Rolls-Royce Meteor 27 litre V12 engine start

1920's style boat-tail speedster "Silver Meteor" show car built on a 1929 Cadillac chassis with own desing aluminum body

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Author Jim Maier ( ago)
I bet the tank was half empty after letting it run for 20 seconds ;-)

Author damny0utoobe ( ago)
This is Mr Burns' car.

Author HeavensGremlin ( ago)
That 'thing' is a candidate for the 'Worlds Ugliest Car'....!!!!

Author Teppo Einari ( ago)
ei jumalauta mikä vehje :D

Author J Ricard ( ago)

Author juan asanelli ( ago)
The start is impecable ,but drink more gasoline tha ta child coca cola

Author mutterschied ( ago)
Ugly. But in addition she's pretty ridiculous.

Author Joel Sadler ( ago)
Look how crappy it looks though

Author No Say ( ago)
In the UK it would cost nothing. pre 1973 car are tax free 

Author Colin Gantiglew ( ago)
Crikey! That noble beast would use twenty quid's worth of juice if you just
shook the keys at it!

Author Nitish Kurup ( ago)
Which should be good considering that it's a 27 litre V12, compared to some
new engines that aren't even half its size but only do 8mpg or even worse.
And that 10mpg can get even better if it is fitted with a proper full
exhaust system.

Author jcjean1306 ( ago)
10 miles per galon***

Author carl zoeller ( ago)
In Germany 6847€ Tax per Year !!!

Author DaviD96M ( ago)
Chuck Norris pirus xd

Author Conquistador19 ( ago)
This "car" was built in finland, and unfortunately it is just an engine on
wheels - It has no transmission whatsoever so it can't be driven.

Author biglift1 ( ago)
7 gallons of gas used for making this 35 second video LOL 

Author conablis1645 ( ago)
6 feet per tank of gas?

Author niels R ( ago)
per meter you mean?!

Author Joel Sadler ( ago)
Whoever thinks this is ugly... Google search 'Beauford' now they are really

Author Hensen1954 ( ago)
Sadly, the body style is not very good. It needs reworking by a better body

Author CarlChipSanders ( ago)
yea can't see this rolls royce getting me any positive attention

Author Stevie1993 ( ago)
fascinating isnt it? its called an automobile

Author mummyjohn ( ago)
Damn, that is one fine vehicle. Would love to own this.

Author Morgan Bellas ( ago)
faggot comment + lol

Author High_rev_16v ( ago)
@Vwsambavan lol thats more american v8 more like 1 gallon on the freeway
and 0 on the city

Author Erling Andreassen ( ago)
Of course you can't have it street legal with that engine, or?: )

Author swedoza ( ago)
Cadillac´s are known for their comfort.. 

Author Vlad Romanov ( ago)
0:00 is this Elmo's car?

Author William Fallecker ( ago)
looks like watever it is its cool as hell

Author AnotherDay ( ago)
@1700iDiGuy 1300hp on ground and 1800hp at 10000 feet :)

Author ShopSongs ( ago)
prob cheaper to buy a bugatti veyron per year than to insure that 

Author E30Tomas ( ago)
0:05 Full Tank - 0:29 Out of petrol 

Author jospi2 ( ago)
@ballsbane Spitfire = RR Merlin engine, Tank = RR Meteor engine, a detuned
RR Merlin engine, do you get it?

Author Yolo Kongen ( ago)
@1700iDiGuy nah, it's detuned, it's about 700 bhp

Author Yolo Kongen ( ago)
@jospi2 when did the spitfire become a tank?

Author Diddleshot ( ago)
Nice, some painted flames on that thing and it would look badass as ever.

Author 1700iDiGuy ( ago)
@creamyfilling102 about 1000BHP approximattely, when theey were
supercharged in the spitfires, they were more closer to 2000bhp i

Author nuke mecca ( ago)
27 liter????? so what does it make about 200 horsepower? lol the good ol

Author John Wheat ( ago)
Sounds good but the video doessn't show the car well. It looks prety
average... :-/

Author eggboy1987 ( ago)
Don't get me wrong yeah? this thing's AWSOME... it just looks funny. Like a
toilet seat behind a huge coffin on a frame with fenders.... ohhh and the
wheels compared to the size of the engine is like a shopping's cart
wheels... definitely fatter tires needed! :)

Author goPlay ( ago)
I think it could use wider tires.

Author InnerSpaceTravel1 ( ago)
@jospi2 Way cool. I saw a tank-engined car at the Bonneville Salt Flats in
the late 1980's. 

Author soefrie87 ( ago)
started with compressed air? sounds like....

Author jospi2 ( ago)
@InnerSpaceTravel1 No, it's from a tank. It is a detuned Spitfire engine. 

Author InnerSpaceTravel1 ( ago)
Spitfire powered car? Cool !

Author taunusstyle ( ago)
jumankauta onko suomessaki rakennettu tällasia

Author sacr3 ( ago)
What we didn't see is him running it for 1 minute longer and running out of
gas. This thing probably consumes gas faster than a fat woman does cake.

Author Rob187ok ( ago)
I think you need fatter tires on that. 

Author Leonard Eckmich ( ago)
thats nothing compared to bmw brutus

Author ash i ( ago)
WWI Hybrid 

Author clonepaste ( ago)
@mikethenascarfan 1gl./min.@idle

Author jason white ( ago)
why the hell would you build some ugly shit like that

Author Cody Deyarmin ( ago)
that is the sexiest thing ever 

Author baileys60 ( ago)
@xXCREEKSTARXx the only thing that will be pulled in that is the guys dick
who is driving...

Author xXCREEKSTARXx ( ago)
@baileys60 who cares? :D with proper tuning he has more power to pull
things then any other street car... if you dont think about Trucks and

Author Infinitrium ( ago)
Man, that thing sounds like a tank! Oh, wait...:)

Author Wickedwonka121 ( ago)
The style is so ugly. How many horses in that ugly POS?

Author Jacksonkellyfreak ( ago)
27 liters? whats the redline? 1200?

Author TheDDAnderson ( ago)
Coffin? its a ROLLS ROYSE! of course it looks like a coffin!

Author Abe Lincoln ( ago)
27 liter or 2.7 liter?

Author baileys60 ( ago)
27 ltr v12 out performed by a 1.1 1998 fiat punto

Author askell711 ( ago)
looks like kitti kitti bang bang, he he :-)

Author Torvikholm ( ago)
the wheels are a bit small...

Author Prentiss Thomas ( ago)
That would piss all over my Fezza!

Author Swolbraham Lincoln ( ago)
fucking shit is so amazing

Author Xantec ( ago)
@kirinlager49 but who cares when you can overtake everyone whilst on little
more than tick over!!!! 

Author kirinlager49 ( ago)
thats fucking ugly!

Author Twinkle Louise ( ago)
10 gallons per mile lol

Author cw147 ( ago)
do a burnout!

Author SkrrT MasterZ Gathering ( ago)
1/2 mile to a gallon, now thats beast!!!

Author brownscirocco ( ago)
@kevrs2 totally agree

Author Liam Wedlake ( ago)
That doesnt look like a boat tail at all.......

Author felixchaus ( ago)
@OlperKeleman Toisessa videossa oli että vaihdelaatikko ja perä ei kestä
650 heppaisen koneen tehoja joten auto on vain koneen esittely "lavetti".
Suuri sääli sinänsä olisi hurja nähdä laite kiihdyttämässä moottoritielle

Author TheKevinChannel1 ( ago)
I head this gets wonderful MPG's lol

Author MegaZsolti ( ago)
make the wheels bigger

Author Long Red ( ago)
Sounds like Mr Bean at the start

Author Mrnumbnut ( ago)
All that lovely engineering to create the ugliest car I have ever seen.
Both Rolls and Royce would turn in their graves. Still .... the owner looks
happy , perhaps we should get him some new specs?

Author theAngelofhevn ( ago)
haha try to go 80mph with that... atlast i think it colapses

Author LarsBed ( ago)
That's the kind of car you put in your will to be buried sitting in.

Author Future Mech ( ago)
@ododargo true enough

Author button moon ( ago)
@TheNineveh yea not a lot of bhp but torque in bucket loads lol

Author Dragon Butt (ThatsNoMoon) ( ago)
80% of the car's weight is in that engine. Silver meteor is right, what's
stopping full force from top speed like? 

Author Future Mech ( ago)
not that much horse power out of those old engines, compared to a modern

Author MrKillswitch88 ( ago)
If you are going to die on the road die in style. :) 

Author Matt Gobillot ( ago)
Damn this car is killer. It looks like a Train Engine. Its just totally

Author The5chwarrz ( ago)
@garrett6699 more like 2gpm

Author Towel1e ( ago)
Saako tolla ajaa yleisillä teillä?

Author Schlipperschlopper ( ago)
Pu that into my gocart!

Author Renato Donadio ( ago)
That's the "Louder Ghost" :-D

Author Sidney Smith ( ago)
koko helvetin auto heiluu ku lyyää vehkeet tulille :D

Author k9forkids ( ago)
he has a extra 5 gal fuel tank straped because with 27 litre displacement
you van even drive around the block without running out of gas. This thing
is really weird and cool

Author Olli Turunen ( ago)
Minusta vanhoilla autoilla tulee ajaa, koska vanhat autot tykkäävät että
niillä ajetaan.

Author Rattacool ( ago)
is it just me or does the fornt of that thing look like a coffin that just

Author Cartman22100 ( ago)

Author froksie ( ago)
27!? HOLY SH#T!

Author SH1974 ( ago)
Wooow, what a sound, what a look, what an awesome car! The seat looks as
comfortable as a couch. Gratulation to this wonderful piece of classicsl

Author BadAndUgly ( ago)
That's a monster!

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