How To Fix a Dented Car

Today I show you how to fix a dented car. This simple trick will fix any car dent - no matter where it's located or how big it is - in seconds leaving your car looking brand new. This works on ALL cars. Accidentally damaged someones car? Don't have insurance? No problem - Simply follow the step by step instructions and all the dents will vanish into thin air - Best part is it's free! You won't have to pay a cent. You'll be amazed at just how easy it is.

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Author HowToBasic ( ago)
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Author Jariya Ngo ( ago)

Author Darren Basila ( ago)
This video is further proof that how2basic does this shit for fun.

Author Tais Thaulov ( ago)

Author Jopskin ( ago)
bet you could sell it on cragislist

Author KOKO MLG parrot ( ago)
i did it!!! but wait... how do i get in?

Author kawaiirobin 9 ( ago)
Children in Africa could've eaten that car... you cruel person...

Author Minecraft Animation'sHQ ( ago)
Hello aaron jackson

Author Kaelyn Walker ( ago)
He fixes things SO well!

Author Rubeb ( ago)

Author Ariana flores ( ago)
this guy has major problems !!!!

Author Zysoth ( ago)
This screams Infant Annihilator
The eggs.

Author Megan McCray ( ago)
I was wondering where the milk was in the last three videos then I saw it and was like "THE MILK!"

Author colleen hickmott ( ago)
Yo dude me and my friends from school watch this and we all love it

Author dewkdogg ( ago)
when u fixin her car and she say she got a boyfriend

Author ᄋᄋᄋ ( ago)
you are very rich

Author xNecr89x rodrigues ( ago)
you is one zillionarie?

Author Audrey Tallsalt ( ago)
I use your vid on my moms car I was grounded for a week

Author Smeezy ( ago)
I bet he dented it with the exact hammer he dented it with

Author Lord helix ( ago)
its sounds like a drum

Author ooboylel ( ago)
This video is fucking perfect

Author Jon Jon ( ago)
I fixed my mom's car.she gonna be proud😇

Author TheNootNootGirl ( ago)
Great way to get revenge on an ex...

Author Gr8er than u m8 ( ago)
0:55 "here's johnny"

Author primo trunks ( ago)
is dead... you Funcking the car kkkkkkkkkkk I like

Author Jessica Salazar ( ago)

Author kalj ( ago)
Have someone actually investigate the people howtobasic ever make an interaction to and questioned them how he look blabla such.. lol

Author Savvy The Savage ( ago)
0:30 me: Is this a howtobasic video? Is he no longer insane?
0:35 Me: never mind this is a howtobasic video.

Author ilikepizza ( ago)
for the first 34 seconds i was like is he actually going to fix it lmao 💀

Author adagonjin ( ago)
Thank you so much! This did not only fix the dent but now my car goes faster than a Formula 1! Great tutorial 12198767/10 "would watch again"

Author MegaLuxray 101 ( ago)
rip car

Author juicypear1771 ( ago)
When u don't need an old car.......

Author Freddy Fazbear ( ago)
how to basic you spanichs ??????

Author Mr sayin god ( ago)
What if u hit a gas tank to hard and explode

Author Deem Daniel ( ago)
good luck cleaning xd

Author Plaintech 124 ( ago)
how to basic FUCK YOU

Author Nóng Hổi ( ago)
You kill many chicken

Author Lola Longbottom ( ago)
as someone who just failed their driving test...

Author Ino Torres ( ago)
instructions are unclear. My car looks brand new

Author Holay OP ( ago)

Author Hezkia Rompas ( ago)
Erm... i need to axe you a question. Where did you get those eggs?, if you would tell me that would be eggcelent. Also i think your videos are punny and wanderfull. That was not auto correct that was pure puns, was that cars windows made out of plastic or something? Bruce lee would be proud of ya.Ok i will stop now

Author Box ( ago)
This video should be named "How to dent a fixed car" 😂😂😂

Author JDMasDRIFT ( ago)
egg missile

Author Skull Crusher115 ( ago)
i knew it XD

Author Rico Borlasa ( ago)

Author Marisen Odasan ( ago)
Am i the only one who is interested on the sounds?

Author Ryderzeespider ( ago)
How fuckin rich are you!

Author GD Jacob 578 ( ago)
when hes pouring the milk into the car he sounds like hes having an orgasm

Author Yuli Agus Prahmana ( ago)
i hate this video

Author Felipe Cardoso ( ago)
you are crazy man

Author Suk Dufai ( ago)
That was a sick drum solo

Author Game Mations ( ago)
This is shitty

Author lordernie1231 nightmare ( ago)
it was so nice untill..... well u know

Author Nathin Thompson ( ago)
what did you do to your car!

Author TheNachoNinja FTW ( ago)
phfft who needs a mechanic

Author Tris Sprinkle ( ago)
80% of the comments are "kids in Africa could've eaten that car"

Author Pastagast ( ago)
Thanks it helped me a ton!

Author Monster 80 ( ago)

Author canal da zuera ( ago)
hahahahau omg

Author RBLX_Production Video's ( ago)
Son:Learning :D
Son: :D

Author Captain Pantoufle ( ago)

Author Bombdiffuser 87 ( ago)
What is your asession with eggs

Author TheWhiteFox ( ago)
Best musical band ever..

Author bendy and jesse! ( ago)
how did he even dent his car in the first place?

Author GamingNinja 55 ( ago)

Author TheProDabster 865 ( ago)
Has Howtobasic been drunk driving !

Author Speedy ( ago)
Hey can you learn me how to get free nintendo switch? XD like if you agree

Author XxCES GAMEPLAYSxX ( ago)
Yo lo estaba aciendo pense que era verdad me quedé en el capó que hago

Author Johan Mallard ( ago)
ce mec est une tarée

Author Juju Smith-Schuster ( ago)
Normally I don't complain about destroying, but you just wanted scores of eggs so you can make money, and I can bet you aren't giving what those eggs cost back to starving people

Author Vision1914 ( ago)
Neighbors be like:WTF IS WRONG WITH THAT GUY

Author Mary- Flower ( ago)

Author Ricardo Maldonado ( ago)
dalas hace estas cosas?

Author Kalvin Mendoza ( ago)
at the axe part sounds like machine guns

Author Hatsune Miku ( ago)
R.I.P Car 2017-2017

Author The One and Only Mcwaggles ( ago)
He's living in dream man.

Author SynTheTicZ ( ago)
Whats the name of the song in the beginning?

Author Cookiejeffy -roblox ( ago)
Hate you

Author TV 가부토 ( ago)
Thank for fixing my Subaru BRZ!

Author Kreonit Show ( ago)

Author kybik rybik ( ago)

Author BEbros ( ago)
I did this to my car and it worked perfectly thank you SO much!

Author ExtuallyMusic ( ago)
The video does what is says! I did all the steps and my car is as good as new!

Author Shark Pole ( ago)
Unstructions inclear, lost my dog

Author Janice Claire ( ago)
HowToBasic... did you clean up all that mess around you

Author DĄrK Prïnc3s 7u7 ( ago)
serás papo Dalas 😂😂😂

Author jiha hassan ( ago)
Was the car okay?

Author Tyler Coffey ( ago)
Where do you get this money

Author AceBlade ( ago)

Author Patrock609 ( ago)
I love how you brought it to the junk yard with it full of milk still

Author 3.4.K films ( ago)
Wtf I thought this was like really going to show you how to fix a dented car!

Author Dorsa 1786 ( ago)
Noooo. Noooo. Y. DONT DESTROY IT.

Author WolfieluvverAJ ( ago)
I think I left my newborn baby in the car.


Author mr coolness ( ago)
and a car

Author mr coolness ( ago)
y u wastin food

Author Idk Idk ( ago)
If cars had lives, words cannot describe the pain they'd feel

Author Cra ( ago)
He probably spent more money on eggs than the car 😂

Author Josh Murray ( ago)
Finally a Real how to basic vid 5 seconds later.........oh no

Author Fernando De Queiroz ( ago)
whats is the name of this music

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