Da chang jin....Interview......PArt (3/6)

this is Part 3....LoL

I am really sorry for those who can't read is a great pity though...My apology for not making an eng sub

Those who like it and would like to keep it...can go to this website: (look out for the spaces in between)

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Author Choo69 (5 years)
the young dae jang geum

Author brismiquiztli (5 years)
Ahhh! No enteindo nada, pero me da risa!

Author doodyy66 (4 years)
لبى انتي ياجنغوما <<مااعرف غيره هالاسم هع ياحبي لها والله ابدااااع هالكوريه

Author Hui Lin Ong (8 years)
Thank you so much will you still post?

Author annairaq2000 (4 years)
thanks for that

Author mimiANDnoja (3 years)
Hihetetlenül jó sorozat! Én is üdvözletemet küldöm Magyarországból!
Sajnálom , hogy egy szót sem értek belőle, de azért az érzelmek átjönnek!:)
Duh..sanggong! You can read chinese or maybe speak and write too and your
english is also very good...I envy you! Please translate it for those poor
people who can't understand a word...

Author fcia (7 years)
The king has an orange hair.

Author Sinabro Jun (5 years)
ah~~~~~~1:30 park eun hye~ ♡ very very cute!

Author beautifulloulou (6 years)
I love this serie a lot , never been forgotten .

Author dkmystery (7 years)
eng subtitles pls...

Author Happyshan24 (8 years)
the videos are great. very awsome.

Author blueharu (8 years)
those ladies were really amazing .......................

Author tea t (4 years)
english sub please!

Author maryant sa (5 years)
jajaja yo tampoco entiendo nada, y me empiezo a reir de la frustración, de
no saber que estan diciendo.

Author kevinik1 (4 years)
OMG Little Dae Jang Geum looks so cute☺

Author ameliaame (3 years)
@McRoberts1000 X_X" oh...thx XD

Author ilovedachangjin111 (8 years)
Thank you very much for kindly sharing part 3! I love the movie poster
parody! Classic, lol! :p

Author mclarenman001 (5 years)
Ez a film felülmúlhatatlan jobb főszereplőket és szereplőket nem is
találhatott volna a rendező astábnak is minden elismerésem. Hungary
Balatnfüred Ydu

Author www14dienutza (5 years)
I love it !! even if I don't understand anything XD They are so cute and I
just love this drama serial. thank you for uploading this.

Author Bviros (6 years)

Author beautifulloulou (6 years)
hehehehehehhe i m gonna to die from laugh . they re cute and i like them so
much even the serie is great . I like the part where jang guem is hugged so
strongly by the knight and she confessed her love to him after he got her
out of the fire. like it so much .

Author eleana1soon (6 years)
i don't understand nothing ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Author Fiorellanime (5 years)
porfi traduscan al español, este video es tan lindo pero no entiendo nada,
en la tele lo pasan solo 20 minutos, ademas me gustaria la traduccion de la
presentacion de los personajes.

Author FURUJITICO (5 years)
no entendi nada pero me encanto ver a todos los actores en es aentrevista
muy pero muy buena ,, y ala villana se le ve tan carismatica que lindo video

Author Mei Eng (8 years)
muHaA..e king good hor.. eat eat eat l0l.. thought e king look quite abit
older than min zhang hao... now see the real person in this vide0o OHH he
not bad maa

Author TheAndreearoxana (4 years)
=)) ce mortala ii faza k regele:))) ii ft mortala yeonsaeng:)))

Author Andrea Hernandez (3 years)
@starlima787 ja igual yo ... yo soy de mexico y ya tngo la serie en discos

Author aeris211 (8 years)
thx 4 sharing...

Author LIFan (8 years)
wonderful to see the actors/actress and the clips were great. Thanks.

Author ameliaame (4 years)
EH!!! i want to no what so funny abt the king act lol XD

Author Qiann (6 years)
LOLS! I like im ho's scene part. When they play all the parts that he talks
about the dishes. xPP

Author Sulfan Manju (3 years)
@ameliaame because he always comment on the food:"맛있구나! ",which means
delicious and he usually say nothing except for this.

Author Roxrockereyl (6 years)
da guy is sorta hot

Author 021413172 (5 years)
what is the riddle jang jeum said to the queenmother

Author jrnshel (5 years)
it's Dae Jang Geum when she was young

Author ljcdc (5 years)
hi dime as is flama the song minutes from 4:20 until 5:00 minutes here in
peru the people who have seen your video that we want the subtitles to
Spanish please also want to know what they say in an interview

Author aslanbey32 (6 years)
thank you

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