Gordon Ramsay's Top 5 SHUTDOWNS! | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • The Annoying Tourist

    #4 Michael's wife wanted to get boned by Ramsey

  • Sebastian Gonzalez
    Sebastian Gonzalez 1 hour ago

    the customers are fucking blabber mouths

  • baronvg
    baronvg 1 hour ago

    I thought this video was about restaurants that have SINCE shutdown since appearing on the show lol

  • Im A Bellend
    Im A Bellend 1 hour ago

    Give me an answer cos I'm shitting myself 😂

  • Rob Kills
    Rob Kills 2 hours ago

    looks like meat trowen in a pan lol

  • Saketh Balmoori
    Saketh Balmoori 2 hours ago

    "We are not worthy of continuing this service."

    But Ninooooo is!

  • Rose Gomez
    Rose Gomez 3 hours ago

    If I was his wife, I'd get him a ice cream cake for his birthday and write on top "IT'S FUCKING FROZEN"

  • Shadow Sweetheart
    Shadow Sweetheart 4 hours ago

    6:33 lol

  • Fidel Rivas
    Fidel Rivas 5 hours ago

    This list should include Oceana's and the one with the mold in the tomato sauce

  • FC The Rainbow Lorikeet

    We get it, you like to say look

  • TheSpoi
    TheSpoi 6 hours ago

    Dear lord this reminds me of a hotel i went to in yellowstone
    everything had no flavor and the meat was dry and the soup was sour tasting

  • PS1 Hagrid
    PS1 Hagrid 6 hours ago

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiits rottttttttttttteeeeeeeeeen

  • PS1 Hagrid
    PS1 Hagrid 6 hours ago

    looks like meat thrown in a pan

  • Tyler Dun
    Tyler Dun 6 hours ago

    ok but why does he always stick his hands in the dirty ass food and slimes in it lol

  • Dirk Oerlemans Oerlemans

    "It looks like meat thrown in a pan"😂

  • Dirk Oerlemans Oerlemans

    "It looks like meat thrown in a pan"😂

  • The Greek
    The Greek 7 hours ago


  • full metal
    full metal 9 hours ago

    my dick in a box 8:46

    • full metal
      full metal 9 hours ago

      either your a girl or gay to have clicked it

  • zouher helmi
    zouher helmi 9 hours ago

    Best chef ever

  • Doge McShibey
    Doge McShibey 9 hours ago

    Anyone else having food ads??

  • phoenix king
    phoenix king 9 hours ago


  • 2edgy4u
    2edgy4u 10 hours ago

    Number three almost made me vomit, Jesus Christ my dad works at my high school so I know some of the janitors and lunch lady's and our school cafeteria is kept more clean

  • Hobble Ganger
    Hobble Ganger 12 hours ago

    I love it when he goes back into the kitchen and roastes them like a rare steak.

  • Noelani TheBoss
    Noelani TheBoss 12 hours ago

    I'm so sad!!! I looked up mama rose and sadly she passed away! Rip Mama Rose 🌹

  • Silas Barnett
    Silas Barnett 14 hours ago

    I cringed irl at 12:42

  • Donkey
    Donkey 14 hours ago

    *Smell that!! That's fucking older than me!!!*

  • Lynne Baker
    Lynne Baker 14 hours ago

    I hope he washes his hands after touching theses things

  • Hannah Lael
    Hannah Lael 14 hours ago

    The last three shut downs I was literally gagging and dry heaving at how gross the "food" was.

  • cakehatzombie
    cakehatzombie 15 hours ago

    can i get the names so i can never go there
    to any of them

  • RandomOfSneakers
    RandomOfSneakers 15 hours ago

    11:10 Tellhim in your language, Mohammed, you'll kill somebody!

    I'm just taking everything the racist way, i know

  • DarkEmoNinja *
    DarkEmoNinja * 15 hours ago

    T H A T ' S Y O U R S A U C E D A R Y L

  • Right Wing Soldier
    Right Wing Soldier 15 hours ago

    What he should be more upset about is that travesty at 6:45. I mean come on what the fuck is that?

  • Topaz
    Topaz 15 hours ago

    i wonder how many gallons of sweat gordon has produced from screaming at people

  • Topaz
    Topaz 16 hours ago

    i see all these piece of shit comments that get thousands of likes, can i get 1,000 likes on this comment?

  • мя. ѕиιρєѕ
    мя. ѕиιρєѕ 16 hours ago

    Why tha hell do the fucking costumers act like Gordon only Gordon can be Gordon

  • Oliverleo2007
    Oliverleo2007 16 hours ago

    "It makes *_ME_* gag"
    Same here

  • Ichigo Kurosaki
    Ichigo Kurosaki 16 hours ago

    not all of these were shut down :l if you watch the full episodes it will show that some of these weren't shut down :/

    BOSTON FOUBERT 17 hours ago

    how in the actual FUCK are these restaurants still in business????

  • Solemneye22 2
    Solemneye22 2 17 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsey should shut number three down

  • derpy whale
    derpy whale 18 hours ago

    The fucking camera man is fucking watching the guy eat rotten tomato and he didn't stop him

  • Ed Kelly
    Ed Kelly 18 hours ago

    You know when you step in dog shit... but step in it a few more times and
    then pick a handfull up and squeeze it through your fingers and then
    smell it and taste some mouthfuls of it a few more times in case it
    wasn't really dog shit ?
    Then eat all the rest of it just to make sure it was real dog shit and not a rubber joke dog shit... Well it was like that.

    It all came from a here was a Rock Concert on the weekend and they pumped all the shit into the kitchen then went to get more ...But the cooks didn't know so they just warmed it up and served it anyway.
    I think it was to save money because the shit was only about 20 cents a
    pound, so that's a pretty good price for a school.

  • Sir Manny Alkemist
    Sir Manny Alkemist 19 hours ago

    10:14.... give me an answer because I'm shitting myself

  • Aaron Ray
    Aaron Ray 20 hours ago

    6:52 Its because the buisness is being run by total idiots. It doesnt take a guinius or proffessional chef to realise that its raw or that theirs dead animals. Anyone can do this just look around the dang kitchen.

  • 1fishmob
    1fishmob 20 hours ago

    While people losing their job is sad, since it's there lively hood, but anybody who says those kitchens, that food, and those conditions were acceptable should not even be ALLOWED near food other people are eating.

  • gary Morris
    gary Morris 21 hour ago

    dirty bastards!

  • Estefan Ballesteros
    Estefan Ballesteros 21 hour ago

    Do my school cafeteria, their fucking lasagna served in a Styrofoam cup is fucking stale as shit

  • Out Break
    Out Break 22 hours ago

    Gordan: Shut it down
    Me: FINALLY!

  • Kathy Nguyen
    Kathy Nguyen 23 hours ago

    Now what is going on in our favorite restaurants?

  • Edward Fang
    Edward Fang 23 hours ago

    I never knew he can just shutdown places like that, cool!

  • Bilbo Bagens
    Bilbo Bagens 23 hours ago

    To be honest if Gordon came to my house and wanted food I'd be scared for my life

  • NightOfTheLivingGamer
    NightOfTheLivingGamer 23 hours ago

    This world is gonna go to hell when Ramsay dies.

  • Infographicy GD
    Infographicy GD 1 day ago

    I still trust Wild Buffalo Wings

  • Janus Bananus
    Janus Bananus 1 day ago

    Number 3 was just horrifying...

  • Claire Vue
    Claire Vue 1 day ago

    Ok why does gordon Ramsay have to say bad wolds all the TIME

  • kevinbs05
    kevinbs05 1 day ago

    Why did I watch this before lunch?

  • RI 110100100
    RI 110100100 1 day ago

    the wife in #4 was ready to jump on Gordon 😂

  • Ianime MSP
    Ianime MSP 1 day ago


  • Rachel Kruse
    Rachel Kruse 1 day ago

    'She turns a blind ear' lol

  • ChrisWhite85
    ChrisWhite85 1 day ago

    "It's F*ckin Rotten you F*ckin Idiot... It's Roootttteeeennnnn" lol.

  • Proline Welding Ltd.

    if they dont wana throw out food take it home but why fuckin serve it if u won't even eat your own food

  • Kevin Reyes
    Kevin Reyes 1 day ago

    fuck *shit

  • Kevin Reyes
    Kevin Reyes 1 day ago

    XD "this shuts older than me"

  • Trashy Trash
    Trashy Trash 1 day ago

    What episodes are these????

  • Samantha O'Neill
    Samantha O'Neill 1 day ago

    I'm only on 3 and I am afraid to watch the rest of this disgusting stuff that shouldn't be served and the customers that he yelled at to stop eating should be thankful from half of this disgusting places that don't even know what they are doing which I don't even know how they get passed a health inspection. But to summarize this these restaurants somewhat deserve to be shut down.

  • ZecRec
    ZecRec 1 day ago

    random chinese dude: do you want little yorkie meat its a dog though

    gordon: fucking hell

    gordons son jake: nice

  • samuel Chavez
    samuel Chavez 1 day ago

    Yeah gordan isn't mean, he's just extremely passionate about what he does so obviously he's gonna get pissed when he finds out how bad these people are at their job

  • Angelina Norris
    Angelina Norris 1 day ago

    "she turns a blind ear"

  • Oliverleo2007
    Oliverleo2007 1 day ago

    No.1 made me gag

  • bphussxx
    bphussxx 1 day ago

    It's official. I need my own Pocket Ramsey to take with me to every Restaurant to test the food before I eat it.

  • paolo mestroni
    paolo mestroni 1 day ago


  • Fi stz
    Fi stz 1 day ago

    i feel bad for his children, left to rot, and cooked unproper.

  • Julian Smit
    Julian Smit 1 day ago

    I love how Ramsay says: Oh my gjod 😂😂😂

  • King Gio
    King Gio 1 day ago

    "madam if you're not happy with it I rather you didn't eat it" Gordon is such a sweetheart fuck you all who say otherwise

  • Joshua Joseph
    Joshua Joseph 1 day ago

    Number 3 was horrifying!

  • Zalerash
    Zalerash 1 day ago


  • Danny Hayes
    Danny Hayes 1 day ago

    Wait a second chaps, so the rotten tomato that Gordon finds, he starts arguing with the cooking people about whether it's been sliced and served and if so where it is, but the camera crew was videotaping the served tomato as this became a problem... this show is scripted

  • MyRealUsername
    MyRealUsername 1 day ago

    Number 5, that is my favorite episode!

  • TanglingFever32
    TanglingFever32 1 day ago

    Can Ramsay do Spaghetti House over Houston, TX? It's located downtown from Houston. And I really want to see this, because last time, not to long ago, my family didn't like the food it was raw and just in general fucking disgusting. And we commented to the waiter and told the chefs, I am not sure if they took the situation or not. Days later my wife started to throw up and we had to go to the hospital. My brother went with his wife for their anniversary. They also got sick but recovered quickly due to the fact, they are at the same bloody fucking resturant.

  • BlackOpsMaZter
    BlackOpsMaZter 1 day ago

    I love it when he says,"Now what is that?" "What's that?" It's hilarious! XD

  • Undyne
    Undyne 1 day ago

    Some of these owners need to be in jail. Unbelievable.

  • Undyne
    Undyne 1 day ago

    I love how the owners say it's not their fault, they own the place and are responsible for making sure things are done correctly. It's totally their fault. Smdh.

  • scruffy
    scruffy 1 day ago

    dude HOW can he stand touching this stuff? so gross!

  • Eggo Waffle
    Eggo Waffle 1 day ago

    Now when I go to eat at a restaurant I wonder... is my food like this?

  • bryson pifer
    bryson pifer 1 day ago

    Someone tell me how many times he said "fucking" XD

  • bryson pifer
    bryson pifer 1 day ago

    Cuts off to quick

  • creative name
    creative name 1 day ago

    "iiiiiits rotuuuuuuuuuuun mehamud!"

  • Mr Roboto310
    Mr Roboto310 1 day ago

    I swear most of the time the cooks or the head chef don't give a fuck about the food.They'll leave leftovers out for weeks,mix cooked food with raw.Just disgusting.

  • Jonathan Chan
    Jonathan Chan 1 day ago


  • OCHOA_077
    OCHOA_077 1 day ago

    # 3 was the nasties

  • Unicorn Queen
    Unicorn Queen 1 day ago

    one things Gordon has taught me is that do not store raw meat next to cooked meat.

  • Potato
    Potato 1 day ago

    How can people not understand basic management? Where's the goddamn logic?

  • YoungSinatraMixes

    I give Gordan some respect he touchs, smells and eats this crap.

  • Cade Sellers
    Cade Sellers 1 day ago

    On the first on she said that they turn a blind ear.

  • kurokuyo
    kurokuyo 1 day ago

    I don't know about you, but calm Gordon is fuckin' terrifying

  • PikaKipzLikesGaming


  • John Dumpler
    John Dumpler 1 day ago

    12:19 Keef Give me something like a cup of Asian in here  WTF

  • matthew altig
    matthew altig 1 day ago

    If these idiots can't even get the basic food rule of Cross-Contamination and checking the expiration dates right, what makes you think they have what it takes to actually cook the fucking food?

  • s1Lence
    s1Lence 1 day ago


  • fever forever
    fever forever 1 day ago

    the cocroach one was a fucking livivng hell

  • Dinklepuffus
    Dinklepuffus 1 day ago

    Gordon roasted them so good it could sterilise that appalling food

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