Binging with Babish: Lovers' Delight Sundae from 30 Rock

Jack Donaghy knows how to do Valentine's Day - specifically, he knows how to do the most decadent Valentine's Day possible. Fruitlessly attempt to impress your partner as we delicately drape 24-karat gold atop homemade ice cream, cognac, and unnecessarily-expensive chocolate.

Music: "See" by Tycho

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Machineless ice cream recipe courtesy of The Kitchn:

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Author Hillary Yu ( ago)
Calling vanilla bean seeds "gunk"?? How dare you. 😱 Hahaha!

Author Cara Guy ( ago)
this sundae sounds a lot like the the golden opulence sundae in the buzzed worth it ice cream episode

Author Designer For fashion ( ago)
How do you stay so fit

Author esgarramanter ( ago)
What cognac did you use?

Author PKMNTrainerLilly ( ago)
When my chef boyfriend and I make ice cream, we never strain it. We eat our surprise scrambled egg mix ins like men.

Author Ryan Fager ( ago)
If you would have poured water in the ice and salt, would it have cooled faster?

Author Nearhi ( ago)
When I was in my 20s, I watched Epic Meal Time...
Now I'm in my 30s and I feel that your videos are way more entertaining.
But maybe you guys should colab... that could be hilarious.

Author Jon Smith ( ago)
I guess this Sundays so deqanit that in the show the gold leaf is 4.16% higher Purity then 100% LOL. I wonder if they said that as part of the joke so people could catch that or if they just didn't know how the karat scale works for gold.

Author Nick Mejia ( ago)
White cake from Django Unchained?

Author Dereecy B ( ago)
microwaved donuts are 10/10

Author Nicholas Fowler ( ago)
I bet this dessert was The Golden Experience.

Author Indigo Bain ( ago)
This is my favorite show

Author Brown Recluse ( ago)
Microwaved Donuts>

Author andrew marchitto ( ago)
Terkish Delight from the lion the witch and the wardrobe

Author Arthur McDowell ( ago)
Hwhisk—is that like cool hwhip?

Author The Ser ( ago)
Quick question; actual cook with education? Home trained?

Author Tamahagane ( ago)
25 carat gold doesn't exist 24 carat is already 100% gold

Author Dominique Mayer ( ago)
I really love your show–it's a great concept and the quality is amazing.

Author Martial Sunwalk ( ago)
*holy shit*

Author misskuni ( ago)
Gosh, that icecream came out beautiful.

Author Dr Doctor ( ago)
I'd like to see your take on the together breakfast from Steven universe

Author Tim DeCoursey ( ago)
You should make the Spongebob sundae with the ketchup and dirt

Author Sophie Wysocki ( ago)
"we can talk politics or-oh it looks like im done" ahaha

Author Anna Cecilia ( ago)
Please make cheesy blasters from 30 Rock, or in fact any more 30 Rock foods!! :)

Author Williams Duran ( ago)
i love this channel so much.. i love you bro..

Author carl rivera ( ago)
put the donut in the microwave for 8 seconds

Author Ryan Brooks ( ago)
how are you not the number 1 channel on youtube.... i happen to come across one of your videos yesterday and now im angry because im almost done watching every single video you made...

Author MackAttack713 ( ago)
I actually have put a frozen donut in the microwave, and holy shit it was actually good

Author laser14344 ( ago)
my fav home made ice cream is irish caramel coffee ice cream. I always can't decide whether the Jameson's or the coffee is the best part.

Author joshua hand ( ago)
Is this the one from BuzzFeed, worth it?

Author n_n3 ( ago)
I love you.

Author Marshall Perryman ( ago)
why is the chocolate expensive

Author Valerie H ( ago)
why is homemade icecream always custard instead. :( I'm allergic to eggs, I just want ICECREAM!

Author Danni Chung ( ago)
I echo all the positive comments here, and applaud the use of Tycho! Great taste in music!

Author lucas santos ( ago)
Do the Krabby patty and the krusty dog from spongebob

Author Lamarsh67 ( ago)
Funk yeah, Tycho!

Author 28jjman ( ago)
You listen to Tycho? Dude you're awesome.

Author Holly Rochelle ( ago)
The recipes from Chocolat would be so amazing!

Author Janina Hakuna Matata ( ago)
Your channel is one of the few cooking themed channels I really enjoy watching! You make everything from scratch, I apprechiate that a lot. Doesn't seem to be very common in the US 🙈

Author Lei Ann Joy ( ago)

Author TJ See ( ago)
Make a krabby patty

Author Randy Pham ( ago)
did you shit gold?

Author layneerb ( ago)
the sundae from home alone 2!!

Author Maddy Comber ( ago)
can you try and make the ribwich from the simpsons??

Author Kirumy ( ago)
As you poured yourself a glass of monkey shoulder, I was doing the same.

You have excellent taste in whisky.

Author Eclipse 3 ( ago)
krabby patty!

Author Mako547 ( ago)
I will applaud you for wearing gloves whilst tossing the salt and ice, as salted ice is extremely caustic.

Author Kenny L. ( ago)
Can you make Cheesy Blasters? It'll make MeatCat really happy.

Author Christopher Jordan ( ago)
Your voice reminds me of Spike from Cowboy Bebop 👍

Author Kadeem The Dream ( ago)
I never knew gold was edible lol

Author yashamaruism ( ago)
do 'donut in a microwave'

Author Hanna ( ago)
do the pear and gruyère pie from pushing daisies!!

Author FunfettiDelight ( ago)
Can you make the meal from fantastic beasts??

Author Mugduhlena Kuzluwskae ( ago)
why did you do such a great sexy voice so unexpectedly! omg

Author Riena Artanti Prameswari ( ago)
Can you Make Chicolate pie from "The Help" pleaase??

Author 양기하 ( ago)
Thought it was SOONDAE the korean blood sausage lol
Looks delight~!!

Author Tempo4200 ( ago)
Does anyone know what bourbon is that?

Author 0000siuol ( ago)
That cheesecake from friends.

Author UDD Music ( ago)
Why does each video begin with the Fraiser theme? LOL

Author elliectric ( ago)
you should make the Fool's Gold sandwich from What If!

Author haimynameiz shublabadub ( ago)
I rather have a donut

Author BUYMECAR[andyouwin] ( ago)
microwaved cinnamon rolls are so deadly to my existence.

also-- i probably would have made a cognac reduction.

Author Slashnsmack ( ago)
I wish I knew your channel was a thing ages ago you are awesome I been watch a bunch of your older vids

Author Sloane Zimmerman ( ago)
you sounded more like lego batman than Jack Donaghy

Author Brandon LeeTreverton ( ago)
glad you included the dough nut

Author Jake Hogan ( ago)
your channel deserves some sort of award.

Author Henry Wieser ( ago)
please do some recipes from the TV show Hannibal or from the cookbook feeding Hannibal

Author Li Google ( ago)
did you hear? that's so raven is coming back... can we please do the omelette from the "wake up" episode?

Author gregistopal ( ago)
How much did this cost to make

Author Chandler Sun ( ago)
Next: donuts in microwave

Author The3rdID ( ago)
No you know how to instahook a new sub.

Author cereal box ( ago)
anyone else want to see a video putting a doughnut in the microwave 😂😂😂

Author BeLight ( ago)
Your voice reminds me of Bob from Bob's Burgers. That is a compliment, btw. I love his voice.

Author Steve ( ago)
thank you to philly d for showing me this channel, one of the best on youtube!

Author Josh Threeton ( ago)
gonna be pooping gold

Author Peter Rudolph ( ago)
Do the scream queens casserole thing that chad radwell goes on and on about.

Author Luke Goetz ( ago)
Subbed until "Patreon". Give me a break.

Author Thomas Vu ( ago)
Did you poop out gold?

Author Splcy ( ago)
Thought I recognized that Tycho track! <3

Author Lefteris Magoutas ( ago)
This was awesome.

Author Bart Stikkers ( ago)
Gold leaf is mostly entertaining because it makes your poop have bits of gold in it.

Author edholroydfb ( ago)
Tycho sounds my favourite!

Author Mercutio ( ago)
Using Tycho's music made it even better

Author 69adrummer ( ago)
I'm sorry but, not real gold, correct? Your poop would have to be....well, nevermind.

Author Souradeep sen ( ago)
tycho <3

Author L Samples ( ago)
r u an alcoholic?

Author Reuben SJ ( ago)
I made the icecream part and it turned out incredible for my first time ever making icecream. Thanks!

Author hunterthompson3 ( ago)
I'm on to you, mate... You just wanted to show off your one-handed egg cracking skills, which I'll gladly admit, as a heterosexual man, are extremely attractive.

Author 3EMCEE5 ( ago)
now I've got to get a girlfriend, cause I'm not eating a lovers delight by myself

Author halfsxegirl ( ago)
Am I tripping or dis he have 300k+ subs yesterday?

Author David Robinson ( ago)
Good god Lemon.

Author Stefan Scali ( ago)
Might I suggest one of the meals they cook in Take This Waltz?

Author BohemianDreaming ( ago)
Please make dishes from Hayao Miyazaki films!!

Author HoboTango ( ago)
I searched your drink and this came out :

Monkey Shoulder " Medium amber; forward sweet malt, vanilla, marmalade and crème brulee aromas, with notes of toasted nut, marzipan, butter, cream and light oak; on the palate, light and fresh, approachably smooth and elegant; followed by malty, creamy, toasted barley flavours and notes of fruit, nutmeg, clove oil, sweet nut and spicy oak."

My god that sounds good.

Author madelinehixon ( ago)
I am so obsessed with these videos and picture dating you and cooking these things together and it just sounds like a great life.

Author MeanSpirited Mirth ( ago)
Dude, Next time suspend yer custard in a pail with burn't wood chips. Preferably that have had meat cooked on them over time. Anyhoo.....Let it sit and then when mixing in yer pansy freezer momentarily and utilizing a bag of your favorite pre ground coffee. BTW mix that shit in when you're churning you're little heart out and you can thank me when done. BTW strain yer precious custard from the embers...
(A drunk pastry shefffffff) KEk!

Author JD C ( ago)
You should cook the meth from Breaking Bad.

Author 97Hallelujah ( ago)
Lord of the Rings- Lembas Bread

Author bryceowen ( ago)
I'm guessing you didn't watch much 30 Rock... You forgot the "G" in Donaghy. :P

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