Modern Educayshun

The follow up to #Equality, Modern Educayshun delves into the potential dangers of a hypersensitive culture bred by social media and political correctness.
Written and Directed by Neel Kolhatkar
Instagram & Twitter @neelkolhatkar
Produced by Conceptional Media -
Assistant Director Adam Krowitz
Neel Kolhatkar
Cait Burley (Insta cait.bonnie)
Caspar Hardaker
Romy Bartz
Jonathan Lo
Jess Sobanski

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Runtime: 7:21
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Author Ella Jimenez ( ago)
this is honestly such an amazing short film

Author Simon Koeman ( ago)
1984 anyone?

Author bigrigbob2010 ( ago)
This is racist... The Asian guy winning the math test perpetuates the stereotype that Asians are good at math !!!!!!!

Author Nasos bhta ( ago)
im a being triggered by this girl and the Air conditioning

Author AlexanderBogdanow ( ago)

Author Dr Dahrix ( ago)
This is so good. I rarely comment on videos but this is so good that I have to say... good job. someone finally stands up and shows people that this is wrong.

Author magicskyfairy69 ( ago)
Ah, this takes me back. anyone else get huge nostalgia from their school days?

Author sneakybill45 ( ago)
I am a beginning filmmaker and you are one of my favorite short film makers. You tied up a loose end excellently, your characters were well thought of and everything had a wonderful flow. I would just like to ask how you come up with the ideas

Author Buddha X ( ago)
this is legit one of the stupidest things I've ever watched.

Author Heretic ( ago)
scariest short film ever made

Author alok sharma ( ago)
very nicely described

Author Letchi A ( ago)
Rationality is over. Logic is dead. Facts are boring. The world used to be cruel when I was born. Now it has become more cruel than I could have ever imagined. What does the future hold ?

Author rock storm ( ago)
Wow! Well done! Unfortunately this is where our Hollywood culture is leading us.

Author Alexis Garcia ( ago)
man fuck that shit

Author Giuseppe ( ago)
Welcome to the world of marxists, globalists, social justice warriors obama, merkel and others

Author cicciogrecia ( ago)
This is like the water-splashed monkeys experiment

Author Josiah L. ( ago)
I wish I was homeschooled...

Author Avery Sucharski ( ago)
I have to go through this shot every day no joke. My school is exactly like this it's fucking stupid

Author Mohamed hadj hafsi ( ago)
i like the clueless girl by every end she reminds me of me when i see the exam paper

Author shabnam siddiqui ( ago)
can you please give me a details about this video... i really want to know about this... beacuse there is something which i coudn't able to find..

Author ThunderPaladin ( ago)
I know this is the point, so credit to the cast and everyone.
This severely pissed me off. If I ever catch anyone acting like that, trying to silence someone in such a manner, may God have mercy on them, and me.

Author Handsom Motherfucker ( ago)
What's so bad about being whit and a boy

Author Brian Barnes ( ago)
Five stars. 10/10. This is brilliant. This video deserves an award.

Author Sofi Podestá ( ago)
This video is awesome. I keeps me thinking about this.

Author Roman Vigil ( ago)
damn nailed it straight up or down, side to side this is what we deal with on a daily. shall we stand up or get taken out. I prefer to stand.

Author Amg Rs ( ago)
This offends me because they're all wearing black which suggests that only black people are sjws.

Author fluffydingo ( ago)
Fucking oth to this video

Author kadenzza ( ago)
holy shit you fucking people

Author Lori Carrig ( ago)
This is very Orwellian and has a lot of truth how our Public Education system fails our future of reality and the skills they need in the real world.

Author faiz abbas ( ago)
I hate dark chocolate. Am I racist?

Author faiz abbas ( ago)
This can't be real. I'm in Uni and I never had this problem. I'm a former maths major and we do math.

Author Peter Parker ( ago)
idk im white and male and i dominated the shit out of art history at nyu. sjw fools didnt have shit on me...teachers like this dont get tenure

Author Matt Brown ( ago)
My God above, that is America today. You are a genius.

Author Brian Root ( ago)
very well done it's a bit hyperbolic but not far off from where we are heading if modern trend continue

Author Karl Visigoth ( ago)
awesome work!!! I really would like to see more of this in a long film

Author shift chanell ( ago)
So sad but true.

Author White Screen ( ago)
We live in a sick sad world... But this video is really awesome and portrays with accuracy the universities (and society) nowadays

Author Gore Cobain ( ago)
Oh ! Putain enfin quelqu'un qui ose l'ouvrir

Author Trump Donald ( ago)
#WhiteMasterrace #RemoveKebab

Suck on that jews

Author xdws txsax ( ago)
being underdeveloped like romania have its advantages.We adopt conservatism in higher proportions than west european countries.My big fear is that one day occidentalization will conquer our life style,as it already did,and there will be discussions like these and uneducated people giving advices of racial mixture and multiculturalism.

Author venrakdrake ( ago)
I want some kid to show up to an american highschool the day a research paper is due, with something similar to what the asian guy had, and demand he stopped being "oppressed" until he gets a fair grade, just to show the school system how much bull shit is spewing out of them from all directions

Author venrakdrake ( ago)
Modern indoctrination

Author Mary Yue ( ago)
Man, if I were there I would die instantly. Or I would escape successfully since I would run out the moment they come towards me.

Author suicide cow bradberry ( ago)
this is genuinely fantastic

Author Duncan Cook ( ago)
This video scared me.

Author WASD ( ago)

Author Clock Maker ( ago)
Why so many dislikes?

Author Clock Maker ( ago)
This is actually what's happening on the planet. Why? Because everybody became such a Bitch, that man, white and heterosexual are now less worth.(in the western countrys)And the social justice warrior are just retards, who are making it worse

Author husinnee love ( ago)
the man of sand brought me here

Author Simkin ( ago)
very accurate when they add all the marks and divide it across the students. this is essentially what 'group projects' are.

Author Roxas XIII ( ago)
being asian doesn't really give you plus points, being Muslim will give you very big bonus

Author TheMax3M ( ago)
Hitler showed us what will be if you go too far on the right side. Nowadays SJW, Feminists and other lefties show us what will be if you go too far on the left side.

Author SoK AiNato ( ago)
i don't want the world being like the vdo

Author Joel Anderson ( ago)

Author Makar Lock ( ago)
a d v a n c e d m a t h e m a t i c s

Author wolf2966 ( ago)
I know it's a joke but still pisses me off

Author SteveOwnsMC ( ago)
*sigh* these people would be more useful as soap.

Author carrie mack ( ago)
The '9335' 'down thumbs' are the type of those ruining democracy in the West.

Author carrie mack ( ago)
Exactly what is happening in the world today, and people - en masse - are being led into it all like sheep to the slaughter!!

Author aditya kujur ( ago)
one of awesome  video I have ever seen

Author Matt Robus ( ago)
I think the world is ending

Author Spoiled Pasta ( ago)
the meaning of this is that it is okay that we have feeling and opinions, but they are not above facts

Author Ember Hermin ( ago)
What does it mean when they bump into the crate and the teacher says "it will end" ?

Author Orange shot ( ago)
Penelope is such a bitch

Author ghettoblaster36 ( ago)
6:19 "SUNSHINE!!"

Author St Sabados ( ago)
I didn't get the crate in the middle of the floor or what it symbolized

Author Maddy Luv ( ago)
So deep❤😭

Author Amsel Heinrich ( ago)
"Equality is a social construct. In nature, nothing is equal."

We need National Socialism back. "Life doesn't forgive weakness."

Author Andrei Kovalev ( ago)
Realist thing I've seen in a while

Author ThreeMixsuper ( ago)

Author increto axb ( ago)
"Facts dont care about your feelings" - Ben Shapiro

Author ghettoblaster36 ( ago)
If Hillary won 2016

Author almetcalf ( ago)
Wow, what's amazing is this was posted BEFORE the elections and the left are truly acting like this after the election.

Author Austritistan ( ago)
Still better than YouTube Rewind

Author worm wood ( ago)
1984+101 = this

Author aemidaniels ( ago)
that was actually scarier than a lot of horror shit ive seen lately
but what do i know. Im white and cis.

Author Jesus Reina Carvajal ( ago)
The modern neo liberal "politically correct" education in a nutshell. Thank you for this amazing video!!!

Author azzaisme ( ago)
it's spelt edjewkayshon man people don't know how to spel

Author lenny ( ago)
"DEMOCRATIC" future of USA.God safe america.

Author another deimos ( ago)
this whole video had me triggered

Author PanDulus_61 ( ago)
It''s your life, faceless European and American creatures)

Author Scottish Celt ( ago)
He should of Shouted Allah Akbar and gunned them down with an AK47.

Author iambehindthemirror ( ago)
Despite many likes and most people agreeing with this video, they still support PC in some shape or form and believe most of what MSM tells. PC will be the end of Western Civilization and you can't do jackshit about it no matter how many likes this video gets.

Author Hero of the Wind ( ago)
Don Sahand is a good composer, that background music is fitting for the video (somehow), and it wouldn't feel out of place in something like Gravity Rush or Yume Nikki.

Author achachala ( ago)
9k liberal dislikes

Author LambChowder1 ( ago)
also this kind of thing didnt even happen in communist reeducation camps, let alone public school. kolthakar has to learn to play the game if he wants to be a scientist.

Author LambChowder1 ( ago)
kind of exposes the faulty values, maladaptiveness of GDS more than it successfully satirizes overzealous SJW types. "THE THING, I GOTTA HAVE THE STATUS OBJECT" *takes summit ticket to the top of bilbao tree and hangs it on achievement branch*
it also speaks to unrealistic identity people who are most threatened by tolerance and equality. theyre the superior alpha males, the brightest wunderkinds, not getting their due thanks to no good unions, affirmative action, etc. it couldnt possibly be that you staked too much of your own personal self-worth on linear development through excessive focus on outperforming your peers (all, your peers), achieving outwardly impressive milestones, being the smartest, most virile person in a doomed attempt to stand out in the crowd. there are no teslas or aristophanes on youtube, there are no caravaggios or chamberlains. just people who set the bar too high for themselves and are desperately trying to maintain what slight lead they did have as if it matters to anyone. sorry

Author Ambassador of Kekistan ( ago)
This video = Sweden right now. And probably almost all colleges in the U.S

Author Animated Anatomy ( ago)
Whoever made this video obviously never went to university.

Author The Open Rift ( ago)
I don't get it why do people act like equality is such a chore? Honestly think about it really. No one of a significant amount acts like this. Not the POCs. No one in the LGBT community. Equality means equality. The same treatment for all. Nothing about privilege. Or gender. Or sex. Or sexuality. Seriously I'm fed up with this "liberals are all SJWs" bullshit.

Author Daniil Kagan ( ago)
Actually, all serious research have shown that there is no such thing, as equality. We are all, not only worst/better, but different too. If they want The equality, they have to have a dozen of different education programs, for start.
But they are putting carriage before horse, by doing it the way around. For few miles it might work. But, not for long.
Also, there were experiments which showed, that it is possible to complete the full school program in one year. So if you don't like the school as is, just get nerd for one year, do all the exams externally and show them farewell. :)
*same goes for college and university... Altogether, 3years, at home and you're all done! :)

Author Дина А ( ago)
this video became more actual with every year

Author FICTION WEAR ( ago)
100% yes.

Author JohnnyRebel81 ( ago)
I can just picture the people that press the thumbs down button haha! Can you say TRIGGERED?

Author Дмитрий Козубов ( ago)
God forbid this in Russian schools!

Author disturbing the priest ( ago)
"You think youre so great with your math and your science and your facts" sounds like a republican line honestly. Denying climate change, evolution and equal opportunity. the video is correct in some aspects. there are assholes who act like this, and theyre wrong just like republicans. what progressives as a whole are fighting for is equal opportunity, so everyone whos willing to work for it can achieve the american dream, not equal outcome for everyone. this video demonstrates the latter of the two ideas and this way of thinking is just as fundamentally flawed as the idea that only a select few should have all the money and power.

Author Αντωνης κωστο ( ago)

Author Господа Офицеровы ( ago)
dude thank you for such an awesome work. you are my hero of the day, thank you again, we need more film makers like you

Author Alexander Kozlov ( ago)
It's the end of the west culture

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