ALIEN COVENANT (2017) Everything Explained + Prometheus Connections

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    BEN BURRUP 7 hours ago

    james!! FRANCOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  • Ninja v wolf
    Ninja v wolf 9 hours ago

    What made the shock wave in the beginning of the film

  • Bobby Vincent
    Bobby Vincent 13 hours ago

    David plays along with them on the ship at the end because he wants to test his creation. Obviously it's not quite as perfect as he thought since it was outwitted by Daniels and Tennessee.

    DEFALT 13 hours ago

    i actually dont care about shaw / sorry fanboys or girls but i just dont like her

  • Raben Vater
    Raben Vater 19 hours ago

    This does't explain anything. You just summarize the movie. Bad video!

  • Ivan Victoria
    Ivan Victoria 21 hour ago

    So it was a sequel to Prometheus and nothing about Alien.(ok)

  • blaze556922
    blaze556922 1 day ago

    I think David is studying how the Proto will interact with the remaining crew. Otherwise, why help?

  • blaze556922
    blaze556922 1 day ago

    The Protomorph was never out in the open or sunlight. It behaved exactly the way it would/should have.

  • Alien Faulina
    Alien Faulina 1 day ago

    09:23 || ALIEN COVENANT (2017) :

  • The Phantom Voyager

    FoundFlix the engineers may not look different because they experimented on themselves but it could be that they evolved because the ones in prometheus were thousands of years old so it would make sense that over that time the engineers were adapting to new things or environments...

  • Thad Coffindaffer

    Next time show a picture of the all grown alien

    CAPTAINPRICE79 1 day ago

    Anybody else notice that the arms on the Protomorph are more muscular than the Xenomorph? Does this mean it's stronger or that it's strength is just a tad more obvious?

  • Random Kid666
    Random Kid666 1 day ago

    amazing video you have earned a sub my friend

  • r3koFresh
    r3koFresh 2 days ago

    10:21 larger ? where or with what are you relating how big they are ?

  • Wei xu
    Wei xu 2 days ago


  • stan ochocki
    stan ochocki 2 days ago

    so David is just a rich, pampered, Andriod....should have been made an I Phondriod. LOL It is just too GAY. As Gay as HAL, in '2001" who tried to form a loving and lasting relationship with astronaut Dave. Since, David already knows that Humanity, as defined by the Master Programer, to Neo, (or Mr. Smith--the real 'ONE'), in the ''Matrix'',"....I created humans, 6 different times...there is a basic flaw, in them..." Duuhh, The Terminator should have married T-1000 and settled down in Roseta, HAL should have merged/mated with Dave and settled on Mars. Dave, should get over his quest for dependency and have generations of Bromances..or hook-up with one of the Engineers .just think of the Hot multi-generational tie-ins THAT, could lead to and by has have or vaculous as any given Hollywood Celeb. And it this movie is set in the Far 'Star Trek'-technology Future. Why do the actors talk and act with 21st Century banality? Better to get a fire-stick and save oneself some money.

  • Saxon Johnson
    Saxon Johnson 2 days ago

    wait wait wait wait wait.... Prometheus and the alien series are connected???

  • drudown____tv
    drudown____tv 2 days ago

    Just saw the movie tonight!

    (insert shudder re movie ending *here)

    It seems the "source of the biological material David used" was most likely the PRE-EXISTING BIODIVERSITY on the Engineers' own planet, i.e., each creature exposed to the "black goo" responds DIFFERENTLY based on its *respective DNA structure and, as such, perhaps the "bugs seen" or "face hugger prototypes" were the result of the "black goo" mutating inside "hardy, PRE-EXISTING creatures" ALREADY on their planet... namely, "adapting to the effects of the black goo" in MORE FAVORABLE ways than, alas, the Engineers themselves.

    Also, it seems unlikely that David could "clone Dr. Shaw" because (1) her eggs were inert and (2) to clone something David would REQUIRE need BOTH Male and Female GAMETES; correct? Just a thought.

    Nice overview!

    • drudown____tv
      drudown____tv 2 days ago

      Speaking of Dr. Shaw, was her demise NECESSARILY the result of David's nefarious meddling? That is, she WAS exposed indirectly to the "black goo's injurious effects" from her partner and/or on the underlying Prometheus mission. (See also, e.g., the "brief exchange" of the face hugger causing a gestation transmission with another crew member as well in this movie)

      As for David being a more "human android," in many ways he displays the hallmark trait of "being human" in less-than-admirable ways: without logic, the clear glass reflects both wisdom and madness. Thus, David also appears to have "mutated' into a "new android (bear with me) species" insofar "he feels *real empathy for his own 'Alien creation' that was shot by a crew member." As for David purportedly "loving Dr. Shaw," I felt that was just a ruse he proffered to Walter to achieve his calculated objective: to get off the dead planet and cause destruction via repopulating the universe with "his creations." Particularly assuming, above all, Dr. Shaw was somehow "killed by David." That doesn't make logical sense and/or coincide with David "loving Dr. Shaw" while....of course, concurrently noting to Walter "he pities humans." I think David was "gauging Walter's autonomous thought to 'use the colonists' for desired ends" AND try to "lower Walter's defenses" by "unfoundedly claiming he loved Dr. Shaw."

      Last thought.

      Just this: I respectfully submit "animation is INFERIOR" TO USING REAL LIFE PROP ALIENS"...just like "muppet Yoda is better than animated Yoda."


  • roloug95
    roloug95 2 days ago

    Can someone please explain to me why everyone is being so unfairly harsh on this movie but so unfairly nice about Wonder Woman? I fee like I'm in the twilight zone it doesn't make any sense.

  • Riley Fulton
    Riley Fulton 2 days ago

    Alien is one of those thing your scared of but are interested in at the same time

  • Jacob Parslow
    Jacob Parslow 2 days ago

    I think in the scene with the spores it only kills those who are susceptible. The others that are not are mutated, we see that some are not outright killed but do transform. So maybe those are the ones who are from the depths of the gene pool which would allow them to fight off the effects of the spores. But being based on the black goo it still has mutational properties which only take hold because they don't outright die.

  • Nile Cole
    Nile Cole 3 days ago

    So i david walter or is walter David

  • Cake God
    Cake God 3 days ago

    Pretty sure he just created a strain of the xenomorph which skips the chestburster stage

  • Lorenzo Giancristofaro

    Where do those scenes of David and Shaw come from? I haven't seen them in the movie at all

  • trash bob gamer 5248

    do you know when alien covenant will be on DVD ?

  • Nyran Stanton
    Nyran Stanton 3 days ago

    when movies borrow ooff of games. This is a hardcore version of the Genophage in Mass effect ...what a sad direction Alien franchise has gone. This is NOT where I thought the original Alien movie, was going to go :(

  • che keith
    che keith 3 days ago

    If David created the protomorph, where did the predators come from? Did they evolve naturally or something else?

  • Clarkstowns Finest
    Clarkstowns Finest 3 days ago

    Ridley Scott needs to make a good deadspace movie

  • Svea Rike
    Svea Rike 4 days ago

    Doesn't the xenomorph have it's own planet of origin that the engineers knew about, where and how else would David be able to have aall of those eggs, facehuggers ect to work with.

  • Nelson Baietti
    Nelson Baietti 4 days ago

    your analysis is VERY GOOD, in fact is saves the movie again for me. It hurts to see what looks like disregard by Ridley Scott who doesn't seem to care about proper continuity at the editing room. It is the second time someone on YouTube has to actually explain the movie, first with Prometheus and now with its sequel...

  • Abraxis729
    Abraxis729 4 days ago

    The Neomorph birthing scenes were so damn gross

  • Thomas Merrett
    Thomas Merrett 4 days ago

    Theresa would have an absolute field day running through all that wheat. Plus no human interaction either, absolute Tory gem of a planet.

    JACK ILLER 4 days ago

    sounds like I missed out on a crap movie

  • sommer camp
    sommer camp 4 days ago

    ...and the "Aliens" are a hiveliving extraterrestrial species, not a manmade bioweapon!

  • sommer camp
    sommer camp 4 days ago

    ...And the "Space Jokey" for real "Alien"-Fans is a fat guy with a kind of Elefanttrunk sitting on a chair, not 6 sixpacks carring white balled guy!

  • sommer camp
    sommer camp 4 days ago

    What a Shitmovie! They should have let Bloomkamp make his sequel to "Aliens" instead of this abomination! Hey, Ridley you go full Georg Lucas with this!

  • Markis2bi4
    Markis2bi4 5 days ago

    David is essentially what happens when you raise a child poorly or unwisely, e.g. asshole Mr. Wayland. God or not, at the end of the day nobody likes an asshole, and one could be anything - even a god - without being a dick about it. Am I wrong? Yes, it's over simplification, but though the characters in the story serve their purposes, I feel no desire to give leeway to those characters given their attitudes and their drives that make them do what they do; and what they do is incredibly amoral, unethical, and downright arrogant which makes me personally miffed.

  • Zenox101
    Zenox101 5 days ago


  • Free Reign Network
    Free Reign Network 5 days ago

    If David is the Reason behind Alien then where was he in the original movie which is where these films are supposed to be leading up to.

  • Jeffrey Cline
    Jeffrey Cline 5 days ago

    Maybe after deactivating Walter, David downloaded his own personality into Walter which would explain how the switch was so fast and how David knew all the correct codes

  • glynn harris
    glynn harris 6 days ago

    Did you not remember that the same thing happened to the engineers when they were hit with it in prometheus

  • phantom freddy
    phantom freddy 6 days ago

    so avp for xbox 360 happens before weyland dissappears

  • Cristian Cardenas
    Cristian Cardenas 6 days ago

    predator gonna be the hero at the end of this series

  • Christopher Green
    Christopher Green 6 days ago

    You earned yourself a subscriber, everything you said made sense! Thanks I appreciate it man!

  • Trini Buoy
    Trini Buoy 6 days ago

    There seems to be a patch on David's left cheek...or maybe it's skin from Walter.

  • F Mat
    F Mat 6 days ago

    Glad I listened to this and other summaries. I think this Alien thing has gotten too complex for me. What a bunch of nonsense and meaningless chatter. This movie is just a means to more money for Ridley $cott and his cohorts. More sequels, more ananlysis, more profits. Yuck. I'm done with Alien.

  • PositiveSarcasm
    PositiveSarcasm 6 days ago

    I think Shaw died slowly (and painfully) from the black goo infection and David, in his grief, went full-on batshit scientist mode to a) murder all of the engineers, and b) try to bring Shaw back to life. When that failed, he did the next best thing and created life with her body. She's the "mother". The babies are just waiting for him to find a way to bring her back as well.

  • Diego Fernandez
    Diego Fernandez 6 days ago

    did anyone else win the staring contest?

  • chn zhp
    chn zhp 6 days ago

    Are you reading a article?!

  • unseen visitor
    unseen visitor 6 days ago

    Excellent video

  • C4RNAGE pitc4
    C4RNAGE pitc4 7 days ago

    take a breath when u speak, and don't split hear in to 4 pices

  • kazoosc
    kazoosc 7 days ago

    at 8:11 you say ".. they at least raided the Prometheus at some time for supplies."
    wasn't the Prometheus sacrificed to stop the ( last? ) Engineer from bombing Earth? Idris Elba's captain ramming the larger Engineer ship?

  • Youssef John
    Youssef John 7 days ago

    "You aren't surprised to see me" - Walter
    "Every mission needs a good synthetic" - David

    I can't remember where I saw it but apparently david has access codes to their ship in a deleted scene. This conversation between walter and david looks a lot less innocent to me now. Its as if Walter was close to uncovering communication between david and earth/weyland corporation, realising this because david wasn't surprised of his presence.

    DEUS EX 7 days ago

    Aliens omnibus volume one. If you've read it one sentence: Bueller, love does compute !

    DEUS EX 7 days ago

    I have a comic that SHOWs that they sent a ship VERY similar to the Prometheus ship to look for them ! BTW it's called Prometheus, the comic I mean. by then, ALL Sort of life forms have formed, including xenosharks, witch will unsurprisingly make you shit your pants. Anyways it really peaces together​the story of Prometheus and I think you guys should give it a read. P.S. be sure to check inside books-a-Million because that's where I found mine



  • Patryk Polowczyk
    Patryk Polowczyk 7 days ago


  • YDS
    YDS 7 days ago

    where can i find this movie?

  • Marsgouf wang
    Marsgouf wang 7 days ago

    great video , but dude, why are you shaking when talking?

  • Marsgouf wang
    Marsgouf wang 7 days ago


  • RedRazorGaming
    RedRazorGaming 7 days ago

    Michael Fassbender = One Amazing actor

  • C Fong
    C Fong 8 days ago

    When David sung "The man who bust the bank in Monte carlo" is when i knew he was planning to take Walters place. He was blatantly taking the piss as he cut his hair.

  • chikeedoo
    chikeedoo 8 days ago

    the movie isn't the worst ever , but man even chuckie is better than this(except for fassbender lol)

  • Samyra Hayes
    Samyra Hayes 8 days ago

    will the predators come back

  • xxSpike1989xx
    xxSpike1989xx 8 days ago

    David created shit - its that black virus it created humans and it created xenos the engineers have been playing god for thousands of years!

    • xxSpike1989xx
      xxSpike1989xx 8 days ago

      the space jokey was 1000s of years old not 10 years old! david is a red herring!

  • GS Worldbuilder
    GS Worldbuilder 8 days ago

    You should really stop using "Everything explained..." in your titles if all you're doing is reciting the plot.

  • Warrble Garrble
    Warrble Garrble 8 days ago

    The spores r the black goo at a certain temp

  • Cameron Bryan
    Cameron Bryan 8 days ago

    Does that mean that the runner alien is a protomorph because it was born with all its limbs

  • Happy SpaceInvader
    Happy SpaceInvader 9 days ago

    This isn't an explanation so much as an apologist's synopsis.

    What's not explained: the rank stupidity and ignorance exhibited by every single character in the movie, including the supposedly intelligent androids. Of course, this is the actually easiest to explain: the ignorance of the characters is merely a reflection of the ignorant writers (and director). When you're making evolution the cornerstone of you plot, you need to get the basics right:

    Some of the howlers:

    "I refuse to believe that mankind is a random by-product of molecular circumstance. No more the result of mere biological chance."... hardly surprising, because I don't think anyone believes that... although I know it's what Creationists think Evolutionary Biologists believe. This is because they think the process of evolution must have been incremental, when in fact it is iterative.

    "Even monkeys stood upright at some point"... Humans did not evolve from monkeys, we evolved from apes. Monkeys continue to walk on all fours (albeit with the ability to temporarily stand on two legs).

    "Some Neanderthal had the magical idea of blowing through a reed to entertain the children one night in a cave somewhere"... ahh the old caveman cliche. Throw away that 1950's pre-history text book. Neither Neanderthals nor the humans that lived around the same time as them lived in caves. And Neanderthals died out thousands of years ago anyway, so why even mention them when talking about human civilisation?

  • Curas1
    Curas1 9 days ago

    Oh thanks for the heads up. This franchise hasn't been  worth watching  since alien 2.
    Way too convoluted.

  • airbrush911
    airbrush911 9 days ago

    at the last scene, when David asked Mother to play Wagner, Mother did and somehow answered 'Yes David' ... instead of 'Wouter' .. How the ship/Mother recognised? ?

  • Nicole Blazer
    Nicole Blazer 9 days ago

    Did I miss when they killed the second (white) Xenomorph,because if not then it implies it's still alive on the Creators'planet. David's ability to "communicate" with them because of his non-organic makeup and near identical visage to Walter implies that Walter-whom I believe is still alive- will form a bond with this creature and come after David using the same ship he and Shaw used to get to the Creators'planet. This will be because David has exposed Walter to his own human emotions thereby showing Walter that he does in fact have love for Daniels. SN: Lode-or however you spell it- didn't get the Xenomorph from the face-hugger,but from the patch David put on his face. Remember the black goo/dust needed an open wound or entrance to the body.

  • Mustang Art
    Mustang Art 9 days ago

    I am surprised that every theory or explaination I've seen so far totally neglects John Miltons "Paradise Lost." It's stated that Prometheus was inspired by it and the connection is even clearer in Covenant (which was actually supposed to be called "Paradise." It is pretty obvious that David takes the role of Satan, but I am not 100% sure about the rest. My theory so far is that the humans represent god, from which David strayed, resulting in his lonely isolation. Upon finding out that god (here the humans) created an better, updated version of himself (Walter) that wouldn't betray them (they lacked knowledge, or here emotions) he sets out to draw him to his side, with intentions of corrupting him. This "temptation" results in Walters death or symbolically his expellation from paradise. David still seeking revenge on the god that "sent him to hell" thus sets out to destroy the humans. Does anyone else think this could make sense?

    • Mustang Art
      Mustang Art 9 days ago

      btw, David once even quoted a scene in Paradise lost when he said: "It's better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven."

  • DJ Koala
    DJ Koala 9 days ago

    Finally a guy who talks about alien and doesn't sound like he's bored as hell

  • deepSilent0
    deepSilent0 10 days ago

    The black goo was not created by the Engineers. It was found by them and they started experimenting.
    The Engineers created humans as a substitute for the Engineers sacrificing themselves when using the black goo. The humans would have the same DNA, so the black goo would react exactly in the same manner as it would if an Engineer would use it.

    Once the humans "spawned", the Engineers took a couple of them on their testing planet, and when the humans were exposed to the black goo, it did create life... well you kind of guessed what kind of life was created. They've studied this new creatures and even experimented on them, creating the ultimate organism, the Xenomorph.

    Now, I think some of the engineers were amazed by this new creation (perfect organism), while others where terrified. Maybe a civil war started between those who wanted to continue studying it, and those who wanted it killed, and in that confusion, a couple of specimens got loose and we see the results in Prometheus. The last Engineer in Prometheus was part of the faction who wanted the creature destroyed and everything related to it (humans). He plotted course to Earth, but before he could launch the ship, something happened. Maybe the loose Xenomorphs got inside the ship with him and the only way to hide from them was to conceal his vitals, and the only thing that could do that was the sleep-pod. Then Prometheus happen.

    Paradise (Covenant planet), was a place where Engineers store their knowledge (big archive) and some of that knowledge could involve what happened on the Prometheus planet, as well as how to create those creatures. We see this in some of the ancient scrolls in David's lab. Scrolls depicting the ritual required to spawn a Xenomorph. So after wiping out all of the Engineers (or whatever they were), David had access to all of that information. Then Covenant happen.

  • 2bescenecom
    2bescenecom 10 days ago

    Did Walter get destroyed or was he convinced by David?

  • roger seale
    roger seale 10 days ago

    It's amazing how quickly this series has degenerated. Instead of getting a movie about aliens that created humanity we get some BS M. Night Shyamalan nonsense about another android running amok. I guess Ridley never watched Westworld .Does the phase: "cease all motor functions" mean anything? Why would you create something without having the ability to shut it OFF.

  • Chaylynn Petherbridge

    I believe the reason David helped Shaw and Tennessee kill the alien was because he was testing it. If it couldn't beat 2 humans, then it wasn't the perfect specimen.

  • Anony Moose
    Anony Moose 10 days ago

    dumb ass colonists

  • Luis Galaz
    Luis Galaz 11 days ago

    I have to say. Why are people bitching about Alien: Covenant not being about "Aliens" but about David? What do you idiots want? Some Xenomorph race walking on two legs speaking with other Xenomorphs about how their day went or a Xenomorph pressing some buttons on a ship to "colonize" or attack another planet? Seriously people wtf do you expect??? hahahaha

  • Azel
    Azel 11 days ago

    I wonder if Shaw becomes an allegory like Mother Mary? Giving birth through "divine" intervention, through direct manipulation of her ovum.

  • royandescartes
    royandescartes 11 days ago

    struggling to listen but his voice is very annoying.

  • d. smith
    d. smith 11 days ago

    Thanks captain obvious

  • Brett Bales
    Brett Bales 11 days ago

    Taking the chip doesnt answer the question of gaining new abilities like healing himself. That has to be a mix of hardware that would be built into the body. Not to mention if he had gotten information from the other version of himself he probably would have had the information on conversations about the dreams.

  • DarkEntX
    DarkEntX 11 days ago

    I think it would be cool if they managed to fit a predator somewhere in the story. Even if its just for a short scene, it'd be a cool way to re introduce the predators leading up to the new predator movie, as well as making the predators a canon part of the story

    DRAGON SLAYER 27 11 days ago

    how are xenomorphs so good at stealth even with it screeching in the ship and vents

  • Tughrul Beg
    Tughrul Beg 11 days ago

    Why the fuck do you call it "Protomorph" ? .. it is an Xenomorph already. You can see it in the credits "Xenomorph" ...also Ridley Scott did mentioned in his interwiews 2 creatures -- Neomorphs and XENOMORPHS. Protomorphs nowhere to be seen. Are you guys just so mad to ignore his decision making power? Stop bitching and don't use that butthurt-fans-made bullshit.

  • Charanor
    Charanor 11 days ago

    Some notes :)
    1) The spores that David releases _are_ the black goo. He mentions in the movie that when the goo interacts with the atmosphere it turns into the spores and then the bugs.

    2) Another plot hole: David is seen bleeding _red_ blood in the movie. Yet when they leave the planet he is seen bleeding _white_ blood like the other android models.

    But the ending might have another meaning. Perhaps the android at the end _is_ Walter - just with David's "mind" if you wish. Think about it. Everything about the model seems to indicate that it is in fact Walter, the only thing that's different is his thinking. David may have defeated Walter and uploaded himself into Walter *or* Walter, after hearing David's "speech" at the end when he's lying on the ground, got affected by what David said and _himself_ uploaded David to him.

  • SexyGreenTurtles
    SexyGreenTurtles 12 days ago

    Gay robots.

    What has our society come to.

  • rob Chickun
    rob Chickun 12 days ago

    David knew that if the protomorph was kept alive, it would kill everyone and pretty much destroy everything as soon as David gets to the mother ship.

  • Marissa Perez
    Marissa Perez 12 days ago

    Thanks. I wasn't interested in watching this film because I got enough of aliens killing humans in the first one, but this evil android plot is too hilarious.

  • Rand al'Thor
    Rand al'Thor 12 days ago

    David may have tried to "force himself on her". What, was David equipped with a dingus? Bonner capable and all? Or did Shaw install one during his repair? If she did, I wonder if she thought it was worth it in the end..... Probably not... Or....... Does David have a near endless supply of energy and heightend speed compared to a human?

  • Tekdroide17 A
    Tekdroide17 A 12 days ago

    it seems to me that all knowledge of the engineers is lost but, in a strange twist, that the engineer wasn't wrong to pull David's head off. the elder race maybe knew something but we can never find out what. only weyland knew about them on earth and he's dead. it seems like humanity can never learn the origin of the xenomorphs, as they couldn't know David was tweaking their DNA & that he genocides these engineers since he sails into the beyond with a ship full of colonists to presumably mutate. & it doesn't explain the craft with the eggs in alien. the character of David is mistaken about so many things. he could be destroyed & doesn't know the future. so humanity ventures into space, the engineers are gone and can't answer why they were created. it is obvious that the engineers saw humanity as a threat. in both cases, the elder race is destroyed by its creation, suggesting evolution is nothing more than a symphony of murder. as for Walter, it's a possible that David simply succeeded in poisoning his mind. & I knew that David was going to try to kill Walter with the flute. but basically the franchise is doing a great job of stringing us along, returning to the cinema and paying billions of dollars for a half baked story that is nothing more than a supposed to scare you horror flick. ultimately proving that the audience is just gullible. I never found it scary; that is hype and has always been hype. hype sells stuff. it makes me feel sad that life is portrayed as savage and murderly. and the gory scenes simply gross me out rather than terrify. its too unrealistic to serve as a warning to the perils of ai. so far all machines have done is beat us at chess, jeopardy & go. what would be groundbreaking is to find out how a real sentient ai would really react to humans, and life. we don't know because, there ain't one. other than that nobody in the crews of these vessels ever have a clue what is going on & behave like hysterical unprepared screaming idiots whose emotions always get in the way of defeating the threat. so their asses end up in a sling because they are dim wits who are easily exploited, weak and defenseless before ruthless terrifying animals.

  • MirkWoot
    MirkWoot 12 days ago

    Made me miss Bishop, the good. Hated how Walter didn't kick Davids ass, he was more advanced... but i guess if David was more self-aware, he was more cunning.Why did they trust him so much?. When i saw doctor Shaw, i thought alien queen?...
    I really want one of the next movies to be more like Aliens(2), more combat with some clever bad-ass characters who will hold more ground for longer than in any other alien movie, let us get to know them more, but then maybe trouble later. Maybe not letting the aliens have as easy sneaky kills.

  • Cortez Givens
    Cortez Givens 12 days ago

    Shaw was bae tho😭

  • Aa Campbell
    Aa Campbell 12 days ago

    Did anyone get the impression we were supposed to be unsure if it was David or not at the end? The scenes where he's helping them might simply exist to make the reveal that it's him more surprising. I don't think anyone in the audience was fooled, however.

  • Trey
    Trey 12 days ago

    David injected Lode on the ship...not the face hugger.

  • Scott
    Scott 12 days ago


  • Richard W
    Richard W 13 days ago

    Small detail that some people noted: The eggs and Space Jockey in Alien were only presumed to be really old because Dallas made a passing comment about it looking fossilised. They didn't run any tests to work out its age. No solid proof that they're really old at all: "Looks like it's been dead a long time. Fossilized. Looks like it's growing out of the chair" - "looks like..." If they aren't really old they could be put there by David or someone else in recent years. My guess is that the Space Jockey is David or another Covenant crew member

  • JakeDatBacon
    JakeDatBacon 13 days ago

    loved the video, be better if you stuck to clips though and not include that face and haircut you're sporting.. kinda cringy and annoying

  • Brian Carter
    Brian Carter 13 days ago

    In the original alien idea, the alien grew fast because their life span was short
    born live kill and reproduce the killed into eggs

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