Wet animals shake in slow motion - Slo Mo #6 - Earth Unplugged

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  • Why do wet furry mammals shake? Si and Sam give some of their favourite animals a shower to uncover the science behind the 'wet dog shake'. Sam caught up with Andrew Dickerson from Georgia Institute of Technology to find out more about the science... we'll have the full interview for you soon.

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    Original and stunning high definition slow motion footage of animals and their actions. Brought to you by our very own team members; animal nerd Sam, and camera geek Simon.

    Check out the full slow mo playlist here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtra-MWzIvZG_TnFr7Ea05qDP0Vt5siKb

    And here's a link to the original research: http://dickerson.gatech.edu/file/Wet-Dog_Shake.html

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Comments: 446

  • Chew MH
    Chew MH 2 days ago

    This would be the best video to watch while tripping out

  • Spongebo Squarrison


  • crazyperson_emily
    crazyperson_emily 14 days ago

    who else thought it looked liked they were in space

  • PastorOfMuppets
    PastorOfMuppets 1 month ago

    I'm in love with the coco

  • Lala O
    Lala O 1 month ago

    I got on the weird side of YouTube again 😂 but it was so adorable and cuuuuttttteeee

  • Fun World for children

    so cool!!!!

  • Claire AJ
    Claire AJ 1 month ago

    I couldn't keep a straight face through this 😂

  • Pen Pinapple
    Pen Pinapple 1 month ago

    I paused it 4:26 and I laughed so hard.

  • Rachel Baker
    Rachel Baker 1 month ago


  • Stormer Ferrari
    Stormer Ferrari 1 month ago

    Thumbs up if you jump all the talk and only see the wet animals shaking in slow motion and if you really love that rat.

  • AldarionErendis
    AldarionErendis 1 month ago

    Coco is so cute, my favourite for sure :D

  • Slaper
    Slaper 1 month ago

    3:51 Muoooooooo.....u.....oiooooooooooooo

  • Sophie Wallis
    Sophie Wallis 2 months ago

    I accidentally paused at 3:44, and I'm laughing my head off at 3 in the morning

  • Amanda Segerberg
    Amanda Segerberg 2 months ago

    Wow dat rat really got dem moves

  • Heyits alex
    Heyits alex 2 months ago

    Who came her just for the dogs? 😂🐶 I certainly did 😂😂

  • Fevzi Kutay Varol
    Fevzi Kutay Varol 2 months ago

    5:25 what type of animal is this ?

  • ahmed safwat
    ahmed safwat 2 months ago

    who started tilting their heads while watching this video?

  • Adéla Singh
    Adéla Singh 2 months ago

    cute video 😍

  • Unė Liandzbergytė
    Unė Liandzbergytė 3 months ago

    Which camera is it filmed with? Phantom?

  • Joe Kelly
    Joe Kelly 3 months ago

    It will be written: the human is the least graceful of all the shakers.

  • PastelRose
    PastelRose 4 months ago

    If my mom saw the rat she would have fainted...
    I on't understand y tho ;-;

  • Thomas Sasik
    Thomas Sasik 4 months ago


  • Galaxy
    Galaxy 5 months ago

    3:48 remove the background, add some planets and a galaxy, and it'll become fine art.

  • paris-annai-kankou
    paris-annai-kankou 5 months ago

    j like that, so j taked a dairy crow in slow motion...if you want, in my channel (sorry j m french and my english is bad )

  • :: LunarSolitaire ::
    :: LunarSolitaire :: 6 months ago

    Was anyone else compelled to buy a rat after this?

  • Ashley Strieff
    Ashley Strieff 7 months ago

    Please do part 2

  • America From Hetalia
    America From Hetalia 7 months ago

    pause at 3:59 😀

  • Helena W
    Helena W 8 months ago

    RATS ARE SO ADOREBLE I CANT EVEN... Awesome slowmos btw

  • kk
    kk 9 months ago

    so dope

  • SuperNatural Music
    SuperNatural Music 9 months ago

    the rat was pure Magic.

  • oligami
    oligami 10 months ago

    Never seen a rat so cute

  • Juliana Leo
    Juliana Leo 10 months ago

    I figure that IF a person has to shake their head to get rid of water...What does that do to their Brain?  Kinda makes ya wonder if it's smooshing around in there?

  • 500 Subscribers With Two Videos?

    True beauty. I must force my cats to have a bath right now.

    • bfjb70
      bfjb70 5 months ago

      Wet cats must have killed this person.

  • Em White
    Em White 11 months ago

    what about a lion shaking? that'd be cool

  • faguette
    faguette 11 months ago

    why am I on the sciencey side of youtube again

  • Danni XDonutz
    Danni XDonutz 1 year ago

    awe that rat so adorable! 😍 but not as adorable add my 3 rats

    • Jason Li
      Jason Li 5 months ago

      Gretchen Marie I like rats but I know it's your opinion so I can't do anything about it. :)

    • Gretchen Marie
      Gretchen Marie 7 months ago

      Lol guys chill I said "in my opinion" I have a weird mind and if u don't like my opinion then don't say anything about it

    • Cat Lover316
      Cat Lover316 8 months ago

      Gretchen Marie rude

    • Gretchen Marie
      Gretchen Marie 9 months ago

      I think rats r DISGUSTING in my opinion

  • Sweet Woof
    Sweet Woof 1 year ago

    Don't know why this made me laugh. Maybe it was the faces they made or the fact that it looked like they were shaking off sparkles. :D

  • Das letzte Einhorn
    Das letzte Einhorn 1 year ago

    Sweeeet. Nice video 😍👍

  • Edgepotts01
    Edgepotts01 1 year ago

    In the title of this video, if you changed animas to girls, it would be so sexual

  • Rose Delaquay
    Rose Delaquay 1 year ago

    What is your camera please ?

  • Emilie Ardis
    Emilie Ardis 1 year ago

    an yet it takes me 10 mins to dry off xD

  • Serasia
    Serasia 1 year ago

    The hedgehog and pupster wupster were sweet, but I loved the rat. They're super sweet. I'm lucky that there are so many good and nice animals around to hang out with. <3

  • MobbVillain
    MobbVillain 1 year ago

    thats how ny rats milly rock

  • Jadyn Wolford
    Jadyn Wolford 1 year ago

    You should see how a horse shakes!

  • Rebecca Barnes
    Rebecca Barnes 1 year ago

    Have you ever ween a horse shake. That is a weird sight, I would love to see that slowed down.

  • Joshua Nzeyi
    Joshua Nzeyi 1 year ago

    I'm confused on the numbers, The hedge hog had 22 shakes per second, and the mouse had 15.2 shakes per second, and the dog had 5.37 shakes per sec. Wouldn't this mean that the hedge hog had more shakes per second than all other animals? Did they get the numbers wrong, or am I interpreting it all wrong. -Thanks

  • Laynie Fingers
    Laynie Fingers 1 year ago

    Great video, but I have a request: please pay attention to your audio levels when adding your music. The voices' audio levels were very low, so I had to turn my volume up. But I'm wearing headphones, and when the music kicked in I almost went deaf, and I startled horribly. I turned the volume back down, but then couldn't hear the voices! It was a back and forth process, and had I not been thoroughly enjoying the video I would have clicked away to something else.

  • ambski
    ambski 1 year ago

    Those puppy lips <3

  • WheatThinPretzel
    WheatThinPretzel 1 year ago


  • ultimatesimpsonsfan

    you should have done a female stripper at the end.

    • MadNut321
      MadNut321 1 year ago

      +RoseOfTheNight4444 Depends on the person itself. I'm a kinky piece of shit so...

    • RoseOfTheNight4444
      RoseOfTheNight4444 1 year ago

      +MadNut321 I suppose I cannot argue with those who actually want to be in that profession, I mean, a dream job is a dream job, but surely they could do anything else. Despite lack of jobs, there are an endless amount of choices in this day and age. I know that I would rather be unemployed if that were the last job on Earth but that's just me.

    • MadNut321
      MadNut321 1 year ago

      +RoseOfTheNight4444 If you look at it like that, it is pretty disrespectful. Although there is a few that enjoy their jobs. But not many, that's true

    • RoseOfTheNight4444
      RoseOfTheNight4444 1 year ago

      +MadNut321 I am. And it's demeaning towards themselves. Assuming you live in America, our friggin country has no jobs but the only jobs people can or will only get are the crappy ones. I still am baffled how we have jobs in the first place if we are so jobless.

    • MadNut321
      MadNut321 1 year ago

      +RoseOfTheNight4444 What's wrong? It's just a skimpy-dressed female human being. Unless you're a heterosexual girl...

  • Junkrat! At the Spawn Point

    The rat was magestic

  • Simon Berg
    Simon Berg 1 year ago

    Would it be plagiarism if I rotoscoped a couple of seconds from your videos?

    • Simon Berg
      Simon Berg 1 year ago

      +Simon Berg And by that i mean: painting over them :)

  • chiwawa9000 !
    chiwawa9000 ! 1 year ago

    the shake when they get "wet"

  • timothy lanfranco
    timothy lanfranco 1 year ago

    5 mins into netflix and she gives you this face

  • Sakina Haji
    Sakina Haji 1 year ago

    So cute

  • American Roads
    American Roads 1 year ago

    Try a cat. It won't shake at all. Instead, it will bolt away from the scene at speed of light.

  • Abbie Graybell
    Abbie Graybell 1 year ago

    c: PAWS (Pause) at 3:45

  • Abbie Graybell
    Abbie Graybell 1 year ago

    HAHAHAHA! So funny

  • - CanadianBacon -
    - CanadianBacon - 1 year ago

    More dog slow mo https://youtube/0UUDSYn8DqM

  • Onion boi
    Onion boi 1 year ago

    Anyone else here from buzzfeed?

  • AdrianRock
    AdrianRock 1 year ago

    That music though

  • Marissa Lena
    Marissa Lena 1 year ago

    how did I get here

  • TheNachoKat
    TheNachoKat 1 year ago

    How the hell was the human one fair? Every other animal used their natural hair, why were the humans the only ones to fake it with a stupid wig?
    Yes, humans would still be poor shakers, but why couldn't we see the shaking done naturally at least?

  • Ashley Blake
    Ashley Blake 1 year ago

    This was great I think you should do a video of a dog and cat and any other animal eating food.

  • wolfpackflt670
    wolfpackflt670 1 year ago

    I wanted to see a bear shake

  • thanath0ss
    thanath0ss 1 year ago

    You should also try a metal head at full speed headbanging.

  • Tianna Monroe
    Tianna Monroe 1 year ago

    Cocoa is too adorable <3

  • Gilber Gunther
    Gilber Gunther 1 year ago

    Why is there such creepy music playing

  • G L A X A Y
    G L A X A Y 1 year ago

    the rat was like a model ♥-♥ so cute

  • Fuchs
    Fuchs 1 year ago

    that rat was fabulous! Its moves are hypnotizing.

    • Satanic Domain
      Satanic Domain 1 year ago

      it's anime with a religious order with that symbol, so now I know where it's from

    • Fuchs
      Fuchs 1 year ago

      +Satanic Domain It's the first coat of arms of Christian Hungary. What is arslan?

    • Satanic Domain
      Satanic Domain 1 year ago

      +VeritasUlv is that symbol from arslan?

  • shock shockkilla
    shock shockkilla 1 year ago

    if I can use this video slow motion for my a music video..

  • nicole calderon
    nicole calderon 1 year ago

    I literally started off by watching Taylor swift u belong with me , how did I get here?😂

  • Mia Montilli
    Mia Montilli 1 year ago

    Some of the music was creepy but it was cool seeing animals shake in slow motion

  • Yisselis Torres
    Yisselis Torres 2 years ago

    You need to do a hamster

  • TheMidnadarkness
    TheMidnadarkness 2 years ago

    labs are angels

  • Isabella Raymond
    Isabella Raymond 2 years ago


  • SaphiraTessa
    SaphiraTessa 2 years ago

    hey. i love these video's. but this is the 3rd video i see today and i cant help but being bothered about the fact that the music(fragments) are a lot louder than the voices. meaning: i have to take the volume up when they talk and have to take it down when there is music going on. verry annoying...

    • SaphiraTessa
      SaphiraTessa 2 years ago

      +SaphiraTessa and omg that rat is soooo cute!

  • Reini Kawa
    Reini Kawa 2 years ago

    God gave us effort :(

  • Brant Martin
    Brant Martin 2 years ago

    The dog's face is just hilarious.

  • Frozen Deity
    Frozen Deity 2 years ago

    Such a cute rat!

    • Fundipz 5000
      Fundipz 5000 1 year ago

      it's Reepicheep from the Narnia books and movies

    • Ashley Blake
      Ashley Blake 1 year ago

      +Rosequartz M. I know right sooooo cute!!!

  • Devin Smith
    Devin Smith 2 years ago

    4:02 hahaha

  • rayman1113
    rayman1113 2 years ago

    YouTube: Particles?! AHHHH COMPRESS!!! COMPRESS!!!! D-;)

  • LJY08
    LJY08 2 years ago

    Big surprise that dogs get rid of 70% of the water on their body when they shake....I KNOW! I'm usually wearing most of it after a bath! :-)

  • Eduardo Coutinho
    Eduardo Coutinho 2 years ago

    Gostei muito

  • D0ZEoff
    D0ZEoff 2 years ago

    I just dug through every single comment trying to see if you answered what music/who the artist behind the music in this is and there wasn't a single answer. I dont even see any mention in the video or the video description, and I'm sorry for asking a question multiple people have asked, but.. for real, it's really good and goes so well, who did those songs and where could we buy them?

    • D0ZEoff
      D0ZEoff 2 years ago

      Thank you so much!! Sorry for the trouble, I really do appreciate this though

    • BBC Earth Unplugged
      BBC Earth Unplugged 2 years ago

      All the tracks used in the video are part of Audionetwork. The names of the tracks are (in order of appearance): 'Cloud Rise', 'Celestial Sphere' and 'Siberian Sunrise'. Some tracks appear at different points in the video. Hope this helps!

  • smashingpumpernickels

    that rat was adorable, look at her little foots :3

  • ibswimdude54
    ibswimdude54 2 years ago

    im gonna shake shake shake shake shake shake…. shake it off

  • tony  l
    tony l 2 years ago

    How does that not snap the cells in their brain ?

  • Emily Harris
    Emily Harris 2 years ago

    Why dont they get dizzy after doing this?

  • HD GamingGod
    HD GamingGod 2 years ago

    Dude that music would make a dog kill it's self.

  • Calum MacIntyre
    Calum MacIntyre 2 years ago

    What was the music for the mouse clip?

  • TheFriedBacon _
    TheFriedBacon _ 2 years ago

    The rat or mouse shakes gracefully than I thought :0

  • veidalowee
    veidalowee 2 years ago

    I didn't realize that rats are that cute

  • Chelsea Lewis
    Chelsea Lewis 2 years ago

    The dog's face <3 haha.

  • Vegas_Born88 Who knows

    Its a rat not a mouse...

  • HaHaHappyXD
    HaHaHappyXD 2 years ago

    Where's the cat?? Cat is so fluffy. Why didn't u test it!? I came here to see cat.

    • Itsme Iamhere
      Itsme Iamhere 2 years ago

      Guessing the cat would just freak out too much because of the water

  • Supslowrobot Productions

    Song Title Please!

  • Прогрессор Петрович

    Man that rat was...FABULOUS!

  • Crystal Lindsey
    Crystal Lindsey 2 years ago

    What's the camera that was used?

  • Benjamin Kallestein
    Benjamin Kallestein 2 years ago

    I'd like to know who made the music for this! :D

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