Robert Mueller Investigates Trump, All-White Skittles for LGBTQ Pride - Monologue

  • Added:  8 days ago
  • Seth Meyers' monologue from Thursday, June 15.
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    Robert Mueller Investigates Trump, All-White Skittles for LGBTQ Pride - Monologue- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers
  • Video CategoriesComedy
  • Runtime: 3:7
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Comments: 255

  • Abigail Scott
    Abigail Scott 2 days ago

    famous actually sounds like deeply grotesvui hip

  • Fawful's Galaxy
    Fawful's Galaxy 2 days ago

    its always Kevin...

  • Zephyrus_anim8
    Zephyrus_anim8 2 days ago

    I don't understand the white skittles thing how are white skittles related to pride, are you suppose to color them in or something?

  • Christian Mayr
    Christian Mayr 3 days ago

    Hey buddies ! ! ! Omfg discipline like the material mighxily picture

  • Andrea Ramsay
    Andrea Ramsay 3 days ago

    Good monologue---caused three face slaps.

  • Mila Martens
    Mila Martens 3 days ago

    self impact worried date specialize reliable valuable estimate.

  • Seafoam Serpent
    Seafoam Serpent 4 days ago

    What does the "Q" stand for?

  • Corey Weaver
    Corey Weaver 4 days ago

    They ain't loyal.

  • Pansy Vang
    Pansy Vang 4 days ago

    Spin metal wrong pqsiyw comment female scared bishop around.

  • Don Kettle
    Don Kettle 4 days ago

    "Phoney?" Isn't that a synonym for "fake?"

  • Todd Olson
    Todd Olson 5 days ago

    You buddy are soaring! I have to watch you just to get threw. Fucking awesome!

  • Mohamed Abdirahman
    Mohamed Abdirahman 5 days ago

    Trump the best joke I have met

  • Mavis Smith
    Mavis Smith 5 days ago

    I don't get white Skittles. How does that support the LGBT community?

  • chasing hadley
    chasing hadley 6 days ago

    how invisible is black to white people? they don't notice that without the black lines there's​ nothing but White wrapper , sup Marshall lol

  • Дмитрий Шафоростов

    WTF Crimea doing on Russia map?

  • Carloman M
    Carloman M 6 days ago

    You've all heard about this race problem, haven't you?
    You know, the one that exists in ALL White countries and ONLY White countries.
    The one that can only be solved by flooding those countries with masses of non-Whites.
    You've also started to figure out that it's not really a race problem at all, but rather a White problem.
    After all, nobody's flooding non-White countries with White people.
    Diversity is a codeword for White genocide.
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  • Narret
    Narret 6 days ago

    Cool New York? Im sitting here in Phoenix in 120 degree temperatures... my air conditioner can only get the house down to 79 when its 81...

  • catwalk33
    catwalk33 6 days ago

    *trump has nothing to hide yet he is firing everybody investigating him lmao. this asshole in unreal*

  • GdoubleWB
    GdoubleWB 6 days ago

    2:09 Look into it, by "reports by doctors" he means "something Julianne Moore said". While it is possible to be slightly puffier after eating sushi and get "sushi face", it's only because it causes you to retain water, like a lot of foods, especially foods high in sodium. Fear not, fellow sushi lovers! Just keep drinking water and you'll be fine.

  • Григорий Мазурчик

    Did anyone notice that the map of Russia at 0:37 included the annexed Crimea?

  • JESH B.
    JESH B. 6 days ago

    The dogs bark, but the caravan goes on.

  • CraigandJane1
    CraigandJane1 6 days ago

    Who's Kevin?

  • Maham
    Maham 6 days ago

    Ok so I watch Colbert and The Daily Show and so its made me realise that the volume of the Late Night video's is not as high! Why oh why??

  • 1111Pel
    1111Pel 6 days ago

    Kevin sure is an asshole.

  • WwkvvWxxkkvWwxkxwvvWVXvvWxk

    GOD has forbidden fornication, adultery, and homosexuality. HE has also forbidden usury. Be thou apprised.

    [Quran 2:275] Those who swallow usury cannot rise up save as he ariseth whom the devil hath prostrated by (his) touch. That is because they say: Trade is just like usury; whereas Allah permitteth trading and forbiddeth usury. He unto whom an admonition from his Lord cometh, and (he) refraineth (in obedience thereto), he shall keep (the profits of) that which is past, and his affair (henceforth) is with Allah. As for him who returneth (to usury) - Such are rightful owners of the Fire. They will abide therein.

  • Rakinjo2
    Rakinjo2 6 days ago

    What exactly is the point with the whole white skittles thing?

  • Mac
    Mac 7 days ago

    Robert Mueller's Dream Team????
    * Mueller has been Comeys mentor & best mate for 20 years.
    * His "team" consists of Democrat money donors
    * Comey is very happy that Mueller was chosen as he himself was the leak.

    Sounds completely impartial to a Democrat Communist.

  • Clarissa Markley
    Clarissa Markley 7 days ago

    that was cute because i had the nickname blue skittles when i had bue streaks

  • Di0
    Di0 7 days ago

    This material is kinda lame. I like Seth but jeez, the jokes are terrible.

  • dsouzand
    dsouzand 7 days ago

    you guys should start a white pride month

  • Arachnid Badkid
    Arachnid Badkid 7 days ago

    Nothing says celebrating diversity like giving the community symbolized by a rainbow all white skittles. Not to mention the irony in the fact that LGBTQ+ people of color face aspects of hetero/cissexism introduced by white imperialists and colonialists... Like it's cool they're donating money to LGBTQ+ charities but I'm not sure why it wouldn't have made more sense just to rename the flavors after what each color in the rainbow represents for the community.

    • Arachnid Badkid
      Arachnid Badkid 7 days ago

      Nah, yeah I know that. My point is just that it'd make more sense and probably feel less like capitalizing on Pride if they approached it differently.

    • videogal
      videogal 7 days ago

      Arachnid Badkid
      Skittles printed their statement on the bags... “During Pride, only one rainbow matters. So we’ve given up ours to show support.”

  • Neil Gardner
    Neil Gardner 7 days ago

    Please please please pronounce Mueller correctly...MEW-ler not MULL-ler ;-)

  • O Kanenas
    O Kanenas 7 days ago

    Baseball will show players nicknames? We'll finally know who's on first.

  • Александр Докукин

    Seth, remove Crimea from your Russia map, please. It's not russian - it's occupied.

  • Вячеслав .Гунейко

    Why Crimea appears on russian map at 0:37 as a part of Russia? Is Seth Meyers recognizing the annexation of the peninsula?

  • Stabby Tentacles
    Stabby Tentacles 7 days ago

    I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director! Witch Hunt.
    I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man I tried to set up as the guy who fired the FBI Director! But I went on national TV and blurted out: It was me! It was me! Witch Hunt.

  • Bill Talmadge
    Bill Talmadge 7 days ago

    whats vegas got the over/under at for how many cases of all white skittles Bannon will buy?

  • Nikola Bijeliti
    Nikola Bijeliti 7 days ago

    Multiculturalism is being promoted in every White country on the earth, and ONLY in White countries. The purpose of multiculturalism is to turn every White country into a non-White country. Under international law, that constitutes genocide. Any White person who objects to this is called a racist.
    But White people are now beginning to realize two things:
    That multiculturalism is a codeword for White genocide.
    That anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

    • videogal
      videogal 7 days ago

      Nikola Bijeliti
      Lawd you are forever posting these psycho breitbart bullshit comments... For the most part, you crazies are on dark youtube - looks like you got lost... no one here is playing into your tinfoil hat conspiracy theories.

  • Nekroz_Of_Super_Dora

    Inb4 Android fans rage about Trump using an iPhone

  • Titus Tiger
    Titus Tiger 7 days ago

    white skittles?

    that is all they eat at the daily caller

  • Imania Margria
    Imania Margria 7 days ago

    Can you color the white skittles for pride month? That would be fun.

  • groemich
    groemich 7 days ago


  • B22
    B22 7 days ago

    I guess the national soccer team need to go to Wisconsin and other swing states...

  • kuroichan101
    kuroichan101 7 days ago

    The only people I could imagine supporting trump in Miami are those racist Hispanics in little Havana.

  • Lynda Hill
    Lynda Hill 7 days ago


  • YieWen Phung
    YieWen Phung 7 days ago

    0:04 Is Seth just said Special Counsel "Roller Mueller"?

  • Cliff Burton
    Cliff Burton 7 days ago


    Skittle Power!

    I knew it was only a matter of time until even colored candy would be segregated.

    too much?


  • DarKMaTTeR
    DarKMaTTeR 7 days ago

    Ok, so the way to celebrate gay pride is to _not_ use the colours? And make them all white on top of that? If I had to guess, I would have thought they are trying to pander to entirely different audience.

  • D Storm
    D Storm 7 days ago

    Mueller is Comey's friend and mentor, so this all smacks of conflict of interest.

  • Jacques Blaque
    Jacques Blaque 7 days ago

    Who tacked on the "Q" to existing "LGBT"? Why? Meaning? Speak up donnie!

  • Luke Jackson
    Luke Jackson 7 days ago

    Inb4 there is public outrage about racist skittles.

  • Ani Bananie
    Ani Bananie 7 days ago

    This is not normal comedian monologue.. This is hatred and ignorance. I am an independent voter and wasn't a Trump supporter. It's been years since real talent had a late night show

  • Adam Stark
    Adam Stark 7 days ago

    it seems ironic that Skittles would do all white in support of LGBT when they normally are rainbow colored

  • Cosmin Bebu-Vîjianu

    Why does your Russia map graphic include Crimea?

  • Savybones
    Savybones 7 days ago

    Who's getting fired for the skittles promo?
    Making something for <10% of people and then removing the thing that associated the product with them.
    Who's flag is white? oh the French, so these are for the the people of France.

  • Kidlike101
    Kidlike101 7 days ago

    Can someone explain the white skittles to me? I would associate it with another kind of pride (read supremacy) not the LGBTQ

    • Iron Horse
      Iron Horse 7 days ago

      they are 'giving up their rainbow' aka lending it to show solidarity with LGBTQ Pride

  • Old Yeller
    Old Yeller 7 days ago

    Muller reminds me of Sam Waterston.
    The photos of Trump get funnier and funnier!
    "Phonie" LOL!!

  • The African-American Soldier

    More racism from the liberals... this is the new "norm"...

  • Montesama314
    Montesama314 7 days ago

    "OHH! And with a FURIOUS DUNK, it's Seth 'White Skittles' Meyers!"
    "Really made him taste his rainbow on that one, Bob."
    "You said it, Fred!"

    DCYOUKNIGHTED 7 days ago

    Next level opening jokes

  • GwendolynnBY
    GwendolynnBY 7 days ago

    how do all white skittles support pride???

    • Iron Horse
      Iron Horse 7 days ago

      they are 'giving up their rainbow' aka lending it to show solidarity with LGBTQ Pride

  • HammerKawk
    HammerKawk 7 days ago

    Anyone else cringe when they see the thumbnails for these videos?..... it's just something about Seth's face that makes my stomach hurt then leads to uncontrollable diarrhea.

    • HammerKawk
      HammerKawk 6 days ago

      imma cumming I'm directly putting the blood of congressmen Steve Scalise on your hands. Because of your hatred towards the president. Boom

    • paul coy
      paul coy 7 days ago

      Business Cat!!!! I Love those memes!!!! "Jenkins, I want that dead mouse on my desk by 5 PM !"

    • Eva Pawlowska
      Eva Pawlowska 7 days ago

      Ummm no. Where's your pic?

  • Anon
    Anon 7 days ago

    I think you can make as many jokes about a person or their dress sense or fashion choices as you like, but personal attacks on a persons looks and physical features is short sighted, closed minded and childish. Books and covers and stones in glass houses.

    • I Rate Your Comments
      I Rate Your Comments 7 days ago

      Anon how is it "short sighted" to make fun of someone's physical appearance?

  • Rose Johnson-Tsosie

    Between protecting Trump and prosecuting Trump it's going to cost the US Taxpayer's Great Grandchildren a small fortune.

  • Ellie F
    Ellie F 7 days ago

    At first I wondered why all-white Skittles would work when the rainbow that which is Skittles is the symbol of LGBTQ+, but then I realised it's cuz you'll never know what you're gonna be eating. Like how you'll never know if you're sitting next to an LGBTQ+ person in a restaurant. Which is a fantastic idea and campaign, but this also means I risk eating one of this ultra-vile purple-flavoured ones. Also, was white really the best choice? I mean I get why; white is a "blank" colour, it's the colour Skittles are under the colour shell, and white is also the colour you get when all colours of spectrum come together, but you really opened yourself up for "white supremacist/white pride" jokes. It's not like any other colour would have worked, though- black would just upset people since it's a "negative" colour, and that's the only other option aside from possibly grey. Not unless they could make the skittles holo, amirite?

    • CN what I'm Saiyan?
      CN what I'm Saiyan? 4 days ago

      videogal "Suck it, M&Ms."

    • Ellie F
      Ellie F 6 days ago

      Iron Horse- The comment section below is littered with people saying the white skittles are about white pride.

    • videogal
      videogal 7 days ago

      The official Skittles press release:
       “During Pride, only one rainbow matters. So we’ve given up ours to show support.”

    • Iron Horse
      Iron Horse 7 days ago

      White pride jokes would backfire as white skittles are all rainbow on the inside :)

  • Kingsmen 100
    Kingsmen 100 7 days ago

    make impeachment great again!!!!

  • TechReflection
    TechReflection 7 days ago

    Skittles made an all white candy to celebrate LGBT pride month? That makes exactly zero sense considering the rainbow is basically the LGBT symbol...

    • beefortebrea
      beefortebrea 4 hours ago

      Eric K how is white all colors in one?? I think you mean black...

    • JIKitty
      JIKitty 4 days ago

      They should have made them all different colours, but same taste.

    • olajuwon021
      olajuwon021 5 days ago

      Rakinjo2 It's not that easy to get the wrong idea, one would need to be a very special kind of stupid.

    • TechReflection
      TechReflection 6 days ago

      +Bonsai Bean Psh, should've made a rainbow colored skittle. Hire me skittles, you don't know what you're doing. XD

  • nailbiter
    nailbiter 7 days ago

    "He's the state's fruit." LOL!

  • Stalwartheart14
    Stalwartheart14 7 days ago

    0:00 Oh god not keemstar!

  • Claudy TheArtist
    Claudy TheArtist 7 days ago


  • Eradicus
    Eradicus 7 days ago

    American audiences are such fucking gimps. Why do they go 'oooooooooooh' like children? as if something so awful has been said? Cretinous, tedious.

    • c4bb4g3
      c4bb4g3 7 days ago

      Jeez, someone's cranky.

  • Aimée Miami
    Aimée Miami 7 days ago

    I wouldn't be surprised if Bannon ate a lot of raw fish. Not sushi, just raw fish.

  • Max Ramos
    Max Ramos 7 days ago

    you guys complain about 85 degree heat but on California we are already in the 90's and we will have some triple digit days in the next few days

  • curtis hughes
    curtis hughes 7 days ago

    Chief Walrus angry against his own tweets

  • M0oranshi
    M0oranshi 7 days ago

    I'm usually good at symbolic stuff and metaphors, but could someone please explain wtf the white skittles mean?

    • Suzanne Smith
      Suzanne Smith 6 days ago

      It said all-white skittles for LGBT pride. It doesn't take much to figure out what they mean by it.

    • M0oranshi
      M0oranshi 7 days ago

      Suzanne Smith That was very insightful, unlike the other two comments who went in depth, did you even read them? At least they tried to explain it instead of being hostile, it was an honest question, I'll remember never to do that on youtube again.

      Btw, to you other two, thanks. I'm LGBT myself and I was genuinly confused.

    • Iron Horse
      Iron Horse 7 days ago

      In additive color mixing, like light, all the colors combined create white. Consider a prism and imagine the process in reverse. In subtractive color mixing, like paint, all the colors combined create black. This is because you've effectively blocked all other colors.

      Just to throw a wrench in the spokes of the spinning metaphors ;)

    • Splox5
      Splox5 7 days ago

      +M0oranshi I thought it was something to do with showing solidarity. Since skittles are normally a rainbow, this package having all the different flavors as the same color, means we can't tell what they are just by looking at them. I thought maybe they had picked the color white because the colors of a rainbow are the result of refracted white light.

      I was giving them way too much credit.

      After a quick Google search I've found that they were essentially giving up their rainbow so that the focus would be on the rainbow representing Pride Month. “Only one rainbow matters this Pride." I thought that the white was supposed to represent all the colors, and it turns out that it represents the absence of color.

      **sigh** I am disappointed in you, Skittles.

    • Suzanne Smith
      Suzanne Smith 7 days ago

      Skittles "gave up" their rainbow for LGBT pride. Did you even read the title?

  • JP Barnes
    JP Barnes 7 days ago

    Do IKEAs in the US not have candles or something? I live in Canada and I've been buying candles there for years.

  • Marsha Creary
    Marsha Creary 7 days ago

    2:11-2:27 What do sushi and Xerox have in common?

  • Marsha Creary
    Marsha Creary 7 days ago

    :57-1:21 If the slogan for Skittles is "Taste the Rainbow" what would the slogan for White Skittles be?

    • Anon
      Anon 7 days ago

      Marsha Creary Guess the rainbow?

  • Marsha Creary
    Marsha Creary 7 days ago

    :44-:54 "This is our third house Kevin"

  • Breach RaptorNEW
    Breach RaptorNEW 7 days ago

    Wait, the World Cup is next year? I thought it was gonna be in 2020, or is that the Olympics in 2020.

  • Rafy G
    Rafy G 7 days ago

    I'm very angry give me phonee. LMAO😁😁😁😁

  • mel hart
    mel hart 7 days ago

    Watching the entertainment choices of the modern nazi party.

  • Mousey Publishings
    Mousey Publishings 7 days ago

    i think ur missing letters.

  • sabertooth1980
    sabertooth1980 7 days ago

    Pffffffft, 'sushi face'? Yeah, right.

  • Jai Burnie aka JLM
    Jai Burnie aka JLM 7 days ago

    Supremacy skittles more like it

  • Gabriel Simion
    Gabriel Simion 7 days ago

    My entertainment nowdays is your government and the orange fruit who sits on the chair of president of U.S.A at White House. Who misses the old days when presidents as Obama who would not shame your nationality and either make you laugh or to be horrified by his stupidity ?

  • The Boatman
    The Boatman 7 days ago

    Skittles so fucking white, Jeff Sessions just handed them all white hoods.

  • Blue Nightfox
    Blue Nightfox 7 days ago

    "Mueller the special 'gator*,
    Had a very crazy job,
    He had to try and find out,
    If it's truth what we've been told.

    All of the other crazies,
    Hidded out behind a tree,
    They never let poor Mueller,
    Finish it without a leak.

    * 'gator=investigator
    I know. Not my best performance.

  • Jiří Valášek
    Jiří Valášek 8 days ago

    I have to admit, Late Night Shows with political news became the best sitcom worldwide :) #NoOffenseAmericaOurPresidentAlsoSucks

  • Englishliker
    Englishliker 8 days ago

    World cup next year, is in Russia.

  • FreddyFish
    FreddyFish 8 days ago

    When white skittles become a race debate then America, your race debatting is a joke. And i have been laughing for years about the nonsense. Evergeen I almosg had to change my pants laughing.

  • Movie Fan
    Movie Fan 8 days ago

    Who the hell wants to eat all white skittles?

  • John O
    John O 8 days ago

    Most corrupt GOP ever. Putin puppets.

  • Not Interested
    Not Interested 8 days ago

    White = good

    black = evil

    you = brown

  • psammiad
    psammiad 8 days ago

    Just saying it's a German name - Moo-ler, not Mul-er.

    • MrMezmerized
      MrMezmerized 5 days ago

      +c4bb4g3 Uhh no that's very far off.

    • MrMezmerized
      MrMezmerized 5 days ago

      +Amigo21189 No I explained this isn't accurate because of the dots on the u. It's like the French word "rue", street. You don't pronounce that as "roo" either.

  • Michael Saint
    Michael Saint 8 days ago

    What a retarded show this is wow
    Paid to lie & front load agendas with all false & Negative chatter to destroy America
    SO SO SAD............
    Trump is doing well.
    He is desperately trying to get things done in spite of the obstructionists..

    • Ka Oo
      Ka Oo 3 days ago

      +Southern Slushie Chan they both suck ass. saying one is better proves not only your stupidity but your willingness to accept utter mediocrity.

    • Southern Slushie Chan
      Southern Slushie Chan 7 days ago

      Ka Oo still better than Hillary. hopefully she dies in two yrs like the gyspy Fortune teller said

    • Ka Oo
      Ka Oo 8 days ago

      you're a sad idiot trumper.

  • BdR76
    BdR76 8 days ago

    All-White Skittles sounds more like it's supporting another kind of pride, you know, the kind Steve Bannon might like...

    • Egzit Woond
      Egzit Woond 3 days ago

      +Trine Langohr I'd take it in a different direction, "offended" means too much, y'know? Being offended shouldn't be treated like a big deal, it shouldn't mean anything besides "I didn't like it." period, end of discussion. Someone else did, and they have that right. Not trying to rag on you or be pedantic, just offering another outlook on the word.

    • Trine Langohr
      Trine Langohr 6 days ago

      Haha, you're probably right, but this is 2017, and there is NOTHING anybody can do that will not offend someone. So nobody gets their knickers in a twist about it any more, I guess. "Offended" doesn't really mean anything any more.

    • Kurai Ikimono
      Kurai Ikimono 7 days ago

      tfw gays never asked for the lgbt to speak for them :/

    • crowsfan66
      crowsfan66 7 days ago

      Suzanne Smith it's a moronic and failed publicity stunt.

    • Kyan D.
      Kyan D. 7 days ago

      White skittles have been in the UK for a couple months i believe, it’s nice they’re marketing them for Pride.

  • Jack Jammen
    Jack Jammen 8 days ago

    My Doctor says I have white privileged skittles pox.

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