Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver Double Battle - Lance & Clair (HQ)

After you've beaten your rival in every place you can, he will train at Dragon's Den and there he will join you in a battle against The Champion and Clair.

Pretty fun battle. Garchomp kicks ass. :P

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Author rs35505 ( ago)
People who nickname their pokemon are fags

Author jeison gutierre ( ago)
wath emulator? :v

Author KevinzPC ( ago)
Good grief this battle. I don't know how it happened but Silver and his
silly butt got totally wiped out and it essentially turned into a 1v2, me
vs them. Jesus Christ get your sh*t together Silver.

Author JAFO ( ago)
Nope he didnt cheat if the game offers it and you can get it then your not

Author Giachino Barcelona ( ago)
The battle surprised me while playing and the music should've been special

Author Dange Low ( ago)
Actually, you don't need to battle any leaders, you just need to go to mt.

Author Megan Woodrow ( ago)
After you get badges from Misty, Lt. Surge, Sabrina, Erika, & Janine & get
through Dugrtrio's cave and get to Pewter City, go to Mt. Moon. You will
then battle the rival. After you beat him, he says that he's going to train
at the Dragon's Den. Anytime after that, go to the Dragon's Den and have
the double battle with him against Clair and Lance. Hope that helps! Also,
train as much as you can, that double battle can be wicked hard.

Author luis flores ( ago)
How do you meet up with your rival in dragons den?? Plz reply.

Author Toadeu Ponyshop ( ago)
And,Red + Lance VS You battle now?

Author venom1207 ( ago)

Author James Ambrocio ( ago)
garchomp is the holy grail of non-Legendary Pokemons.

Author jeter557 ( ago)
no you can get him in safari

Author Xandy Boy ( ago)
Salamence and Garchomp best non legendary dragon pokemon ever

Author sandy34740 ( ago)
and u cheated with garchomp

Author sandy34740 ( ago)
u cheated with latios

Author Clue Makai ( ago)
What lvl does dragonair evolve?

Author joel castillo ( ago)
Dont rank on charizard hes boss well not lances

Author Metaridley92 ( ago)
Epic fail with Charizard. 8 levels higher and can't even KO a Salemence
with Dragon Claw. It's not STAB but still, proof that he's a total pushover.

Author Umbre Espe ( ago)
@lanea bayless practice makes perfect ;)

Author lanea bayless ( ago)
will you please reply to this PLEASE TRADE WITH ME I CANT BEAT THE ELEIT 4

Author Tyler Ranville ( ago)
I got all physical attacks on garchomp with outrage, rock slide, crunch,

Author masterluigio9 ( ago)
I used a cheat that changes pokemon trainer theme so i used the champion
theme Happy me :3

Author SuperSonicFan Anime ( ago)
holy shit im named mi gible chompi o.o

Author ShulkFeelingIt ( ago)
You should have used Outrage on Dragonite instead of Draco Meteor because
Salamance is more physical then Special.

Author Krazyman50 ( ago)
Same here XD

Author Derpy Artist ( ago)
all silvers pokemon fainted i did this by myself

Author sporetv56 ( ago)

Author Richard Bell ( ago)
i like how your rival's feraligatr only got hit once!

Author Ben Hudson (1054 years ago)
just beat your rival at mt moon and i think you have to beat Red and
collect all kanto badges first and he will appear there

Author Poralium White ( ago)
So can I rematch this?

Author jmjmjm97 ( ago)
@versuseeker What do I have to do to meet them in the Dragon's Den? LIke
who do I have to beat/rematch first? Please reply.

Author Watsisface ( ago)
@Akmedshaibar Nah, I got Salamence from a trade.

Author Akmed ShabarTNT ( ago)
Hey did u have to wait 70 days for bagon?

Author Nintendude99 ( ago)
Damn...Having grown up with Crystal, being able to battle with your rival
made for one of the most epic moments in gaming history.

Author mrjoelpie34 ( ago)
did you play this on an emulator?

Author iliteguy ( ago)
Do you fight him again?

Author Alfonso Barajas ( ago)
@AquaJetEmpoleon i did too

Author TheGiantBeast134 ( ago)
@alkatrazdragon123 well try to go to mt moon your rival will be there and
thats your final rival battle and go to dragons den and he is there!! was
this helpful?

Author AquaJetEmpoleon ( ago)
ironicly i named my latias eon

Author Mika Saya ( ago)
lol feraligatr froze drgonair then healed

Author Ril3yShockW4ve ( ago)
@alkatrazdragon123 you first battle him in mt. moon hes right at the
entrence inside

Author LaquansVlog ( ago)
@mrbattlistkingdom nope

Author shamanazakura ( ago)
@mrbattlistkingdom no

Author Droolme ( ago)
why do people always put crappy comemnts on ramdom vidoes i dont get it =|

Author Dasiet ( ago)
@MrMillerboy6 if it haz only legendary's you have a crappy team

Author Watsisface ( ago)
@sbarosbaro What are you talking about?

Author MrMillerboy6 ( ago)
i have an awesome team >:D

Author MrMillerboy6 ( ago)
@Lance12088 Hey, just giving advice

Author Khiash ( ago)
@zozo2030 wtf, they're siblings.

Author zozo2030 ( ago)
dont the dragon lovers look cute together? lol ^_^

Author Senator Shockwave ( ago)
@TheBraveCookie They're related. ._.

Author Ανδρεας Τ. ( ago)
Feraligatr didnt get scratched.....

Author mrbattlistkingdom ( ago)
I gotta know, do you have to beat Red to get to this event?

Author Mitch Moore ( ago)
you made silver do all the work!

Author yuoke ( ago)
Nice, Smeargle with Surf.

Author Cris Ray ( ago)
@esiegs4495 it was a patched version meaning only some parts were
transferred in English.Plus look at the date hg/ss english versions weren't
out yet

Author Watsisface ( ago)
@masterminded78 It was holding a Life Orb, which increases damage, but also
damages the user. And only one of the Dragonites used Protect. I attacked
the one that didn't.

Author masterminded78 ( ago)
How did draco get damaged when he crunched a dragonite? And how did crunch
pierce the protect move?

Author Jinwon Lee ( ago)
my feralagater is over 60

Author Justinbacon100 ( ago)
My common team to beat them is: Typhsion, Ho-oh, Entei, Gengar, Mothim, and
Gyarados ( Shiny! ).

Author Justinbacon100 ( ago)
Where did you get Lotios, Salamnce , and Gabite?

Author HotNarwhal ( ago)
@pantstelly93 Yeah.. I guess I didn't think of that. :)

Author pantstelly93 ( ago)
@HotNarwhal yeh but whats the point when i can just trade over from
diamond; i've done it before and you don't even need the national dex to do

Author HotNarwhal ( ago)
@pantstelly93 O but can't you still add the game ID to it?

Author pantstelly93 ( ago)
@HotNarwhal will need diamond then; my action replay is a 2007 model. no
problem though

Author HotNarwhal ( ago)
@pantstelly93 Yeah. Another thing I do is just get an action replay and
load my Pokemon up with rare candies :)

Author pantstelly93 ( ago)
i would but all the pokemon you get at the beginning of the game are
really boring (I'm very particular). i was thinking about starting out with
a chikorita and then trading over a larvitar in an egg and training it up
and then releasing the chikorita to give me a type advantage against most
of the first few gyms. i used to think typhlosion was cool but compared to
the other fire-starters it looks really dull.

Author HotNarwhal ( ago)
@pantstelly93 At first I didn't like Typhulsion, but I just learned how to
like typulsion. What I would do is get a Mareep, Hanter, Pidgey, and other
various Pokemon then train them all up so they're at the same level as your
Typhulsion, then you can put Typulsion in a Pc or something

Author YaoiAngel00 ( ago)
@pantstelly93 I have HeartGold version and is playing right now :D *YAY*

Author YaoiAngel00 ( ago)
@pantstelly93 oh. oops I said it wrong. You know how in the video the story
part is in japanese? I just wanted to know What Gold and Rival were saying
thats all ^^;; I'm sorry, I had said it wrong

Author pantstelly93 ( ago)
because of the sprites on pbr and ds games i'm really beginning to dislike
typlosion and i want to start anew but it feels like it takes ages to get
anywhere in this game; what should i do?

Author pantstelly93 ( ago)
@YaoiAngel00 came out last spring

Author YaoiAngel00 ( ago)
is there an English version of this??

Author Vetle Dyrli Frøyen ( ago)
salamence is better then dragonite

Author madbengalsfan85 ( ago)
I hated this fight...Rival was KO'd really fast (Gyrados one-hit his
Typhlosion, and it was downhill from there) Thank god my Lugia knew
Blizzard and Hydropump...fighting both of them by myself was miserable

Author MogenarHelios99722 ( ago)
How did you det salamence?

Author Tchioleca ( ago)
cool vi deo

Author FunkytimeCT ( ago)
They could of done Champion theme, or gym leader theme, or even rival
battle theme, but no. Just normal trainer battle ;-;

Author Mh3Jac77 ( ago)
dude i have a salamance named draco form a trade is that yours...

Author Mh3Jac77 ( ago)
@pianecez1 silver is latios and latias is hg

Author UtahJazzFan04 ( ago)
where did you get that smeargle?

Author bobmonfy ( ago)
I'm going to have a salamece soon. when my shelgon evolves

Author pokemondplover4ever ( ago)
where is this? after hall of fame???

Author Lee5195 ( ago)
I didn't see my rival!

Author BloidXD ( ago)
why are the gfx so bad?

Author Silentbutdeadly21 ( ago)
i love dragon pokemon :))

Author gnome child ( ago)
Clair and Lance have the same battle pose. :P

Author mayamayagirl ( ago)
@herkybc130 actually you can just surf to get it

Author herkybc130 ( ago)
you can get dragonair at dragon den with super rod

Author Dragonyte666 ( ago)
Loving that Salamence.It´s one of my favorite Pokemon.Garchomp too.

Author kablabrules ( ago)
lol im guessing lance can still kick ass with out his pokemon he looks
kinda deezed

Author matricidad01 ( ago)
@Asianman8307 Well, she IS

Author Super KB ( ago)
@DarkKar sadly no

Author court22743 ( ago)
@BUTCHYKID900 mine is Chikorita too :)

Author Sam Zhao ( ago)
Is the game supposed to be in Japanese? I can't read a damn thing except
during the battle..

Author Eric Mark ( ago)
Is this repeatable?

Author MrMillerboy6 ( ago)
@NightShadow697 you can find bagon in the dragon's den than he just leveled
it up than it evolves into shelgon than salamance :/

Author Sophia Singh ( ago)
are salamence and garchomp OUs???

Author instanoodles3956 ( ago)
why didnt you set up stealth rocks..

Author Joshua Dela Cruz ( ago)
@versuseeker wensdays i belive lol

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