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  • Erica Bittle
    Erica Bittle 12 hours ago

    Spooky wind, SSPPOOOOOOOKYYY

  • Tails Gameplay
    Tails Gameplay 20 hours ago

    3:03 devil loves Dem girls

  • Andhyka Ramadhan
    Andhyka Ramadhan 21 hour ago

    probably u just playing outlast 2 in real life dude lol

  • Warren Paul
    Warren Paul 21 hour ago

    The devel shit is fake af it's just some kids playing around the stare on the wall needs to be upside down if not it's just some people playing

  • Crow -
    Crow - 1 day ago

    Not only medication, *Dank* Medication

  • Nayeli Pena
    Nayeli Pena 1 day ago

    I heard from my friend that my school was a hospital dxs

  • Pedro Grade
    Pedro Grade 1 day ago

    Satânic Ritual? That's cute, probably just some kids trying to be satanist, those are not satânic crosses, pentagrams are not the synbol of Satan, só if that was actually a Satânic Ritual it would be way pode complite.

  • Cocojuice Angel
    Cocojuice Angel 1 day ago

    I subscriber

  • Cocojuice Angel
    Cocojuice Angel 1 day ago


  • Tacos 4 ever
    Tacos 4 ever 1 day ago

    wheres part 1?

  • Marisol Gonzaga
    Marisol Gonzaga 2 days ago

    i saw something 4:33

  • Carmela Bianca Lopez

    You should always pray guys before entering abandoned house or schools or hospitals because you might disturb elementals there. Be safe! But I always fascinate everytime you were discovering or exploring stuff ☺😇

  • Pro-Widow
    Pro-Widow 2 days ago

    I'd probably yell "who's there" at the doors or be like joe weller, trying to make the whole thing lighter

  • Madame Coconut
    Madame Coconut 2 days ago

    100% Silent Hill feelin

  • wolfykid 27
    wolfykid 27 3 days ago

    2:13 who else sall that pokemon

  • Jaylyn Harris
    Jaylyn Harris 3 days ago

    All the blood....

  • cheerios
    cheerios 4 days ago

    ur hair tho 😯 goku is dat u? 😂

  • My Inner Darkness
    My Inner Darkness 4 days ago

    The symbol you guys where standing on at 8:41 i think was a symbol that can be used to trap demons where they stand. That's what it looked like. It traps them and leaves them powerless. I think that's what it was but I'm not sure.

  • Music FMX Fanatic
    Music FMX Fanatic 4 days ago

    if me and my boyfriend went here and the door did that, I would be saying "Bye Felicia!!!"

  • Luis Gonzalez
    Luis Gonzalez 4 days ago

    Can someone say to mee what flashlight is Josh using at minute 4:28???

  • Christopher Maldonado

    actually nothing but RE Remake tracks... nice

  • Christopher Maldonado

    I hear Resident Evil save theme

  • luca lemkus
    luca lemkus 5 days ago

    This would make a cool outlast area

  • luca lemkus
    luca lemkus 5 days ago

    What happens if you guys do really run into some thing

  • Binh Luu
    Binh Luu 6 days ago

    is outlast

  • Artemis
    Artemis 6 days ago


  • CW Hazlett
    CW Hazlett 6 days ago

    Those logos r in walker Texas ranger watch it

  • Ravenzzz City
    Ravenzzz City 6 days ago

    When you try to hide in the comments but you're on a phone so the video shows up anyways

    And you still hide in the comments to see timestamps for things you didn't notice in the video

  • Kipras Markevičius

    Whos here from "Top 5's Finest"?

  • Mørdekaizer 16
    Mørdekaizer 16 7 days ago

    This guy has a great balls.

  • The Illuminati Guy
    The Illuminati Guy 7 days ago

    4:26 dank medication
    sounds like the medicine i need right now.

  • Melinda Delgado
    Melinda Delgado 7 days ago

    so if it torn down what was the name of the place you video tape this. so I can research the history on it

    HARRY OOI 8 days ago

    What is the melody used ? It is so relaxing

  • Everything Gamer
    Everything Gamer 8 days ago

    I subed🙂🙂😇😇:)

  • Dilshant Singh
    Dilshant Singh 8 days ago

    where did gou buy your flahslight??? 😊

  • Lela and London Show

    Wow you use Resident evil remaster saving song ur gay

  • Alissa Patterson
    Alissa Patterson 8 days ago

    it looks like one of the episodes of the originals

  • StarsMarsRadio
    StarsMarsRadio 9 days ago

    Fake and dumb. Learn English and get a haircut.

  • karuin
    karuin 9 days ago

    why are they so many saint Peter crosses??

  • Lightningninja77280

    I need to draw Jesus or the Christian simbol in that school

  • Blood Rose
    Blood Rose 10 days ago

    at 7:43 it looks like a bath tub for electrocution and shit

  • Panic!AtMyPityBlackParade 2001

    Favourite moment of the video is 9:16 look at the walls and read

  • haters hater
    haters hater 10 days ago

    Hi new subscriber here from the philippines! I really like your videos and your handsome btw :)

  • Kobe Alindayo
    Kobe Alindayo 10 days ago

    dont go to the base ment because its to many people died there and i survive it when i go there whith my friends there somthing that i cant understand it satanic praying on the star and we run and we lost to the exit.

  • Row Gaming
    Row Gaming 10 days ago

    I heard a little girl huff so did my cousins

  • kaitlyn schmidt
    kaitlyn schmidt 10 days ago

    You know what would be really cool is if you set up cameras and keep a live stream going to see if you can catch people doing things in the buildings

  • Kamila Liro
    Kamila Liro 10 days ago

    10:34 OMG

  • Altheza Manalastas
    Altheza Manalastas 10 days ago


  • Daniela pequeno
    Daniela pequeno 11 days ago

    Thats is so creepiest in the world

  • Ms Myabay
    Ms Myabay 11 days ago

    this is Cheri🐥
    Cheri had no food
    Cheri DOENT ask for likes
    So don't like this comment
    From to many likes Cheri will die

  • BG Dixon
    BG Dixon 11 days ago

    do that at 3 am pls

  • Lolli Anne Salvadore

    Ayyy T.Mills who else saw T.Mills on the wall where the Satan shit was?

  • pokemon go and jurrassic world player 196783

    who thinks this is like an abandoned scp containment area?

  • roblox.Production 123456keean1 [ Administrator ]

    I drew that pentagon,

    yep. back in the old days with my friends

  • Cube Pixel
    Cube Pixel 13 days ago

    Jake Paul

  • Roblox SuperRalph13
    Roblox SuperRalph13 14 days ago

    9:24 you can see "Asshole i love dicks in my ass"

  • Ella Bown
    Ella Bown 14 days ago

    5:06 - 5:08 what was on the right ?!

  • Dolan Duck
    Dolan Duck 14 days ago

    Real Yandare Simulator.

  • The Hack
    The Hack 15 days ago

    I'm sure I see an rope to hang people too I think my friend will be there

  • The Hack
    The Hack 15 days ago

    I go to abanded hospital with my friend with guns and bomb because we were scared and ready to escape we saw a lot of blood and a ritual the door shut and locked we are scared but one of my friends grab my bag and get the bomb and we blow the window up and ran away but one of my friend during come out we came back but he gone and we ask his family and they don't know and we won't go back there

  • The Hack
    The Hack 15 days ago

    If you ever see an ritual just run like a girl

  • jared robinson
    jared robinson 15 days ago

    Once at my local school these satanists did a ritual in the middle of the school field during the night and they left the sar drawing and candles and in the middle was a bag of cat heads. Pretty fucked.

  • Undertale Lover
    Undertale Lover 16 days ago

    9:19 I love socks in my ass srsly😂😂😂

  • Madilyn Bishop
    Madilyn Bishop 17 days ago

    Go there at 3am 😂

  • Yejin Kim
    Yejin Kim 17 days ago

    this is outlast. cool

  • Séb en Vlog
    Séb en Vlog 17 days ago

    wish camera you use?

  • Fennekindreemur / Olivia

    at 4:52 the news paper is the date of when the bite of 87 was... fnaf = demonic. that place = demonic. newspaper = the time of the bite of 87. a coincidence?! i think not

  • Fennekindreemur / Olivia

    ummm 1987 was the bite of 87.... a coincidence? i think not!

  • Stephanie Lyon
    Stephanie Lyon 17 days ago

    that is like a hotel or a school

  • IPlayRoblox ILookForMarch18th!

    at 9:26 look at nearest wall and read

  • Thomas Mathur
    Thomas Mathur 18 days ago

    Why is he so interested in showers?

  • Dana Miller
    Dana Miller 19 days ago

    You shouldve looked through that newspaper

  • ben russull walters
    ben russull walters 19 days ago

    scary as shit

  • Larrisa Bennett
    Larrisa Bennett 19 days ago

    I watched a movie on netflix and this building look like the one on it

  • Antlether Filigenzi
    Antlether Filigenzi 19 days ago

    The newspaper said 1987, did anyone else think of FNaF?

  • Rachael Barton
    Rachael Barton 20 days ago

    Me: *watches video

    Me: Pff I don't believe in ghosts.

    Mind: You sure???

    *Buys a nightlight for every outlet in the house.

    TRINITYCOCOSMA 20 days ago

    Oh hell no bye devil I love god

  • maimunah latip
    maimunah latip 20 days ago

    feels like watching people playing video game

  • x.giiooo.x
    x.giiooo.x 20 days ago

    Wait what is this place?

  • Sarcartist
    Sarcartist 21 day ago

    The other side of the tunnel reminds me of OUTLAST 2

  • kazuma Ichido
    kazuma Ichido 21 day ago


  • Kabamstudios
    Kabamstudios 21 day ago

    His soundtracks always remind me of resident evil

  • Legit Legendary Arcanine

    If u want a good part 1:44

  • wim degreef
    wim degreef 21 day ago


  • wim degreef
    wim degreef 21 day ago

    lol look when you conpare it to my bedroom

  • RobertMartineeez
    RobertMartineeez 22 days ago

    The dick spray painted on the left side of the door at seven o five

  • LuckyRacer67
    LuckyRacer67 22 days ago

    Sees "Dick" word on the door
    Hopes papa bowser doesn't see
    Note scared anymore

  • CGT Productions
    CGT Productions 23 days ago

    GHOST @6:20

  • Shelene Corpuz
    Shelene Corpuz 23 days ago

    I wonder if the spirit followed them home

  • Jaeda Cochrane
    Jaeda Cochrane 23 days ago

    where does this guy live

  • mlp violetrose
    mlp violetrose 24 days ago

    is there a name named coyote?

    • mlp violetrose
      mlp violetrose 24 days ago

      i ment conyene on the look liike a cat and another cat

  • Wyanete1000
    Wyanete1000 24 days ago

    That is such a good rich school!

  • evildarkness geometry dash

    holy fuck i guess the teachers and the principal were trying to sacrifice all the kids in the school. thats my theory about the satanic rituals and stuff ._.

    IX_-HACKSAW- _XI 24 days ago

    What the F U C K holy;

  • KoekjesMonster
    KoekjesMonster 24 days ago

    What happend to this school? Why is there blood?

  • Bella Stearns
    Bella Stearns 24 days ago

    I see that no one has pointed it yet but it's so obvious maybe just to me but at 5:07 there in the bottom right corner is a cloud of smoke. Is it a ghost or just the air

  • Gustavo Cedeno
    Gustavo Cedeno 25 days ago

    ohhhhh men that Resident Evil 1 track made my day !

  • Delfino Dimas
    Delfino Dimas 25 days ago

    this is was probably gonna be the new Outlast if something bad happened

  • Herroshi Hondu Civec

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