Modern Educayshun

The follow up to #Equality, Modern Educayshun delves into the potential dangers of a hypersensitive culture bred by social media and political correctness.
Written and Directed by Neel Kolhatkar
Instagram & Twitter @neelkolhatkar
Produced by Conceptional Media -
Assistant Director Adam Krowitz
Neel Kolhatkar
Cait Burley (Insta cait.bonnie)
Caspar Hardaker
Romy Bartz
Jonathan Lo
Jess Sobanski

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Runtime: 7:21
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Author Sean Bamberry ( ago)

Author ulrich darth ( ago)
over 9,000 snowflakes would probably equate an actual math exam to Columbine

Author Top Games ( ago)
21 century is the marxist one .... sadly. Hitler has write about his experience in the Austria where jews released the communism, mondialisation, immigrantion and "useful idiots", if he was alive he knowed how to solve the problem. Wish he was alive

Author Oddfu ( ago)
Originally, I wanted to look at this as some kind of comedic commentary of what the future could hold, but what seemed absurd nearly two years ago is getting more relevant by the second. I applaud you for just how frighteningly accurate this is.

Author I try. ( ago)
Why is this so trueeeeeee

Author sir francis drske carlo andre ( ago)
Good job, it just feels a little to preachy.

Author светлый человек ( ago)
holy shit thanks God I live in Russia

Author Anna Leist ( ago)
Is the number seven odd, or just *~*~*~*different*~*~*?

Author Sergio Ramirez ( ago)
how to replicate the permian mass extinction

Author Kiri ( ago)
This young lady would be a very good actor!

Author beaners1234life ( ago)
Wow. I just discovered this today (4/28/2017) and this still resonates with societies issues. Very well done!

Author James McFillin ( ago)
glad I'm Homeschooled

Author SoldierCyfix ( ago)

"unfortunately you're straight, white and male..minus 4 privilege points"

"...its only fair!"

Author Joe M ( ago)
This is more Ayn Rand bullshit based off of strawman arguments.

Stay scared of the strawman.

Author joanthon houser ( ago)
if humans go,down this road then we r truly doomed this is because the weak keep living if it wasn't for the smart ppl most of you would have died along time ago time for a rest

Author Wi11owwo1f ( ago)
I dunno where you guys are going for your education but it sure as hell isn't the American public education system. Every time I see one of these kind of videos it pisses me off because, as a high school student, I can say for sure we don't get any of the special treatment you thirty-year-old-back-in-my-day-facebook-anarchist-sheeple think we do.

Author Teo _ ( ago)

Author Mr E ( ago)
i would be that normal guy in the group of retards

Author Fakeslimshady ( ago)
Ok ok, so you're saying in order for me to excel in the future, I just have to troll and lie about myself and how I have body odor/handicapped and I can be at the top? Doesn't sound so bad to me

Author Menoris ( ago)
this is my university..,fucking horror everyday...

Author Hudak ( ago)
This is modern day SJWs

Author Sidharth Soman ( ago)
This reminds me of black mirror.

Author Πανος Χρηστακος ( ago)
fuckholes leftists.. the cancer in our planet.them and muslims

Author Madelyn Russell ( ago)
welcome to my school

Author Laedis ( ago)
Sjws, feminists and this gynocentric society is a fucking cancer.
Take womens rights, they never needed them.

Author boy ron ( ago)
This is scary.................Remind me of "The outlast 2"

Author Zizinhu ( ago)
"It's funny because it's true"

Author Sunnnyy ( ago)

Author DarknessOfReality ( ago)
I want to strangle these people

Author Dino 1 ( ago)
boi wtf is this

Author iron1528 ( ago)
This is so accurate it makes me angry. What the hell is happening with the world?!?!?!?!?!

Author Shriggins Gaming ( ago)
thing like this make me hate the human race.

Author Cody Warren ( ago)
a well made film. well produced. i especially like the rattling crate motif. however, inaccurate on every single point. sophomoric drivel. cry me a river.

Author PRIMEVAL Music ( ago)
Not scary because of its use of tension. Scary because it's accurate.

Author Brandon McMahan ( ago)
100% real life.

Author Erik Andersson ( ago)
Penelope's like Hermione Granger, except Emma Watson wouldn't have to act for this character

Author Bjord ( ago)
This is becoming a reality day by day. You guys nailed it. Thanks for doing this and definitely making a difference

Author OK dylan ( ago)
that girl was annoying the shit outta me

Author David Bruce Banner ( ago)

Author Catland Crossing ( ago)

Author ShantiDaFox ( ago)
Holy crap this is perfect.

Author teh grmmr poleese ( ago)
I sort of felt really bad for sunshine. He just wanted equality.. :(

Author Vertran San ( ago)
They all need to die Lesbians ,Gays , Feminists and another untermench need to die

Author Jakob Slopsh ( ago)
The amount of dislikes and the situation at Berkeley shows that were getting nearer and nearer.

Author Chris Yates ( ago)
Fuck sjw snowflakes, things need to go back to the way they were pre 2000's.

Author Adam Brizendine ( ago)
School shooting.

Author Toby monster ( ago)
It's so true

Author The Louster ( ago)
That dude in the back looks like he killed someone in the past.

Author The PostalGuy ( ago)
Bad enough that common core exists but now this. I'm glad I live in a very conservative area.

Author jose garcia ( ago)
what the fuck

Author Eliot Blane ( ago)
Hail Strawman

Author Sloth977 ( ago)
nominated for best horror film 2017

Author Sadicus Serpius ( ago)
It is because of people like that... I get an impulse to attack SJWs... I want to hurt people like that... I want to people like those die in the millions... One quick extermination of the filth... the impure... Feelings? Equality? I laugh at those idiotic terms... For evolution to be possible one needs competition...

My own mother could be considered somewhat a SJW... and I hate her for it... When I see SJWs I only want to see them burned at the stake... I despise those people for they are weak minded fools... fools that damage our world.... Fools that deserve damnation, pain and horror.... Let them have a real reason to be whining when they are slaughtered like the swine they are...

I wish for one thing only... pain and suffering for SJWs... when I found out that someone I knew became an SJW I was filled with such wrath and disgust I terrorized him to the point of considering suicide... he stopped being an SJW... but fears me to this day...

Author Chakraen355 ( ago)
I live in Sweden. This is Sweden.
Fuck politically correct. I'll never fucking excuse myself.

Author Mr.Bombastic ( ago)
I just wanna fuck that penelope

Author kamirupl ( ago)
It's where this fucked up world is heading >:

Author 비니보이 ( ago)
christ this is creepy

Author Ghaemi350z ( ago)
That girl's facial expressions are scary

Author Conker .The Squirrel ( ago)
The goyim know.

Author Aleta It Do Not Matter ( ago)
nah modern education is just sitting in the back of the classroom and throwing paper at people. and also making weird ass noises

Author Solutrean Man ( ago)
Very accurate, even our politicians are like that. At least I've got my gun and plenty of ammunition.

Author Casey Robinson ( ago)
True shit

Author Boxy ( ago)
Hey man you spelled Education wrong in the title...

Author yidy1 ( ago)
Liberalism is a Mental illness.

Author Moist Ham ( ago)
Ha that spellings though

Author TOXIC 293 ( ago)

Author The Isaiahnator ( ago)
Great satire.

Author Joe ( ago)
Everyone just admit it's a 2 nd degree dystopia, it's like a play but still coherent.

Author Kassadin theVoidWalker ( ago)
"Humanity is a rainbow of beauty and spirituality" You're a whole rainbow of retarded.

Author Doxastic ( ago)
This was extremely stupid

Author OwenGTA ( ago)
Hey that's pretty good.

Author Michael C. ( ago)
this is horrible, I'm soo fucking triggered of this fucking bitch

Author Just Noddy ( ago)
The real 1984 :/

Author Daniel Loureiro ( ago)
Amazing! Great job!

Author CTET FunnyBot ( ago)
People may think this is over the top and yet this is what the western world is becoming

Author Mr. Fish the frog ( ago)
Penelope and Simon are such sycophants.

Author zack g ( ago)
imagine thinking this is revolutionary and actually real

Author Some Memer ( ago)
Equality = being racist to whites, not being sexist to men, not giving minority groups privileges that are beneficial to only them.
Like if you hate sjws, feminazis, and safe spaces

Author Bravo Kilo ( ago)
I know that younger actress is suppose to be playing a character you hate, I just... want to slap her SO bad... so yeah umm, good job. You have talent.

Author Dresworld ( ago)
Why are there people like that out there that try to make everybody else's life miserable if we say the wrong thing we shouldn't get in trouble for saying it because it offend somebody else we should just grow up a little bit as a society and quit having all these triggers you're not five you are an adult and a millennial people need to chill out gender equality means that you should be fair to everybody just one specific genre of people I'm biracial African-American and white and I'm straight so all the sudden that's a problem Ive hearing things like women saying that all men should be killed no that's murder and that's a crime and no I'm not going to be subjected to your idea of how the way the world should be ran I don't harp at you third wave feminism is just ridiculous to me it's like Nazis or more appropriately put Feminazi

Author Trent Pattillo ( ago)
This is so freaking real.

Author okami gaara ( ago)
this is so accurate

Author Mason Zajicek ( ago)
me am know Educayshid

Author winlover37 ( ago)
My brain hurts.

Author Brandon Crum ( ago)
a place unfit for the intelligent

Author Юля Гегель ( ago)
Thanks for the subtitles, I'm from Russia and do not understand English by ear, they helped me a lot.

Author ironredpizza ( ago)
0:17 does anyone think that's sounds like the muto from Godzilla?

Author Memorible werd ( ago)
fuck this world

Author A Nobody ( ago)
This is why humanity deserves to go extinct maybe dolphins will make good replacements for us

Author Brandon Jinjiyoshi Tilley ( ago)
[Me sobbing] It's ok (sniff) this won't happen now that trump is president, this won't happen now.

..... Thank god XD

Author De Bi ( ago)
There are no winners or losers in life....only participants. And, if you disagree, you are either discriminating against women, race, class, religion or age. Now, get in line to drink your kool-aid! NOT!

Author Isaac Alinda ( ago)
*slow clap*

Author aidan kotsch ( ago)
Thank you for this

Author andrew ciulla ( ago)
Omg it's the future

Author Bruhstoise ( ago)
satire at the smartest level

Author Andy Dominguez ( ago)
This is what happens when you forsake Kek.
I will pray for you all.

Author Nuclear YT ( ago)

Author Austin Shearman ( ago)

Author Dan Saghin ( ago)
in fact it's scarry coz this madness is coming towards east europe...

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