We Call This Home - 3 Years Around the World Travel

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3 years - 60 countries. In 2011 I quit my job after saving up and started to travel around the world. I trekked amazing landscapes, checked off the bucket list, hitchhiked, slept anywhere I could, and made countless friends. These are my memories.


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At 0:55 the film goes in chronological order of countries visited except for the snorkeling edit at 1:02.

For a list of locations in the film visit:


Carousel - Let's Go Home (Sound Remedy Remix)

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Shot with a Nikon D700, Nikon D800, Canon 7D, Gopro 2, Gopro 3, Gopro 4, iphone 4s.

Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.

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Author Josua ( ago)
🛫If you like travel pictures, follow me on IG ✌🏽

Author Capture Happiness ( ago)
What I would give to do 3 years in one go!! That's the dream guys. Great vid

Author Capture Happiness ( ago)
Really good footage !! Cool video

Author Drone06 ( ago)
Truly amazing, I can't get enough of these world travel trips vlogs and docs, they help the rest of us see the world and maybe one day we'll all be fortunate enough to experience the dream✌🏻

Author Владимир Шутов ( ago)
Are there any plans for new trips?

Author Peter Han ( ago)
so cool

Author Jamie Britt ( ago)
Anyone here from the UK willing to do this with me ?

Author veysur1002 ( ago)
Wow! Awesome video. Only two videos? Load up some MORE travel videos. Make more money also.

Author Night Bot ( ago)
How did you get robbed?

Author Xiang Qiu ( ago)
all those amazing graphics!

Author MISS caprice ( ago)
i know i'm only 14 ! BUT THIS IS MY DREAM...i want to travel, discover what the world has got to give us and live my life as full as possible. Me and my friends only dream and talk about it. I hope that one day i will be living the dream...<3 Anything is possible. (i'm french so sorry if i have mad mistakes)

Author Sharon Jiang ( ago)
What an awesome three years of travelling - looks like the dream <3

Author Charlenedsln ( ago)

Author faiz sulaiman ( ago)
Someday 😂

Author EXOxNCT's Future Wife ( ago)
I'm 16 years old and I'm starting to save up so that If I graduated college I could travel into different countries with my mom... I hope it happens... 😊

Author Walks of a Wanderer ( ago)
This is amazing! I wish I could do the same as well! :)

Author wayX ( ago)
I feel love here. It's so nice to watch it! :)

Author J L ( ago)
Amazing and brave stuff, big thumbs up!! And really nice video too!!

Author EDGE OF GRAVITY ( ago)
Great stuff!!! Now we have desire to discover the world. ;-)

Author dthomp ( ago)
This is probably the best video on YouTube

Author Ashliyn Burgos ( ago)
This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Hoe did you do all of this

Author Trolleypackers ( ago)

Author Irwan Hamzah ( ago)
indonesia woww

Author TechItalia ( ago)
Come on mate, see all world and you lost Italy??? So lost an half of world's beauties... now you should travel 3 years againg but only in Italy..

Author Andrei Villaseñor ( ago)
goals but im fucking poor as fuck

Author Kath Rin ( ago)
Wow. Your travel is WOW! Awesome!

Author Surfing Persia ( ago)
amazing Video

Author Emmi767 M ( ago)
I recently became a flight attendant just to do this.. im 23.. its the scariest most amazing thing I have done. after training they leave you on your own to find a place to stay at whatever base they send you lol but im glad im doing this❤ love love your video. made me cry when i read the thank yous at the end. you did an amazing job.

Author Unitrips ( ago)
Just amazing!

Author mwj5368 ( ago)
If I leave and keep going, no back and forth, could I travel most of the less costly countries of the world on $750 a month Social Security?

Author Eman Emy ( ago)
one day i'll travel the world

Author Odille Atallah ( ago)
Well this guy knows how to live

Author Barney B ( ago)
Nothing extra ordinary here-extra ordinary is those who have visited at least 100 countries

Author Robert Balaile ( ago)

Author Lodbrok ( ago)
I´m surprised this only has a few views.

Author imovies NL ( ago)
Make sure you follow this instagram account!🌏✈️

Author Brittany Weyen ( ago)
Absolutely beautiful video, Walter! What type of camera do you use?

Author Happo ( ago)
Wow ! this is awesome the best inspiration i have ever seen !

Author Lyhong Phaltith ( ago)
Omg ! dis is definitely awesome. I luv dis vdo so badly😢 I wish I could be like him one day.
Anw, Love it!

Author Kenneth Gutierrez ( ago)
Inspiring,I love this guy!

Author Just Those Moments ( ago)
Best Travel Film!

Author eveyluvvs ( ago)
So awesome!

Author yoeri de koning ( ago)
Like the new facebook page especially for backpackers if you want to get inspired daily, see beautiful travelfootage and get updates about the best traveldestinations!!! ---> Back2backpack

Author World Adventures ( ago)
I have to do this, Im 31, lifes been unfair for most part in normal circumstances so I guess its never too late to go have the fun with life where I want.

Author Edgar Guzman ( ago)
inspirational Awesome. .. young blood so much doing..

Author Andrea Ariño ( ago)
the best travel video i have ever seen!

Author Riksan Jani ( ago)
now that's awesome !!! love it

Author Andrew Gerstner ( ago)
"the world is like a book, those who do not travel only read one page."

Author cleanmix ( ago)
Nice trip !

Author Independent Couple ( ago)
Great video! We are traveling since 2012, and love it! However, we have met with a lot of prejudices and jealousy. How do you cope with it?
You can read more about it on our latest post here >>

Author zana ( ago)
Please help

Author Ryu Chaehwa ( ago)
super!!! love it

Author Mawah Iqbal ( ago)

Author Puspa Dewi ( ago)
excusme, can anyone tell me, what is the title of the song in this video?
thank youu

Author Ankan Mukherjee ( ago)
liked the series of video clips with Walter as the steady image...that gave a summary of your visit..lovely man

Author Marijn De Zee ( ago)
I love this sm

Author Mie Stecher ( ago)
Please check out my travel videos! im new on youtube!

Author Casey H ( ago)
I love it! So well done! Im just about to get started with something similar! <3

Author Games & Tricks ( ago)
wow...! so cool....!

Author ravi sahye ( ago)
by far the best video ive ever seen for travelling this deserves an award. Honestly well done and im hoping to do something similiar when I finish university :)

Author Cameron Perkins ( ago)
This video looks amazing!!! Any other aspiring film makers out there? If so comment below and I will check out your channel! :)

Author Hamsah Achmad ( ago)
really cool

Author Lisa Kiburg ( ago)
AMAZING! how did you manage to travel for such an amount of time financially?

Author Jonas Smith Muller ( ago)
Travel Inspo right there!

Author Melanie Rose ( ago)
He was robbed... err skeet

Author Our Van Diaries ( ago)
Fun video, really enjoyed it!

Author Jalan2 yuuk ( ago)
Great Video....

Author ANDREY FEDOSOV ( ago)
Very nice!!!

Author CanadianUchiwaHD ( ago)
Learn from Nietzsche my friends and become a Superman.

Author Yanina Poplavskaya ( ago)

Author Kerney H ( ago)
Amazing video!

Author Giulia boldrini ( ago)
Did you go in italy?

Author Steph Damian ( ago)
2:36 is it Niagara falls?

Author Jasensei ( ago)
You were robbed?!! Did you get it on video?

Author Marina Vnz ( ago)
R-E-S-P-E-C-T Your vlog is soo amazing 😍

Author Akshay More ( ago)
one of the best travell video...simply great..hatts off buddy

Author Martina Aronne ( ago)
well done

Author Nick Crossan ( ago)
simply the best travel video. Thank you

Author Ingrid Micson ( ago)
robbed!? at where? uh quite shocked cuz i'm planing solo trip soon....

Author Y Traveller ( ago)
Very cool travels

Author prasad pawar ( ago)
+WalterChang Dude you are awesome. You must have a lot of content from the 3 years and I recommend you to post more of it. People will love it.

Author Michael Maréchal ( ago)
hey Walter, very nice video. I would like to use part of it for my music. Is the movie somewhere to be bought? thanks

Author Saowalak philasopha ( ago)

Author raj finch ( ago)

Author Jt Globetrotters ( ago)
Very nice video 👍👍👍

Author Sobat Jogja ( ago)
Wow 😆 ... me: traveling around My town it's still never done

Author Hyungseo Nam ( ago)
This is the best video ever ! I was about to cry looking at the changing backgrounds of the world. Absolutely incredible!! 👍🏼

Author John Manalang ( ago)
great vid man

Author Aleksandra Schmidt ( ago)

Author duestinae ( ago)
just... WOW!!!

Author hernancca ( ago)
Dude i cant stop watching this...

Author Tenerife Forum ( ago)
One of my favourites.

Author Diletta Rosiglioni ( ago)
sei il numero 1

Author Mitch Redford ( ago)
brilliant film!

Author Viet Nam Travel ( ago)
our world -our home

Author Wodane ( ago)
@Walter Chang
Thanks for sharing your amazing experiences!
You've inspired me to go and do the same.

I want to share my stories and when my friends ask how i did it, I will point to you as the person who made it happen.

I would like to know:
- How much did your trip cost per month?
- Next to hitchhiking, couchsurfing and travel what are tips to reduce cost?
- Any tips on how to raise funding?
- How did you plan where you wanted to go? where did you look for inspiration?
- How did you learn what to pack?
- How did you went about on how to find a place to sleep? (did you plan all places beforehand via internet? if so, what site?)

Many thanks and keep on being awesome!

Author bonna1995 ( ago)
How old were you when you started the journey?

Author 女可愛い ( ago)
💖💖💖💖 Great video

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