How To Break a Brick With Your Hand

Today I show you how to break a brick in half using just one hand. This karate brick breaking punch stunt is way easier than it looks! If you know the correct technique you'll successfully be able to do it in seconds without hurting yourself! however you will have to purchase a new Oven & Microwave. Once you've practised for a while you'll be able to break up to 20 bricks at the same time! Simply follow the step by step instructions carefully & you'll be able to break bricks with your hands like a pro!

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HowToBasic howtobasic How To Basic

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Author Luis ctt,s ( ago)
that Funny!

Author ratata 015 ( ago)
it worked with me (rip my kitchen),

Author Noface Levi 顔なし レベイ ( ago)
did he press the microwave door button!?!? XD

Author Nicole Badrock ( ago)
what the crap someone needs to take care of you and go back to school 😅😅😅

Author Maks Koželj ( ago)

Author Abdul Majid Al Masri ( ago)
is your kitchen dameged 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author Elijah collopy ( ago)
who heard a fart at the end?

Author Daniel Burger123 ( ago)
imagine this man's house

Author Springtrap The yellow bunny ( ago)
0:16 well then

Author Ronald McDonald ( ago)
Instructions unclear shoved brick up ass

Author Corey Yang ( ago)
im laughing so hard!!! 😂😂😂

Author Aaniya J ( ago)
he destroyed......EVERYTHING

Author Kobe Cheek ( ago)
u are so funny I love your videos

Author SavageGalaxy ( ago)
Haters gonna say this is fake

Author Çakal Karlos ( ago)
al gırdın gırdın

Author X22 X22 ( ago)
i cant stop fucking lqughing at his screams

Author Mr Rien ( ago)
7.8/10 More eggs - IGN

Author zuhairi kurosaki ( ago)
i know right that should be called to destroy kitchen with a brick

Author zuhairi kurosaki ( ago)
rip drawer rip plate cleaner and rip microwave

Author Lego XXX590 ( ago)
Wow just to get
Rage and break shit and now your hand feels fine and you break the brick wow like if you got superpowers LOL

Author Snip'd ( ago)
Hmm i wonder how much money goes to the kitchen...

Author Po Po ( ago)
1 like=1 egg saved from this guy

Author Mrjileak589 ( ago)

Author AwesomeEmjay ( ago)
Leaked Karate kid 2 trailer

Author Xavier Corralejo ( ago)
oh omg

Author หลาน พ.อ ประหยัด ( ago)
what the fuck is very fucking asshole olo

Author Jons Malkownick ( ago)
Maybe more like how to break all your bones.

Author Bick ( ago)
Freedom furniture, find any escuse

Author Doraemon Fan2017 ( ago)
Red hand is so funny lol! 😆

Author Tank Five YT ( ago)
Mi mamá considera que no debi recrear esto :'v

Author Pleasant AdorableSans ( ago)
Holy Crap Dude Is This Guy Serious Dude U Are Like Super Fucking Rich

Author Aidan Martin ( ago)
Sometimes I wonder is that even his house

Author EI8HT 8IT ( ago)
what a shity waste of 38 seconds. you suck cock.

Author Boiuze Bou ( ago)
I don't even think State Farm can cover this one

Author Wither King Lord ( ago)
fake brake brick really

Author Jayden Fleming ( ago)
And thus, we see the most destructive video by Howtobasic.

Author Karis1311 ( ago)
"How to break your hand with a brick"

Author destroyer240404 ( ago)
What did the microwave ever do to you :(

Author Hayabusa The Shadow of Iga ( ago)
No need to watch this cause I know how and why did you destroy your house?

Author soarc72 miguel ( ago)

Author BigW722 ( ago)
Repair Man: Jesus Christ what happened here?
How2Basic: *strange gargling noises that translate to "I'm a karate master!"*

Author iZeno HD ( ago)
4k dislike is an idiot who try this vid

Author Güney / Slimebrother ( ago)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Author NathanNemisisPrime ( ago)
after what's happened
RIP microwave
1like: 1 microwave safe

Author Merliah ( ago)
Real challenge: break nokia

Author Sk8 .Tom123 ( ago)
I mean it is with his hand

Author Player GT ( ago)
wer kann deutsch

Author Level12 Gaming ( ago)
poor microwave and house

Author EnchantedRandom Guy ( ago)
the oven was expired

Author Sarah Davis ( ago)
This Helped me so much xD

Author jacob małozięć ( ago)
nie przesadzacie ze zniszczeniami?

Author BuyKorean ( ago)
1 question, how will you Repair that you broke it after this video???

Author Phingset ( ago)
instructions unclear, accidentally make my microwave pregnant

Author Turtle McTurtleton ( ago)
Actually, i think that scream was ATHENTIC

Author Samardji57 Plays ( ago)
well done

Author Nathan Wilson ( ago)
If he achully did this to a real life place E.g Hotel, Big Ben He would be Arrested for life. And also would have to pay Millions of money. E.g £1,000, £2,500.

Author send gaming ( ago)
first video hat I done exactly like him except the egg part

Author MR CAT GAMERYT ( ago)

Author Randy Swanson ( ago)

Author Aakash Samuel ( ago)
holy fuck so deffenetly he bought a house this time

Author รักษิตา กมุทมาศ ( ago)

Author Dr. Edward Richtofen ( ago)

Author SashkoGames BG ( ago)
how are you repairing all this stuff

Author harvard hao ( ago)
whose house are you destroying

Author Power 4 Contour ( ago)
first HTB video I seen XD

Author Maksymilian Olszowy ( ago)
hause destroy just to break a brick :o

Author Marten Matkamäe ( ago)
Does he really clean up this mess after the video was uploaded?

Author SciFi Horse ( ago)
I bet the repair man is like "dude you gotta stop this shit"

Author Accurate Glamorourisity ( ago)
Eggs are always involved.

Author Thach Hoang ( ago)

Author Awsome pikachu 209862 ( ago)
Wow funny video🙄

Author Blue Fox ( ago)
No microwaves were hurt in the making of this video.

Author Kawaii Potato ( ago)
wut did bat oven and microwave do 2 u

Author HotDoge SWAG!! ( ago)

Author Death Trooper ( ago)
Thanks for the tip,now I can destroy my 🏫

Author Itsyeboi ETF ( ago)
it broke at 0:15?

Author z4rkenny ( ago)
im so happy ur mom and dad fucked

Author NiicoFoxx ( ago)
sometimes this channel its funny but me and other people want some thimgs in your house and you just brake all

Author Kagamine Len ( ago)

Author Funda Buğlem Camcı ( ago)

Author Rhysgaming2000 ( ago)
he breaker a computer a microwave and a cooker HE knows he gotta pay for dat

Author Eliot Nouwen ( ago)
u showed us how to break everything but a brivk

Author bconcake ( ago)
I wonder how many things this guy breaks in one video

Author Orion Cozz ( ago)

Author clash time fun time with gamerbro ( ago)
how much was the repair damage

Author Hunter Meyers ( ago)
it Did not work now I'm grounded and owe my parents 20,000 dollars

Author Little Eli Guy ( ago)
HowToBasic's on progress working on doing Test your Might. He did 0% gud.

Author FILHOMEDIO ( ago)
0:37 😐

Author amir nathan Ocariza ( ago)
likes I hear a fart at the last

Author Flight Plane ( ago)
REKT your kitchen with eggs.

Author Rita Li ( ago)
Why do this involves eggs?

Author savage girly gamer ( ago)
you just destroyed every thing

Author jelly time jelly ( ago)
were do you get the money to pay you repeirs

Author Roblox Master ( ago)
seeming as u break everything...

I fell bad for someone who will need fix it ;-;

Author Randall SkillZ ( ago)

Author Lazerwaffle ( ago)
I wonder how much cash he uses to fix all that stuff he breaks.

Author Samson Rules ( ago)
Anyone else notice that he broke the first two bricks by throwing them so was down to the last one to 'break;?

Author Potato Man ( ago)
He did it using other objects and throwing strength with a hand fantastic good job how to basic! U didn't even use one thing except your hand.

Author Nanda Putra ( ago)
46 Eggs were murdered in making this video.

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