago)
Who are up for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales !!??

Author V six ( ago)
it's when shitty crack is released, they spot it on. :D

Author Damo c ( ago)
so the pc master race think they are better because they get free games

Author Grenn Durango ( ago)
"we'll go bankrupt!" bit of an exaggeration. Maybe if games weren't so overpriced folk wouldn't pirate them.

Author Conker Juega ( ago)
6:02 WIN-WIN for me.

Author Socky TheReal ( ago)
Cracked most of those, and never saw those effects. Shame, would have proven they had some form of protection AND been very amusing. Granny scenes ... my life is incomplete !

Author Andrew King ( ago)

Author Data Miner ( ago)
If pirates weren't busy exploiting how bad software developer teams really were, they'd have no reason to fix anything at all; it's about more than just how easy software is to reverse engineer / pirate. It's about how corporate entities in control of software (and hardware! *x265 fail*) development don't have their priorities in order because profit is always first.

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