Ship Crash & Fail Compilation

Various videos about ships fails, crashes, collisions.
Music: Ansia Orchestra - Ajna /Stairway/ Storm
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Author The Sea Lad ( ago)
Watch more maritime videos on our channel:
Ships in storm videos:
Fail / Crash / Launch videos:
Inside the ship tours:
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Author SADIA JAHAN ( ago)
good job

Author TheWhat667 ( ago)
😂 They use a ship to demolish ocean front property. Cool

Author Pozzaa90 ( ago)
4:16 YOU MAD BRO!!

Author Hi Lol ( ago)
Those boats are lucky atleast they didn't end up like the titanic

Author Mr_ inggleeshMAN ( ago)
4:17 that poor boat just got smashed by an anchor and it still floats great job world

Author Gal Nevo ( ago)
2:30 i hope the boat was empy😦 what a stupid "captain"

Author Μare Marie ( ago)
Drunk Captains haha 😂 😂

Author Dick Plummer ( ago)
I wonder if any of these Captains thought about lowing the anchors?

Author aaron i ( ago)
I love how you give all the names of the ships.

Author Jimmy Baond ( ago)
I got lost in YouTube again

Author EDUMM ( ago)
4:23 Que navio mal encarado!

Author T-37 nauj ( ago)

Author Syd Carandang ( ago)
5:36 Seabourn Legend, I see why

Author FiveNine Limited ( ago)
You'd think they would pull over and exchange insurance information? LOL. The first ship crashed and then floored it out of there. Hope they got his plate number! I'm just joking of course.

Author Tolits Villafuerte ( ago)
Oh my gosh accident for going house 🏡

Author nnnscorpionnn ( ago)
0:05 i think captain was drifting on the sea

Author Louie Lauria ( ago)
Seriously wtf was wrong with those guys???

Author WeeKEnD gAMinG. ( ago)
I don't get how they don't see the other ships or allow them to get so close to each other

Author ThryonWexus ( ago)
It's me on World of Warships xD

Author CUBIEQUECK -Norsk gaming ( ago)
the 2nd one is wrong its in Norway

Author Lksimon Khan ( ago)

Author Harrison Jones ( ago)
3:20 the ship pulls a pit maneuver on the other ship

Author Sinus Plexus ( ago)
4:16 LOL!

Author Villmann81 ( ago)
To your info. Your second clip did not happen in Germany. But in Storfjord in Norway

Author banba mahiru/shinya yuri is the best genre ( ago)
how did this people pass ther Exams and got ther licence ..

Author esathegreat ( ago)
The girl at 2:03...

Author Aaron Stark ( ago)
what is the last song called

Author T. Lamar Jr ( ago)
I don't understand how these boats managed to hit each other you have the whole ocean out there and you managed to hit the only ship like seriously do you not see it

Author Capt. ISAO ( ago)
0:09 = Few things.. Failure to correctly estimate enough room to safely maneuver as well as the current.
Violation of rules: 5,6,7,8,9 and 34 or"Colregs". This huge manual of rules was created back in 1972 to prevent such collisions.
0:46 = Oops!
0:55 = What The?
1:42 = You can get the room with a ship's bow in it!
2:26 = Oh My GOD! I hope if any crew was on board that they are ok.
4:18 = Someone pissed off the captain!

Author Vanna6345 ( ago)
@ 2:10 horrible .. :0|

Author CAT DIESEL POWER ( ago)
looks like the capitans were stoned or drunk to me ffs

Author The Viper Randy Orton ( ago)
First one was stupid. Tankers are largest ships.

Author Mr. Akki Messiah The Targeted. ( ago)
All the OPEN waters, yet they manage to crash, weird.

Author antonis konstantakis ( ago)

Author CelticAngel † ( ago)
Who's piloting these boats...? Is everyone having a kip? "Honey I just tidied the kids toys away... Oh Yes... there's a big ship in the lounge room. Lol ^j^

Author Clayton de Freitas Lima ( ago)
that scene from speed 2 could have happen ? i mean, it was at least a kilometer in the land

Author Florjan Brudar ( ago)
How did a container ship push a crane to the ground? is it that strong? XD

Author Simpson BLX ( ago)
4:20 omg run for your life!!! imagine seeing this in front of you lol you will die.

Author Porter Jihaad ( ago)
For a country with so little access to the ocean, Germany has a lot of boat crashes

Author Michael Neville ( ago)
A collision at sea can ruin your entire day. --Tacitus

Author Tyler Riley ( ago)
1:33 I can imagine watching a movie with my family and all of a sudden a container ship just busts in my house.

Author Shaun McInnis ( ago)
Seems like the most common mistake is falling asleep

Author justin long ( ago)
That last one though. He beached the fuck out of it

Author panther105 ( ago)
What...nobody's heard of dropping an  anchor to stop an out of control ship??? Idiot captains..>!!!

Author 1amadeo ( ago)
nice parking job

Author Rio Gutierrez ( ago)
3:11 The Dark Knight stands atop his blue canoe.

Author Eclipse PlaysX ( ago)
Cuz it looks scary geez

Author Eclipse PlaysX ( ago)
4:31 is the huge one the ice breaker ship?

Author Андрей Полетаев ( ago)
2:10 - the most epic. Just separated...

Author The Uzbek Chicken ( ago)
5:48 she just stands there

Author The Uzbek Chicken ( ago)
2:21 R.I.P. tugboat

Author mr baye ( ago)
who the hell repair these big sons a bitches

Author Reflex Nuke ( ago)
looks like someone didn't pass Ms Puff's boating school.

Author Screee ( ago)
Ocean Man, take me by the hand. Lead me to the land that you understand.

Author Florjan Brudar ( ago)
4:20-4:50 okay, now that is scary!

Author Florjan Brudar ( ago)
2:22 that ship was completely smashed

Author Florjan Brudar ( ago)
0:45 did it sink?

Author CrismaFire ( ago)
big ouch

Author Rare Person ( ago)
i dont believe the last sceen.

Author MrQbenDanny ( ago)

Author Fly Past ( ago)
Speed 2 is the last crash and I love that move but for the others, how are them people even aloud to operate a ship? What idiots

Author mrsparex ( ago)
We're looking to hire a ship captain... where are you from?

Author mobatumi ( ago)
That Russian icebreaker has got a scary face!

Author Zeenat Shams ( ago)
o m g

Author Kai Freeman ( ago)
sheiiit that one got stomped really bad at 2:30

Author sleeptyper ( ago)
Pilot that couldn't pilot...

Author lonelyherz ( ago)
03:15 - 03:43 "You cannot pass" (Gandalf)^^

Author Daniel Lockaby ( ago)
Stupid assholes probably texting.

Author MrEdwin57 ( ago)
At 1:03 my driving instructor told me when parallel parking always get as close as you can to the curb !

Author Will Burkhart ( ago)
Being a ship captain myself I have never had this happen to me but it looks like this ships had horrible pilots or captains

Author David Murphy ( ago)
Are big ship crashes one of those things that happen a lot more than you think? Because I'll never understand how 2 ships can hit each other in all that open water

Author Ant T ( ago)
wow some of these people are dumb as fuck

Author driveman ( ago)
Damn, misread the title. Thought it said "Shit crash & fail". Was looking forward to some serious toilet disasters...............oh well, nice video anyway.

Author Kreuzritter Geschäfter ( ago)
All those incompetent and lazy idiots pilot the beautiful boats. Fire them immediately.

Author Travis Lutterman ( ago)
1:35 attack on boat

Author :D :D ( ago)
Wow its amazing more ship crashs pliss

Author jim morgan ( ago)
How the fuck does that fucking ship stay motherfucking upright bonjour oi aurevoir excuse my French.

Author Canal Cuttings ( ago)
@Paul Micelli - it clearly says it is footage from a Hollywood film.

Author Ravex24 ( ago)
3:07 Perfectly executed PIT maneuver.

Author Muka Mo ( ago)
all genius captains bravo!

Author Charles Randolph ( ago)
4:21 HUGS!!!!!

Author Deval Raval ( ago)
Damnnn that 4:20 moment looked like a Giant Cobra..

Author Paul Micelli ( ago)
Did that guy in the last ship survive the collision being that he was in front when the ship hit?

Author Bachu Singh ( ago)

Author MeAndAlanya ( ago)
What the f... are they doing?? On Facebook???

Author Curtis C ( ago)
I have seen a few of these before but never with explanations, very nice job at least there were no beaching of ships at breakers claiming it was an accidental crash.

Author Mister Hallo ( ago)
2:43 should turn left to get behind, OMG

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