Future - Perkys Calling (Purple Reign)

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  • Runtime: 4:9
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Comments: 5 712

  • willene tindal
    willene tindal 22 minutes ago


  • Wendee Stringer
    Wendee Stringer 2 hours ago

    This is one of my jams. Future rocks it ion care who says somebody can do it better lil dark wtf fuck lil dirk. Future rocks it as always

  • BoaTumbo
    BoaTumbo 9 hours ago

    Who knows this beat from Mozzy

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker 14 hours ago

    Durk killed dat hoe

  • theirhero1525
    theirhero1525 19 hours ago

    I play this heavy!

  • Tùng Vương
    Tùng Vương 1 day ago

    This song is definitely one of the deepest rap songs of 2016, you guys should stop hating Future. He is not the best rapper alive, but he has talent. He is still better than Young Thug and 2016, 2017 XXL Freshman.

  • Lawrence Washington

    real shit

  • bauble Smith
    bauble Smith 1 day ago

    I miss the old future

  • bauble Smith
    bauble Smith 1 day ago

    I can hear the perks calling

  • Eric  Rogers
    Eric Rogers 2 days ago

    Xanax and Percocet you're just a pill head like Lil Wayne. You both look like scarecrow's in my gardens. 🤣 #SMDH 😲

  • Robert Wade
    Robert Wade 2 days ago

    shit Really Got Me In tears ova hea

  • BIBBY B 100%
    BIBBY B 100% 2 days ago

    I love everybody out there this doing successful I'm trying to get famous if I can better myself in my music industry I will never give up no matter what whoever made on me I really don't give a f*** whoever down me f*** them all this bibby b

  • lanaaa
    lanaaa 2 days ago

    I can hear my ex calling ..

  • Agyemang Badu
    Agyemang Badu 2 days ago

    6lack's version ,,Ex calling" is much better !

  • Agus Nava
    Agus Nava 3 days ago

    Reeign hd movie hеerеe => https://twitter.com/2bdeb0e9cf43c54b2/status/867561505616678912

  • Emmanuel Torres
    Emmanuel Torres 3 days ago

    gone roll it men

  • TheP215
    TheP215 3 days ago

    fat dookie blunt of purp an ya good FACTS few preks never hert😂😂

  • Hadix
    Hadix 3 days ago

    oh no now my ex calling :3

  • II100II
    II100II 4 days ago

    Makes me think about life like you could be on the street and get shot and be dead and life's over

  • Amy Hunt
    Amy Hunt 4 days ago

    do anybody know 6black ex calling he has the same beat as this

  • Jessica Pontiac
    Jessica Pontiac 4 days ago

    this go hard for reals

  • FitziiCreativ Artz
    FitziiCreativ Artz 4 days ago

    anyone else here because of 6lack? Like!

  • Nyson houston
    Nyson houston 5 days ago

    im song

  • Takeme seriouslyplx

    Came from 6LACK

  • Everything Athletic

    This has the same feeling as First Day Out by Tee Grizzley

  • Kyle Hare
    Kyle Hare 6 days ago

    if words could kill, cats wouldn't have 9 lives

  • Miguel Angeles
    Miguel Angeles 6 days ago

    I need better thoughts and I never vibes

  • ivan Centeno
    ivan Centeno 6 days ago

    lord forgive me for my sins I know this cash rules

  • laptop droptop
    laptop droptop 7 days ago

    I can hear the perkys callin

  • Christopher Miksitz

    lord forgive me for these sins i know this cash rules

  • Uchiha Sasuke
    Uchiha Sasuke 7 days ago


  • Colton Allen
    Colton Allen 7 days ago

    he stole this song from 6lack ex calling

  • Donald Foster
    Donald Foster 7 days ago

    Love this song but yall can have them zombie ass drugs!

  • Patricia Brigance
    Patricia Brigance 7 days ago

    fuck lil durk

  • CrankyLimeZ
    CrankyLimeZ 8 days ago

    This is 6lacks song

  • Chuck Tackett
    Chuck Tackett 8 days ago

    i fw this song hard fr

  • BBYG Liv
    BBYG Liv 9 days ago

    When you always in some shit:
    I can hear my brother talkin 🙄
    I can hear my school callin 🤤
    I can hear my haters talkin 👌🏽😴
    I can hear the squad callin 🤘🏽❤️...

  • Kyle Hare
    Kyle Hare 9 days ago

    the beat got used in first day out, with less piano

  • Shunta Gray
    Shunta Gray 9 days ago


  • Shunta Gray
    Shunta Gray 9 days ago

    this makes me sad

  • Shunta Gray
    Shunta Gray 9 days ago

    this makes me sad because it reminds me when the 8th graders left my school

  • Shunta Gray
    Shunta Gray 9 days ago

    this makes me sad because it reminds me when the 8th graders left my school and i did not get to say goodbye a

  • Shunta Gray
    Shunta Gray 9 days ago

    this makes me sad because it reminds me when the 8th graders left my school and i did not get to say goodbye and when my friend moved away with life

  • cristian Ramirez
    cristian Ramirez 9 days ago

    thinking about my future I have to 😵 .. thinking about this money I have to 😦

  • Jr Pattah
    Jr Pattah 9 days ago

    6lack did it better

  • Orlendy Larosiliere
    Orlendy Larosiliere 10 days ago

    love this song 2017

  • Martin Pavr
    Martin Pavr 10 days ago

    Du do šichty zarobit ty zmrde

  • D Money
    D Money 11 days ago

    chillin by a lake bumping this one deep

  • Michael Clark
    Michael Clark 11 days ago

    future this Michael Gabriel Clark in Brunswick Ga I salute your craft one of the greatest rappers thank u for passion for music I feel when I hear your music it speaks to me bless u black king. this is 1st Dynasty for Life peace

  • Thomas Brunson
    Thomas Brunson 11 days ago

    my shit always

  • Johnny Montoya
    Johnny Montoya 11 days ago

    Mozzy shit go harder

  • szaudarábiai macskafaló

    ex call

  • Taye Pickens
    Taye Pickens 11 days ago

    Wait do yhu hear that? Its the perkys callin

  • Shxtty Lxc
    Shxtty Lxc 12 days ago

    I can hear the zannies calling bihh

  • Jurgen Keci
    Jurgen Keci 12 days ago

    if future has a bag with him
    the only legal thing he'll have in it is sprite 😂😂

  • Curtis Daye
    Curtis Daye 13 days ago

    No first time what you oo feel my life baby mom

  • Linh Le
    Linh Le 13 days ago

    Why the fuck is this beat used so much

    • HeelSavage
      HeelSavage 13 days ago

      Linh Le because the coolest dj In the world made it

  • Luis Rivas
    Luis Rivas 13 days ago

    0:21 👍

  • TR Killswitch
    TR Killswitch 14 days ago


  • Chris Orr
    Chris Orr 14 days ago

    😎😎😎😎😎 I have been trying to get get it home

  • Malik Freshest
    Malik Freshest 15 days ago

    check out 215 richly rich

  • Iyana Lewis
    Iyana Lewis 15 days ago

    I can perkys callin

  • Yuvraj Singh Grewal
    Yuvraj Singh Grewal 16 days ago

    after listening to 6lack Ex calling this is so trash

  • Knife Lover
    Knife Lover 16 days ago

    everybodies saying this song is amazing and how it makes them think, im just thinking "autotune plus dumbass music=dumbass fans apparently" because this sucks tbh xD

  • respekterar kvinnor
    respekterar kvinnor 16 days ago

    6lack´s version was 10000 times better holy fuck future´s version is crap

  • walter ussery
    walter ussery 16 days ago


  • Go Girl Grow
    Go Girl Grow 17 days ago

    plz don't drink & drive, hundreds r fatally injured/dead each year, love ya future & anyone reading this, u r made in God's image 😜🙃

  • Leroy Moore
    Leroy Moore 17 days ago

    this is true

  • GadsterGaming
    GadsterGaming 17 days ago

    I need Better thoughts, I need better vibes

  • Tanya Talley
    Tanya Talley 18 days ago

    whoop whoop !I can hear them pert commin

  • quintin joseph
    quintin joseph 18 days ago

    How many people use this piano melody? Tee grizzley? 6LACK?

  • Tumelo Molelekeng
    Tumelo Molelekeng 18 days ago

    Southside killed this beat.. it's lit💯💯

  • Finesse God
    Finesse God 18 days ago

    I can hear my ex calling

  • Latia Cross
    Latia Cross 18 days ago


  • Herb
    Herb 18 days ago

    yall just a bunch of fiends

  • Kevin T. Brinkley Jr


  • No Mo Cum In My TumTum J

    I still like this song

  • Jimmy Garcia
    Jimmy Garcia 19 days ago

    6lack ex calling ?

  • Natey Nate
    Natey Nate 19 days ago

    this song is deep

  • j guwopp.
    j guwopp. 19 days ago

    this song is deep
    I can relate osrs ✔💯

  • Jayy Erb
    Jayy Erb 19 days ago


  • LilyAnn Garcia
    LilyAnn Garcia 19 days ago

    this song is what it is real as shit

  • Kevin harvey Sellers

    thanks for comment life

  • Behzod Narzullaev
    Behzod Narzullaev 20 days ago


  • Hank Schrader
    Hank Schrader 20 days ago

    off them xans future got xan and lean flow on lock

  • Emmitt Rocah
    Emmitt Rocah 20 days ago

    dem perks call me everyday

  • BenTheB055
    BenTheB055 20 days ago

    6lack's version is way better than this garbage can

  • eddie becerra
    eddie becerra 20 days ago

    6black got a song with the same beat wtf who dropped the song first

  • President Flump
    President Flump 21 day ago

    This song is way older to me than codeine crazy. Heard this as soon as it came out and been listening to it ever since. Heard codeine crazy a while back but never gave it a chance and now I love it.

  • lupe ramirez
    lupe ramirez 21 day ago

    i can heaf the h eaezy callin b

    TYANA DORSEY 21 day ago

    fav song

  • Taliyah Chavon
    Taliyah Chavon 21 day ago

    I just realized that this is the same tune as first day out I Knew it sounded familiar 😂

  • Daniela Gonzalez
    Daniela Gonzalez 21 day ago

    this song is .mozzy he created,better thanthisshit

  • Julian  Perez
    Julian Perez 21 day ago

    who did the beat first future or 6lack "ex calling"

  • D Money
    D Money 22 days ago

    this my get money muzik right here bled tha blocc til I sold out last night....I can hear the streets callin

  • Nija Bradley
    Nija Bradley 22 days ago


  • Stefan Colville
    Stefan Colville 22 days ago

    man i love niggers, jk i lied oops

  • k l squaddd
    k l squaddd 22 days ago

    this song is just making me think of all the bad things that happening rn in my life😔

  • Cj Jones
    Cj Jones 23 days ago

    it got that beat

  • Stewart Brown
    Stewart Brown 23 days ago

    I can hear the klons calling

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