Top 10 Best Grand Theft Auto Side Characters (REDUX)

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  • Top 10 Best Grand Theft Auto Side Characters // Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW ----------------------- CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF WATCHMOJO WITH OUR SPECIAL EDITION MAGAZINE, LINKS BELOW!

    While you were stealing cars, these characters were stealing the show! These are the minor, non-player characters from Rockstar’s flagship open world GTA series that are the funniest, most memorable, fleshed out the best or just plain most awesome! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best Grand Theft Auto Side Characters.

    00:18 #10. Big Smoke
    01:13 #9. Wade Herbert
    01:56 #8. Lil’ Jacob
    02:39 #7. Yusuf Amir
    03:27 #6. Lamar
    04:07 #5. Lazlow Jones
    05:00 #4. Roman Belic
    05:43 #3, #2 & #1:????

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  • 1 month ago

    Revisit some of these great characters by replaying these games!
    GTA: San Andreas
    GTA V
    GTA: Vice City

    • j0EYH MotiS
      j0EYH MotiS 15 days ago

      Showed them niggaz whos gangsta RYDER nigga!

    • the gaming demon
      the gaming demon 15 days ago

      lance should be on the list maybe 2nd or 4rth place and big snoke should be way higher maybe number 2 i think at least

    • j0EYH MotiS
      j0EYH MotiS 16 days ago

      Where was Ryder mothafuckars!?

    • Lucky Lusterio
      Lucky Lusterio 1 month ago

      cant we just pirate these?

  • Officer Tenpenny
    Officer Tenpenny 4 hours ago

    Where the fuck is Toreno from San Andreas?

  • Jake Maldonado
    Jake Maldonado 8 hours ago

    does anybody here like lazlow he is the most annoying person in the GTA series why is he on this list he sucks

  • GeorgeZen Gaming
    GeorgeZen Gaming 11 hours ago


  • Matthew Shelburne
    Matthew Shelburne 13 hours ago

    Big smoke is number 1

  • Oscar Plata
    Oscar Plata 16 hours ago

    All you had to do was the damn train CJ!

  • Christian Kirk
    Christian Kirk 16 hours ago


  • The Icy Joker
    The Icy Joker 1 day ago

    It explains in the game how wade ends up with Trevor in gta v

  • Manuel Noble
    Manuel Noble 1 day ago

    Not even an honorable mention for Caeser from san andreas. Damn.

  • Demetrius Rima
    Demetrius Rima 1 day ago


  • Jamie Van Wyk
    Jamie Van Wyk 1 day ago

    Wheres ryder gta san andreas

  • Lman115
    Lman115 2 days ago

    what about Muhammad THE cab driver from gta 4 one if Romans cab drivers

  • Christopher Astacio

    mojo they said how wade got a job of travor interprizes. you just need to listen to the dilong.

  • Byron Carberry
    Byron Carberry 2 days ago


  • Dawzination KR
    Dawzination KR 2 days ago

    wheres ryder???

  • dominic victoria
    dominic victoria 2 days ago

    I WOULD AGREE 100% FOR THIS LIST IF THEY DIDNT ADD A FUKING VILLIAN NAMED TENPENNY!!!! HES THE GREATEST GTA VILLAIN , BUT NOT A FUKING GREAT SIDE CHARACTER!!!! id rather put sweet or lance fr tenpennys rank, but never tenpenny himself .

  • Gary Hayes
    Gary Hayes 2 days ago

    no packie and no Kent Paul WTF

  • Gamerz Online
    Gamerz Online 2 days ago

    vice city was love, i remember playing as a kid

  • Give me 1 sub Please


  • Captain Justus
    Captain Justus 2 days ago

    We all know who is going to be on number 9 , 7 , 6 and 45

  • Captain Justus
    Captain Justus 2 days ago

    Im a simpel man i see big smoke i click

  • Jugoslavenski Nacional Socijalist

    Ryder nigga!

  • KKamm
    KKamm 3 days ago

    How the fuck did Wade make the list, I fucking hated his character

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke 3 days ago

    Hey guys just look im in a another video

    ENTER SNARFMAN 3 days ago


    ENTER SNARFMAN 3 days ago


  • Gamer 1401
    Gamer 1401 4 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Ken Rosenberg is the most annoying character in all of GTA ?

  • Luckyman Hyc
    Luckyman Hyc 4 days ago

    all we had to do was follow that damn train cj

  • Ben M 0.5
    Ben M 0.5 4 days ago

    nobody from GTA 3 (dammit)

  • AJ808
    AJ808 4 days ago

    You didn't put Lamars famous line "Dont hate me because im beautiful nigga"

  • Roadhog
    Roadhog 4 days ago

    Big Smoke should have been number 1 on this list

  • Adriano Maguina
    Adriano Maguina 4 days ago

    who kill little jacob just for his house

    THE RYDER PROJECT 5 days ago

    Almost everybody knows that Ryder is the best character. On the other hand Ryder is too powerful to call him a side character. Therefore Ryder is definitely a main character. Maybe this is the reason why he is not on the list.

  • Naphat Lpp
    Naphat Lpp 5 days ago

    If Big Smoke isn't 1 I will murder

  • luki32311
    luki32311 5 days ago

    cmon guyz where the hell is Woozie, the only guy who could win race despite the fact he was blind...btw he was best CJs friend in GTA SA

  • Suryanshu Bepari
    Suryanshu Bepari 5 days ago

    u missed Cesar vialpando

  • Pinguin Präsident
    Pinguin Präsident 5 days ago

    I hate Tenpenny

  • happy_gaming
    happy_gaming 5 days ago

    Big smoke should of been at least top 5

  • Hasan Ergin
    Hasan Ergin 5 days ago

    no ryder? seriously?

  • Mrap
    Mrap 5 days ago

    Rasta , bumba clot

  • CT Gaming28
    CT Gaming28 6 days ago

    How big smoke only number 10

  • Jonixed
    Jonixed 6 days ago

    wade is annoying

  • Trashed
    Trashed 6 days ago

    Ken Rosenberg was always gonna be number 1. I'm glad. William Fichtner did a great job voicing him.

  • Eagle Gaming
    Eagle Gaming 6 days ago

    How can you forget packie

  • The Ninja Of Music
    The Ninja Of Music 6 days ago

    What about the man, the myth, the legendary sherm-head himself, RYDER NIGGA!

  • Red Blazze07
    Red Blazze07 6 days ago

    what is redux?

  • fishy fish
    fishy fish 7 days ago

    wade should of been higher

  • Jamie Price
    Jamie Price 7 days ago

    Big Smoke should be number 1

  • Matthew Brant
    Matthew Brant 7 days ago


  • Fwap Swap
    Fwap Swap 7 days ago


  • Paulo 187
    Paulo 187 7 days ago

    i want on gta san ryder

  • javier cerviño
    javier cerviño 9 days ago

    too bad asuka wasnt there :(

  • Andrew Collings
    Andrew Collings 9 days ago

    Wade should have been number one

  • WolveMaster22 !
    WolveMaster22 ! 10 days ago

    1:22, It was stated in a mission you retarded fucks. Trevor drove Wade's friends into a quary...that is all.

  • Stunned
    Stunned 10 days ago


  • Khalil Mokhtar
    Khalil Mokhtar 10 days ago

    are you kidding me ??? big smoke 10#, lazlow 5#, lazlow is not even a side character he did not even made something in the game world he's not even a minor character, lazlow is radio character in all gta games and only appeared in gta vice city as artwork and appeared phisicly on gta 5
    lammar funniest character ? what about og loc, what about real badman, what about the truth, what about maccer, what about catalina, what about the jounalist in gta liberty city stories, what about roman they are all way better and funnier than lammar
    tenpenny is side character ? is that joke, he's antagonist, the enemy
    what about wozzie ? the blind triad leader who can shoot and drive and helped cj a lot, he deserves to be on the list
    am i the only one here who thinks this list is little bit bad ?

    • Conici AU
      Conici AU 5 days ago

      Lazlow is the goat fuck off

  • Officer Tenpenny
    Officer Tenpenny 11 days ago

    HAHAHA ı am best side characters

  • Alex221 Gaming
    Alex221 Gaming 11 days ago

    No Woozie ?

  • Peterkaboomi Train
    Peterkaboomi Train 11 days ago

    big smoke at no.10 (TRIGGUARD!!!!!!!!!!)

  • محمد البلوشي

    Ryder niga

  • 76
    76 12 days ago

    I loved Vice City and San Andreas

  • LaFreak Gaming
    LaFreak Gaming 13 days ago

    What about "The Truth"*???

  • Supra X
    Supra X 13 days ago

    Ryder Nigga

  • Ori M
    Ori M 13 days ago

    no ryder
    no cesar
    no wu zi
    no og loc
    no catalina
    no madd dogg
    wtf is this list

  • vojintres
    vojintres 15 days ago

    Brucie over Bowling master ?

  • ThatOneOtaku
    ThatOneOtaku 16 days ago

    I feel like this was made in reverse order.

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke 16 days ago

    Big smoke

  • dungeonseeker1uk
    dungeonseeker1uk 16 days ago

    You made this video twice and didn't mention Cesar in either? WTF?

  • PlayWith Alex
    PlayWith Alex 16 days ago

    bricie is also in gta online

  • Rodney Prill
    Rodney Prill 17 days ago

    The dark Forrest is quite enchanting

  • Master Of awkward
    Master Of awkward 17 days ago

    So is nobody going to mention Phil Cassidy. He was papi. He was an army nut who was loyal as duck.

    I'M MOE GREENE 17 days ago

    Gay Toni is an underrated character and so is Jim from TLaD who is a fucking family father and got killed because of that dumb bitch Ashley...

    And why the fuck isn't Ryder mentioned here?

  • JJ
    JJ 17 days ago

    Officer Tenpenny is a Trump is always screwing people people for the sake of the money.

  • Twilight sparkle
    Twilight sparkle 18 days ago


  • Silu Dash
    Silu Dash 20 days ago

    Yes big smoke you are remembered bcoz of"All you had to do was to follow the damn train, CJ! "

  • Rykeriscool2005
    Rykeriscool2005 21 day ago

    big smoke made a great meme!

  • Patka Guska
    Patka Guska 23 days ago

    And OG loc

  • Patka Guska
    Patka Guska 23 days ago

    #1 Big Smoke
    #2 Officer Tempeny
    #3 Kent Paul
    #4 Trevor
    #5 Ken Rosenberg
    #6 Rest....

  • sHORTyshab H.
    sHORTyshab H. 24 days ago

    you guys censored f**k but didn't censor nig*a in yusuf amir's spotlight

  • Egon Pingas
    Egon Pingas 24 days ago

    thanks for no fucking spoiler warning

  • Bryant Escobar
    Bryant Escobar 25 days ago

    All we have to do is but me in number one watchmojo!

  • gtagaming gta
    gtagaming gta 25 days ago

    gta is the best game series

  • Zero_h Gaming
    Zero_h Gaming 25 days ago

    Little Jacob has the most hilarious dialogues when you and him crash lmao

  • Xin Li
    Xin Li 26 days ago

    lance vance is not the number 1? can't believe

  • steven juste
    steven juste 26 days ago

    Catalina from SA

  • Cheritto
    Cheritto 27 days ago

    Donald Love should be at #1.

  • Robby Plays
    Robby Plays 28 days ago

    why does everyone think that big smoke killed CJs mom when some ballas killed her watch the introduction

  • Red Sly
    Red Sly 29 days ago

    Donald Love has always been my favourite character in the gta universe

  • Eric M
    Eric M 1 month ago

    Why the fuck is Lamar higher than Lil Jacob???? Jacobs a much cooler and reliable guy. A loyal man who treats you wuth respect. Lamars just a dumb street holligan that Franklin has to clean up from time to time. He doesnt deserve to be on this list.

  • ZuccSlayr
    ZuccSlayr 1 month ago

    Stop bullshitting me CARL!!!!!!!!

  • SmackLife
    SmackLife 1 month ago

    Except 3 or 4 characters,others where s***.I mean,even BG wasn't in his own place.He deserved better.

  • Max Robinson
    Max Robinson 1 month ago

    Tenpenny isn't a side character. He's the main antagonist.

  • Roman Gervolskiy
    Roman Gervolskiy 1 month ago

    Ryder is the most underrated character in the series.

    • Jadis
      Jadis 14 days ago

      Ryder > all

    • Rock God
      Rock God 1 month ago

      Roman Gervolskiy he looks like Eazy E

  • Шд Кд
    Шд Кд 1 month ago


  • Шура Шпилькин

    For some reason I always really liked sergeant Martinez from Vice City Stories

  • Vester Knight
    Vester Knight 1 month ago

    ~Big Smoke, 2004

  • Riley Mazur
    Riley Mazur 1 month ago

    This wouldn't be GTA without big smoke

  • Solomine
    Solomine 1 month ago

    how cloud you not love the second one

  • thekingofdarkness12435

    How is big smoke not number one? Him being at number ten is an insult.

  • ll P0W3RSTR0K3 ll
    ll P0W3RSTR0K3 ll 1 month ago

    Meh Vic Vance

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