Anaconda snake swallowing maybe a hippo or a capybara (shocking video)


An Anaconda snake swallowing then vomiting what seems to be a capybara (shocking video)



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Author Evan Canoy ( ago)
titanoboa can crush anaconda

Author arodriquez4345 ( ago)
If a snake can swallow a baby hippo it can eat pople.

Author Gidi Graumans ( ago)
it`s a way of defending itself; what can he do with a hippo in his stomag?

Author Gidi Graumans ( ago)
i agree. i wonder how the guy with the stick would feel if i`d pook him
witha stick `till he throws up his hamburger. peopleare so ignorant. shame!

Author Robert Girod ( ago)
imagine a pornstar asshole. same process

Author Robert Girod ( ago)
uhhh lets poke it for a few hours yayy

Author cynthia moras ( ago)
idiots, let the snake alone, is part of the nature, who bother them when
they are eating. i have never seen a snake like this, but i know that like
other animal it has to eat. and they eat other animals also humans, but
they are beautiful and just kills for eat. not for fun like humans. doo is
normal this is the thing we know like eat.

Author M Masafumi ( ago)
question, why the snake took whatever it ate out????

Author aljorie jojo ( ago)
is this true???

Author Pilar Hernandez ( ago)

Author zoremz ( ago)
Mona mor

Author shdhfhw ( ago)
Always taste better the second time you swallow it down

Author MizzGoodaz32 ( ago)
Oh damn..... YUCK

Author po b. ( ago)
Not showing

Author oohtubing ( ago)
@celticprideism - same. live in NZ. Reptiles cant survive here and they are
banned from the country. true story.

Author NoobOwnager™ ( ago)
@Planktontwo Thats a Hippo Num nut

Author NoobOwnager™ ( ago)
id chop it up ( the sides) and try to get that poor animal out :(

Author Maria Salazar ( ago)
wtf is in its mouth??/ ewwwy

Author eduardo fuentes ( ago)

Author Planktontwo ( ago)
What a LAME video. It is no way is a hippo

Author DerMeis7er ( ago)
"HOLY SHITBALLS" -Bustamanti-

Author stiantiger ( ago)
If you make it puke up the hippo,then it must get hungry on your ass!!

Author cillybbyx ( ago)
oh my, o.o

Author gremling aud ( ago)
@BarclayAvenue actually anacondas are known to vomit and re swallow their
meals. But it did look like they were causing it to intentionall happen.

Author Be blessed ( ago)
omfg....wht a snake!!!!

Author Tambo74 ( ago)
@919movement 2right! got2go b4 its

Author 1992jamo ( ago)
@brad1410 it could be rap or something

Author annarexik ( ago)
@24inmymind LOL I had the same thought. I'm glad to have no kids when I see
that vid.

Author Skip S. ( ago)
BarclayAvenue's right - they thought it had swallowed a human

Author smilingpatrickstar ( ago)
@longlifemilk3000 Ah okay. What a very big snake. :|

Author Using Bing ( ago)
If it could swallow that, it could probably swallow you.

Author Hadley Domnick ( ago)
looks like child birth

Author 8drewski ( ago)

Author scotty900000 ( ago)
Its a baby hippo you fucking retards!

Author Shaun Mitchell ( ago)
It looks more like a Tapir !

Author Bradley Campbell ( ago)
capybaras and hippos are two completely different animals.

Author Sami Benbella ( ago)
@BarclayAvenue maybe it was their pet capybara? i know i'd want to bury a

Author Halochick42 ( ago)
@hep5 then don't watch the vid

Author Halochick42 ( ago)
@zakoot dude, if it's an anaconda, then it's a capybara. Hippos don't live
in south america, and anacondas and capybaras do.

Author iloveubl ( ago)
they prolly thought it was a person in there

Author AAarcher221 ( ago)
Damn, nature. You scary!

Author Sebastian Lopez ( ago)
That is some sick shit bro !

Author joel rios ( ago)
You couldn't even imagine cruel treatment fuck you shutup

Author lvclint ( ago)
eat the snake or leave it alone. i hate people who treat animals bad and
try and make money off them.

Author TheGboost86 ( ago)
Hell....they could have just shot it and cut it open...I think makin it
puke up its food is far better alternative to seeing what it ate than that

Author ronniefaisstfan687 ( ago)
why the fuck was this in the suggestions?!?! i was watching something
comepletely irrelevant to this!!

Author BarclayAvenue ( ago)
Really cruel what they did to the snake. Shame.

Author BarclayAvenue ( ago)
@Ryoukoholic I seriously doubt it would have regurgitated if they werent
beating with sticks. Snakes can digest anything. They are expandable and
have a giant stretchy lumen. It was a survival. Cant slither away (or even
strike) while laden down with that kind of weight

Author Ryoukoholic ( ago)
@BarclayAvenue Either that, or he might not have been able to digest it. It
could have been too big, and would have killed him before it could be
digested properly. Idunno. Just tossing theories out there.

Author Ryoukoholic ( ago)
@BarclayAvenue They probably didn't know what he ate. It looks to be the
size of a child. Maybe they thought he ate a kid. XDD

Author TheGboost86 ( ago)
I am pretty sure they are not doing this to be areas like
Trindad and Venzula the Anaconda population is fairly large and are home to
the largest anacondas. Small children have been rumor to have been eaten by
these large reptiles. When villagers see a snake with something that large
inside it they will force the snake to puke it up to make sure it wasn't a
child...much better than cutting the snake open in my opinion....afterwards
they typically let it go

Author HariboDubai ( ago)
it'S okay

Author ReverendTFunk ( ago)
@Silverhazed ...which means it's gay...

Author John ONeal ( ago)
@XxLeyanxX1 about 6 hours to swallow a capybara. Snake regurgitate food
when they need to move faster to escape annoyances, like people with sticks.

Author Silverhazed ( ago)
@hep5 Nothing really gay about this music , i feel like walking in the
shopping center and having to listen to a fucking palm flute band while my
girlfriend spending way too much money. Double frustration in it. Those
bands can't even play the music. They just make a song with a digital
synthesizer, burn a few cd's, get a soundsystem and go to a shopping
center, act like they can play music and cash in.

Author Jason Guley ( ago)
As soon as they see the animal legs pop out they say "Thank god its not
Dave after all"

Author Derpy Hooves ( ago)
Why and how did I get here?

Author fattony123082 ( ago)
Ok, If noone is going to say it... Soooo the snake Bit off more than it
could Chew?

Author Gingerorla ( ago)

Author XxLeyanxX1 ( ago)
Wow.... That's pretty mean, imagine how long the snake took to swallow a
prey that big, and you're poking it causing it to puke up.

Author heyouheyou123 ( ago)
vomiting part ... disgusting

Author Kiahsobyk ( ago)
@BarclayAvenue He's a hunting snake. They train them to puke on demand, so
they don't have to go into the jungle to hunt capybara.

Author Amy Fineshriber ( ago)
@BarclayAvenue I'm guessing that they either assumed it was causing the
snake discomfort, or they were making sure it wasn't the body of a local
child. 8P If either of those two instances are in fact the case here,
forcing the snake to vomit was probably the most humane thing they could
have done. :3

Author Ashwin Yokesh ( ago)
i like it

Author Blip186 ( ago)
@BarclayAvenue might not have know if it swallowed an animal or a small

Author Spencer E ( ago)
@BarclayAvenue thats what im sayin! then it would have left and not
bothered anyone

Author Moonshinedistiller ( ago)
they should have stamped on the snake to make it funnier

Author Nicole Sandberg ( ago)
Holy fuck. That hippo would not have seen that coming :L

Author Rooting aSmurf. ( ago)
And that son is how we were born.

Author usig00 ( ago)
Who's up for seconds?

Author BaptisedInAsh ( ago)
Thats a helluva blowjob.

Author cowofthemonth ( ago)
fail to see the point of those guys tormenting the snake till it lost its
only meal in months

Author BarclayAvenue ( ago)
Why did they agitate him so that he would puke it up? Should have left the
snake alone.

Author Kyle Soprano ( ago)
DAmn, you know he's Dead lol

Author MrShaun42088 . ( ago)
5th most discusting thing i've ever seen!

Author nicole monrue ( ago)
gross and amazing at the same time...

Author Stalicone ( ago)
"I can't believe I ate the whole thing!" ("I can't believe I puked it up

Author Ryan Taylor ( ago)
i dont what im disgusted with most, the anaconda swallowin the capybara or
the music -.-

Author lyricalheaven ( ago)
watching this made my jaws hurt :/

Author baldrbraa ( ago)
The most shocking and inappropriate thing about this video is the horrible
pan flute version of Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez.

Author Andy Williams ( ago)
Lets all prod the gigantic deadly snake.

Author muukalainenn ( ago)
@ChampionRevilo fu snakes are so shit

Author ChampionRevilo ( ago)
Shit, I feel bad for that snake! And now, I feel like puking too :S

Author miss natalie ( ago)
Now that bitch can swallow.

Author tyranusmaul ( ago)
Damn, that snake could eat "the Big Show" I think!

Author Amanda Worthington ( ago)
thats digusting

Author CKelaiditis ( ago)
@TheHiddenDepths it runs forward friend :) check 1:20 onwards, saliva
dripping out of its mouth, and the dude walking normally from right to the
left dragging a shovel, plus, its natural for the snake to try to extract
its stomach's content in order to become mobile again, in order to either
escape, or fight back.

Author TheGammer12 ( ago)
omg thats just playing in reverse

Author TheHiddenDepths ( ago)
Lol. Nobody notices the fake?! The snake not vomits the hippo. The film
only runs backwards. Rofl

Author andre lecoz ( ago)
poor snake

Author Deborah Sheppard ( ago)
~uhm~disturbing~however animals cant use microwaves~this almost me me want
to yakk~That was like giveing a whale a tic-tac in reverse~yikes~DD

Author Best Dj in chennai ( ago)

Author Lourenz Kun ( ago)
2 words "HOLY SHIT!!"

Author prefix ( ago)
@klimaxg Snakes spit out their victim when they feel threatened in order to
move faster.

Author bboy1469 ( ago)

Author blancoitaliano ( ago)

Author NLCongestion ( ago)

Author mervinchoa90 ( ago)
oh that's just terrible......:(

Author justme4evr ( ago)
Um... 1) I don't think that's a hippo. More like a dinosaur? 2) I thought
it's head was gonna explode. Did you seeeeee that thing? 3) Snake: Kudos.
People who own or found the snake: clearly, he needs a bit more food.

Author xXxMoMo020xXx ( ago)
thumbs up 4 bulimic anaconda

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