Wonder Woman - Movie Review

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  • 00Billy
    00Billy 3 hours ago

    a peaceful israeli.... hehe. suspension of disbelief ....nope.

  • stefon julien
    stefon julien 5 hours ago

    this movie was really good . I mean the supporting characters were amazing . this is going to be a great franchise . I imagine the second wonder woman is going to be about the discovery of her island and she going to have to go back and save it .

  • Andrea Ac
    Andrea Ac 13 hours ago

    Omg I so want that T-shirt. Where you found it ??

  • Virtual Entertainment
    Virtual Entertainment 18 hours ago

    She did do a great job, I really enjoyed the movie.

  • meshowz
    meshowz 19 hours ago

    the movie sucks,,, the fuck wrong with these reviews?

  • Moses Primm
    Moses Primm 1 day ago

    The characters and the premise worked. But it had that typical DC structure where its just scattered and messy and pretty generic.

  • Moses Primm
    Moses Primm 1 day ago

    I saw this yesterday and it was TRASH!! The amazon chicks were super cheesy. The movie was 50% flashbacks and narration. It was so generic. The action was dope when it finally happened. But that ending oh god so cheesy. Aries WAS an actual guy? Why?? That destroyed any depth the movie had going. TRASH TRASH TRASH

  • Alberto Ramirez
    Alberto Ramirez 1 day ago

    Sailor moon!!!

  • Ubeydillah Alas
    Ubeydillah Alas 1 day ago

    Bro man of steel was fking awesome I dont care what anyone says

  • TheSkyCactus
    TheSkyCactus 1 day ago

    I'm a Marvel guy but Wonder Woman was so fucking good

  • goobger117
    goobger117 1 day ago

    The only thing i think that could have made it a lot better would have been to portray no mans land a bit better. Maybe it's because of how we'll battle field 1 did it and honestly made you stop and think about how horrifying and terrible that place was. Would have brought a lot more weight to the portion of the movie and would have felt like much more of a victory if they showed how desperate of a situation it was. Instead of just saying "this is no mans land, there's a lot of guns and we haven't made any progress in a year" Besides that it was really good

    • goobger117
      goobger117 1 day ago

      Oh and aries shouldn't have been a british dude with a mustache lol at least could have made him a more greek looking character than a skinny old dude. It was cheesy

  • Thiago Borba
    Thiago Borba 1 day ago

    I really liked Ares hehe

  • Shot.Hockey14
    Shot.Hockey14 1 day ago

    your a little pervert you sick fuck every movie with a strong female lead you give a good rate, oh yea my masturbation session to this was an A+

  • Shot.Hockey14
    Shot.Hockey14 1 day ago

    your truly fucking autistic

  • Novita Sijabat
    Novita Sijabat 1 day ago

    i love your review and yes i do agree about WW is colourful ... this movie has good balance in everything

    though i agree the villains do not have depth story background but after i saw many kinds villains in movies i think i more support that this time i prefer spotlight fully on the hero/heroine

    Steve is not weak but he also has his own good action moments and he also can protect Diana in some scenes ... they are great couple, they influence each other to be better. their interactions are funny, cute, interesting, intense, and in the end bittersweet. i am a female and at first i watched the movie for wonder woman / gal gadot and no regret but surprisingly in the end Steve Trevor become my personal fav character. Chris Pine almost stole the show to me. i love all the cast too of course.

  • TheLegendaryAnimeAvatar

    I'm already waiting for the "evil nazi germans in WW1"...

  • Queenie Luong
    Queenie Luong 2 days ago

    i want your shirt

  • Luke M
    Luke M 2 days ago

    So basically, men don't want women to look on them as heroes?? You'd rather be a pussy and let women do all the sacrificing? Do you pussy men even want women to be attracted to you??

  • XL 12
    XL 12 2 days ago

    The internet needs more hate than the one it already has......

    So........a crappy feminist bullshit movie for resentful whiny lesbians....

  • Glozwell
    Glozwell 2 days ago

    Good movie, the best DCEU film by miles. Reminded me a lot of the first Captain America film which is not a bad thing at all. EDIT: I mean the first MCU/Chris Evans Captain America film obviously.

  • FelixHD1
    FelixHD1 2 days ago

    I havent watched it yet but i have one issue with it already. Why does it always have to be evil germans?? I mean i get it if they would have put her in a WW2 scenario (since thats pretty much a war caused by "evil" germans)
    But in WW1 Germany wasnt even on the bad side! You could look at the whole war and be legit in saying that the germans were the good guys.
    Beside that i think the world is already passed the point of "evil" countries. Bringing up WW1 or 2 to justify the "good heart" of character is not really up to date anymore. Just my opinion on that small issue.

  • Brayden Fleming
    Brayden Fleming 2 days ago

    This is the best DC movie since the Dark Knight!

  • Tyacis
    Tyacis 2 days ago

    That t-shirt tho.....

  • Vivek Kumar
    Vivek Kumar 3 days ago

    wonder woman was really amazing.... i loved the entire movie. it just got my hopes to new heights for the justice league. and chris your reviews are the best.

  • Jim Pavlidis
    Jim Pavlidis 3 days ago

    In my opinion this is the best superhero movie(not just DC)since the Dark Knight

  • Liese Willems
    Liese Willems 3 days ago

    Normally i'm a big Marvel fan, but this movie was amazing!

  • Dave Fischer
    Dave Fischer 3 days ago

    looks amazing

  • Matt Rose
    Matt Rose 3 days ago

    I have agreed with a majority of your reviews. Lately you've been losing me a bit and sadly this review makes me lose a good amount of faith in your opinion. I understand people won't always agree but I was hoping you wouldn't fall into the hype of the mediocre super hero film. It was alright, but cmon man... it wasn't that good. Be honest with yourself.

    • Matt Rose
      Matt Rose 3 days ago

      I understand you will probably never see or acknowledge this comment but I would honestly love to hear your argument as to why this is actually a good movie. Better than alright.

  • Dank Lord Meme Scrubber

    If this isn't a good reason to boot Zach Snyder and have Patty Jenkins direct the future DCEU movies, I don't know what is.

  • Ricardo Villagomez
    Ricardo Villagomez 3 days ago

    Great review Chris.

  • AlternativeMovies
    AlternativeMovies 3 days ago

    I really liked the movie. My biggest problem is the "villian twist" and the finaly.

  • Casey J
    Casey J 3 days ago

    *sigh* We just can't have female-led movies without men bitching and worrying about "man hating" or whatever shit they come up with and just enjoy a goddamn film that was sorely needed.

    If you want to whine about "sexism" so much, why don't you go read Whedon's abomination of a script and then come back.

  • Death Gaming
    Death Gaming 3 days ago

    People are saying JL will sucked cuz it's directed by Zack Snyder. Y'all dumbasses, this masterpiece is written by Zack Snyder.

  • Cole Bowser
    Cole Bowser 4 days ago

    Who else thought it was very Snyderish and very terrible?

  • White Knight
    White Knight 4 days ago

    I only like batman begins out of that series but i think wonder woman was definitely the best dc movie yet

  • Gamer Phantom
    Gamer Phantom 4 days ago

    a good dc movie... Dark Knight hole whole series

  • Brenton Clark
    Brenton Clark 4 days ago

    Ghostbusters made you "feel bad to be a man?" Huh?

  • RockStarAz
    RockStarAz 4 days ago

    Subscriber # 1 Million ! Wonder Woman is a Greatest DC Movie ! I had a Wonderful time watching Wonder Woman on the Bid Screen in 3d !

  • Albert Radafocurs
    Albert Radafocurs 4 days ago

    Civil War gets A+
    Wonder Woman gets A-


  • tysoon363636
    tysoon363636 5 days ago

    WW is the best DC movie ever, period!

  • Matthew Lee
    Matthew Lee 5 days ago

    I'm disappointed that literally no one seems to be talking about how kickass her theme is. Like seriously, it's a phenomenon a theme song is this good in modern-day superhero movies. Can anyone tell me what the Avengers theme is? Or how about Batman's theme? Guardians of the Galaxy theme? Or how about the Hulk theme?

  • Scott K
    Scott K 5 days ago

    Wonder woman was one of the lamest, most cliché movies I've ever seen. I mean for fuck sake. During the climax of the final showdown she exclaimed "It's about what you believe! And I believe in Love!"

    That was the cringiest fucking line of all cringy lines that have ever cringed. I mean jesus. I believe in love? Who wrote this garbage?

  • yoshyoka
    yoshyoka 5 days ago

    Finally a very well made DC movie! Yet I'd enjoy such movies more if they would not constantly rape Greek mythology and history.

  • YaoiNinja0717
    YaoiNinja0717 5 days ago

    Chris I want that shirt where'd you get it!?

  • GairoDuran23
    GairoDuran23 5 days ago

    Am I the only one who didnt enjoy this movie? I really wanted to love this movie but honestly I thought it was mediocre and overall boring. I guess I was expecting something amazing like the Wonder Woman animated movie.

  • vgotnofingers
    vgotnofingers 5 days ago

    Agreed on Gal Gadot and Chris Pine. The both of them really keep this boat afloat.
    But the movie is still mediocre. Everything is cliché about it really: ze Germans are bad, the woman wants to fight for love, Doctor Death is ugly and wears a face mask and the main antagonist is still a man. The script is so ridiculous that teenagers in the row in front of me were laughing. Apparently, Germans can chase an airplane rowing in boats. And its gotta be the poison gas, right? Of course, you get a whole gallery of the usual sidekick of late: the Scotsman with issues, Native American Chief-Grief and The Good Arab. And holy shit, was there really no one else to play Ares? That guy looks like a used car salesman. This movie is good? Dark Knight was good. I've no idea what do you smoke, people.

  • ThaFriendlyDictator

    Great? An A-? Seriously? I'm really sad that this is the kind of movie we rate so highly when it's exactly the same as every other over the top, hardly fleshed out, sloppily written mainstream action movie. There are so many flaws you didn't touch on at all Chris it feels like you just wanted to avoid shitting on a film the brain dead general public has deemed "good". Disappointed with this review.

  • ma403
    ma403 6 days ago

    i know u ppl didn't notice CHris's awesome shirt

  • Szymon Grabarczyk
    Szymon Grabarczyk 6 days ago

    Gadot wasnt the worst thing in this movie - she did a decent job. But the story and the dialogs were just horrible. The way scenes are presented and combined with eachother tells you that this particular piece was written on a knee during shitbreak. A 6-yesr old given some time would do a better job. This movie is inteligence insulting even for comics adaptations standards. I realise its meant to be easy entertainment that you dont reflect on but even the CGI wasnt that good. The scene where wonder woman destroys the sniper tower could have been better animated 10 years ago. The only thing acceptable in this movie was decent acting and some of the CGI sequences. If the only thing you enjoy in a movie are special effects and CGI watch the trailer - its combined with most of the good CGI scenes in the movie. I've watched all of new DC/marvel adaptations and they were more or less enjoable but "Wonder Woman" is an entertainment dumbed down to a level that surpass even Transformers movies.

  • Kamila M.
    Kamila M. 6 days ago

    i saw the movie today, it was really amazing. its exactly as i imagined it would be , especially with a strong character like wonder woman.

  • Rani L
    Rani L 6 days ago

    Am I the only one who is going to see this movie cause if Chris pine ? He is fine!!

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott 6 days ago

    I'm sorry but I think this movie is really overrated. Wonder Woman was essentially flawless. Sure, she was unfamiliar with our world, but that was settled quickly. Then, she didn't understand the corrupt nature of humans, but that was settled at the end. What is her big struggle? Peter Parker struggled with his love life, a rivalry with his best friend, a thirst for revenge that went against his typically good nature, and his own aunt being really disappointed with him at times. Bruce Wayne struggled with a theist for revenge as well, a feeling of guilt and anger for his parents' deaths, and most of all, wrestled with the idea of why he was any better than the people he was fighting against. Also, he had some terrible personal struggles. Wonder Woman is just, flat. Now what? What is her fatal flaw? What is her struggle that will go on past this movie? Nothing. It was all sorted out in the movie that introduced her. Definitely not bad, per se, but disappointing that a strong female lead was very flat. Grade: C

  • An Atheist's Opinion

    Nice Sailor Moon T-Shirt :D

  • Avian98X
    Avian98X 6 days ago

    I don't get it...... The movie was decent. Just decent. Not that great, definitely not horrible. Stop praising it tho.

  • orfeas
    orfeas 6 days ago

    The beggining and the ending kinda sucked, especialy the ending. The rest was great. 7/10

  • lizrael
    lizrael 6 days ago

    I loved this movie so much! Gal Gadot is amazing (you're pronouncing her name is a weird way, btw).

  • Rikku !!
    Rikku !! 7 days ago

    Your t-shirt is so badass. Love it!

  • kitty purry
    kitty purry 7 days ago

    I think this movie is going to be classic. The romance, fantasy, tragedy, action, heroic, for all ages.

  • kitty purry
    kitty purry 7 days ago

    this review is as great as the movie

  • Tony Liu
    Tony Liu 7 days ago

    that shirt is awsome.

  • Sim Junkie
    Sim Junkie 7 days ago

    Bobby burns did a parody of this review....

  • RP
    RP 7 days ago

    I didn't expect to get so much enjoyment and excitement out of this movie after the first hour or so.. the movie dragged a lot in some scenes and I was kind of annoyed until the part where Diana takes off her disguise. From then on the movie really paid off. The only other thing that kind of bugged me was the forced relationship between Steven and Diana.

  • Christopher Coe
    Christopher Coe 7 days ago

    (maybe pronounce her name correctly next time)

  • Belfalor
    Belfalor 7 days ago

    I honestly liked the movie!! I didn't know what to think when they announced it, but I was more like "they'll fuck it", than anything. Then I heard about the reviews being VERY positive, and I decied that I would go see this movie. I liked more than anything. It was funny, yes, I liked her origins, I personally always thought Amazons banished men, but I like that in the movie they didn't. I thought they could have chosen a different actor for Ares, I had trouble picturing Lupin in that role. But I thought it was a good movie, and I really can't wait for more of these Origins movies. DC is getting back with some good tricks up their sleeve, and I seriously can't wait for Justice League

  • Sebastian Zellah
    Sebastian Zellah 7 days ago

    i liked villins maybe ludensomething was awfull but spoiler!!! ares has great motivation

  • JLT Yes
    JLT Yes 7 days ago

    this movie was scored too high on RT. should have been in the 80s, because it was just as good as GOTG Vol 2 of not worse. This is borderline nit picking, but If wonder woman could blast through stone walls, and withstand energy blasts from a GOD, what's the point of deflecting bullets with her wrist bands?

  • Ela Paterson
    Ela Paterson 8 days ago

    4:19 Wonder Woman #fullmovie https://plus.google.com/+McQuinGanesStaringDika/posts/3iyqotFnDgo

  • Cruzan9
    Cruzan9 8 days ago

    Well, I wanted to see more action but I did enjoy what was there though. What was there as far as action was pretty fantastic. Can't wait to buy the 4K blu-ray. Not at all interested in owing the other DC movies. But I did I get Batman v Superman on DVD and mostly because I love the ending with Wonder Woman. Fanboy? Yeah, definitely. I have been waiting for over 10 years for this movie. Over the years there has been so much frickin talk ad nauseam about a Wonder Woman movie. Then finally it was done. Never heard of Gal Gadot before this and would have liked to see Nadia Bjorlin or Bridget Regan play Wonder Woman...initially. After seeing Gal Gadot in Batman v Superman I decided she would most likely do just fine. I was right.

  • Ty W
    Ty W 8 days ago

    I dont think that this movie is colourful at all tbh like yeah themiyscira was colourful but once they leave it becomes grey thru out the whole movie and reminded me of captian america the first avenger sure the movie is set in london england during ww1 but the colour thru out was grey and if u put say red colours on a grey surface the red will stand out i unno imo

  • Boba Squid
    Boba Squid 8 days ago

    Dragged​ too much in the middle. Could've been an excellent movie.

    TOBLERONE TUBE 8 days ago

    This is my personal opinion, I think this film's pretty overrated. The final battle especially drags on for way too long.

  • Matthew Hudson
    Matthew Hudson 8 days ago

    It's the Wonder Woman movie we need, not the Wonder Woman movie we deserve.

  • mvmellon02
    mvmellon02 8 days ago

    "The Dark Knight Rises is probably still a better film" LOL are you kidding me? C'mon now... That movie has so many holes like swiss cheese... This is undoubtedly the best DC film since The Dark Knight, this is hands down better than TDKR...

  • Roberto Alessandro Costa Rosales

    I wanna see the movie you saw... becouse what I was a boring, cliche, melodramatic shit!!! Whats wrong?!

  • Roberto Alessandro Costa Rosales

    I wanna see the movie you saw... becouse what I was a boring, cliche, melodramatic shit!!! Whats wrong?!

  • snowbunny1001
    snowbunny1001 8 days ago

    I really loved this movie!!! 8D

  • Chris Cheng
    Chris Cheng 8 days ago

    I think the 'dot' in Gadot is pronounced more like 'goat' than 'dot'......

  • ZeroDiode
    ZeroDiode 8 days ago

    The CGI on Ares was awful, I think he sugarcoated it a lot. the battle didn't have to happen that way, he could have been such a good villain but in the end he just turned out to be a.. well a villain

  • KungJohn
    KungJohn 9 days ago

    it was booooring

  • Roos Rommens
    Roos Rommens 9 days ago

    I might be one of the only few but I only liked the first half. In the end I was getting a bit bored and I was waiting for it to actually end. I did not expect that honestly..

  • Brandon Arkell
    Brandon Arkell 9 days ago

    Fair analysis. I would add that Ares was never supposed to be obvious. I love how David Thewlis played him as a moustachioed gentleman until the end. That was GENIUS. And it only emphasises Diana's need to critique who her true foe is. I love how she discovers that Ares is actually an elegant moustachioed gentleman with superhuman powers. And she discovers hers.

  • Lenny Turner
    Lenny Turner 9 days ago

    Can't wait for his 1,000,000 subscriber video!!

  • Devansh Joshi
    Devansh Joshi 9 days ago

    Review October Sky(1999) and Downfall(2004)

  • Joseph Garcia
    Joseph Garcia 9 days ago

    This movie was a disappointment. This movie was okay at best. The third act was fucking ridiculous. At least it's better than BvS and SS.

  • Jordan Howser
    Jordan Howser 9 days ago

    "Gal Ga DOT" *sigh*

  • Cophros
    Cophros 9 days ago

    Oh, and if you want, we will all come together to buy you some crayons. So you can have more color.

  • Cophros
    Cophros 9 days ago

    Chirs - NEVER say you were touched, ever, in ANY context. Ok, that is all.

  • Giedrius K.
    Giedrius K. 9 days ago

    Only the teenager or brainless person can give to this shit A-.

  • Kurtice YZ
    Kurtice YZ 9 days ago

    man of steel was awesome to me. even batvsup but i still agree with u and the fettin hopes up

  • benjovi55
    benjovi55 9 days ago

    I thought Gal Gadot was miscast for it. But I was wrong and loved this film. I want to binge watch the fight scenes when it comes out on video.

  • CaffeineInjected
    CaffeineInjected 9 days ago

    Wonder WOMAN! :)

  • The Stranger
    The Stranger 9 days ago

    Two flaws Gadot as WW and the guy playing Aries,other than that the movie wasn't half bad. Better than SS,BVS,Dr Strange and Guardians 2=

  • Cian Broderick
    Cian Broderick 9 days ago

    thought the ending was very disappointing

  • Zizusami
    Zizusami 9 days ago

    why do people like the clusterfuck they call Wonder Woman? (the CGI is
    so terrible, the fighting scenes are just CGI clusterfuck, the acting
    was just awful (I'm looking at you gal gadot) and don't get me started
    on the terrible directing.

    • Josh
      Josh 3 days ago

      Zizusami nah

    • Zizusami
      Zizusami 4 days ago

      speak for your self. I don't have an asshole

    • Layla-Nadine Katana
      Layla-Nadine Katana 5 days ago

      Yea well opinions are like assholes. Everybodys got one

    • Zizusami
      Zizusami 5 days ago

      that's just my opinion you don't need to be butthurt about it.

    • Layla-Nadine Katana
      Layla-Nadine Katana 5 days ago

      Zizusami your comment just cannot be taken seriously

  • Ally Whybrow
    Ally Whybrow 9 days ago

    by far, my favourite dceu film

  • Neil Chopra
    Neil Chopra 9 days ago

    I thought this was better than the dark knight trilogy... Replies will be fun to read

  • pamela alvarado
    pamela alvarado 9 days ago

    I love this movie!! I was dying to see it and finally saw it yesterday. Shes my favorite super hero now :) Love the chemistry between them. Love your sailor moon shirt :)

  • Smiley the Smile
    Smiley the Smile 10 days ago

    It was a dumb movie.
    A very dumb movie.
    But the closest thing to an actual movie in the DCU.

  • lestat1886
    lestat1886 10 days ago

    "Colors they really matters"

    No! Inlike the tone of the dcu! We don't need another marvel universe

  • Marques Atkinson
    Marques Atkinson 10 days ago

    This movies was trash

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