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Author Dana Pendley (20 days)
Kenny Chesney is bald as the day is long


Author Dan Survillas (6 months)
Nothin' wrong with dreams.....

Author Karl Davis (2 months)
Sometimes Cupid plays nice. Other days he uses a compound crossbow, those
razor sharp arrowheads sold for deer hunting, and perhaps some phosphorous,
regardless of whether it's banned by the Geneva Convention. There are days
the latter "Devil Cupid" gets people.

Author Richard Kunis (1 month)
I miss the old days and this music reminds me of my childhood. It was
simple. There was no thugs, no drugs, no gangster life. I miss these good
ole days. I really do.

Author LionVEVO Singing (23 hours)
the gayest country music video ever... the colours.. the shirtless
images... n those parrots..

Author Julio Del Aguila (6 days)

Author leannamax97 (4 months)
I'm in love with this song

Author 88fanforlife (24 days)
God I was a little little kid when I first heard this

Author Don Martinez (2 months)
0:24 best part the video

Author Savannah Shoemake (3 months)
strange video... good song

Author Estaban Enz (2 months)
That bird is jammin!!

Author katrina majors (8 months)

Author Mary Johnson (1 year)
I'll find out one day

Author Legacy Recordings (2 years)
Video Flashback: Kenny Chesney's 1998 single "How Forever Feels" reached #1
on the US Billboard Country Songs chart as well as #1 on the Canada Country
Tracks chart. Chesney told Billboard magazine that he almost didn't get to
release the song because Tim McGraw had cut the single. Watch the music
video for "How Forever Feels" here:

Author Connie Guevara (1 year)

Author Aline Cormier (2 years)
a little livelier.

Author Sarah Manthey (10 months)
Kenny Chesney = Summer music.

Author leannamax97 (4 months)
I seriously love this song<3

Author Bevyn WhatsItToYah (1 year)
Why don't they make country like this anymore??? The music video is a
little weird but I still love this song.

Author ButterflyhiloveMusic (9 months)
yeah...that's so good!!!

Author Regina Johns (1 year)
Love him. First video where he showed his baldness, lol. Cute as hell
anyway, even cuter. Any woman he wouldn't be with him is craaaazy. Love you
Kenny <3

Author sixwingproductions (1 year)
I've litteraly done everything a single guy can do now i just have to win
my childhood sweet heart back. there is nothing else new for me to do

Author Austin Coble (10 months)
oldschool kenny chesney songs are the best

Author ballsthatclank (8 months)
this is almost 20 years old, jesus Christ.

Author dcduangrat (1 year)
He re-shot this video. I remember the original one back in 1999. He was
chubby, yes chubby. With a hairy chest. His stylist must of had his chest
waxed and go on huge idet. Its kinda sad that's he's that superficial and
fake. What "coun

Author tammy ollice (1 year)
i love kenny hes soooo sexy!!!

Author JarrodJS (1 year)
All of his videos look like they'd be so fun to film

Author TheBWeaver3 (2 years)
this is the epitamy of a feel good tune

Author D1rec7or (2 years)
does he have cancer, cos hes bald

Author Channing Tatum (2 years)
love this song!!!

Author jamie pridemore (6 months)
I love. You music and would love. To see u in person

Author Alissa Kameka (1 year)
His awesome birdy found a friend. :)

Author SuperCaz68 (2 years)
it certainly looked like Kenny was having fun with this video. Love country
music love Kennys' music :)

Author Brina B. (1 year)
Good stuff

Author Kincaid Indy (1 year)
4 years old

Author Jeff S. (10 months)
Tropical cowboys!! ;)

Author Chandler Dodson (11 months)
why dislikes? this is real music here!

Author Dave Wollenberg (1 year)
Has Kenny ever thought 'bout usin' a hair restorer?

Author Dave Wollenberg (1 year)
ACC's #2 song of '99.

Author stahkyisme (1 year)
god...i was born the year this came out...god i miss those days when music
was like it was when i was little

Author Amy Sedlara (2 years)
@NeverShoutCarrie1 canta rgue, maybethat was teh intention(cant imagine why

Author sundevil210 (2 years)
18 people dont know what pure great music is. -_-

Author iQuizly (11 months)
Why would anybody dislike this, this is real music. Classic

Author etsu1989 (7 months)
1990's: Tiny sunglasses, huge bathing suits. Now: Huge sunglasses, tiny
bathing suits. Funny how those two went the reverse of one another....

Author Alex Arthur (2 years)
maybe its your brains way of telling yourself that you need to go fishin on
a river again, if you even fish.

Author Ryan C (1 year)
black chick is gorgeous..

Author WGraham (1 year)
"I was going fast as a rambler goes, i could feel the speed from my head to
my toes." ?

Author Marquise Piotrowski (2 years)
i love how much fun they had with this video

Author elizabeth sines (1 year)
I was 2 when this video was made

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