Dr. Yaffa Bey part 3 Our Story, Preparing for Change

Dr. Yaffa Bey, Nationality. The problem is what you read, write, and speak. Our problem is English

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Author Troy Saul Faruk ( ago)
We've gone through a process of humility..stay strong as we awaken to our
higher selves that will never fall (asleep or otherwise) again..ASHE!

Author dragonpat666 ( ago)
i wonder why our intellects never thought about these details that you
mentioned in your post? i guess they like the rest of us are accustomed to
being told something without even a second thought into researching things
for themselves.

Author BeautyandDisorder ( ago)
No problemo! This Euro plague will be rid of! Stay strong mentally and
spiritually. Melanin is the only and the all!

Author dragonpat666 ( ago)
i have been asking people i work with what would they say if someone asked
them their nationality....have of them say BLACK. the other half says
AFRICAN AMERICAN. sad that our people name a color when asked their
nationality. sad that our people call themselves AFRICAN AMERICAN and dont
know why!

Author mikemike0506 ( ago)
good looking out

Author BeautyandDisorder ( ago)
@thomas brown By letting nature take its course, nature will remove them
andr thief sycophants. Just focus on you, your ancestors and your loved

Author Shawnee Bey ( ago)
@kingewill85 I agree totally king

Author KingEWill85 ( ago)
Whats sad is, we tried to help them, and give them an identity, and they
still reacted the same way, but thats what happens with recessive genetics,
recessive has dual meaning in degenerative and rare in proximity, so they
are that in all aspects, lesser in appearance or creation, and lesser in
genetics meaning physically and mentally and spiritually. And were still
trying to help them, which tells who we really are.

Author Ameral Mayo El ( ago)
My channel

Author thugs2012 ( ago)
We are the "Blue" people

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