Let's Play Pokemon Platinum Part 38: Gym Win and Uxie Loses!

In this episode, we complete the gym and then we find Tempest!

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Runtime: 7:34
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Author darkbooo963 (4 years)
View 3 ! Ice for the win

Author StaticPokemon (4 years)
OBAMANASNOW glad to see you're feeling better, dude. it's pretty apparent.
have fun playin' games with battlexon and don't get sick again. or we shall
all be displeased.

Author MrSCBRandomVideos (4 years)
Chicken you are hilarius in this episode lol!!

Author magstrike104 (3 years)
you do know that that was maylene at the pokemon center

Author Ian Maliar (2 years)
@livingshadow29 She has a blue sweater tied around her waist.

Author Retart Gimp Ogre (3 years)

Author pwnmaster321 (4 years)
when you healed did you notice who was next to you with the pink hair?

Author annoyed1216 (4 years)
1-yes?well...if i have to..... infinity times justice

Author Alex Jackson (4 years)
wow... blizzard looks haxxy on this emulator... so does shadow ball.. and
surf... wow, this emulator looks haxxy....

Author Battle X On (4 years)
rofltacular, but nothing will top that PTCG we recorded XD

Author TheMuffinSniper (4 years)
1 to yes that is so logical

Author ChickenFajita12! (4 years)

Author MrOwnageman11 (3 years)
"it's gone!" *gasp!* lol

Author TEK502 (3 years)
all of the lets play pokemon platinum are awesome

Author highestvolume (4 years)
on a scale from 1 to yes?

Author Battle X On (4 years)
lol I got there and BIll got yelled at XD

Author Battle X On (4 years)
lolololol reaper cloth, don't mispronounce it, or you'll end up in jail XD

Author GrandWalkthroughKing (3 years)
@livingshadow29 I think not

Author TheGuiltyGamer (4 years)
i think chicken forgot to take his meds! RUN!!!!!!!!

Author Zomb1eSaurus (3 years)
6:12 ahhh i love arnie impressions <3

Author trisonic25 (4 years)

Author Bustah Wurf (4 years)
Does Candice have a skirt under her skirt or something? 1:52 Hehe...Candice
Skye XD

Author HmARAB4real (4 years)
lool best quote whole vid 2:47-2:49 "send out fluffy to do the mans work"
loool. thanks 4 da uploads man.

Author BeastingYouForever (4 years)
Are you going to nickname your Porygon?

Author NortonCat123 (3 years)
who was that in the backround?

Author rudasvoboda (2 years)
please how did u save a game??

Author TheExveemon (4 years)
hey, chicken, talk to mayleen (not sure if i spelled that right) in
snowpoint pokemon center, don't question it just do it!

Author jedixking98 (4 years)
no. The brown part is her skirt while the blue part is just her coat tied
around her waist.

Author MBL1991 (4 years)
A scale of one to yes!?!... LMAO

Author AlDiesel18 (4 years)
Sickness & Death? Did you catch the Pokeflu. You know its like the swine
flu but more fictional. And instead of killing all their pigs people kill
all their Spoinks instead. You know the Pokeflu

Author noobtoob100 (4 years)
I got that once, it wasn't that bad, I didn't feel sick or nothing, people
just said I grew, and I quote, "a tail with a flame at the end" and "all I
said was Charmander." I just drank some Pepto Bismol and felt better. I
don't underst- *belches flames* Ahem, *cough*, excuse me. I don't know why
that happened.

Author iRaXle (4 years)
in the anime abomasnow sounds like hes saying OBAMAAA

Author PetrifiedPsycho (4 years)
"Why not let's we find it." Such perfect grammar :D

Author sammysono0 (4 years)
Good to hear your feeling better.

Author Legoman242 (4 years)
first view and comment!!!

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