'I’m Breaking Beauty Norms' Official Sneak Peek | True Life | MTV

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  • La Love
    La Love 3 days ago

    She's ugly

  • Livelifelaugh
    Livelifelaugh 3 days ago

    The guy with vitiligo is very handsome!
    The bearded lady however.. as a woman myself I never understand why some women just quit shaving as it takes up too much time? It's just a few minutes a day! Sorry but I don't think it's a pretty look as a woman to have a beard or hairy armpits..

  • Paul Otto
    Paul Otto 3 days ago

    Both of these people are deeply brace and can teach us a lesson onhow to love ourselves

  • Ashland Johnson
    Ashland Johnson 4 days ago

    The guy is hot asf

  • La Santa Muerte
    La Santa Muerte 4 days ago

    The man is hella fine. As for the women hell no.

  • Krystle Lewis
    Krystle Lewis 5 days ago

    He is fine af

  • SatanicWolfLuna
    SatanicWolfLuna 8 days ago

    The guy with the skin problem is diferent than the girl with e beard she could just shave it he can't realy do anything to hide his skin

  • Joshua Garibay
    Joshua Garibay 9 days ago

    wtf the girl can fucken shave that shit off

  • Milly Blu
    Milly Blu 9 days ago

    he fine asf

  • Ryan Meinecke
    Ryan Meinecke 10 days ago

    She can grow a beard better than me

  • zbluepirate
    zbluepirate 11 days ago

    can I have Curtis number?

  • Snazzy Slav
    Snazzy Slav 11 days ago

    Just like in the old country, who wants to go bowling instead?

  • FooLMe Slick'Em
    FooLMe Slick'Em 11 days ago

    He(Curtis) is very attractive, what don't they see that I do.

  • Lilia Heinemann
    Lilia Heinemann 12 days ago

    first of all.. Curtis is fine as hell.. whose bullying him like what? He's too cute for that.

  • Barbie Mae
    Barbie Mae 12 days ago

    Curtis fine asl

  • shebeonit letsbhonest


  • Juice Mane
    Juice Mane 13 days ago

    Ya hating on bearded lady for nothing!!!

    • SatanicWolfLuna
      SatanicWolfLuna 8 days ago

      have you read any other comments here no one is hateing on the guy because he can't change but people are hateing on the girl because she could just buy a razor and shave she has a choice he doesn't

  • mxsfitvic
    mxsfitvic 14 days ago

    Ayye curt made it

  • Andy Griffiths
    Andy Griffiths 15 days ago

    That isn't breaking beauty norms that's breaking mirrors! Shave it off you f@ck1ng swamp donkey!

  • brunacinotti
    brunacinotti 15 days ago

    That woman is an idiot. Just buy a freaking razor blade. The man is fine, though.

    • SatanicWolfLuna
      SatanicWolfLuna 8 days ago

      Silvia Foxworth my boyfriend shaves almost every day there's no excuse for looking like that

    • A. Z.
      A. Z. 13 days ago

      Lol u didnt disprove anything, only reason im not willing to debate with you is because you're preaching crap. science can prove everything i claim, because i only claim things that have been proven.
      1: the lady is fat, do u want me to tell u what risks being fat has or am i brainwashed by society for calling fat people unhealty.
      2: Science has proven that having nice teeths shows that you're healty, same goes for woman having whide hips shows you ability to give birth and muscular man is good for providing for a family.
      Our technology has growen with more pace than our dna so our state of mind hasnt evolved fast enough.

      So maybe use proven facts to back up your opinion instead of preaching the same bullshit first-world feminists do.

      AND you're fat and ugly, u dont even have an facebook picture, and u only got 27 friends (people dont even want to be internet'friends' with your ugly ass)?!?!?! lololol , nobody invites you to anything because nobody cares about you. stop being a stuck up bitch

    • Ashley Aka-Mensah
      Ashley Aka-Mensah 13 days ago

      A. Z. You could not be more wrong about me. I was simply trying to disprove your initial point which I thought I did quite well based on this response. Your nothing but a pathetic keyboard warrior. Your fitness is probably none existent. The only weight you have ever lifted in your life is your inflated ego. Now have a good day you repellent human. This debate has ended

    • A. Z.
      A. Z. 13 days ago

      Hahahahahha the ugly fat feminist shows her true nature, please hang yourself or cut your wrists because the world doesnt need an other 'oppressed' female yelling rape. just off yourself nobody needs u (oke maybe the other whale feminists)

  • jer1230
    jer1230 15 days ago

    curtis is good looking. when i was in elementary school this kid had vitaligo and he was still cute too... it was on half of his face.. i dunno, i think it's hot.

    • Mrs. Morbid
      Mrs. Morbid 12 days ago

      jer1230 it's like super cute reverse intense freckles

    SANTA CLAUS 15 days ago

    Bearded lady freak show

  • Crystal Walker
    Crystal Walker 15 days ago

    He's cute but she could just get rid of that by being healthy, eating​ better. Would do her the world of good

  • Woof182
    Woof182 15 days ago

    Vitiligo doesn't reflect bad genetics or poor health, it is natural therefore it isn't unattractive to other humans, and I haven't talked to anyone who thinks it isn't beautiful. So that's not "breaking beauty norms", it's actually a unique beauty. Hell, there was even a model on ANTM who had it.

    • La Love
      La Love 3 days ago

      Silvia Foxworth It is idiot

    • Woof182
      Woof182 15 days ago

      I say it's natural because it is a rare genetic trait, same with hair color being a trait, not to be confused with genetic disorder, such as albinism.

    • Silvia Foxworth
      Silvia Foxworth 15 days ago

      it isn't natural.

  • PC
    PC 15 days ago

    Curtis is amazingly sexy.

  • samarztk
    samarztk 15 days ago

    i fucking hate my generation so much

    • Woof182
      Woof182 15 days ago

      Lol chill out twas a joke bro. Seriously though, every new generation is labeled "the worst", just look how the 70s were absorbed by old people, now those youths are freaking out about us. Consider how "bad" things will be 30 years from now. We will always be batshit about something, that has always been and will always be. Much love to ya, fellow demon child.

    • samarztk
      samarztk 15 days ago

      You're a fucking moron...go grow a beard

    • Woof182
      Woof182 15 days ago

      I know right? We should go back to burning witches at the stake and breaking our feet in half to look more feminine.

  • J Briggs
    J Briggs 15 days ago

    in grade 7 the first nipples I ever sucked were hairy. She had some little long hairs coming off her nipples. I was immature then and called her afro nips. If I could go back now I would accept her hairy nips :(

    • Lilia Heinemann
      Lilia Heinemann 12 days ago

      lol... J Briggs gets it

    • Cassie Cross
      Cassie Cross 12 days ago

      J Briggs i actually laughed out loud at this comment 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

    • A. Z.
      A. Z. 14 days ago

      Hahahaha afro nips

    • Dillanology
      Dillanology 15 days ago

      J Briggs 😂😂😂

  • YaBoYjB12
    YaBoYjB12 15 days ago

    its not like he chose to be like that shit loooks cool af doe

  • Ariana
    Ariana 15 days ago

    Curtis is fine tho

  • Baby BabyBaby
    Baby BabyBaby 15 days ago

    curtis sexy af

  • jay the hooper
    jay the hooper 15 days ago

    if her ass don't cut that shit off 😂😂

  • Florie Joseph
    Florie Joseph 15 days ago

    1:21 I'm being honest here...i really love people with those kind of skin special him his sexy and cute damn!

    • La Love
      La Love 3 days ago

      Gene Parmesan Yeah because pasty skin is sexy? Not only brown tanned skin

    • devworlddaily
      devworlddaily 15 days ago

      Gene Parmesan when you blatantly prove your racist mentality

    • Gene Parmesan
      Gene Parmesan 15 days ago

      Florie Joseph babe if you think that's sexy I'll rub shit all over my face right now.!

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