Shaggy feat. Gary "Nesta" Pine - Fly High (New Video)

Shaggy - Fly High (New Video)
In Stores: 12.05.

Shaggy feat. Gary "Nesta" Pine Fly High
directed by Norman Hafezi

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Runtime: 3:30
Comments: 1387

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Author Hassan Tafes ( ago)

Author Robin Venegas ( ago)
vakanas las motos.....

Author Robin Venegas ( ago)
vakanas las motos.....

Author Kmii Riincon (762 years ago)

Author Felipe DS ( ago)
2016 ???

Author Nunzio Migliaccio ( ago)
I want to go back to being a child..

Author Shania Bucol ( ago)
i wana fly this lol and fuck

Author syed attaullah atta ( ago)
A Song of life time, no boring Song, amazing Shaggy.

Author Nicholas DiAntonio ( ago)
Love this song! Love most shaggy songs! 

Author Monikk9456 ( ago)
Kinder Maxi King :D

Author Elisa Cipriani ( ago)
Fly High baby :-) :-)

Author mostafa abdoahmed ( ago)

Author sage tyler ( ago)
I want to fly

Author Marwan Elsayed (1597 years ago)
I wanna fly with you baby and just leave the world all behind..

Author Jean Joseph Joel Pierre Fils ( ago)

Author MrChimp54 ( ago)
old good times...

Author serge st jean ( ago)
Très bon 

Author z music ( ago)
Shaggy feat. Gary "Nesta" Pine - Fly High (New Video)

Author ‫احمد المراسي‬‎ ( ago)
nice shaggy

Author Rodrigo Monsalve ( ago)

Author ALISSA WILSON ( ago)

Author Bheru Lal ( ago)

Author cinkos363 ( ago)
Ponad czasowe :-D

Author dagi naldo ( ago)

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Author gnelkejr ( ago)
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Author Mary Soares ( ago)

Author salman khallouf ( ago)

Author khalil Bahri ( ago)
Shaggy Is A Legend Big Up !

Author Danny-Martin Taylor ( ago)
Los Jameos Playa ;)

Author tommaso dellangelo ( ago)

Author mehran ne ( ago)
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Author Neville Swaby ( ago)

Author Serena Magnani ( ago)

Author Vinci V ( ago)

Author emily2001c ( ago)
Quei 403 cretini che hanno messo non mi piace non sanno che vuol dire bella

Author ‫عماد الدين هنري‬‎ ( ago)
#FLYHIGH #shaggy ft #nesta gray pine


Author franck benjamin ( ago)
Regardez cette vidéo sur YouTube :

Author javicruznegt ( ago)
So high so FLY good good

Author ibrahimovic ZLATAN ( ago)
ي ويل امها ي ولد :$

Author poppy lee barrie ( ago)

Author utado1 ( ago)
search "chemtrails" and spread the word to many people. you can copy and
paste the word to other videos or sites.

Author Tony Montana ( ago)

Author Arche Nova ( ago)
This is just about lust and sex and money. Haven't you learned anything
from Bob Marley?

Author HUN Molni ( ago)

Author bless yr heart ( ago)
and when you ride, rude boy no play... you tell em shaggy

Author Ana zezo ( ago)

Author rood rooy ( ago)
hani shagyy ölmüştü lan :(

Author HUN Molni ( ago)

Author julio hernandez ( ago)
this song make me optimistic about life!

Author Henrique Guimaraes ( ago)
Giras,boazonas,que ricas comidelas.BJS

Author Frank sequeira ( ago)

Author عاشقے الظلامے ( ago)

Author Ömer Özbey ( ago)
only yes

Author mohamed gaseer ( ago)
goog shaggy

Author gurkan gurkas ( ago)
pretty good song good to relax to oh fly high :)

Author Qatar293 ( ago)
i like this song on my top qatar

Author Killmastar ( ago)
pause the video, right click, stop download, DAMN, should be more to left!

Author the Anul ( ago)
Genialne ! :D

Author Simon Desira ( ago)

Author LukeBeerWalker ( ago)
dey sum badd azz bitches yo

Author pokezionzook ( ago)
In soviet Russia , top comment get you!

Author abo 7med ( ago)
I wanna fly with U Baby >>> It,s peace

Author Mozi111111 (37 years ago)
Slovenia FTW!

Author Jeff Mano ( ago)
we are all so damn curious !!!

Author Jeff Mano ( ago)
hahaha you're smart dude

Author BloodHunterSacred ( ago)
What about NO?

Author selim işleyen ( ago)

Author Håkon Stubø ( ago)
Shaggy is such an underrated artist!

Author Josiel correia silveira (792 years ago)

Author aldhaheri49783 ( ago)

Author Thebikers98 (1202 years ago)
I love this song 3

Author sorin marian ( ago)
i like the song !!! :P :P :P

Author Pedro Melo ( ago)
Fucking awesome That dude (i mean)

Author Pedro Melo ( ago)
Fucking awesome Thatcher dude

Author NILSON AZEVEDO ( ago)

Author Ana zezo ( ago)
جميله الاغنيه دى

Author cokemakesmecrazy ( ago)
how is that relevant to the song? :P

Author Mudassir Alnoor ( ago)
fly high with me 

Author Szymon Litkowski ( ago)
I wanna fly !!z

Author sorin marian ( ago)

Author bennour khalid ( ago)
yep i wanna fly high with u babe

Author Juliusz Cezar ( ago)
I wana fly with u babe :)

Author crc0310 ( ago)
i love this music .....jamaican the best musican in the world...pacific

Author hassan chizi ( ago)

Author turbominator ( ago)
oh in that case I don't know how you could get it :P

Author turbominator ( ago)
you can use youtube to mp3 converter

Author ntonio32 ( ago)

Author TheDimitrakis13 ( ago)
Η πιο γαματη προφορα που υπαρχει στον κοσμο

Author Geekmanu ( ago)
Brazil's life ♥

Author Håkon Stubø ( ago)
This reminds me of Pegasus World Hotel in Turkey. They played this song all
the time <3

Author nash7117 ( ago)
Fit woman

Author Ewela Kleban (1775 years ago)
oj, kolego, ty jesteś naprawdę HIGH :]

Author SuperMegasutta ( ago)
345 people don't like flying high with hot chicks, bikes and boats

Author Giovanni Tomiatti ( ago)
Joinha Dos Brasileiros!

Author Dadu Čakánková ( ago)
*massive satisfaction* :D

Author Repper ( ago)
try to like my comment with out holding shift

Author Amini Ceaser ( ago)
I like this i remember when i was working at Pagoda chinese with my
Daughter Farida Amini Ceaser.

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