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Big orange ball, sinkin' in the water
Toes in the sand, couldn't get much hotter
Little umbrella shaped margaritas
Coconut oil, tannin' senioritas
Now I know how Jimmy Buffet feels

Hands on the wheel, cruisin' down the interstate
Gas pedal sticks, carries my car away
I was going fast as a Rambler goes
I could feel the speed from my head to my toes
Now I know how Richard Petty feels

I've been around the block a time or two
Done almost everything a boy can do
I've done some livin', yeah I've had fun
But there is one thing that I haven't done

Savedtwo months, bought a little diamond
Tonights the night, feels like perfect timin'
Down on one knee on momma's front steps
Man I'm gonna die if she really says yes
I wanna know how forever feels

I've been around the block a time or two
Done almosteverything a boy can do
I've done some livin', yeah I've had fun
But there is one thing that I haven't done

I wanna know how forever feels
Hey, I wanna know how forever feels
Girl, I wanna know how forever feels

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Author Lindsay C ( ago)
Forever sounds good! Maybe one day!!!

Author Tickles The Elf ( ago)
love the song but what is this music video? like seriously you coulda done

Author MrBeeRadley ( ago)
now i know why he is a good singer..he have a big for head..

Author Stacy Mathews ( ago)
Love love the cockatoo. I have one

Author Alysha McCarty ( ago)
Oh my gosh! That cockatoo. LOL

Author Hollis Hardin ( ago)
All I want is to live Kenny's life. 😩 I wish I could spend most of my life
on an island. 😍

Author Steve Polychronopolous ( ago)
I better not get too drunk and text this video to the wrong chick!

Author Krisztian Gundert ( ago)
זייַן אַמעריקע ס ונדזערער

Author Krisztian Gundert ( ago)
איך ליבע דער אמעריקאנער קאַנטרי

Author Alissa Gibson ( ago)
I like ths song

Author Aaron Lambert ( ago)
This song makes me laugh so hard

Author Alissa Gibson ( ago)
It's my song

Author João Maio ( ago)
AMV Hell 3 brought me here!!!

Author Edward Williamson ( ago)
Kenny please keep your hat on all the time cause ew lol 😷😂

Author holochuck ( ago)
now I knoooow how
your head looks hahahahaha

Author HARRY RECTION ( ago)

Author SandraMaraCarvalhode Melo ( ago)
Kenny Chesney and friend s thank you ,is beauty o clip , a live with love,
joy and good humor is wonderful, ,feel o sun ... sea, a breeze , a joy ,
love celebrate with family and friends is wonderful

Author Gerrit Horn ( ago)
Absolute Fantastic!!

Author Bernardo Garcia ( ago)
Great song and Beautiful woman love it Amen

Author Austin Patterson ( ago)

Author MT Mikmaq ( ago)
My Grandma had a Nash Rambler when I was a kid. My uncle bought it and my
cousin totaled it.

Author CINDI CARROLL ( ago)
Take that thar hat off Kenny, I love that pretty tater!!

Author SuperRandyl ( ago)
I will find out one day because I am saved

Author drivendown84 ( ago)
favorite Chesney song

Author Eliud Tellez ( ago)
lo mejor buena misic perfec kenny chesney

Author Amber Dickerson ( ago)
First time I've seen him with his hat off..all I have to say is put it back
on, Kenny....

Author Wesley Bass (1039 years ago)
good song and vid!

Author Brent Corley ( ago)
Kentucky pride, but love this song!

Author Matt ( ago)
And this is where we see Kenny Chesney turn into a beach guy...nothing
wrong with that at all, but half of his songs are all the same now. I mean
if you look back at his very first albums, he sung a mixture of everything.

Author JD Jewett ( ago)
WOW dumb video. lol

Author Kathy Hamilton ( ago)
Love Kenny Chesney , love from Tennessee! I would love to see in person, I
put on my bucket list of things I'd like to do before I leave this world!

Author Fancypants ( ago)

Author Devin Mcclanahan (532 years ago)
Early Kenny Chesney is so endearing. He just SO DESPERATELY wants to be
Jimmy Buffett!

Author Ayava Kyavata ( ago)
Man, this guy had it all in the beginning of the video and then he went and
got married. #rekthislife

Author texasproof ( ago)
Love this song but awkward video lol

Author jurr47 (318 years ago)

Author Daniel Adams ( ago)
went to heel in a hand bag thats what happened

Author angel benitez ( ago)
I wish country music like this was still being made. There's very few new
country songs that are. 

Author Clark Morris ( ago)
Who doesn't like kenny or love his music! 

Author sherri bartz (1054 years ago)
i want one of those grilled chicken

Author Lindsay Fortin (223 years ago)
One of chesneys greatest hits 

Author Avery Tolboe (1680 years ago)
This video scares me...

Author Big Xanda ( ago)
very cringy video

Author Fallon Ames ( ago)
Country sound still sound like this. I was surprised Vince Gill isn't on
this list he was big in the 90's!

Author Kaptain Cirk ( ago)
I stopped listening to country for the most part around 2001 and then it
went all downhill. Coincidence? Probably.

Author Danny Breeden ( ago)
I have liked Chesney because of this song but none of his other songs have
had the same feel. I miss that.

Author I Rape Dolphins ( ago)
dafuq is this music video?

Author LeAnn Tucek ( ago)
If you ever wanna know how forever feels, come up to Illinois boy! It's
however feels!

Author Son Goku! (1817 years ago)
I wanna know how forever feels

Author kim scriber ( ago)
I still love this song 

Author Robert Ivey ( ago)
I can really see the 90s in this music video.

Author Bailey Pappas ( ago)
I like 1990s and early 2000s country music better than todays....

Author Jacob Stevens ( ago)
I listen to a 90s country station on the internet i dont listen to regular
country radio anymore.

Author Tammy Tousant ( ago)
That is so true Chris madzier

Author Talia Rivas ( ago)
Omg too much sexyness for me . 😢

Author Valerie Parker ( ago)

Author J's Travels ( ago)
What happened to country music..

Author samantha miller ( ago)
I want to know how forever feels too

Author samantha miller ( ago)
my favorite singer in country music

Author Michael Shell ( ago)
Kenny Chesney kind of looks like sling blade

Author tyler smith ( ago)
My uncle wrote this song 

Author Beverly Vendryes ( ago)
@Tina, I'm Jamaican and I love the new country songs. You can check out my
playlists. I have some really nice country songs.

Author Tina Combs ( ago)
I'm black and i fucking love country all my friends think I'm weird! I say
I just know great music

Author Jerry Decker ( ago)
love it, this is bobble head music, you can't help but rock your head side
to side with the feel good music!

Author Robin Knipp ( ago)
I love your songs Kenny chesney I love you too babe 

Author Mark Swift ( ago)
Of course they put a Nigger in there couse people will get offended that
there is only white people in there

Author R.J. R ( ago)
If you don't find this song amazing then just delete yourself and take your
dislikes with you [: 

Author Jake Reed ( ago)
This video ruined the song for me! Ugh.

Author SnakeEyes ( ago)

Author 51MontyPython ( ago)
That violin riff is just cool.

Author 51MontyPython ( ago)
You know, I never realized until just recently just how much I always took
this kinda stuff for granted (in fact, I even used to half-assed make fun
of it) . I almost wish I had a time machine so I could go back with what I
know now.

Author Bridget Dobbs ( ago)
i like that

Author WL VEVO ( ago)
the gayest country music video ever... the colours.. the shirtless
images... n those parrots..

Author Dana Pendley ( ago)
Kenny Chesney is bald as the day is long

Author Dalee2488 ( ago)
God I was a little little kid when I first heard this

Author Estaban Enz ( ago)
That bird is jammin!!

Author Karl Davis ( ago)
Sometimes Cupid plays nice. Other days he uses a compound crossbow, those
razor sharp arrowheads sold for deer hunting, and perhaps some phosphorous,
regardless of whether it's banned by the Geneva Convention. There are days
the latter "Devil Cupid" gets people.

Author Outty Rocks ( ago)
0:24 best part the video

Author gonando94 ( ago)
Although I don't think this is his best song, its my favorite 

Author Savannah Shoemake ( ago)
strange video... good song

Author FireLightning16 ( ago)
I wanna know how the river feels!

Author leannamax97 ( ago)
I seriously love this song<3

Author leannamax97 ( ago)
I'm in love with this song

Author ajslam41 ( ago)
that ebony goddess...... mmm love this video 

Author Sheila D ( ago)
i love everything about Kenny 

Author jamie pridemore ( ago)
I love. You music and would love. To see u in person

Author FireLightning16 ( ago)
3:02 That bird rocks

Author Abby Bishop ( ago)
Damn he's hot in Richard petty racing outfit

Author Conner Short ( ago)

Author Alyssa Dunnivan ( ago)
Goodness, I just found this. I'm only 15 but I remember this song. I always
sing this song and I had no idea what it was called. I finally found the
name of it. This was my childhood song.

Author kollector ( ago)
I remember when this song came out and i heard it on CMT. I phoned my local
radio station asked if they would play it. The announcer said, "We dont
play Kenny Chesney if you got a beef, take it up with the station manager."
Haha They play Kenny Chesney today on that station and promote his music.
Oh memories.

Author ReturnTrip ( ago)
this is almost 20 years old, jesus Christ.

Author sarah “Sarah Movie reviewer” hayes ( ago)
I rember when this was on tv & i am 20

Author Amanda Willenborg ( ago)
It was the nineties. From what I remember of the nineties, it was a rather
cheesy time. Granted, since I grew up during that time, my memory is
probably not perfect. 

Author ButterflyhiloveMusic ( ago)
yeah...that's so good!!!

Author Monica Johns ( ago)
Growing up in my grandmas old grocery store in the everglades listening to
these songs dancing around, it brings back so many great memories i love
it! love you kenny!

Author quran hodges ( ago)
ROCK ON! Parrot

Author Karen Gerl ( ago)

Author Country Girl81714 (GeorgiaGirl13) ( ago)
this is my favorite Kenny Chesney song <3 I love it!

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