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Author Michael Clements ( ago)
impeachment trump

Author Amanda Adams ( ago)
Whoopi should be president, she would be soo much better than (insert expletive) trump

Author Walts Logos ( ago)

Author Beckonor ( ago)
Trump's claim of wiretapping has been confirmed, that whole panel looks stupid. I bet they won't even cover that.

Author Don Avenelle ( ago)
Know what else is bad? your ratings!!!   hahahahahahaha

Author Don Avenelle ( ago)
These are THE dumbest bitch's on earth!!!!

Author Cynthia Hillman ( ago)
yawn... more bs!

Author SuperSmile2004 ( ago)
This Trump idiot is totally insane.

Author you6382tube ( ago)
Yeah, Joy. Agree

Author Duane Hayes ( ago)
Can someone please find me ONE quote in which Donald Trump says "climate change is a hoax"? I cant seem to find even one. Yet the mainstream says he does all the time. weird.

Author stacey gutpta ( ago)
trump is a nazi comi so an so impeach him now

Author Joe Pasarell ( ago)
This is a destructive show that lies to the American people. These people hate Trump and they will do anything to slander him.

Author nj13 nj13 ( ago)
Hey look everybody it's a donkey show again

Author Todd Taliaferro ( ago)
Something nobody seems to be talking about is the fact that thanks to Putin (and Trump's probable collusion with him) Hillary was cheated out of the presidency.

There's simply no question that pathological liar and amateur narcissist Donald Trump has no legal or moral right to be occupying the White House. Hillary should be the president, *period.*

When is she going to get justice? The right thing to do would be to evict Trump immediately and swear Hillary in as president. Nothing less would be fair.

Author Deano Norman ( ago)
I'm surprised that the U.K. Hasn't told him to do one if it wasn't for brexit we would of
Told him where to go

Author Judy Myers ( ago)
No do agree people with serious mental Illness shouldn't be allowed guns but I think we do need it to be clear like OCD ADD ADHD illness like that there is no reason they shouldn't be allowed a gun

Author kyouryoku1977 ( ago)
just because there's is an investigation, doesn't mean that there is guilt. that's the point of an investigation.

Author Don'tHateMe CauseYou'reWrong ( ago)
Gotta love it. They hated Comey when he found Hillary guilty, but now he is their hero because he said something they like about Trump. #liberallogic

Conservatives are idiots, but you are giving them a run for their money. ☕🐸

Author Crabby Crab ( ago)
Anybody, that watch this show is extremely short sighted, a sure sign of a tiny IQ.?

Author Kalki Das ( ago)
Comey admitted to speaking out on Hillary Clinton WHILE the investigation was going. ALSO , int he same hearing, he admitted to doing it because he was a republican siding with Trump.

Author michaellondon2000 ( ago)
Hillary needs to be in jail

Author Tony Goesham ( ago)
10k views, on trending page? Yeah, totally makes sense

Author Nume Moon ( ago)
This "president" is a mobster, not a public servant.

Author DEMON GOT ME ( ago)
You see kids? This is an example of an echo chamber.

Author Warrior4Jesus71 ( ago)
The View Needs Jesus too

Author wolfgang flywheel ( ago)
this ritual gathering of witches every morning to poison and possess the minds of the weak and unemployed needs to end.. Let's them burn at the stake and expecially for Joy Behar let's see if she weighs as much as a duck.

Author japple17 ( ago)
More anti Trump propaganda brought to you by the liberal media

Author Detest Star ( ago)
Political games. Deep State lighting fires so Trump will be too busy putting them out so he can't drain the swamp.

Author The Villa ( ago)
too much highlighter on her nose, the lady on the right.

Author Cameron Wolf ( ago)
I never hear Anything about the lord and what the Bible says whenever every body is talking about these types of situations ...#no Jesus no peace!!!!

Author See Nomore ( ago)
OMG! THE DRAMA!! ..and people watch this Junk?

Author Bobby B ( ago)
these women. the Obama Administration didn't have the Trump people under surveillance then how did they get all of that confidential information that they've been leaking. Or how was Barack Obama able to say before the election that the Russians weren't hacking the election. this is a bunch of crap. We already know Obama went to the fisa courts the try to get the government to listen in on Trump calls.

Author Amazing Gaming ( ago)
The view sucks ass😡

Author Blue Shark ( ago)
awful women

Author Mike Hunt ( ago)
Whoopi looks like a giant turd.

Author Sourcedrop ( ago)
the diversion is coming from fbi, congress, the fake news, and now you guys. this is why we will all go extinct because you all are insane

Author M Power ( ago)
this show is pure poison

Author AwesomeBlackDude ( ago)
Trump Impeachment sure is taking long!

Author No GMO Joe ( ago)
*This show is so OFF & MISLEADING it's hard to believe their audience buys their crap.*

Author ml zz ( ago)
Youtube loves The View.

Author TX Beachbum ( ago)
Comey and Rogers also testified that Russia had no contact or ties to Trump and did not interfere in the election process. But I didn't expect any of you to point that out.

Author Steve Rivera ( ago)
YouTube no longer uses views for the trending section. EVERYTHING is hand picked. Share this message in trending videos and spread the word.

Author Loud Cheetah ( ago)
Question: Who authorized all of the investigations into the Trump campaign, and now into the Trump Administration?

Answer: Loretta Lynch

Question: Who was Obama's Attorney General and a part of The Obama Administrations Cabinet?

Answer: Loretta Lynch.

Question: Would then all types of surveillance in these investigations, including "wiretaps", be able to be claimed to have been ordered by the Obama Administration?

Answer: Yes.

Question: How stupid is Whoppi?

Answer: *Very.*

Author Ben B ( ago)
The most wasted opinions on TV

Author John Nazzaro ( ago)
Whoopie go to Canada like u said u would

Author R. Campfire ( ago)
"Yeah we (FBI)are investigating but WE ARE not looking into phone records or any other electronic communications"! We are not stupid!
Even low level criminals have their phone records looked into.

Author playlist ( ago)
Whoopie should take it easy, for all she knows Trump and all others could be working together to fool the public and divert attention from what may really be happening. DIVERSION Americas number one weapon...

Author playlist ( ago)
Trump possibly outsmarted them, say hypothetically that Trump or someone from his campaign colluded with Russia and the evidence was obtained illegally through a wiretap. But Trump exposes the illegal wiretap prior to the investigators saying that the evidence was found during the investigation, which makes the evidence not only invalid but the tappers would suffer consequences possibly. So now it's a draw with nothing happening to either side and both sides are only going through the motions to fool the public.

Author JohnnyBGood11 ( ago)
The only evil doers I see are the far left nut jobs that don't want to enforce laws on the books and want to take the 1st Amendment away from the people that don't agree with them.

Author john smith ( ago)
First, this Russia thing is stupid! I can't believe America watches these cackling hens

Author C Tap ( ago)
It's a STUPUD LAW!!!!!!

Author Jo3y L ( ago)
the whole world should troll Russia's next election

Author douxelle ( ago)
No dear whoopi, THIS is the distraction. Trump just gave billions to intercity schools, brought back thousands of jobs and is consistently fulfilling every promise he made to the American people one by one.

He's a friggin BRILLIANT president. And washed up Hollywood cronies are pulling out all the stops to malign him as a racist tyrant.

You have to be an idiot to still believe in the MSM at this point

Author joseph smith ( ago)
37 percent approval rating don't think so is that the same polls that said trump had a 5 percent chance of winning lol cant believe this show is still on TV

Author douxelle ( ago)
We STILL have no compelling evidence that Russia interfered with our election process. And yet whoopi and all of these people are acting as if it is verified fact.

What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty. These people are being ignorant at best and intellectually dishonest at worst.

That being said, just how long are we supposed to swallow this conspiracy theory about Russia before we are given some kind of evidence one way or another? Do these people think Americans are stupid, and will just go along with whatever garbage they choose to spin?

Author Mark Twain Wood ( ago)
look ma. Altleft conceited . do you think they know what a North Korea war would do for ratings. Kid
lets ask the EMP.

Author paagal76 ( ago)
more fake here too!!! fbi confirms they investigating? they been investigating how long now? yet no proof

Author jayce emmanuelle Donley Scorpio ( ago)
I love woopi

Author Mark Nutt ( ago)
Why are democrats up in arms over a political influence when Obama's been doing for years in the middle east. Man I dont care about trump but these flip floppy democrats are funny to watch.

Author Stinky Nalgas ( ago)
What's sad is that their is still 37% of Americans that still like him, that tells me their is 37% of 375 million Americans that think he is still a good guy. That's sad😕

Author David Rodgers ( ago)
I love it. Donald Trump is giving these women something to talk about everyday to make them feel important. Whoopie is just like the monkey that grips a shiny object inside of a trap jar.

Author Betty alvarez ( ago)

Author Betty alvarez ( ago)

Author Matt Biscan ( ago)
this garbage is artificially testing

Author Bud Fields ( ago)
I've known a lot of folks in my professional life who LOVED getting married; they just didn't much care for BEING married.

Author elj hajar ( ago)
Trump family are but no brains .....

Author CubanExile ( ago)
Fake news is awesome, Funny humorous but still fake. Remember when seeking medical advice go to a mechanic, when seeking Tax advice seek a drug dealer and of course when seeking political advice come here . . . .

Trump 2020 ! ! ! Just in case you know how to think . . go here:

Author Garrett Bennion ( ago)
There's no way this is actually trending on YouTube

Author Rico Arrington ( ago)
Trumputin is a danger to himself and the country the guy is mentally unstable

Author GasTV ( ago)
these clowns need to get over themselves no one listens to these idiots

Author Tim Robinson ( ago)
When are they finely going to cancel this dribble...

Author ThreeM ( ago)
'The View' from inside their own arses

Author Colby Perry ( ago)
Hostin: you weren't acting like the FBI was significant when Hillary was under investigation!!!!

Author HEIDI TAUBE ( ago)
as a woman I cannot stand these women & View them as terrible women I would never aspire to bday like...they just get worse & worse

Author Rienhart Minogue ( ago)
The reality is that this is not trending and it's more liberal crap shoved down our throat

Author Knowledge equals freedom from slavery ( ago)
Its is wrong and those pushing this are un American.
Stand on on freedom, liberty and the American way. Investigate deep state!

Author STP ( ago)
Trump needs to grab these sluts by their pussies and teach them a lesson.

Author Shy Porter ( ago)
What a bunch of idiots

Author tippy Dog ( ago)
Obama's birth certificate was fake

Author tippy Dog ( ago)
are they the same ratings that said Hillary was going to win? you can't trust ratings Donald Trump's ratings are probably through the roof and we would never know Donald Trump is awesome

Author Bitchtheman ( ago)
I disliked, stop paying to be on trending the view

Author Adam Britt ( ago)
7:07 every argument with every Liberal since 2015

Author Rainyday ( ago)
Sunny's so beautiful❤❤❤

Author Problem? ( ago)
I'm probably the only one to have to click the three lines by the comments just to see the comments

Author FRAYJ117 ( ago)

Author FRAYJ117 ( ago)

Author Shawn Lewis ( ago)
Still keeping up the false claims of Russian involvement! LOL, still no proof...never will be ANY proof because it didn't happen. The Democraps are just pissed because they lost an election fair and square because they lost touch with the American people! Get over's time to move on and repair what NObama screwed up for the last 8 years!

Author Beth Kyriakou ( ago)
What would have happened if the media didn't get leaks - we wouldn't know about Flynn (which has been getting more complex) and seriously folks would you want Flynn handling the Security of the USA? And what about the 'closed meetings' with Russia that Sessions, Jared Kushner, Cage et al had and denied during vetting that they had met with ANY Russian officials. White House Officials DO have meetings with Russian officials BUT they are not denied! Someone, somewhere is leaking this info because he or she or is or they are concerned about the USA.

Author GamerVet ( ago)
I think my ex wiretapped me. 😕

Author TheOneAndOnlyPace ( ago)
Fake "trending" propaganda

Author Mofriese ( ago)
There was an investigation into Hillarys E-Mails aswell, and what came of it?

Author Las Vegas Pride Spinners ( ago)
Yea, but now what? Nothing it getting done. Let's get him out!

Author Irma Marquez ( ago)
I think if he gets impeached, Hillary should be President because after all she won the popular vote , she campaigned and the election was stolen from her by Russian interference. We are still f***ed if Pence takes over..Pence was chosen by a criminal president, not by the American people. IMPEACH ALL HIS CABINET --just leave Sean Spenser, so I have something to laugh at, he is harmless anyway LMAO

Author Don't Like it? Leave ( ago)
Is there a chance the same people that watch this show also watch Jerry Springer, and the rest of BS morning TV? And them actually make comments about reality? Cmon Libtards I know you can do better than Whoopie!

Author Tejas ( ago)
How is this trending with 10,000 views??

Author H Yeah ( ago)
"That's a stupid law" ?? That's the constitution. !!

Author Lauren Quear ( ago)
The view is disgusting! Worst then middle schoolers. They don't even know what they are talking. Taking fake news and now repeating it. Must be funded by clintons and soros. The liberals can't shut up and listen.

Author Pythia's Daughter ( ago)
It is the Republicans who should be going after Trump harder than any group, after all, he co-opted their party and is tearing them apart from the inside out. The Republicans need to do some serious housekeeping. We liberals and moderates already know what a conman he is.

Author Obama was a Failure Muslim ( ago)
Look at all these diseased Liberal nut jobs! Hello idiots Hillary has the ties to Russia! Once again you make yourselves looks like idiots! PLEASE keep doing what you're doing with the fake news and Republicans will own the White House forever!

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