Al-Kazabri--Surat Al-Kahf (Verses 45-56)--Ramdan 1427H/2006

From taraweeh prayer (Ramdan 1427H/2006), a recitation by sheikh Omar Al-Kazabri of verses 45-56 of Surat Al-Kahf (Surah 18 of the Holy Qur'an). There is an English translation of the meaning of the verses.

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Author tanjawi90000 ( ago)
amin ya rbi jami3 moslimin inchaelah

Author samir nargi ( ago)
soubhana allah ma ahwajana li ha oulae

Author Morad Hdidou ( ago)
God bless you shiekh Omar!!

Author KingChipotle ( ago)

Author jaddaouiza ( ago)
mashaa lah alahom ghfir li od3o li bhidaya .jazakom alaho khayran

Author makemelaughwhydontu ( ago)
Wow, its deep, Alhamdollilah, he aint got the best voice, but its so
sincere, really makes u feel it, and the ramadan atmosphere is heavy,
mashallah. Does anybody know where or what Mosque that is? I really hope
everyone gets experience such a deep spiritual level at least once in their
life. Ameen.

Author arsenalseat ( ago)
i cant write or say expect my tears

Author Rehan Akmal ( ago)
This is the most emotional& heart melting quran recitation I have ever
heard,thank you for sharing.Jazak Allah.

Author arsenalseat ( ago)

Author Ogre2011 ( ago)

Author revolte ( ago)
allah bless him and us ameen

Author sweety shona ( ago)
ya rab ir7amna ya rab amin

Author Malaysia1980 ( ago)

Author truthflash ( ago)

Author alghazaly ( ago)

Author alghazaly ( ago)
beautiful maqam soba..

Author truthflash ( ago)

Author tarikos11 ( ago)
alahoma jma3ni bi rassol wa sa7aba wa shirim wal 9azbri wal mominin fi
janaaaati na3im.9olo amin

Author sid sidney ( ago)
allahu akbar

Author truthflash ( ago)

Author revolte ( ago)
allah akbar

Author truthflash ( ago)

Author karfizos ( ago)
الله عليك يا قزابري تبارك الله نتمنى ان نشاهدك في رمضان لهذا العام على

Author truthflash ( ago)

Author karim fattar ( ago)
حفظ الله الشيخ عمر القزابري و بارك في عمره قولوا آمين

Author tarikos11 ( ago)
bidon ta3li9

Author LookingForParadise ( ago)
Salamu Alykum , Great Machaallah. Inchaallah I will go back to Morocco

Author zyka1 ( ago)
mushallah verry emotional

Author truthflash ( ago)
yes, it is Morocco.

Author Abrar Ahmed ( ago)
subhanallah! great video. Is this Morocco?

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