Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver Double Battle - Lance & Clair (HQ)

After you've beaten your rival in every place you can, he will train at Dragon's Den and there he will join you in a battle against The Champion and Clair.

Pretty fun battle. Garchomp kicks ass. :P

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Added: 4 years
Runtime: 5:50
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Author Mh3Jac77 (3 years)
@pianecez1 silver is latios and latias is hg

Author iloveatl4eva (3 years)
um garchop. how did you get garchop?

Author TheAwesomeTyranitar (2 years)
So can I rematch this?

Author bigboi41992 (3 years)
i think he got latios from stevens advice salamance safarie and same for
gorchomp i think

Author Lance12088 (2 years)
@MrMillerboy6 tgh

Author DUDEOFGAMES1 (3 years)
what emulator do u use

Author davpd (2 years)
@MrMillerboy6 if it haz only legendary's you have a crappy team

Author iliteguy (2 years)
Do you fight him again?

Author Watsisface (2 years)
@Akmedshaibar Nah, I got Salamence from a trade.

Author Valon Niles (3 years)
where you get salamence

Author Joshua Dela Cruz (3 years)
@versuseeker wensdays i belive lol

Author FelixAdventerous10 (3 years)
does ur rival become nice at the end or better than b4 and treat pokemon

Author Camilo Quinones (3 years)
Well i think silver was pretty smart to choose you to be on your team
because think about it a double champion gang bang.

Author MovieMonster9 (3 years)
@versuseeker Doesn't it seem unfair that they always aim for your pokemon?

Author shamanazakura (2 years)
@mrbattlistkingdom no

Author Mitch Moore (3 years)
you made silver do all the work!

Author ryno4life1 (3 years)
2 questions: 1. At what point during the game can you double battle with
your rival? 2. can you go back and double battle with your rival again or
is it a one time opportunity?

Author masterminded78 (3 years)
How did draco get damaged when he crunched a dragonite? And how did crunch
pierce the protect move?

Author mrbattlistkingdom (2 years)
I gotta know, do you have to beat Red to get to this event?

Author MandJTV (3 years)

Author pantstelly93 (3 years)
@YaoiAngel00 came out last spring

Author masterluigio9 (1 year)
I used a cheat that changes pokemon trainer theme so i used the champion
theme Happy me :3

Author Vetle Dyrli Frøyen (3 years)
salamence is better then dragonite

Author LaquansVlog (2 years)
@mrbattlistkingdom nope

Author Preston Price (3 years)
i did this whole fight with a level 55 hypno cause i forgot itd be a double
battle =P

Author BRUINShockey87 (2 years)
will someone please help me evolve haunter over trade, thanks

Author Watsisface (3 years)
@masterminded78 It was holding a Life Orb, which increases damage, but also
damages the user. And only one of the Dragonites used Protect. I attacked
the one that didn't.

Author MSAlex23 (3 years)
i hate when people use legendaries, idk why but I hate that

Author Justinbacon100 (3 years)
Where did you get Lotios, Salamnce , and Gabite?

Author sporetv56 (1 year)

Author instanoodles3956 (3 years)
why didnt you set up stealth rocks..

Author Akmed ShabarTNT (2 years)
Hey did u have to wait 70 days for bagon?

Author Ανδρεας Τ. (2 years)
Feraligatr didnt get scratched.....

Author superstarman9001 (3 years)
@jackcphillips Did you fight him in Mt. Moon?

Author PKFreakz (3 years)
@Asianman8307 Well, she IS

Author SuperSonicFan Anime (1 year)
holy shit im named mi gible chompi o.o

Author MSAlex23 (3 years)
@SmashGuy704 smeargle can learn all tm and hm

Author MrMillerboy6 (2 years)
@Lance12088 Hey, just giving advice

Author MandJTV (3 years)
@versuseeker mondays and wednesdays

Author madbengalsfan85 (3 years)
I hated this fight...Rival was KO'd really fast (Gyrados one-hit his
Typhlosion, and it was downhill from there) Thank god my Lugia knew
Blizzard and Hydropump...fighting both of them by myself was miserable

Author luis flores (11 months)
How do you meet up with your rival in dragons den?? Plz reply.

Author Watsisface (2 years)
@sbarosbaro What are you talking about?

Author xKRAZYMAN50x (1 year)
Same here XD

Author mayamayagirl (3 years)
@herkybc130 actually you can just surf to get it

Author Lee5195 (3 years)
I didn't see my rival!

Author Megan Woodrow (11 months)
After you get badges from Misty, Lt. Surge, Sabrina, Erika, & Janine & get
through Dugrtrio's cave and get to Pewter City, go to Mt. Moon. You will
then battle the rival. After you beat him, he says that he's going to train
at the Dragon's Den. Anytime after that, go to the Dragon's Den and have
the double battle with him against Clair and Lance. Hope that helps! Also,
train as much as you can, that double battle can be wicked hard.

Author ThatAfricanBoy (3 years)
Did you have souldew on yor lat@s?

Author Xandy Boy (1 year)
Salamence and Garchomp best non legendary dragon pokemon ever

Author 1337sir (3 years)
@MandJTV rotfl that comment sounds hilarious

Author pantstelly93 (3 years)
because of the sprites on pbr and ds games i'm really beginning to dislike
typlosion and i want to start anew but it feels like it takes ages to get
anywhere in this game; what should i do?

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