REAL LIFE MAD SCIENTISTS Are Creating MONSTERS In Laboratories All Around The World!

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  • slavik k
    slavik k 3 hours ago

    Genetically modified humans are next.

  • Christel J
    Christel J 3 hours ago

    THE Lord Will Return and Shall Judge them who aflicted Gods Children !

  • Sergio Amata
    Sergio Amata 5 hours ago


    BLOSSOM 6 hours ago

    If it's not found in nature, don't Mess with it, they need to stop playing God.

  • Allan Cross
    Allan Cross 7 hours ago


  • numarkaz
    numarkaz 8 hours ago

    Truth is stranger than fiction...

  • Dan Kelly
    Dan Kelly 8 hours ago

    That preppy guy will never do much exercise. All he cares about is staring at a mobile device. lol

  • Teresam Devans
    Teresam Devans 10 hours ago


  • kierkegaardrulez
    kierkegaardrulez 1 day ago

    I don't think God said anything about genetic modification.

  • John Stephen
    John Stephen 1 day ago

    Chinese will produce an Nation of children with IQ 0f 180. Well done China!
    Meanwhile USA will produce children of IQ 70, so as to be politically correct, multi-cultural and Multi-racial.
    USA has lost the plot.

  • obadiyah54
    obadiyah54 1 day ago

    This why THE MOST HIGH is going to kill wipe out the entire Caucasian RACE/NATIONS!

  • Steve SharonN
    Steve SharonN 1 day ago

    TOO many commercials

  • Driver26 Swx
    Driver26 Swx 1 day ago

  • Davy Mlalam
    Davy Mlalam 1 day ago

    This makes me nauseous

  • C.WrightMatrix 7.22

    So who was the first Clones...? And have a plan to infesting this Earth?

  • S E
    S E 2 days ago

    They need to create human beings that aren't so evil, so that they can take our place and possibly save this planet 🌎

  • Gary. Jamieson.
    Gary. Jamieson. 2 days ago

    They should be ashamed of themselves these scientists are sick they are playing with every thing unnatural they are the Frankensteins of the future it goes against every thing God says it'd sick God help us all

  • Elizabeth Cartagena

    smart < CONSCIOUS

  • Elizabeth Cartagena

    Human swine? Direct act against God...

  • Donald Wilson
    Donald Wilson 2 days ago

    This channel scares me

  • Terry Smith
    Terry Smith 2 days ago

    This is why I don't take vaccinations. No one really knows what they're doing in labs.

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith 2 days ago

    ahhhaaa look at the real life racists

  • Gugi Ugi
    Gugi Ugi 2 days ago

    yes its true. The end of time is near for al living species. What u think wil happen if you wanna play for God. Leave it to God cause u human can create but cant control it.

  • Boriqua Taino
    Boriqua Taino 2 days ago

    This has already happened before, there's a reason God destroyed the earth once before

  • Michael Brock
    Michael Brock 2 days ago

    aint nobody trynna hear about no puppy monkey baby lol

  • Amadow Sow
    Amadow Sow 2 days ago

    gog & Magog works

  • Virginia Shaubel
    Virginia Shaubel 2 days ago

    Micky Ds apple just like their burger and fries- not real food.

  • Daniel de man
    Daniel de man 2 days ago


  • Angelica Banks
    Angelica Banks 2 days ago

    Why are they trying to create a new life what about all these diseases that don't have a cure they can go right to hell to busy trying to be God instead of healing people

  • Sean Leary
    Sean Leary 2 days ago

    Nice fake pics of man dogs. Why even watch the vid?

  • Betti Landahl
    Betti Landahl 3 days ago

    Ist Doch Scheiße Die Klonerrei Die Irgend welche Möchte Gerne Frankensteins hier Veranstalten !

  • Kings lynn
    Kings lynn 3 days ago

    what do you know, another useless, stupid, dna mixture. we've done so well with the experiments so far. especially humans. Backfire!

  • Lisa Marie
    Lisa Marie 3 days ago

    These scientist are so in debt with their student loans they will BELIEVE Any thing and promote anything to keep they pay checks coming, cause if you think of it if scientist actually cared about humans, we would not have disease in our world cause if the human body can cure itself ,why would we need them? they see us as cattle expendables to milk us for money for our lifespan and create diseases, sell us insurance and make us fear death and disease which they have reversed technology to keep us sick, by trusting them all the while they see us as cattle and expendable while they prosper, and GOD says wake up and no more!

  • Gusanos Mueren
    Gusanos Mueren 3 days ago

    they're Irish waooo

  • thomas swartzel
    thomas swartzel 3 days ago

    God is a lie

  • Colleen
    Colleen 3 days ago

    and?, they act like this is some shocking revelation, i seriously doubt those piggy weird pigmy things are real though OF COURSE this has been happening since before Mary Shellys Frankenstein, RELAX is frieking out going to change it?
    if youre so concerned about reprogramming the brain n perverse creations

  • Harri Aleche
    Harri Aleche 3 days ago

    How they created HIV and other deadly viruses.

  • Watcher 77
    Watcher 77 3 days ago

    Luke 17:26 kjv  “And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.” The bible tells us this would happen, should not be a shocker -

  • Daniela born again
    Daniela born again 3 days ago


  • jaykyu1
    jaykyu1 3 days ago

    To get more research funding it needs to be weaponized.

  • Jessica Kalma
    Jessica Kalma 4 days ago

    these scientists do tests on us, much like the "aliens" do. seems to be connections there

  • Misty Anderson
    Misty Anderson 4 days ago

    vary sad.

  • DynastYOfficial
    DynastYOfficial 4 days ago

    I fucking hate all the spiritual people in the comments. its making me cringe

    • DynastYOfficial
      DynastYOfficial 2 days ago

      think about this I can get on my computer and create a genetic algorithm on to a virtual "creature, robot whatever you want to call it "that will evolve by learning thru trial and error. soon we will be able to mimic the neural patterns of a human thru this same genetic algorithm and soon create the same sentience you believe came from god. well I guess were god then.

    • DynastYOfficial
      DynastYOfficial 2 days ago

      no thanks maybe use that prayer on someone that needs it. like yourself. You don't know humble until you can truly admit to yourself that logically god isn't real. deep down you already know but your looking for something to hold on to because your either depressed or just in a bad spot in life. or you were just raised by psychopaths that took a fictional book way to seriously.

    • Evo The Fallen
      Evo The Fallen 2 days ago

      fg Well i love u and i pray peace on to you.

    • DynastYOfficial
      DynastYOfficial 4 days ago

      how are people so foolish to take a fictional book so seriously? and literal.

  • PrayGoodWill Daily
    PrayGoodWill Daily 4 days ago


  • Deby Mccoy
    Deby Mccoy 4 days ago

    They did not create life. They emptied out a cell and put something different in it. The cell has not been created---yet. This is not going to turn out well.

  • Crudo Pollo
    Crudo Pollo 4 days ago

    Humans playing God isn't a wise thing to do...

  • origin8
    origin8 4 days ago

    I bet no one would say no to a new heart or other vital organ if they were going to die

  • Basa Romero
    Basa Romero 4 days ago

    what exactly have they created that they haven't told us about?

  • Noveigh Ember
    Noveigh Ember 4 days ago

    Mind boggling!

  • aloekat
    aloekat 4 days ago

    It all will become weapons against us, they are the brightest satanist demons. Jesus is Lord not these people

  • Marv 44
    Marv 44 4 days ago

    isn't that what white men really look like on the title they were just very short so they are shrinking white men

  • Maria Elena Abasta
    Maria Elena Abasta 4 days ago

    Scientist r so Stupid.....Who created the heavens n the earth? .....GOD THIS IS GOD'S CREATIO NOT MEN.......SO MEN( scientists) make ur own planet ur own dirt n humans..THIS IS GOD'S MAKING.....NOT MEN.....MEN RUINED OUR PLANET N STILL ARE.

  • Deb Gray
    Deb Gray 4 days ago


  • Andrew McCombs
    Andrew McCombs 4 days ago

    This just goes to show that the whole goal of the minds behind this crap is to kill the weak, the poor, the stupid, the physically and mentally disabled. I have a disability. I've gotten used to people's reactions, but it doesn't mean I'm overly paranoid about it. I just notice the hate within many people' eyes when they see me, even though it's impossible to tell who is the real arse hole due to the politically correct mask people wear. But you know what? I will never accept that the way I am is some horrible mistake because..... do you know how many times my disability has protected me? It's a blessing. The weak and the poor and the unfortunately born, they are gifts from God, and if we take steps to eradicate all of these types of people from the Earth, our humanity will be eradicated with it. They may make me try to hate myself and kill myself, or hate others and kill others, or conversely try to get me to make a fool out of myself by telling me how great I am and then raising me up just so they can mock me, but I don't fall for that anymore, either. Humanity is being a real bastard right now, and it angers me... but it only angers me because I love the bastards so much. These evil Satanists are trying to bury the savior of God's people and leave the most defenseless of us without any hope, and all of that just so they can torture and mock us. But the beatitudes were written for people like me, and I know because I've searched.... no other name besides Jesus Christ has spoken that way before, has spoken to ME before, and told me I was going to be okay. I know I'll be okay. Now I just feel incredibly sad for the rest of the world, those who have not been so blessed with the armor of God... because I don't know if it's even possible for them to be okay. Let the dead bury their dead, I suppose.

  • Versailles Gaming
    Versailles Gaming 5 days ago

    You ссссаn wаtch Mоnstеrs, Incссс. hеrееее

  • Riylee Grimnes
    Riylee Grimnes 5 days ago


  • Antdog319
    Antdog319 5 days ago

    Did they seriously say they created chemical "X". Dude, just add the sugar, spice and everything nice yo.

  • smill pupstick
    smill pupstick 5 days ago

    God won't let this happen.

  • Jimmy Browskii
    Jimmy Browskii 5 days ago

    That pic looks like a couple of Jew dogs.

  • Natalie Pretorius
    Natalie Pretorius 5 days ago

    wtf is wrong with the world !! you trying to ef up the world !!! sies man mxm

  • Suzzana Roy
    Suzzana Roy 5 days ago

    Asad cause of gools.

  • Donna Hyde
    Donna Hyde 5 days ago

    they will use it to change the DNA of man kind. we look like our Creator now ,Satan wants to change use in to his image.they will use it for evil porpoises,they always do.

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 5 days ago

    Get your guns. Put you house on lockdown. Zombies are coming.

  • MrGabrielJude
    MrGabrielJude 5 days ago

    They dubbed it the "T-virus" under the "Umbrella" department.

  • a gg
    a gg 5 days ago

    that's art dude not real

  • 2nd classCitizen
    2nd classCitizen 5 days ago

    The cloning of Dolly may be a fraud...

  • omnimacrox
    omnimacrox 5 days ago

    Actually the earth's CO2 levels have been higher than all of recorded history since the 1950s. Our grand parents and great grand parents have already doomed us all. Best we use our technology, engineering and innovation now while we can before the CO2 affects are truely felt.

  • Darklord4vr
    Darklord4vr 5 days ago

    they are literally stepping on God's toes and only he can create life.

  • Ms Woodard
    Ms Woodard 5 days ago

    scientist an bankers are humans worst creation of mankind. they will eventually kill the plant an every thing that thrives apon it.

  • Sosa David
    Sosa David 5 days ago

    true read the bible and you'll see sin everywhere. Yet you must not take part in the prostitution of your body with the foreigner. STAY WOKE

  • 11B10 Inf
    11B10 Inf 5 days ago

    The ingredient that was key, was an already living cell. To create something out of absolutely nothing is still far beyond anyones capabilities. They did nothing but do an alteration.

  • Ms. Lady
    Ms. Lady 5 days ago

    Always trying to play God.

  • TheMabes69
    TheMabes69 5 days ago

    JUst: no

  • The Native American Isrealite

    thumb nails though! I want them as pets!

  • Byakuya Kuchiki
    Byakuya Kuchiki 5 days ago

    god was an alien 👽

  • Josh A Bear
    Josh A Bear 5 days ago

    This is stupid.. Who is to say whose more " intelligent" anyway? Stupid is as stupid DOES. Some of the most intelligent people do stupid things. Some of the stupidest seeming people, make street smart decisions and excel in life. Also, genetics making your children "better looking".. What's good looking?? Who decides that? The people I love are the most beautiful people I is subjective.

  • Demetrius Kelley
    Demetrius Kelley 5 days ago

    It's the end,,, Jehovah God help us,, we pray for your love peace,, most of all you god

  • Iris Baldwin
    Iris Baldwin 5 days ago

    organs from pigs?
    the muslims will have a fit if you used this tech on them.

  • POV NW
    POV NW 5 days ago

    let the bodies hit the floor 💀

  • 19Dmac37 19Dmac37
    19Dmac37 19Dmac37 5 days ago

    LMAO I've met lots of book smart people who couldn't cross the street without someone holding their hand or put air in a bout test for common sense!

  • old school
    old school 5 days ago

    This is not creation but manipulation and they may be creating extinction instead.

  • victoria jacobs
    victoria jacobs 5 days ago

    The Scripps team DID NOT CREATE LIFE!!! THEY ARE SIMPLY USING A DNA DESIGN TEMPLATE THAT ALREADY EXISTS. THE ORIGINAL, AND ONLY CREATOR AND DESIGNER OF LIFE IS THE SOVEREIGN LORD JEHOVAH GOD!!!. These scientist's hubris knows no bounds. It is mimetics at best. Their claims are pledguristic to report that they have "created" life. Even if they use materials that seem unique, these materials, broken down to their elements as they present on the periodic table, along with their unique properties were themselves created by Jehovah. When someone is claiming to have created New Life, I think this requires them to have started from NOTHING, because life on earth, the Earth and its elements, the sun, moon, stars, universe...have already been created. So, even the computers you are using, along with the brain power necessary to "create" your copy of "computer generated dna", would not exist without the elements already existing on the earth, and for the brain power, it itself would not exist without its divinely afforded spark of life. Give credit where credit is due. What you have "created" is a manipulation, using the design of the GRAND ORIGINAL.

  • John Dough
    John Dough 5 days ago

    For the human you need the four waters.

  • Nick Worster
    Nick Worster 5 days ago

    automatic dislike for retarded clickbait

  • Shar O
    Shar O 5 days ago

    19:51 Training and owning horses I find that sick. Even with the horses I get that are not competitive I still love them the same. I would never clone one that is more successful just to get profit.

  • Jeanette Szwajkowski

    can I please place my order now for a new pancreas? and a few brain cells for when alzheimers kicks in. thanks.

  • Jeanette Szwajkowski

    welcome to the real zombie apocalypse

  • The beat Rock
    The beat Rock 5 days ago

    "They will came gigant monsters from the onderground to light to kill every body thats belive in good but remember the words of good belive in him and fight agains them " sunna of phrophet muhamed salalau aley wa salam

    "If sombody kill you in a fight for the right think than dont wory you will se the largest and beuties heaven " kuran

  • B Money the truth
    B Money the truth 5 days ago

    the cover picture looks like the mask from Goosebumps

  • Joe onyxinjun
    Joe onyxinjun 5 days ago


  • MagiC KnighT
    MagiC KnighT 5 days ago

    i about puked when i saw the thumb nail

  • Street Racing Lifestyle

    Refuses to cure diseases of many types for the money!
    uses money
    to grow organs in pigs!
    alter children before birth!

  • waylan piercy
    waylan piercy 5 days ago

    I just simply try my best to live as the Word of God says,love others no mtr who they are,what they look like. or where they're from.And when my heavenly Father calls me home I run to Him and hold Him tightly thanking Him for saving a worm such as I

  • Anesu Mutakiwa
    Anesu Mutakiwa 5 days ago


  • waaaaste
    waaaaste 5 days ago

    Even a computer can only spit out what a human puts in. Garbage in, garbage out. Hold on to your hats, we're in for a wild ride.

  • Brandon David
    Brandon David 5 days ago

    drugs and vaccines. yea ok😑

  • Ñīssî Tym Production

    Creating really ?
    I thought that Siencist don't believe in creation of organic life.

  • milkweed3527 22
    milkweed3527 22 6 days ago

    worst sin of all.

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