Pixar: Finding Nemo - original 2002 teaser trailer (HQ)

US release date of movie: May 30, 2003.

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Added: 5 years
Runtime: 2:06
Comments: 59

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Author smilefuhmex3 (4 years)
Who DOESN'T like Finding Nemo?

Author Michilovesruka (4 years)
JUST KEEP SWIMMING!!!...What's wrong mr. grumpy gills? lol dori's best

Author Samir Eiwaz (4 years)
a fish with short-term memory loss: BEST CONCEPT EVA!!!!!!!

Author tencents6 (2 years)

Author emily122697 (4 years)
finding nemo number one movie besttt ever

Author Misskayseeluvsu (5 years)
I saw this at the theater when I was 10.

Author jvfunn3000 (3 years)
1 person is an idiot. How could you not like this movie?

Author Bad Ass (3 years)
dory's the best!

Author Kevin Murphy (1 year)
when i first saw this trailer when i was a kid i assumed the movie was
about a healthy reef on the other side of the ocean called Nemo and Marlin
and Dory were left behind from the migration and are trying to reach their
destination themselves.

Author CarsInsider (3 years)
dory and Marlin are such a cute couple, it's hard to imagine her voice
actor being a lesbian. :/

Author Rey Tanako (4 years)
i know that nemoish!!!

Author platinumpage (3 years)
"Oh... Did you want a turn??!!?" LOL

Author 3rkid2 (3 years)
@67tr876 10 years might as well be a century in 3D animation.

Author jvfunn3000 (4 years)
I love Finding Nemo. It's a great movie! It's my Mom's favorite Pixar
movie! I love Dory! She's such a funney fish! Andrew Stanton was smart to
cast Ellen DeGenerus in the role!

Author jamespic (3 years)
Dory Forgot To Push The Like Button!!!!!

Author jvfunn3000 (2 years)

Author DareYouNotToClick1 (2 years)
By far one of the greatest animated movies ever made - Pixar's masterpiece.

Author caitlinjane92 (4 years)
I personally think that this is the best Pixar Teaser Trailer that Pixar
EVER made. :D I love how it introduces you to the conflict that goes on
between Dori and Marlon in the movie. Ellen was the absolute PERFECT choice
for the character of Dori.

Author whuhumuch (5 years)
i lov e how pixar even puts alot of humor into there teasers !! :) i love
pixar , they're like the comedy masters of the world

Author wratched (2 years)
Is the music in this teaser available anywhere? It never appeared in the

Author kaikiyukionna27 (5 years)
I remember watching this on the dvd of monsters inc. and LAUGHING MY ASS
OFF. "Nothin' in my noggin!" and also: "*long pause* COULD A BIGGER FISH

Author Taylor A (3 years)
I remember seeing this trailer in the cinema in 2002 :D granted i was very

Author frozenchicken (4 years)
actually the role was specifically made for her, i read up on the imdb
trivia for finding nemo =)

Author Pen Gryphon (3 years)
"You don't remember a word, do you?" "Nope, not a thing!" Cracks me up
everytime. xD

Author Poop (2 years)
I remember this movie was the very first movie I saw in theaters. I was 5
at the time. (:

Author 67tr876 (3 years)
@3rkid2 well true but I would say toy story more

Author meis2007 (5 years)
Thanks so much for posting this out. I love this teaser trailer. Is so funny

Author 321SPONGEBOLT (1 year)
They should've shown us this trailer as a 3D re-release trailer instead,
that way we can re-live 2003.

Author wratched (1 year)
I just listened to that piece and I think he must have remixed it for this
trailer, which is fine because the remix is better.

Author ilovelegos2000 (1 year)
i was 5 when this came out! i cried at the end. Im 15 now. i still have it
for DVD.

Author 4forevergirl4 (5 years)
......I used to be scared of this movie..... xD

Author harpieanimespore18 (1 year)

Author LopezFam4Productions (2 years)
Thumbs up if you first saw this on your Monsters Inc. VHS.

Author James Anderton (2 years)
Not that anyone cares but Thomas Newman did the music for Scent of a Woman
and Finding Nemo as well and in this preview you hear the music from Scent
of a Woman, because I'm a music wiz just found that ironically dazzling

Author pepperjackcheese1 (1 year)
From The Golden Globe & Oscar Award Winning Creators Of Toy Story 3

Author drewpletcher (1 year)
All I heard was blah da 765itr too...

Author fusionmaxx18 (2 years)
Oh man, this is on my Monster's Inc. VHS tape. The nostalgia...

Author Redgnome110 (11 months)
I was only 5 when I first saw this!! :D

Author jvfunn3000 (4 years)
I was 12 1/2 when it came out! Great childhood memories!

Author bri7889 (4 years)
one of my favorite movies ever and my favorite preview i used to sit there
with my brother and best friend saying it over and over and over again,
rewinding and watching it and laughing just as hard as the first time <3

Author KiwiKazoo95 (1 year)
Oh man, this brings back memories. I remember my brother showing me this
and I cracked up to no end when Dory said "Nope! Nothin' in my noggin!"
Ahh, to be 8 again

Author jvfunn3000 (2 years)
Finding Nemo 2 is in the works right now!

Author youcantspeak (2 years)
It's amazing how they can give simple fish models so much character!

Author Pixarfan199 (1 year)
My favorite movie is finding nemo

Author drewpletcher (1 year)
What is he muttering

Author 3rkid2 (3 years)
10 years after animating Finding Nemo, it still looks fantastic and very

Author ilovedogs1041 (3 years)
wtf am i doing watching nemo on youtube when im playing the movie on my tv
right now lol!

Author dramagirl567 (1 year)
i remember seeing this movie in theaters in 2003

Author Aya Sison (2 years)
Nope. Nothin in ma noggin.

Author Aanau97 (2 years)
Wow. I remember this on my Monsters Inc. tape. I feel so old.

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