What Really Went Down Between The Rock And Vin Diesel

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    Vin Diesel and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson have shared the screen throughout multiple installments of the Fast and Furious franchise. But once the cameras started rolling on the eighth film,The Fate of the Furious, the brawny bros must've finally realized that all those tiny race cars were only big enough for one hulking beefcake. The two started openly feuding, causing plenty of speculation among fans and celeb-watchers alike. So, what happened to make these macho men mad at each other? Let's take a look back at what really went down between The Rock and Vin Diesel...

    Airing those grievances | 0:29
    Pedaling for peace | 1:37
    He said, he said | 2:19
    Damage control | 2:56
    The passing lane | 4:04
    The finish line | 4:52

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Comments: 1 523

  • Nicki Swift
    Nicki Swift 2 months ago

    So who's to blame in the Rock/Diesel feud?

    • Realmatic Schisms
      Realmatic Schisms 4 days ago

      I LOOOOOOVE Dwayne Johnson but Vin Diesel is movie MAGIC! It's just a case of two bulls in 1 pen.

  • stop YTbsvideos
    stop YTbsvideos 2 hours ago

    Vin Diesel vs. Dwayne Johnson? Are you serious? I think that most folks out there know that Johnson is 10X the man. I've enjoyed Diesel's movies for many years but in no way does he compare to Dwayne. Fast V was the best out of all of them. Why? The Rock. And it's my generations(X) film. Not the Millennials. Why again? There are men being men & not transgender freaks. Praise the GOD of Israel!

  • Deee LabbWrenth
    Deee LabbWrenth 16 hours ago

    I dont really care.....but if Vin is a Producer...The Rock should just stfu.

  • deadpool
    deadpool 1 day ago

    "what between happend these machos men"

    stahanm laughs

  • Mat Man Stan
    Mat Man Stan 2 days ago

    I'm sorry... But the rock would crush vin's ass.

  • Reaba Hegg Mack
    Reaba Hegg Mack 2 days ago

    The Rock is such a horrible, Yes I said HORRIBLE ACTOR!!!

  • Joseph Deviva
    Joseph Deviva 3 days ago

    Harvey Dent can we trust him

    RAZOR SHARPE 3 days ago

    Honestly, all these movies suck. So who truly cares and why?

  • Benny Simpo
    Benny Simpo 4 days ago

    Vin diesels ugly af, and a shit actor! Not to mention his incredible lack of intelligence....

  • Brendant
    Brendant 4 days ago

    you think the rock would come late on set ? that man wakes up at 3-4 am to go to the gym everyday. thats Discipline and motivation.

  • Cyrus Sitagata
    Cyrus Sitagata 5 days ago

    highly doubt there was a feud

  • Mel S
    Mel S 5 days ago

    I was one of his biggest fans until I saw him make a joke of child molestation. Now I realize he's just another disgusting Hollywood whore. A sell out who has no conscience. Will not be renting or attending any more Rock films ever.

  • Jordi Danen
    Jordi Danen 6 days ago

    I think its real. Vin seems like the guy who would be late on set...even if its a little late. The rock obviously views his career as any other job and you just show up on time just like anyone else in this world. He also has crazy dicipline. Love em both though. Could be wrong though. Also....When The Rock walks in a room...HE becomes the alpha male. Thats the mental and physical charm that he has.

  • khulani Masizana
    khulani Masizana 6 days ago

    what ever the case might be, but i chose the Rock

  • CJ H
    CJ H 7 days ago

    What Really Went Down Between The Rock And Vin Diesel ? iT'S A PUBLICITY STUNT YOU GULLIBLE FOOLS.

  • Qwertys Zeldar
    Qwertys Zeldar 8 days ago

    it sounds like a harmless dispute blown out of proportions. im sure things probably got close to blows at times but things are stressful on set. if anything this was blown up just to get sales.

  • E. Takia Jehan Ferguson

    No matter what imma be front and center for anything that has Vin Diesel and The Rock in it at the same time!!!

  • E. Takia Jehan Ferguson

    9th and 10th installment?!?!? #WhatInTheEntireFuck 😤🤔
    I am a fan of the franchise but what else more can they Do? Drive to Mars???😩

  • Single Guy
    Single Guy 9 days ago

    I've been a fan of Vin for ages but now I can't watch any of the movies he is in. He'll only do it if he is the star and everyone is flaunting over him.(see the horrible new XXX movie for an example) The Rock, who I've never really been a fan of until I actually started paying attention is a legitimate good guy is ok with sharing the spotlight and actually puts in work. Also Vin Diesel has a dad bad these days.

  • Travis Hanna
    Travis Hanna 9 days ago

    the rock is the antichrist

  • Myrdoc
    Myrdoc 10 days ago

    Fake Feud designed to drum up publicity.

  • Jacob Henry
    Jacob Henry 10 days ago

    Wimps ...

  • Soulja Boy
    Soulja Boy 13 days ago

    Two rocks can light diesel on fire.

  • Tekanatoken Delaronde

    Simply put, Vin is mad Dwayne took his shine. Salty.

  • PalomarWater
    PalomarWater 15 days ago

    Really, people wanted the Rock in F&F? What kind of idiots wanted him in it, it didn't need him. US Marshall Tommy L. Jones would have been better. Rock go back to your fake wrestling.

  • skorpia g
    skorpia g 15 days ago

    team rock all the way. remember when everyone was upset Vin wasn't in the early sequal movie? I heard it's because he wanted a huge paycheck. looking out for the franchise my ass. I also heard he's a diva on set. the rock is always polite and professional. real classy guy.

  • Rachel and Josh
    Rachel and Josh 16 days ago

    My personal opinion (which I hardly ever give online) is Paul Walker was the only thing that made this franchise a hit to begin with and now that Paul is gone (RIP) it would be dead without Dwayne and Statham (not sure if that's spelled right).

  • Connor Murphy
    Connor Murphy 17 days ago

    These are Vin Diesels movies not The Rocks...

  • Vincent Wolf
    Vincent Wolf 17 days ago

    I don't care who of them is asshole and who isn't, it's Vin's franchise, he's the main hero there, not Rock, so I'll always be backing up Vin here.

  • Greennorth Pine
    Greennorth Pine 18 days ago

    I like Dwayne much better . He IS better .

  • Ed Service
    Ed Service 18 days ago

    in fast 9 ,dom assembles the family to go after the scriptwriters of fast 8 .......can't wait

  • Baby Bok
    Baby Bok 18 days ago

    fuck the rock vin is the one

    GRAND MASTER SEXAY 19 days ago

    Vin diesel is gonna get his ass rock bottomed

  • Samrat Shah
    Samrat Shah 19 days ago

    I like both actors.. both have incredible fan following and hits on box office. I think that rock doesn't like any kind of editing with his role in F&F movies. Diesel is producer and Dwayne want long camera sharing as 'Hobbs' with 'Dom'. Maybe diesel is insecure to this demand of Dwayne because Dwayne is better actor than him and Diesel feel same as people.

  • Ghostly !
    Ghostly ! 20 days ago

    Team Diesel

  • jeff francis
    jeff francis 20 days ago

    what are your sources. literally every videos is based on some he said, she said bullshit.

  • don't mock me I'm your Dad

    The rock probably just felt left out and not part of the family. He seems cool but he did Smack that chair over mankinds head 1 to many times.

  • Gaylen Morley
    Gaylen Morley 21 day ago

    Playing with your Mountain Bike like a teenager, you will never know what the real work is that the Rock does every day ! And this franchise would not be any where without the Rock and Paul Walker. Vin's part could have been played by many better actors.

  • David Beppler
    David Beppler 21 day ago

    This feud all happened when they were playing AD&D together and Vin killed the Rock's character. They will get over it. ;)

  • Palden Gyamtso
    Palden Gyamtso 22 days ago

    This movie get much better because of vin. If vin is not FF I'm sure there will be no FF 3,4,5,6,7,8 btw I don't give a dame about the rock. I'm sure the rock has more fan so it's make vin the bad guy. But if u see all the hit movies in this year is vin's movie for example xXx 3, F8 and graden 2. Those movie made biggest money of all time. So, stop fucking blaming vin.

  • Aboriginal Blood
    Aboriginal Blood 22 days ago

    I guess you have yet to be slapped for saying something as ignorant as "a big guy pow-wow". Stupid white people. Pretty sure the rock is a native (Samoan?) as well.

  • BruhMonJee
    BruhMonJee 22 days ago

    The Next BatMan..

  • KyleH1357
    KyleH1357 23 days ago


  • Miguel Rosales Llano

    They are just marketing the new upcoming film in where they will be enemies... these sucks!

  • rideordieguy rideordieguy

    0:13 look at that Vin fail next to the Rock, looks like the turtle from looney toons[[[ my momma toll me to get something for dinner]]] I actually heard someone say I think Vin can beat Rock HAHHAHA YEAAAA maybe in poker

  • cassiosconyc
    cassiosconyc 24 days ago

    There's a 9th and 10th coming out??? Someone please stop this

  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith 24 days ago

    Diesel is gay for real

  • Austin0777
    Austin0777 24 days ago

    Vin Diesel is a douche and it's obvious. The rock is the man

  • LPS.EmmyTV
    LPS.EmmyTV 24 days ago

    team diesel

  • Numba1Stunna
    Numba1Stunna 25 days ago

    They're all probably just mad because The Rock could fucking take over the Fast franchise, with or without Vin

  • Charger Dave
    Charger Dave 25 days ago

    9 and 10...wow... funny how some people laugh at the series, yet they're still going... and I'll keep watching because I enjoy it and don't pick it apart for realism... I watch for escapism...

  • Dominic Parry
    Dominic Parry 25 days ago

    since the Rock thinks pedophilia is funny and came out as a Satanist on snl a couple weeks ago he's on my boycott list

  • joesashiify
    joesashiify 25 days ago

    The Rock wants his crack back, look it up. Lol!

  • vince flores
    vince flores 25 days ago

    couple of queers

  • NYCman
    NYCman 26 days ago

    Comparing interviews and seeing how both men act in real life, nobody ever has an unkind word to say about the rock. He seems like the nicest guy you'll ever meet. Vin Diesel on the other hand, not so much.

  • Westly Lewis
    Westly Lewis 26 days ago

    ohhh puhleeeez

  • PeaceTree024
    PeaceTree024 27 days ago

    the Rock was an unnecessary addition to the franchise. He should be grateful he even got to stay as a character... He has no right to attack the og stars of the franchise.
    Total alpha dick move dude.

  • BlassReiter 1100cc
    BlassReiter 1100cc 27 days ago

    I'm no cheerleader for The Rock. Not a big fan. But I don't believe for a second that he showed up late to set or skipped it entirely. That pretty much contradicts everything ever said about the guy from movie co stars to wrestlers. He's about as professional as it gets. But I do hate Vin Diesel more than the Rock. Overrated cunt. "It's fantastical." Like The Rock needs Vin Diesel's hand out. You know The Rock got paid waaay more money for his supporting role than Vin did as the main character lol

  • Ana Marin
    Ana Marin 27 days ago

    VIN is the one for me, he is beautiful

  • Uber Boi
    Uber Boi 27 days ago

    How many people know they're getting played when they watch this?

  • Trenton Wiley
    Trenton Wiley 27 days ago

    tommy lee jones over the rock.good thing yall thought twice bout that.

  • Luis Mateo
    Luis Mateo 28 days ago

    All about promo smh 🤦‍♂️

  • Aimee Curry
    Aimee Curry 28 days ago


  • Jules Cirilo
    Jules Cirilo 28 days ago

    I cant still believe people want to see Vin Diesel ...

  • Dave Howe
    Dave Howe 28 days ago

    Tell these little girls go home and count your money.

  • multisomebodyelse ¿ notme

    vins best ;)

  • rh1507
    rh1507 29 days ago

    Makes perfect since . Two alpha males will always have a problem in one way or another.

  • Joseph Marton
    Joseph Marton 29 days ago

    odd how the rock lost all his hair ! he is bald and not of the age to be bald. why ?

  • John Milner
    John Milner 29 days ago

    The Rock should lay off the Juice, it's affecting his brain.

  • music sport
    music sport 29 days ago

    there bodys are full by steroids xd and there weak than most of natural bodybuilders so who cares about there biceps maybe you girls xd 😎got hummer no guns

  • Stoic Observer
    Stoic Observer 1 month ago

    I was actually disappointed that sick, adulterous, self-aggrandizing narcissist, Dwayne Johnson was ever brought in to wreck the furious series. He is a terrible actor. Not saying he is a complete lowlife Hollywood bych, but I refuse to see anything he is in.

  • pieper howiy
    pieper howiy 1 month ago

    do all know the rock is my cousin

  • John Smith
    John Smith 1 month ago

    earn that paycheck, tyrese.

  • Alexus Gamer
    Alexus Gamer 1 month ago

    well i hope there is still F9..

  • Guillermo Nieves
    Guillermo Nieves 1 month ago

    Well what can you expect,, two alpha males in one movie.

  • Chad Dion
    Chad Dion 1 month ago

    I have a friend who has been on set with the rock in multiple movies , said he is more than a nice guy , complete nice guy and totally professional and a leader.

  • Playmax Max
    Playmax Max 1 month ago

    I know for sure that the rock is really good person in real life

  • Carlnj74
    Carlnj74 1 month ago

    Lol, Vin is nuts. Dwayne Johnson was brought in to save the franchise.

  • Klaus Vokiee
    Klaus Vokiee 1 month ago

    Good Story anyway , Nicki Swift

  • Keilan Smith
    Keilan Smith 1 month ago

    I think they should just have a massive brawl.

  • MrElionor
    MrElionor 1 month ago

    Holly shit there is going to be a 9th and 10th installment? They literally are going to go have to go to space to top themselves

  • Eric Masters
    Eric Masters 1 month ago

    There's no feud, this guys wanna eat each other in the ass ! They wanna peek-a-boo the sausage !

  • Herbz Yazzie
    Herbz Yazzie 1 month ago

    haha Uncle oooooio

  • GSP Knee to the Body

    the rock would literally destroy vin diesel 100 times out of 100 WITH EASE

  • Theodore Vasilopoulos

    no-one except publicists care about this. we don't know these dudes personally. get a life and a useful job...

  • Drew C
    Drew C 1 month ago

    nothing. they're actors

  • RIcky Rick
    RIcky Rick 1 month ago

    I didn't even make it half way through the video before I decided I don't give a fuck about any of this.

    POS TRUMP SUCKS 1 month ago

    rock also much better actor than vin ., vin is korney   he remine me of another shitty actor steven segal ,

    POS TRUMP SUCKS 1 month ago

    they all suck is like watching the same movie over and over and people who die come back  the faf  is play out let it go,  and also don't keep spending money in junk of a movies .....

  • Ananya Mathur
    Ananya Mathur 1 month ago

    well there is only one alpha and thats DJ

  • phelly mercer
    phelly mercer 1 month ago

    mcgregor will kill the two of them come on mcgregor 😅😅😅😑😅😑😑

  • Eduardo Morales
    Eduardo Morales 1 month ago

    I know what went down....Steroid RAGE!!

  • Khai zero.
    Khai zero. 1 month ago

    The Rock dont need fast and furious he already a big name in the Hollywood.the thing Van Diesel want him in that movie because they want to collect more viewers

  • Hassan Al Hammadi
    Hassan Al Hammadi 1 month ago

    just anther move trek like WWE.

  • Reckless& Relentless

    Diesel is just frustrated Dwayne out shines him.

  • Eli Westbrook
    Eli Westbrook 1 month ago

    I do like Dwayne but i feel like he's a bit if a drama queen

  • Kulaea Lao
    Kulaea Lao 1 month ago

    Tyrese prolly still mad about what Dwayne said about his forehead in Fast 6 that's why he took Vin's side😂😂😂

  • Lusiver
    Lusiver 1 month ago

    Did she just call him Doug Johnson? Lol

  • Loc Kri
    Loc Kri 1 month ago

    Vin is a Candy Ass!

  • DeadlyDanDaMan
    DeadlyDanDaMan 1 month ago

    Vin Diesel seriously is an egotistical piece of shit. This isn't the first time it's been brought up.

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