Future - "Trap Niggas" (Official Music Video)

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  • mercy wanjiru mbugua

    trap house

  • corey price
    corey price 4 hours ago

    dear white white brought me here

  • Xasan Makaran
    Xasan Makaran 8 hours ago

    who else came from the dear white people show.

  • Demba Sow
    Demba Sow 9 hours ago

    Future Is on Fire

  • Samuel Wel
    Samuel Wel 22 hours ago


  • Momodou Jaiteh
    Momodou Jaiteh 23 hours ago

    Metro 💥

  • Shirley Rooney
    Shirley Rooney 23 hours ago

    00:41 2pac sippin sum on the couch 😂 #OpenYallEyes

  • Victor Padilla
    Victor Padilla 1 day ago

    This is a bad time show us the way and if u cant show us the way forgive us for being lost 💯💯💯💯💯

  • tay squad
    tay squad 1 day ago

    Love this

  • Cbreezzyy _16
    Cbreezzyy _16 1 day ago

    dis go hard like fr

  • Ps3user1234567890

    Futuro is pure hot garbage

  • chonega23
    chonega23 1 day ago

    This song is spiritual

  • hiki ralf
    hiki ralf 1 day ago

    i were listening to this wile am brushiing my teeth

  • Mr Awesome Juanito
    Mr Awesome Juanito 2 days ago

    God damn daruku!!!

  • The Scientist Jordan

    i make craz beats, (street beats, i have many different syles with the majority of them being original with no samples. Please subcribe to my channel and I'll subcribe back asap

    MARTIN MUUNDA 3 days ago

    21 was called man man savage🤣🤣😭

  • Dott King
    Dott King 3 days ago

    The definition of mumble rap

  • Damien Masters
    Damien Masters 3 days ago

    God bless all the trap niggas

  • kennita whitehead
    kennita whitehead 3 days ago

    When this song dropped during the house party on "Dear White People" I was blowed!

  • damrod666
    damrod666 3 days ago

    think we fuck iwt u once?

  • Nicholas Jay
    Nicholas Jay 4 days ago

    Lol 21

  • Marjorie Garbutt
    Marjorie Garbutt 4 days ago

    this song is rad

  • Cari Moody
    Cari Moody 4 days ago

    I love all of future music, big fan😍😍😍

  • slick dreams
    slick dreams 5 days ago

    this shit makes me relaxed and feels good when high

    ALI DAL 5 days ago

    It sounds like Future downloaded the beat off YouTube with all these DJ Esco tags!

  • Renee Farr
    Renee Farr 5 days ago

    I am RAF I went my jet back

  • Jamie Haug
    Jamie Haug 5 days ago

    love the song but it sucks you cant get it?

  • Francis Gordon
    Francis Gordon 6 days ago

    yo who was that in the beginnin talkin bout that stuff bout bein lost

  • Alex Simovic
    Alex Simovic 7 days ago

    XD!!!!!!!! -_-

  • LolitaB Whitebird
    LolitaB Whitebird 7 days ago


  • Ozi Davis
    Ozi Davis 7 days ago


  • Galaxy Bros Gaming
    Galaxy Bros Gaming 7 days ago

    yall late notice that 21 savage is in the video

  • Artem Popa
    Artem Popa 8 days ago

    Заебись )

  • Need 4 Speed Videos

    89 million views and 273 thousand likes

    Youtube Drunk AF

    dNIEL GAMER 8 days ago


  • dizzy brown
    dizzy brown 8 days ago

    Say what u want about future but dirty sprite 2 is legendary in my opinion

  • Freddy Florin
    Freddy Florin 10 days ago

    I love Future s songs! He makes my days better! Long live Future! i am an fan of yours from Romania..

  • Nathan Hall
    Nathan Hall 11 days ago

    his music is tight

  • MAX Chapplin
    MAX Chapplin 11 days ago

    great niggaz <3

  • babygirl26at
    babygirl26at 11 days ago

    21 savege

  • LͫOͤRͫDͤ Harawanagangsta LͫOͤRͫDͤ

    wait, is this actually about traps?

  • Playing Trumpet 24/7

    woke up late dis mornin had an itch, i scratched my ass nigga, opened up my wallet, almost broke cause I need cash nigga, key in my ignition, uh oh imma need some gas nigga, had a dream last that I was rich and counting mad figas, I am on parole so I cannot smoke a blunt nigga, only smoke when I got it, so I don't need a front nigga, I been playing trumpet 4 so long, my notes are strong nigga, my wife screaming C notes when we ride my chimichong nigga, dark brown body so I look like donkey kong nigga, make these girls go straight bananas when they hear my songs nigga ...
    I know I suck, but I tried thanks for reading...1 Love

  • JoJo Lion
    JoJo Lion 12 days ago

    *Trap* niggas

  • Sherman Cook
    Sherman Cook 13 days ago

    I brush my teeth more often because of this song

  • Devo Illey
    Devo Illey 13 days ago

    my favorite song this song came on and i would get turnt fast 🙌💯

  • Classic Waller
    Classic Waller 13 days ago

    no moral to the story. I'm glad my hip hop was in the 90s because listen to this I'd be a crack head..jay, Nas, dmx even jeezy tell a story like you dont wanna do that shit.. prison or jail.. he says, yes be a crack head. hard beat tho

    • Classic Waller
      Classic Waller 9 days ago

      I have my own brain which thinks independently.. I've never heard​ jay or nas rate THIS song .. Nevertheless, facts:
      Beats are nice
      It's catchy
      But no barz.. Sorry not sorry

    • Dech
      Dech 9 days ago

      All these rap niggas you mention rate this song highly, especially Nas; He a crack head too?

  • jorgecuervo24
    jorgecuervo24 14 days ago

    God bless all the Mexican niggas.

  • Shady 313- Until I- d eye E

    Shout out to whoever made this beat-

  • abel sosa
    abel sosa 14 days ago

    show us the way. & if we u can't show us the way then forgive us for being lost

  • sr motita
    sr motita 15 days ago

    esto si es musica y no mamadas de anuel aa pendejos

  • Dominik Tartaľ
    Dominik Tartaľ 16 days ago

    Skaredy si ty ty papupal pojebana kukaj sa naseba !fuck you niga

  • Matěj Kudláček
    Matěj Kudláček 16 days ago

    heski :)

  • Yousif Alias
    Yousif Alias 16 days ago

    I use a better method to make 3-6 sales a day. all on automation. ;P

  • Jordy Blackbourn
    Jordy Blackbourn 16 days ago

    Fuck I remember the first day this video came out and it's 2 years later and I'm still straping before I brush my teeth

  • Choco DaGreat
    Choco DaGreat 17 days ago

    Everybody type in youtube: 101Barz Hef Heinekn. Listen how they murder this Beat.

  • King Alpha
    King Alpha 17 days ago

    bruh 21 was in this video?
    did we know 21 before this song?

  • Rastafari Revolucionário

    Exelent 💸🔒💥❤❤😁

  • sinaloa saurez
    sinaloa saurez 17 days ago

    trap nikka trap boy trap rap trappavelli trap muzik 2017

  • Breezy Mil Grau
    Breezy Mil Grau 17 days ago


  • Eugen Großmann
    Eugen Großmann 17 days ago

    guys, compare the hook to the hook of Big Sean's "bounce back"

  • I Luninux I
    I Luninux I 17 days ago

    0:27 I have the same ones lol

  • FreeBandz Safari
    FreeBandz Safari 17 days ago

    One day we all gonna be going through all the tracks Future dropped in 2015 and just be amazed

  • Da'Shawn Legos
    Da'Shawn Legos 17 days ago

    anyone notice 21/21 savage

  • Braxton and Aj
    Braxton and Aj 18 days ago

    worst song ever

  • Indigo Child
    Indigo Child 18 days ago

    times get hard but a nigga stuck in it young rich niggas in this motherfucker
    god blessing all the trap niggas.

  • Hailey Blake
    Hailey Blake 18 days ago

    I love your music

  • Frank García
    Frank García 19 days ago

    Esta buenisima

  • Leo Ramirez
    Leo Ramirez 19 days ago


  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker 19 days ago

    21 savage, type of nigga to appear in random songs

  • King Aries Grissom
    King Aries Grissom 19 days ago

    lmao when u barley realize that nigga savage in the video. i had to rewind that shit

  • Z Channel
    Z Channel 19 days ago

    What neighborhood is this? Looks like some nice houses that could be restored.

  • Rafael García Hernández

    nice song nigga

  • Amando Ocampo
    Amando Ocampo 19 days ago


  • Donald Simpson
    Donald Simpson 20 days ago

    thanks for the one playing with your key i don't know

  • Juarez Carrillo
    Juarez Carrillo 20 days ago

    nice video

  • Daryl York
    Daryl York 20 days ago

    so check it out me n my baby r fuckn out of this fuckn place yea zootown n going to spokana on monday this monday we r going to start over n we r so exited n fuck all the haters out there that fuckn hate on me

  • bronx 777
    bronx 777 20 days ago

    respect from kazakhstan!

  • Malachi Hollis
    Malachi Hollis 20 days ago

    when u wake up in the morning what do u do

  • Anthony Caligiuri
    Anthony Caligiuri 20 days ago

    Who the fuck is 21 savage?

  • LGFifa
    LGFifa 21 day ago

    this is fucking dreadfull

  • Aiden Perez
    Aiden Perez 21 day ago


  • Leaan Esco
    Leaan Esco 21 day ago

    Fuck what ya heard

  • Gurps Singh
    Gurps Singh 21 day ago

    the hype ... the hype ... people say they dont want work they want be a don like future over night

  • Gurps Singh
    Gurps Singh 21 day ago

    future dose not fuck with broke status girls no education no brains

  • Lil Chain
    Lil Chain 21 day ago

    this sounds like Fetty waps beat music from trap niggas

  • Jesus Perez
    Jesus Perez 22 days ago

    Favorite Part 1:50 Hasta La-La-uego Wake Up With That Glock Okay Though

  • Alperen
    Alperen 22 days ago

    what is that game ?? playin' ground with money and membrane

  • Alicia Jordan
    Alicia Jordan 22 days ago

    When my city keep it LIT!!! Atl shit! Clubs stay ready for Future!

  • ehh abril
    ehh abril 23 days ago

    Like si te crees un CRack

  • austinsftw
    austinsftw 23 days ago

    I didn't realize Key, 21 and manman where in this video

  • fabi
    fabi 23 days ago

    are traps gay

  • Victor Ramirez
    Victor Ramirez 23 days ago

    you are the best un the world😎😎😎

  • am i kewl yet
    am i kewl yet 23 days ago

    fuck 21 savage

  • Young Key
    Young Key 23 days ago

    who else still listening to this song till this day

  • James Luhr
    James Luhr 24 days ago

    that's my apartment

  • Emre Ege
    Emre Ege 24 days ago

    God bless all the trap niggas...Really if i die oneday and bring into the world i again i wanna be blackman.

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez 25 days ago

    My crap house is doing well, so I'm blessed so I'm moving my mom to a mansion!

  • ToddyHendrix
    ToddyHendrix 25 days ago

    I really wish that was a Chevy symbol.

  • serenity380
    serenity380 25 days ago


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