GSG 5 Rapid Fire

Rapid firing my gsg 5 after running 500round through it.

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Author MemoryDecipheR (3 years)
I knew you were a soldier. Are you reserves? Nice land you got there, I
live in apartments.

Author KiagoDangerous (2 years)
I could be fix if you know how to fix it.

Author cyclops5276 (3 years)
Yup, a friend of mine has the GSG. I remember that things likes to jam.
break/smooth the sharp edge from the chamber and it will feed anything like
a champ. Same issues are common on the AR-7 22lr, same remedy on
breaking/smoothing the edge of the chamber for the fix. Fun gun and cheap
to shoot.

Author Kay0815chopper (3 years)
absolute no problems with my GSG5 (in my Navy Service its the HK MP5 my Gun
some time a G36) the GSG its my "just for fun gun", my private real deal
favorite its the S&W M625 , in the last 20 years no nothing malfunctions ;)
Mr Smith and Mr Wesson are best friends ;)

Author bigdogbuc (3 years)
I can see you are familiar with it. Looks like that off side charging
handle can goof a guy up. Nice videos.

Author Dark Hawk (1 year)
my gsg 5 never jams, and ive seen a lot of videos of them, not jamming, if
you use cheap ammo and/or dont clean your gun of coarse its going to jam.

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