Potty trained Ring-neck Dove

My sisters' crazy dove. She begged me to put this on YouTube

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Author varnonzero (3 years)
@AMuseSingWorld Then again, sometimes the females can be masculine. One of
my female pigeons does all the typical male vocalizations and behaviors,
but its a female.

Author TheNuclearMongoose (2 years)
dat dove's laugh is adorable

Author Kiba Hatred (2 years)
omg! my birds name is amigo xD

Author DOVEBOOK (1 year)
Got to love the encouragement given to the dove. :-)

Author darkturbo (5 years)

Author Nancy Hey (2 years)
Very smart little dove!

Author stealthtrucker (3 years)
doves are so smart she looks like she really loves you

Author MrElmomo1 (1 year)
is not a human

Author BrunetteBrood (1 year)
Awesome! I have three of those and it's good to know there potty trainable.

Author Bird Man (1 year)
you go poopoo like a big girl :D

Author TheNuclearMongoose (2 years)
@magnetchill vid

Author Boris Cybagooseuk (1 year)
Wow I never thought anyone could train a Dove to do that, next she will be
using toilet roll.

Author hetaliafanserviceplz (1 year)
I wish my ring neck was potty trained. Lol I love my ring neck so much (his
name is christopher) that I'm watching ring neck dove videos with him right
now ^.^ he's so puffy -3-

Author Sandy Mcdonald (5 years)
excellent. how did you train her to do that? my ring neck CoCo is precious,
but she does her business anywhere she feels like it. small price to pay
for the pleasure of her company, although it would be great to isolate her
poop to one area

Author Sterling Glissman (1 year)
Where did u get it?

Author mermaidamp (4 years)
My dad owned ring necked doves,but a cat broke into the cage and killed

Author Matthew Falls (3 years)
I trained my cockatiel to poop on command. Ever time I has him out if I
noticed it looked like he was going to go I would say no. It would startle
him into not pooping. I would then put him over the sink. I would then say
Pooop, Pooop, Pooop. He finally would stretch, ruffle and poop. He finally
would poop every time I said Pooop. I never thought you could do it... But
it DOES work. Birds are smart.

Author aDOVISproduction (5 years)
Aww!!!! lol I wish my doves would do that! lol VERY nice cage I must say!

Author magnetchill (2 years)
@TheNuclearMongoose pfft, he doesnt need a vid to prove that

Author LarkPash (5 years)
Lol. Funny. Though, I wouldn't considerate that trained. They naturally
poop before flying off. Mine will fly out their cage and the first thing
they do is poop a nice...LARGE bit. It's worse when they've not gone in a
while like when they are on a nest.

Author magnetchill (2 years)
@TheNuclearMongoose snowys laugh is better

Author RecurveLife (1 year)
Doves really r like little kids they love toys they play with them all day

Author leomil ago (3 years)
tht is so aswome!!!!!! how did you trained that dove like that?

Author varnonzero (4 years)
Is it *really* potty trained?

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