Anaconda snake swallowing maybe a hippo or a capybara (shocking video)


An Anaconda snake swallowing then vomiting what seems to be a capybara (shocking video)



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Author Planktontwo (3 years)
What a LAME video. It is no way is a hippo

Author smilingpatrickstar (3 years)
@longlifemilk3000 Ah okay. What a very big snake. :|

Author AbbyzPurpleWebkinz (4 years)
this is grossss

Author NOOFEDNATHAN (4 years)
Chew ur food mister and dont play with it

Author miss natalie (4 years)
Now that bitch can swallow.

Author NoobOwnager™ (3 years)
@Planktontwo Thats a Hippo Num nut

Author Evan Canoy (1 year)
titanoboa can crush anaconda

Author Rudeascute (2 years)
i guess playing the snake game in this video isn't fun anymore

Author baldrbraa (4 years)
The most shocking and inappropriate thing about this video is the horrible
pan flute version of Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez.

Author zoremz (2 years)
Mona mor

Author Lourenz Kun (4 years)
2 words "HOLY SHIT!!"

Author GamertownUSA (4 years)
World's slowest barf.

Author cynthia moras (2 years)
idiots, let the snake alone, is part of the nature, who bother them when
they are eating. i have never seen a snake like this, but i know that like
other animal it has to eat. and they eat other animals also humans, but
they are beautiful and just kills for eat. not for fun like humans. doo is
normal this is the thing we know like eat.

Author CKelaiditis (4 years)
@TheHiddenDepths it runs forward friend :) check 1:20 onwards, saliva
dripping out of its mouth, and the dude walking normally from right to the
left dragging a shovel, plus, its natural for the snake to try to extract
its stomach's content in order to become mobile again, in order to either
escape, or fight back.

Author AAarcher221 (3 years)
Damn, nature. You scary!

Author bboy1469 (4 years)

Author Axekura (4 years)
i wonder whats the anaconda's shit gonna be like.

Author darkcraft15 (4 years)
what a retarted song...

Author Moonshinedistiller (3 years)
they should have stamped on the snake to make it funnier

Author northerndan09 (3 years)
@SmileySandberg1 course it would hav, it went in head first lol

Author Using Bing (3 years)
If it could swallow that, it could probably swallow you.

Author Ryoukoholic (3 years)
@BarclayAvenue Either that, or he might not have been able to digest it. It
could have been too big, and would have killed him before it could be
digested properly. Idunno. Just tossing theories out there.

Author Halochick42 (3 years)
@zakoot dude, if it's an anaconda, then it's a capybara. Hippos don't live
in south america, and anacondas and capybaras do.

Author Derpy Hooves (3 years)
Why and how did I get here?

Author Cybrisk (4 years)

Author Bradley Campbell (3 years)
capybaras and hippos are two completely different animals.

Author justme4evr (4 years)
Um... 1) I don't think that's a hippo. More like a dinosaur? 2) I thought
it's head was gonna explode. Did you seeeeee that thing? 3) Snake: Kudos.
People who own or found the snake: clearly, he needs a bit more food.

Author Skip S. (3 years)
BarclayAvenue's right - they thought it had swallowed a human

Author Robert Girod (2 years)
uhhh lets poke it for a few hours yayy

Author gatewaysolo104 (4 years)
a hippo would shred a snake because they are not as harmless as everyone
thinks they are

Author Gingerorla (3 years)

Author flyingtoothpaste (4 years)
poor snake...

Author Dj Himmu (4 years)

Author cillybbyx (3 years)
oh my, o.o

Author Amy Fineshriber (3 years)
@BarclayAvenue I'm guessing that they either assumed it was causing the
snake discomfort, or they were making sure it wasn't the body of a local
child. 8P If either of those two instances are in fact the case here,
forcing the snake to vomit was probably the most humane thing they could
have done. :3

Author G10Link (4 years)
anacondas are crazy... i wonder what else will they swallow... the world
maybe? XD

Author annarexik (3 years)
@24inmymind LOL I had the same thought. I'm glad to have no kids when I see
that vid.

Author Jake Jester (3 years)
@BarclayAvenue maybe it was their pet capybara? i know i'd want to bury a

Author usig00 (3 years)
Who's up for seconds?

Author Pilar Hernandez (2 years)

Author John ONeal (3 years)
@XxLeyanxX1 about 6 hours to swallow a capybara. Snake regurgitate food
when they need to move faster to escape annoyances, like people with sticks.

Author UnknownPerson onGoogle (4 years)
@ZEEMADMAN I'd love to see a dumb ass american like you use your own tools
against a snake, thats right no weapons just your feet and hands.

Author helhound11 (4 years)
congratulations its a boy!

Author TheGboost86 (3 years)
I am pretty sure they are not doing this to be areas like
Trindad and Venzula the Anaconda population is fairly large and are home to
the largest anacondas. Small children have been rumor to have been eaten by
these large reptiles. When villagers see a snake with something that large
inside it they will force the snake to puke it up to make sure it wasn't a
child...much better than cutting the snake open in my opinion....afterwards
they typically let it go

Author mrkidd1 (4 years)
that a fking human

Author Tambo74 (3 years)
@919movement 2right! got2go b4 its

Author Robert Girod (2 years)
imagine a pornstar asshole. same process

Author babyharryable (4 years)
damn Orochimaru! were you THAT HUngry?!

Author eduardo fuentes (3 years)

Author oohtubing (3 years)
@celticprideism - same. live in NZ. Reptiles cant survive here and they are
banned from the country. true story.

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