James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream

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  • Music video by James Blake performing The Wilhelm Scream. (C) 2011 Polydor Ltd. (UK)
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  • Mr. Martin
    Mr. Martin 2 days ago

    Big K.R.I.T. brought me here. HIs sample of this is amazing. This song is amazing!

  • Shawn Wiggins
    Shawn Wiggins 2 days ago

    im here bcuz of Big Krit "REM" he sampled this song and it sounds good so i like to hear the orginal track to sampled songs. Not bad im impressed.

  • Kayla Johnson
    Kayla Johnson 4 days ago

    saving hope bought me here

  • Lea Jamison
    Lea Jamison 5 days ago

    Entourage brought me here

  • HashHightimes
    HashHightimes 9 days ago


  • アチラ 14
    アチラ 14 9 days ago

    Beyoncé brought me here...Forward ft. James Blake

  • Nena Emeka
    Nena Emeka 10 days ago

    "I don't know about my love, I don't know about my lovin anymore. All that I know is that I'm falling, falling, falling... Might as well fall in."- The Wilhelm Scream
    "You're still on my screen, every now and then, they must've heard my scream." - My Willing Heart
    I see what you did there James and I love it, us fans are paying attention. <3

  • Eleonora Chang
    Eleonora Chang 11 days ago

    Subliminal mixture...effects, voices and harmony...🙃🌪

  • Mahmoud Joseph
    Mahmoud Joseph 13 days ago

    When does the song start?

  • IPVentertainment
    IPVentertainment 14 days ago

    Minimalist, death experience. Up-in-the-air, missiles in the sky, thermonuclear flashes, distant white cap mushroom clouds before painless dissociation.

    The fantasy, before the painful reality kicks in.
    The collapsing when seeing your friend's coffin. Breathless heart attack, last hallucinations. The extinguishing of thought. Bliss.

  • Aeffchen
    Aeffchen 20 days ago

    Know this Song for years, but now i understand this simple lyrics: life is a bitch ✌🏻

  • MartoSpidera Spidera

    This has nothinf to do with the wilhelm scream

  • SoulLockhart
    SoulLockhart 26 days ago

    No Stormtroopers? I'm sad...

  • ya williams
    ya williams 1 month ago

    i heard this song on my favourite TV show 2 years ago and today I have found it
    i have been looking for it so long oml

  • donghyuck
    donghyuck 1 month ago

    he is so cute it is disgusting

  • Tunc
    Tunc 1 month ago

    I don't like this original version. It's just too slow. Even if the speed accelerated to 1,25.
    The remixes from Samu.l and Kygo are much better!
    Listen to it!

  • Dr pepper 101
    Dr pepper 101 1 month ago

    Shot looked interesting but its really not

  • Avan Kordi
    Avan Kordi 1 month ago

    I find myself coming back to.this song time an time again. Hypnotizing

    JUDZzHD 1 month ago

    Kanye's favorite artiste

  • Rhysa's Room
    Rhysa's Room 1 month ago


  • Rhysa's Room
    Rhysa's Room 1 month ago


  • emma dust
    emma dust 1 month ago


  • Dave
    Dave 1 month ago

    Carl Ertz Cobained himself

  • Jon Phillips
    Jon Phillips 2 months ago

    Abadabadab my dreams

  • Xx_Trending24_xX
    Xx_Trending24_xX 2 months ago

    what is the original movie?

  • thederp 101
    thederp 101 2 months ago

    reported for misleading title.

  • augenbutter
    augenbutter 2 months ago

    If you let go...

  • Laurence Vanryne
    Laurence Vanryne 2 months ago

    Clean the Camera-lens, for Gods sake...

  • pi pi
    pi pi 2 months ago


  • Pixel Gun Cristian
    Pixel Gun Cristian 2 months ago

    Srsly there was no Wilhelm Scream

  • Austin
    Austin 2 months ago

    wtf no wilhelm scream in a song called wilhelm scream. fuck this gay ass shit. so emo

  • wolfy3201
    wolfy3201 2 months ago

    No Wilhelm scream? DISLIKE

  • Samira Ahmed
    Samira Ahmed 2 months ago

    3:42 There's a girl.. woah never noticed it before

  • michaelmucyo
    michaelmucyo 3 months ago

    I am going to learn how to make visuals like these...one day.

  • D B
    D B 3 months ago

    Big K.R.I.T. brought me here.

  • Dusko Gaming
    Dusko Gaming 3 months ago

    1. you can barely hear him
    2. wtf is that background music
    3. he sounds terrible
    4. why is the video 4:37 not 2:30

  • Nikhil Bhagat
    Nikhil Bhagat 3 months ago

    this song+music video is SUPERB

  • Shakelllyy
    Shakelllyy 3 months ago

    A song doesn't always have to have the name of the song in it always geesh end of story

  • Abraham Molles
    Abraham Molles 3 months ago

    I read "wilhelm" and it reminded me of skam lol

  • Rafael Miramontes
    Rafael Miramontes 3 months ago

    this guys good. hadnt heard of him till recently. thank you spzrkt and sango for the jewel 🙏

  • Just_Anine x
    Just_Anine x 3 months ago

    love this !!

  • linh ngong
    linh ngong 3 months ago

    You remind me of joji

  • Myrto Kakourioti
    Myrto Kakourioti 3 months ago

    well, i have to admit kwabs brought me here aaaaaaaaand i'm going back there

  • Karlotii _
    Karlotii _ 3 months ago

    Brings me back to the days of my freshman year when I was going through a time of self-healing. When I came across this song I can just remember the feeling of serenity washing over me. That was exactly four years ago and it still has the same affect on me, artist like James just can't die out.

  • David Needham
    David Needham 4 months ago


  • NoSleep24/7
    NoSleep24/7 4 months ago

    This song is in general the Willhelm Scream, the lyrics represent how the person feels, and the odd vision and raindrops are tear drops and how looks when you try to look around while crying with sick beats and that fire representing a burning feeling inside, yep it's for sure James you got more talent then others would say you lead on.

  • Manuel J Duarte
    Manuel J Duarte 4 months ago

    Entourage brought me here! I always wanted to say that..

  • boudicca storm
    boudicca storm 4 months ago



  • Rory Noble
    Rory Noble 4 months ago

    I was coming down (after pinging) when this was playing-felt like it was playing for an eternity and now it has such a powerful effect on me

  • Kolbeinn Máni Hrafnsson

    0/10 no actual Wilhelm Scream

  • lazyatthedisco
    lazyatthedisco 4 months ago

    James Blake the tennis player brought me here

  • Viorica Rotaru
    Viorica Rotaru 4 months ago

    sunt asemanari de stil, dar nu de voce, cu Rory Graham...

  • Nathan H
    Nathan H 4 months ago

    Whoever directed this video is absolutely brilliant. They've perfectly replicated what the world looks like when you cry.

    • Starman
      Starman 4 months ago

      you see James Blake when you cry?

  • MrReaperofDead
    MrReaperofDead 4 months ago

    Will anyone ever know the exact reason why Wilhelm screamed? :/

    • MrReaperofDead
      MrReaperofDead 3 months ago

      he smoked weed for the first time, and he started trippin...! 😩😰😫

    • Luigi Virgola
      Luigi Virgola 3 months ago

      MrReaperofDead old skyrim meme

    • Starman
      Starman 4 months ago

      he got hit in the leg by an arrow coming from an Indian

  • Old Future Fox
    Old Future Fox 4 months ago

    this song makes me want to cry ;c

  • caroline
    caroline 4 months ago

    it saddens me that james blake isn't at the top anymore. everything about this is perfect. the repetition, the buildup that perfectly disappears in a short length of time, the intentional overcompression and denseness, the light dissonance in parts. some of the best music to cope with.

  • Connor Games
    Connor Games 4 months ago

    I do not AT ALL understand why it is called the Wilhelm Scream

  • Kye Bunch
    Kye Bunch 5 months ago

    I like to fall asleep with this in my subconscious.

  • Blake Kemm
    Blake Kemm 5 months ago

    I'm in my room not feeling good with the love of my life being my best friend and not loving me back. I'm falling.......

    • Fuchs Laubwald
      Fuchs Laubwald 5 months ago

      Blake Kemm All the best to you, Blake 🍫☕. Awesome music...

  • kceateva
    kceateva 5 months ago

    His dad must be proud that James covered his song.

    NOAHDAYZ 5 months ago

    Godly Sounds

  • Debora Martins
    Debora Martins 5 months ago


  • gio
    gio 6 months ago

    calling an eden cover

  • tara mc carron
    tara mc carron 6 months ago

    ❤️ this song good and depressing

  • GamerXP3
    GamerXP3 6 months ago

    no offence to him, but is anyone aware that he has the same name as the guy who arrested rosa parks when she refused to give up her seat

  • Powell Pressburger
    Powell Pressburger 6 months ago

    Arty farty supposedly moody with nothing to say

  • Aleyah Malone
    Aleyah Malone 6 months ago

    he looks so young. I like his style.

  • Princess ThaBahamian Spartan

    Still loving this, love music you can still feel years later.

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 6 months ago

    this music is great when your high on weed.

    • Marvin Pedro
      Marvin Pedro 4 months ago

      Rory Noble true that

    • Rory Noble
      Rory Noble 4 months ago

      Donald Trump even better when you're coming down after a ton of md

    • yung tazz
      yung tazz 5 months ago

      Donald Trump I KNOW

  • Fausto Maidana
    Fausto Maidana 6 months ago

    It's different to the kind of music i like but... actually like it

  • Muhamad  Gilang
    Muhamad Gilang 6 months ago

    This song is fuckin awesome when you get high while listening it

  • Jayneel Ramjee
    Jayneel Ramjee 7 months ago

    Togetherness brought me here.

  • ovderdozeon69err
    ovderdozeon69err 7 months ago

    He performed this last night fucking beautiful

  • Tubby Custard
    Tubby Custard 7 months ago


  • Angb Rwill
    Angb Rwill 7 months ago

    I here Bill Withers in James sound. He has that really smooth 70s and 80s R&B sound, that when fused with that Brit music mastering, it keeps me coming back. His sound is soul for the new millennium.

  • zac morris
    zac morris 7 months ago

    Entourage brought me here....
    btw thought he was black..

    • NoSleep24/7
      NoSleep24/7 4 months ago

      Me too, Retrogade one of his songs brought me here but at first I was afraid to check out his other songs after listening the masterpiece that song is and tales from the borderlands brought me there.

    • Aleyah Malone
      Aleyah Malone 6 months ago

      right!!! I'm so done with stereotypes. Like everyone does it to an extent but... I love this guy

  • Exzaviour Alexzander
    Exzaviour Alexzander 7 months ago

    It's like he bottled up serenity and sadness and made music from it. Truly beautiful.

  • mashed potatooo
    mashed potatooo 8 months ago

    Man, this was my sex song back in uni. Love it.

  • George Smith
    George Smith 8 months ago

    Stops me in my tracks every time

  • Inhuman Earthling
    Inhuman Earthling 8 months ago

    Such an amazing tune

  • Lindsay Orloski
    Lindsay Orloski 8 months ago

    <3 <3

  • Rachael Shodijo
    Rachael Shodijo 8 months ago


  • reifsneider
    reifsneider 8 months ago

    amazing song.
    side note, you know when you have headphones on and crank the volume, there is that warning(at least on android). telling you the danger about loud volumes.... let's just be honest. it'd these youtube ads volume that is the real threat... cmon man

    • Angb Rwill
      Angb Rwill 7 months ago

      reifsneider + so true, same as television. The program you're watching is barely audible, but the ads scream at you. Same affect on YouTube.

    • Dwain King
      Dwain King 8 months ago


  • Ahmad Robertson
    Ahmad Robertson 9 months ago

    Two weeks ago....I felt my Kenetra just like I always had. Something happened over the past week.....when you think you know someone......guess you don't. I don't know anything anymore.

  • Ryan Valenti
    Ryan Valenti 9 months ago

    this song is stupid, in my opinion

  • Bleachella Swift
    Bleachella Swift 9 months ago

    James Blake has the most amazing beats

    • skaterdude10107
      skaterdude10107 5 months ago

      Right? My favourites are Timeless and Radio Silence.

  • leonore33
    leonore33 9 months ago

    This is pure sex.

  • Andi Leblanc
    Andi Leblanc 9 months ago

    He made me forget about The Weeknd selling out.

  • Tonay Garner
    Tonay Garner 9 months ago

    Good Vibe

  • mangel8052
    mangel8052 9 months ago

    Si estas escuchando esta canción por el "Wilhem scream", te ahorraré tiempo. No aparece.

  • Vape Likehell
    Vape Likehell 9 months ago

    No Wilhelm scream? Clickbait

  • Tanya Singh
    Tanya Singh 9 months ago

    This song is awesome, altho I don't even know how he expresses how or what ppl in the comments said, but its his music and <3 :)

  • Pistachios42
    Pistachios42 9 months ago

    I first heard this song yesterday, since then I've listened to it 4-5 more times and already I want it to be something that when I listen to it later on in life, it will remind me of now.

  • Marialexis Arv
    Marialexis Arv 9 months ago

    This is just fucking brilliant

  • Glazin' Ghost
    Glazin' Ghost 10 months ago

    where's the fucking Wilhelm Scream fuck you

  • Persia
    Persia 10 months ago

    577 people came here expecting to hear the actual Wilhelm Scream

  • Guidonator181
    Guidonator181 10 months ago

    Apparently his Dad wrote this song. Sounds like the musicianship runs in the family.

  • Cole Durbin
    Cole Durbin 10 months ago

    Sounds like Aaron Neville and Phil Collins fucked and had a moody-ass kid.

  • Walter Straub
    Walter Straub 10 months ago

    at the end when everything turns white that where he falls in lol

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