How To Fix a Dented Car

Today I show you how to fix a dented car. This simple trick will fix any car dent - no matter where it's located or how big it is - in seconds leaving your car looking brand new. This works on ALL cars. Accidentally damaged someones car? Don't have insurance? No problem - Simply follow the step by step instructions and all the dents will vanish into thin air - Best part is it's free! You won't have to pay a cent. You'll be amazed at just how easy it is.

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Know someone that's accidentally dented their car? Link them to this quick fix!

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Author HowToBasic ( ago)
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Author Jairna Harris ( ago)
0:00 : Okay
0:35: Jesus fucking christ!!

Author Julio Alfaro ( ago)
damn you 😅 I was looking for a legit video

Author AidanPlayz 78 ( ago)
Sounds like a drum recital

Author roxy chan ( ago)
0:38 no tenian que faltar los huevos :v

Author Omar Alejandro Bolaños Flores ( ago)
thats not howtobasic, now that is vandalism

Author Sophie ( ago)

Author András Sztankovszky ( ago)
HowToBasic are you a milionar?

Author Martin da Graca Rodrigues ( ago)
lol wtf

Author Mech Genji ( ago)

Author Henrique Oliveira ( ago)
Yeah, sounds pretty easy!

Author GamingRO ( ago)
4 years later HowToBasic's destroyed car ends up as a barn find in Forza Horizon 5. :))))

Author Xxgabriel gamingXx ( ago)

Author Romeo Baguio ( ago)
Your dad is going to be footed

Author Dale ( ago)
what a waste of money

Author buttbutterson mcbutt ( ago)
sir it looks like you crashed into Produce truck that. crashed into a tool truck.

Author harry pot ( ago)
can you do one now on fixing dented heads?

Author TheIrrevocableGamer ( ago)
for a second i thought that this is a normal video and suddenly he broke the glass and started his egg shooting

Author davide morabito ( ago)
me at beggining:
why it is normal?
me at the end:
okay :-)

Author RagingGamerz ( ago)
Thanks bro! keep up the good work :) :)

Author XØNIA ( ago)
I wonder how many eggs does he need for his videos 😂

Author Ari Giavroutas ( ago)
Nice car I wanna buy it for 0.00 XDXDXDXDXD😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😀😀🤣🤣🤣👍👍❤️❤️

Author animeandpizza ( ago)
I experienced an orgasm when he started throwing those eggs.

Author Sophia Sre ( ago)
I didn't follow the instructions correctly.. I ended up denting the car more.

Author Duy Trần ( ago)

Author Dorothy Janes ( ago)
your right thats how i fix my car now

Author Legado ZEPEDA 26 ( ago)
Ajajjajajajaja i love your videos!

Author Bendy The Dancing Demon ( ago)
Gta cops in a nutshell xD

Author CARO ( ago)
My car now looks like a lamborgini! thx

Author agustin rojas ( ago)
Alv el espejo delantero mas fuerte del mundo

Author TotallyNotAlex ( ago)
Instructions unclear...

I don't have a car.

Author PL4YeR NR89 ( ago)
Poor car😭

Author JokingAround ( ago)
I tried this,but,somehow,it got worse.Can somebody help?

Author Pistol Guy ( ago)
I think it would cost $9999999999 to repair

Author محمد الغانم ( ago)

Author Red Red ( ago)
What a crazy face, he destroyed the car.

Author Tyron Canda ( ago)
First time I thought like "finally he's doing something right"then the next scene starts "?!??!????!!?????"

Author PG Ki Vines /GamerBoy ( ago)
+HowToBasic Do you have Anger Issues?!!?!?!?

Author Flip Bloxian ( ago)
The real question is, how did you dent The car?

Author Victoria Ponce ( ago)
Always gatta be eggs xD lmfao

Author R3nz M4rt1n C. R1v3r4 ( ago)
wow look like u have fun smashing that car HowtoBasic hahaha.

Author Kellahelizabeth ( ago)
It sounds like death metal music 😂

Author Serina Lamosi ( ago)
...this is completely he opposite of the tittle. what on creature of mother nature humanty is this person?

Author Suki Lau Tze Xuan ( ago)
Rip your car

Author Doland Jay Tramp ( ago)
Is a hatchet required?
I don't own one.

Author Lucasrifer ( ago)
how are you so rich to be doing this stuff?

Author Yusuf Susanta ( ago)
when the eggs are cracking, its sounds like "something" a man do

Author Nodar Moskal ( ago)
Hey Vsauce. Michael Here. Why do we lke breaking things?

Author XxxsinfulsansxxX serves you bones ( ago)
this guy must be so rich because he buys cars just to destroy them while saying he's fixing it

Author Ryan Houser dan ( ago)
Don't waste the car! Sell it!

Author DumbPony Aka DemonDonkey ( ago)
Thanks now my car is working fine and dandy

Author clorax bleach ( ago)
I will try this

Author Emily Roush ( ago)
man:so you need this fixed?
man:okay that'll be $7665555556678898776!!!
howtobasic:nananaannaan aannananananannanananananaan
man:.....😫😱😰I'm sorry!!!!NOOOO NOT MY CAR!!!!
me:don't tell howtobasic what to do!

sorry if this is awfulXD

Author Gabriel Drost ( ago)
thanks! now my car looks good as new!

Author Zorrio ( ago)
Why not

Author Alda Duka ( ago)
Why is he so obsessed with eggs LMAO he is so funny

Author Scorp YiO ( ago)
how to get free money???

Author man cool ( ago)
ow wow

Author Mr Cat ( ago)

Author Miłosz MK ( ago)

Author RN DUBS ( ago)
mother fucker stop wasting food

Author Linnea Borrud ( ago)
Kids in Africa could have eaten that car

Author NinJacquiChan 1 ( ago)
Kids in Africa could have eaten that car!

Author Schindlers Pisse ( ago)
lol this guy is just a million away from the diamond play button lol

Author Mikail Arda Denizli ( ago)
car tıp ,

Author السيد العجمي ( ago)
انت يبيلك شيخ يقرا عليك

Author Mayuresh 25 ( ago)
at first I think
First time he is doing something nice
He is Stupid

Instructions not clear, why the hell did I get a monster truck?

Author Mr Cat ( ago)

Author netzerish ( ago)
if you only listen to audio i swear this is the best drum solo you will ever hear

Author Dino Productions ( ago)
What's the music in the beginning?

Author lego man ( ago)
why do you have to use eggs in every vid?

Author Crimson ( ago)
dads be like heres your first car son I put a lot of work into it.

Author Mya Ann ( ago)
I actually need a car...if anyone...

Author FaZe Mystery ( ago)
i thought it was actually going to be a normal video until

Author Michael Greeb ( ago)
Next video: How to fix a sports car

Author The Amazing Metalhead ( ago)
instructions unclear

i built a house

Author The Amazing Metalhead ( ago)
instructions unclear

i built a house

Author iBurger .SE8 ( ago)
Good car men

Author Pistol Guy ( ago)
It would really help if you didn't destroyed it

Author lexi creviston ( ago)
i feel like he gets so much of his anger out with all these lovely videos

Author CYANMATTHEW ( ago)
andrew huang could make a song out of this video

Author Kenny Kenny ( ago)
RIP car

Author The Podolski Crew ( ago)
He should sign it and give the car away

Author Computer Mouse ( ago)
Oh come on you were doing so good!!!!!!!! Like if you agree

Author DeadVolt ( ago)

Author CatLover662 ( ago)
there goes 1000 dollars

Author Samuel Mooney ( ago)
reminds me of the matromX 😶😶😶😶

Author Patrick Wyen ( ago)
I wonder how long it takes him to clean all this up

Author K. Smith ( ago)
The egg lovers dream car

Author sans skeleton ( ago)
it doesn't work

Author Sofia Kelly ( ago)
I feel bad for all the DIY dads :(

Author Boss GPG ( ago)
ppl spent time building a car

Author Efe KIZIK ( ago)

Author Golden 101 ( ago)
eggs, there awlays the anwser

Author Миша Киндяков ( ago)
Дибил блять

Author Melli Reym ( ago)
Только на этом видео поняла что человек реально занимается любимым делом, а не просто херачит все подряд.

Author Gaming Richi ( ago)
WTF the car is broken

Author Mark Perryman ( ago)
"Hang on mate the car you want is round the back, This is my car........."

Author lol_gamez150 ( ago)
the things people do for views O_O

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