Seub Lab Rahat Rak (Eng Sub) Ep.5.1

Seub Lab Rahat Rak (Eng Sub) Ep.5.1

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Author Fran Chosa ( ago)
Thanks for replying!

Author MoZa377 ( ago)
He was speaking in 3rd person that's why. He literally said Non loves Ai.
Eww, though. He totally has no idea lol.

Author Bitter Xiong ( ago)
No!!! Even Ken has not given her (Vicki) the first kiss

Author ellasmith17 ( ago)
lol that guy gets a kiss before the main lead haha can't say i did't like
it though hehehehehehe

Author Fran Chosa ( ago)
How did Non (Ken's character) tell the little girl "I love you"? It didn't
sound like "Phom rak khun."

Author tahuniz ( ago)
I'm getting a creepy vibe from the kid like she's the woman with a
differnece or whatever it was the psycic said earlier. Like maybe her
"disease" keeps her young looking, and she's really a grown up or
something? whatever, she's freaky either way.

Author vmp98765 ( ago)
that kid looks like a miniture duang

Author vmp98765 ( ago)
@neenavang maybe the father had so much in his system it doesn't affect him.

Author Mouang Saechao ( ago)
Ughh i wanna slap that lil girl!

Author Jack Johnson ( ago)
hrmss... **chuckles** I think Vicky is getting jealous of the little brat
and Ken always being together.(even though they its only a "little kid.")
&&Now ken is worried that Vicky might misunderstand and get mad at him.
They worry/care about eachother now. Do i see a love forming now....
Eventhough they have to watch out for one another, i think they are
starting to like eachother, And GOSH KEN!!!!I thought you said you'd make
sure no harm comes to vicky. Shame on you. >=[ hahaha LOL

Author chong vang ( ago)
why isnt the father feel like that though, they feel it???

Author ilcu4 ( ago)
Yes she is used to the smoke and strong incense but the scent is different
from what was burn in that cup and the coffee. She was really drugged
twice. The scent I think is just strong enough to put someone in a stupper
state so that they could sway you. While the drug that was burn was
stronger and put you in a state where you just agree to anything.

Author LuvThaiDrama ( ago)
LOL now so funny ^__^

Author sjan14 ( ago)
I thought Duangjai was used to those kind of scent? How come she's being
drugged by it now?

Author dallertse1 ( ago)
thank you for uploading this, keep it up

Author Jinko ( ago)
Thanks for uploading this mv. Hope to see some more soon. Thanks again. I
like this drama.

Author Musixz4life ( ago)
damn that horny bitch. And fuck that small bitch.

Author Yuli Yusongphong ( ago)
first to view!

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