Al-Kazabri--Surat Al-Kahf (Verses 45-56)--Ramdan 1427H/2006

From taraweeh prayer (Ramdan 1427H/2006), a recitation by sheikh Omar Al-Kazabri of verses 45-56 of Surat Al-Kahf (Surah 18 of the Holy Qur'an). There is an English translation of the meaning of the verses.

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Author alghazaly (7 years)
beautiful maqam soba..

Author 19pdx57 (4 years)
حفظك الله يا شيخ عمر

Author truthflash (7 years)

Author thefilo123 (4 years)
بسم الله أصبحنا وأمسينا، أشهد أن لا إله إلا الله وأن محمد رسول الله، وأن
الجنة حق، والنار حق، وأن الساعة آتية لا ريب فيها، وأن الله يبعث من في القبور

Author LookingForParadise (7 years)
Salamu Alykum , Great Machaallah. Inchaallah I will go back to Morocco

Author heavymetal00 (7 years)
allah akbar

Author karim fattar (7 years)
حفظ الله الشيخ عمر القزابري و بارك في عمره قولوا آمين

Author Rehan Akmal (6 years)
This is the most emotional& heart melting quran recitation I have ever
heard,thank you for sharing.Jazak Allah.

Author sid sidney (7 years)
allahu akbar

Author sweety shona (6 years)
ya rab ir7amna ya rab amin

Author zyka1 (7 years)
mushallah verry emotional

Author arsenalseat (5 years)
i cant write or say expect my tears

Author yahiatoutou (6 years)
الله يبارك في الشيخ احسن صوت سمعته

Author heavymetal00 (6 years)
allah bless him and us ameen

Author arsenalseat (6 years)

Author truthflash (7 years)

Author jaddaouiza (5 years)
mashaa lah alahom ghfir li od3o li bhidaya .jazakom alaho khayran

Author alghazaly (7 years)

Author Morad Hdidou (5 years)
God bless you shiekh Omar!!

Author tarikos11 (7 years)
alahoma jma3ni bi rassol wa sa7aba wa shirim wal 9azbri wal mominin fi
janaaaati na3im.9olo amin

Author tanjawi90000 (4 years)
amin ya rbi jami3 moslimin inchaelah

Author truthflash (7 years)

Author makemelaughwhydontu (5 years)
Wow, its deep, Alhamdollilah, he aint got the best voice, but its so
sincere, really makes u feel it, and the ramadan atmosphere is heavy,
mashallah. Does anybody know where or what Mosque that is? I really hope
everyone gets experience such a deep spiritual level at least once in their
life. Ameen.

Author tarikos11 (7 years)
bidon ta3li9

Author truthflash (7 years)

Author Azeddine1988 (6 years)
allahu akbar

Author karfizos (7 years)
الله عليك يا قزابري تبارك الله نتمنى ان نشاهدك في رمضان لهذا العام على

Author Abby Abby (7 years)
subhanallah! great video. Is this Morocco?

Author Malaysia1980 (6 years)

Author truthflash (7 years)

Author rouer26 (7 years)
yes brother; it 's morocco

Author Ogre2011 (6 years)

Author KingChipotle (5 years)

Author samir nargi (4 years)
soubhana allah ma ahwajana li ha oulae

Author truthflash (7 years)
yes, it is Morocco.

Author malihkhalid (7 years)
القران الكريم نور اللهم انرنا به

Author lagent002 (6 years)
alah yarabi tassama7ana wataghafar lina

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