4 Ways Living in Japan Changed Me

For the 100th video, I look back on ways Japanese culture may have changed my personality.
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Author Angelic Poison ( ago)
I don't always leave a comment but I always like your vids after watching them ^^ thanks for 100 wonderfully awesome adventures <3

Author Chess Autumn ( ago)
Congratulations on your 100th video :)

Please don't lose the English humour and sarcasm :(

Author Ash Brown ( ago)
YES. Muppet Treasure Island is cinematic gold.

Author bogsaxegaming ( ago)
Great job!

Author Ben Garland ( ago)
congrats man! keep it up! probably the only channel i truly enjoy n youtube anymore :D

Author matthew bugeja ( ago)
you're a fan of top gear and owned a vauxhall vectra? impossible :-P

Author Pc_principle ( ago)
I wish the uk could learn a few things from japan such as being loud and obnoxious on trains or on public transport should deffinitly be banned

Author rob biberhofer ( ago)
Your channel was the first channel I subscribed to since I decided I want to go to Japan on vacation. Where would the best "non touristy" places be to visit? Mainly around the Tokyo/Chiba area? Keep up the great videos, I always enjoy watching them!!

Author Japonismo ( ago)
Congrats for this 100th video! The pirate anecdote was especially funny XD

Author Polpot Lee ( ago)
Purveyor of walls?


Author 宮城敬大 ( ago)
I always have fun watching your fun videos. Thank you. Although it is a request, I am only Japanese, so I can only hear limited English in English. So this long sentence is made using Google's translation function. So I can not catch a part of your fun video so I am sad. I want you to put captions on all of your videos there. It is very arrogant, but I would like you to consider it. I'd be happy if you continue to make lots of unique videos.

Author Yuufa1991 ( ago)
I absolutely love your videos. Your sense of humour is brilliant. Congratulations on your success. Looking forward to the next 100 videos.

Author MissyChiyo ( ago)
am I the only one crushing like mad on Chris?! such a Dreamboat 😍

Author Aude ( ago)
Pocari sweat is also a really common drink in my country, Indonesia. Nobody'd think twice to drink it.. :)

Author Surya Sasmita ( ago)
I don't know why but I like this channel

Author Muhammad Khairul Ariffin ( ago)
"There can be no doubt that there's no faster way to get a guy's affection by giving them some sukky" Omg, his jokes crack me up bad xD

Author Uni B ( ago)
You don't need to be a Collectivist to have empathy.

Author Christopher Coen ( ago)
100! Wow! Hey, I've been watching you since you climbed Mt. Fuji, just wanted to say thanks for the hours of entertainment and lessons about Japan. You inspire me to be happy.

Thank you very much,

A Fellow Chris

Author Player 2 ( ago)
You go Chris!

Author Ace132 ( ago)
Come on now, did that teacher not see One Piece? I would've followed that with "Not just any pirate, Kaizoku-o ni ore wa naru!"

Isn't One Piece big over there?

Author twodimensionsjhr ( ago)
hi, im sure you've been asked this question before but have you travelled around asia too while living Japan? I figured it'd be a good idea since you're in Asia as opposed to the UK

Author etentori ( ago)
Does Natsuki cut your hair?

Author Mr. Internet Man ( ago)
We still never got a full video of Natsuki in England.

Author mrrandom777 ( ago)
I love all your videos. I've been watching for a long time now and it's really made me want to visit Japan. And this summer I finally get to :)

Author Eric Winkler ( ago)
Goddamn that Hitler cat behind you is soooo distracting! I have to keep rewinding because I've lost track of what you're talking about.

Author Heylow Bond ( ago)
At 8:53 - Don't they, or you, know the Anime One Piece (1997), which is all about pirates. I've been lead to believe that due to its 20 year run and fun story, that it is one of the most popular animes in Japan, known by name even by those who don't watch anime/cartoons

Author Besje G ( ago)
Chris I have been watching your videos for over a year now. I found your videos when I had a difficult time in life. I failed 3  majors, I couldn't find a good job and was wasting away my time in a callcenter and I lived with a deadbeat drug addict boyfriend. I was 25 years old and achieved nothing. Watching your videos (also Sharla) inspired me to follow my dreams, because I had forgotten all about my dreams in live. I aways wanted to travel, visit japan but most importantly get a degree. So I quit my shitty job and went back to school to study Japanese in college. I am in my second semester now and I am going to Japan in summer. I have a lot of debts (student loans), but at least I am doing something with my live again. I broke up with my boyfriend after 6 years and moved to the city of my college to start a new life. My while family and friends support me. I still have 3 years to go untill I get my bachelor degree, I will me 29 by the time I leave college but I'm having the best time in my life, I am studying my number one passion which is Japanese and I have a chance to make something of my future. I really want to thank you Chris, because I watched so many of your videos, they helped me and inspired me. I spent hours and hours watching your videos because it made me feel like I wasn't in my house with drugs scattered everywhere and a boyfriend who smokes weed every moment he has free time.... but I was there with you in Japan (not to sound creepy) in my mind haha. And I knew that my first love was always Japan since I was 8 so I went back to my first love :) (studying Japanese),

Author Khans4444 ( ago)
hey Chris, now every time i get annoyed with someone / something i see natsuki's 'go fuck yourself' bit in my mind - quite satisfying :-)

Author Eleanor Jaeger ( ago)
favourite channel :D

Author krazzysu ( ago)
Chris! Do a video about funny engrish on t-shirts and people wearing them (generally they don't have a clue about what it really says…)
Love your videos! Keep at it. You are awesome.


Author Cleo L ( ago)
I like the new hair, looks good

Author ur nan ( ago)

Author briandemodulated ( ago)
I've been greatly enjoying your channel as I prepare for my first trip to Japan this autumn. Thanks for your informative snark!

Author Nick 8233 ( ago)
could "sukky" maybe be another way for the chocolate manufacturers to have it said as "Suki"?....would be cute

mmmmmmmmm 🤔

Author Andrew Leavitt ( ago)
It's called Sukky because its supposed to sound like Suki which is 好き which means I like you.

Author Alice Soul ( ago)
I love your channel❤️ every video is fun to watch))

Author Mattea Tane ( ago)
pocari sweat is too a regular sight in indonesian convenience stores. it's really not surprising.

Author Asher Bailey ( ago)
Keep it up! Just turned on post notifications. Last time I watched your videos YouTube hadn't changed and added the bell 😄

Author Rosey Horvat ( ago)
OMG you actually looked like that Humpty Dumpty on the business card.

Author andrehpinto ( ago)
Collective vc individual, so true

Author Ausmaan Raja ( ago)
Humpty Dumpty business card. Laughed way too hard at that.

Author Quyen Lai ( ago)
suki means sweet?

Author Machiavelli MD ( ago)
We love you Chris :)

Author uberpsyko ( ago)
Chris I like both of your hairstyles

Author sneak niazzy ( ago)
It is difficult for tall people with a height of 6'5 (1.96m like me), to go to places with normal heights for people from Japan, or hit their head on the edge of the door, or get into cars or trains, try to drive, People find strange people tall in your country, thank you for your reading.

Author sneak niazzy ( ago)
Hello, I'm from portugal, lisbon, where you can go day and night, to wonderful places with friends, and temples in japan. Or eat in tokyo sites. Thank you all your videos are fun, especially when you're with natsuki. Keep up the good work. Ps: makes more challenges but this time with pepper or chocolate + pepper or orange juice + chocolate (we have in lisbon orange juice + chocolate) blindfolded with natsuki.

Author Kopie ( ago)

Author أكثر خنفشاري فاضي ( ago)

Author PawlOwl ( ago)
i like how you think there is something called "brittish humor" lol

Author Tuton25 ( ago)
Holly crap I saw those stupid statues when I was in Japan!

Author Elizabeth Hamilton ( ago)
Very insightful video, Chris. I have lived in other cultures so that made it even more interesting. Also, I like your sense of humor. " looked like diabetes and tasted like disappointment."

Author Yovana Reyes ( ago)
I wanna go to Japan and stay there for at least a few months

Author jon lenon ( ago)
This is why AC Black Flag sucks......................

Author Percival Hans ( ago)
People don't pray before meals in the West anymore?

That joke about Top Gear was funny. That's how I feel when I see the new hosts.

"And above all, I was f****** lazy" LOL!

Author Albert Draper ( ago)
I'll follow your channel wherever you live. Your humour and cutting insight is what makes this channel.

Author Danie Manos ( ago)
I remember watching your videos when I was a student at Akita International University, and now years later I am back in Akita and still watching them! I really enjoy these videos. Thanks so much for posting. :)

Author James Doakes ( ago)
dude i actually can't believe how funny you are, xD oh man. I live in the UK now and i want to visit japan. I'm really concerned about the language barrier though. i'll be travelling alone and i want to go to a lot of places in japan!

Author Glassen den Store ( ago)
You should check out Sweden Hills, it's a village in Hokkaido that's based on swedish architecture.

Author Tristen Slifer ( ago)
I really love the videos when it's just you doing commentary, I love all your videos, but the reason I enjoy your channel so much is your sense of humor and it really shines in videos like this.

Author stephen lozano ( ago)
I'm actually really happy you do these videos. I'm from the states, and I love Japan. I'd love to visit some day, but until that day I'm fine with watching your videos. Great job man!

Author Nataly Smirnova ( ago)
It's great to watch that in spite of living in Japan for such a long time your sarcasm is still with you. Love it :))
BTW Nice hear cut!

Author Sara Ghandour ( ago)
This is the first video of yours I've seen, it's very funny! I enjoy the way you speak, you're very articulate in a relaxed manner. I'll definitely be watching your other videos too!

Author Dorje Tenzin ( ago)
Is Stephen Fry your father?

Author Haishu Ma ( ago)
in China, it is also noisy on the bus.

Author Taifuun ( ago)
Sukky = probably their way of romanizing the Japanese word "tsuki", meaning to like

Author Sakurako Hikari ( ago)
Do you ever think about returning back to the UK?? I don't mean for just holidays tho..

Author English Cloud ( ago)
Please do a video where Natsuki and other non-native English speakers guess the meaning in British slang terms!!

Author Meagan-Leigh Cox ( ago)
Congratulations on 100 videos I really enjoy this channel
And love muppets treasure island lol 😊

Author Isaiah Lopez ( ago)
Im going to japan next year some time. Watching your vids makes me excited to experience these things. XD

Author Zachary Stevenson ( ago)
Thank you for 100 videos! Your channel has really boosted my confidence about visiting Japan in the near future. Hopefully.

Author "Captain" Jack Sparrow ( ago)
that top gear joke. xD

Author peanut butter ( ago)
literally this video killed me xD

Author angomy ( ago)
lmao at the Top Gear diss, love it! Too bad The Grand Tour isn't very good either since they tried too hard to make it more mainstream (that terrible driver with American stereotypes).

Author Nour The Unicorn ( ago)
The Top Gear joke reminded me of my dad. He hates the new one (I'm guessing lots of people do too because of Jeremy leaving and now the Grand Tour starting)

Author xinhui qiu ( ago)
loved how you mentioned singapore in the low uncertainty avoidance traits group ;D

Author Vadok ( ago)
damn it's been 4 years! Time flies...

Author fuckuppy ( ago)
great vid thanks <3

Author Jack O'Byrne ( ago)
stewart lee

Author Nic Flynn ( ago)
Lol "guess" just guess my info!-Mr.Humpty Dumpty

Author Whizzerand Chips ( ago)
"I forgot its normal to be loud and annoying in the UK" quote ever!

Author Gespy-chan stories ( ago)
his voice.. wonder is it cause japan too?

Author Kirroc ( ago)
Congratulations on the 100th video! I thoroughly enjoy the videos I watch (not sure I miss many, to be honest) and I liked this one particularly because I have visited Japan 4 times now, I'm currently in the process of planning my 5th holiday to Japan and I'm also looking into moving to Japan permanently towards the end of this year/beginning of next year. Your insights are interesting, often funny and entertaining so... thank you for being you and sharing with us.

Author pogimakati ( ago)
I always appreciate and enjoy for your British joke and presentation of Japan. Perhaps, you have known but I would like to explain the reason why the name of Pokky was changed to "Sukky" is that it is meant for "Suki"=>好き=>I like/love you, which is the typical phrase for the day on the 14 of Feb. Have a nice evening,

Author Nicolai Heath ( ago)
Love your work, Chris! You've made me want to at the very least visit Japan sometime! Keep at it mate.

Author Mariusz Kubiński ( ago)
I spent 2 weeks in Japan, and it made me more patient with people. Unfortunately it wore off after a week or so of being back to Europe.

Author dave thorn ( ago)
Spiraling I am sure people have mentioned this , but your a complete twat

Author Mohammed Khaled ( ago)
That too hear reference. XD

Author Timothy Verma ( ago)
I re: pirates. Maybe it's because many Japanese people don't have memories from before elementary school (strange side effect of collectivist cultures, children don't idolize their personal childhood as much so the hazy first memories fade) School children do a lot less fantasy play so perhaps the question "what did you want to do as a child" is actually more about what you wanted to do around 11 or 12, not 5 or 6 as it interpreted in the US and the UK.
That being said, I know of college students who play ninja so maybe it's just that the playfulness didn't translate.

Author Josh ( ago)
America is so lame

Author Banana Senpai ( ago)
Oh gosh, your comment on sukky just made me LOL. What better way to show your man that you love him by giving him a sukky....... pffffffft

Author Piper Turner ( ago)
hey Abroad in Japan
I just honestly wanted to say that your videos truly make me smile and I watch them almost every day.
thank you for teaching me more about Japan and I'm truly happy I found your channel

Author Biscuit ( ago)
But why did you want to kill and rape people?

Author Greta Seshat ( ago)
I must admit that the "more ethnic tolerance" trait in regard to the U.K. made me laugh. But, to be fair, someone did choose Matt LeBlanc as host for the most popular british show ever, besides perhaps Doctor Who, so maybe I'm just biased.

Author blackheartstk ( ago)
Is that a kitler cushion behind you?

Author JMRmario 04 ( ago)
Have you seen anything creepy in japan

Author Mana Uzumaki ( ago)
The stuffed cat in the background lol

Author Anakin Skyobiliviator ( ago)
Sukky... I presume it was meant to be like a Pocky-fied version of "suki"

Author Abbygail Leones ( ago)
Damn I'd give Chris Sukky for Valentine's Day 😂

Author Mike B ( ago)
It's cool that you brought Natsuki but if you introduced him to your parents, did they already know about your relationship from previous videos?

Author TomleyinTokyo ( ago)
Congrats on 100 videos pal, not only have you helped many people with their decision to move to Japan you have created yourself a giant video diary of your past. Well done mate!

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