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Author Fatih Koclardan ( ago)
Bu kesinlikle Robin van Persie

Author Dario Gallegos ( ago)
Name of the song?

Author Brent Harknett ( ago)
1:03 That wants to make me hard😵😲😦😞

Author Management Library Group ( ago)
Song please?!?!?!?!?

Author Braxzy Games ( ago)
1:30 I thought he was gonna grab her chichis

Author Justin Koh ( ago)
hahah fake messi cuse adidas

Author Francisco Artagaveytia ( ago)
Wenger out

Author Amal&ikraam Xo ( ago)
the way how the guy is like look at wenger , like who is he hes a dickhead he made us be fourth all the time

Author izhar fikri ( ago)
when u realize your rival is Ronaldinho... hahaha...

Author martin aranguiz ( ago)

Author Nategamer11 ( ago)
The go pro at the start was pretty cool

Author Erik Pulido Hernandez ( ago)
a suvenier of Rafa Márquez.

Author Claudio Rojas ( ago)

Author TheXavic ( ago)

Author Nig Tat ( ago)

Author Aqil Jafar ( ago)
he is imaginary player.there is'nt any this player in football history.if you think van persie.... van persi is left foot.but this player is right foot.this player's debut for arsenal in 2008-09 season.but rvp's debut in 2004......
he is really imaginary player in my opinion

Author Mikhail Moodley ( ago)
Even in ads Arsenal take the L's

Author Im Ur Friend. ( ago)
2:25 That was a fantastic goal!!

Author Major_ace123 ( ago)
Thats defo Van Persie

Author FwebaaHD ( ago)
They should have shown the two 5-1 games against Bayern, that would of been a good advert...

Author FCBarcelona Team ( ago)
can I get a like and a sub it's my birthday 🎂🎉🎂🎉🎁

Author Nikalogy ( ago)
these commercials were really great

Author nuttapon klinloy ( ago)
Alex Hunter

Author Fatin Fadillah ( ago)
i miss football at that time...

Author melchior mulder ( ago)
it is Bergkamp

Author LuxorGames ( ago)
2007-2008 no?

Author Wooly ( ago)
why is fabregas kissing him ffs

Author Casper Fredriksson ( ago)
Its rvp

Author Ahmad Yousef ( ago)
Hidden secret player

Author Stalin David Guerra ( ago)

Author Cúan ML ( ago)
I just realized its supposed to be RVP

Author Capt Haidar ( ago)
Is that the life of van Persie??

Author Marcos Artz ( ago)
2:12 best part

Author mancunian4life86 ( ago)
Marc Overmars is it? Dennis Bergkamp already retired before he could start playing alongside van Nistelrooy. Van Persie is left footed, then that leaves Marc Overmars who's a Dutch and plays for Arsenal.

Author NachittoPP ( ago)
i search this commercial for yearss!!!

Author Saptarshi Roy ( ago)
Clearly Lord Bendtner.

Author JacobHD PlayzGamez ( ago)
1:04 Thanks nike we had to see them puke..

Author E Ripley ( ago)
This was all perfectly believable right up until the moment Sneijder let someone else take a free kick

Author Osguboju Gt ( ago)
alot of vomit'...

Author a .graham ( ago)
Why do they show him puking TWICE!!

Author Certi soldier B ( ago)
2-18 😂

Author Certi soldier B ( ago)
Ronaldhinio 😂😂😂 wat he did dat guy is tooooo much wen it comes to football 🙄😪

Author Invandrene ( ago)
This is from the match portugal vs netherland 16 yellow cards and 4 red cards

Author Liam Murphy ( ago)
amazing in first person I wish that was me

Author MAURO FLECHA ( ago)
Porque vomita todo el rato?

Author Sam Buttoskie ( ago)
Cr7 siiiiiiiiiiiiii Messi noooooooooooo

Author Dipankar Ghosh ( ago)
this is ........INSANE!

Author VILLAANGELL ( ago)

Author VILLAANGELL ( ago)

Author VILLAANGELL ( ago)

Author VILLAANGELL ( ago)
1:04 blaaaaa

Author Evan Penlington ( ago)
Who's watching in 2017

Author EA Sports Gamer Germany ( ago)
Whos watching at 2017

Author Laci ( ago)
Alex Hunter story basically

Author Limerick Gaming that's probably bad ( ago)
we're does he play cb St cm

Author Ben Beast ( ago)
It's Walcott

Author Valdi Noor Azhar ( ago)
Just some random Dutch central midfielder.

Author lod football freestyler ( ago)
or 2:27

Author lod football freestyler ( ago)
2:26 lol

Author Ben Garcia ( ago)
can someone tells me if the soccer player also drink protein shakes ? and what kind ?

Author GameZone101 ( ago)

Author FaZe Furball ( ago)
Song name?

Author FaZe Furball ( ago)
Song name?

Author Benja gamer Pastén ( ago)
si cierras los ojos se siente como ser un futbolista :v

Author thesafetruth ( ago)
Best light 1:33 Bwahahah

Author AlwaysRedevil 69 ( ago)
Is fabregas gay? This guy is probably vanpersie

Author Christopher De Freitas ( ago)
best commercial ever

Author Rens de Wilde ( ago)
Van persie👌

Author استغفرالله اللهم صل وسلم على محمد ( ago) Koran wonderful program interpretation of the Koran plains

Author Dawid Lewandowski ( ago)
incredible film

Author Brenno Olivela ( ago)
1:16 Quem é essa mulher ?

Author Memberberries ( ago)
It must be van persie in the first opening scene You see that it is a dutch club

Author Ricardo Lira ( ago)
He later went on to transfer to the Chinese League

Author Rek HD ( ago)
1:23 who's the blonde??

Author Fire BlaZe ( ago)
Song name plz

Author Buyn Badrah ( ago)
Uuuuh gold diggers

Author OrangePinaple 1736 ( ago)

Author MinecraftMaster 1020202 ( ago)
2:25 lol

Author Matheus Milani ( ago)
the best moment is Ronaldinho skills
saudades desse comercial que eu tava procurando ha anos
obs: não sei nada de inglês, antes que me xinguem kkkk

Author skeleton333 45 ( ago)
why did that arsenal player kiss him????????

Author Zbriu ( ago)
This is so well done.

Author abdou bakkali ( ago)
he's van persie

Author dope ( ago)
robin varpesie

Author Fernando Uema ( ago)
he s a rookie and it s playing a Champions league match , that doesn t make sensei

Author *_*Gustaf*_* *_*Ramberg*_* ( ago)
Why does he have a GoPro on all matches?????

Author Apple Bee ( ago)
I remember this advert back in 2008. Best one Nike has ever done.

Author Cesa210384 ( ago)
Wiiiiiiie geil

Author Timedsnow 557 ( ago)
song ?

Author Fozzy 13 ( ago)
I wish Wenger was at my Sunday league matches

Author Rami Hamid ( ago)
It is van persie

Author Emre Onmaz ( ago)
Is it Bergkamp?

Author Pedro Schechter ( ago)
Wich music is

Author Mpj One ( ago)
2:02 rafa marquez <3

Author A R J Town ( ago)
2017 still my favourite who agrees?

Author Somainsomalia ( ago)
its van Persie because arsenal, a old video and holland

Author Slow Troll Gaming ( ago)
is that wallcot

Author Mr. Noah ( ago)
Marc Overmars?

Author ardi ftw ( ago)

Author Jai Morjaria ( ago)
what was the song?

Author Mariano Andrt ( ago)
Is he Messi ? (for the vomits)

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