US F-35 vs Russian Su-35 Fighter Jet - Which Would Win? - Military Comparison

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  • Yan Laura
    Yan Laura 5 minutes ago

    North Korea has the best jets, because it's a crime to destroy vintage aircraft etc

  • Wiktor Guzowski
    Wiktor Guzowski 1 hour ago

    What about F-22?

  • burninghalls
    burninghalls 2 hours ago

    So the F35 can see enemy jets coming and may be able to hack their detection systems. But if your a good enough pilot can't you just use weapons that don't require any sort of lock on system? The US seems to rely far too much on technology. Hell nearly all their aircraft and weapon systems need GPS then wouldn't you just take out those satellites or build some sort of GPS jammer? Also it's a shit move from the US to just say fuck you to Australia and every other country that gave them money and resources and helped them when they don't even get any of these jets. Though id love to see the start of some sort of aircraft that uses anti gravity. If any of these UFO stories are real it shouldn't be too far away.

  • root
    root 4 hours ago

    I wonder exactly what the omniscient view provided to the F-35 pilot looks like? Through its networking can it really provide a real-time third-person view of the entire area to the pilot's helmet?

  • Samuel Poyner
    Samuel Poyner 9 hours ago

    would rather fly su35

  • Tam Dinh
    Tam Dinh 13 hours ago

    there wouldn't be a dog fight.... the f35 would destroy the su 35 far before meeting with it's long ranging radar

  • lance christopher
    lance christopher 16 hours ago

    Best I can do is 5 dollars


    su 35 ...🇷🇺👏

  • smalltime0
    smalltime0 19 hours ago

    You compared a in production fighter (the SU-35) against what is still a hypothetical fighter?
    The better comparison is the PAK-FA/T-50 v F-35.

  • Nathan Peterson
    Nathan Peterson 20 hours ago

    You can't compare them.

  • Scar The Dream
    Scar The Dream 22 hours ago

    i would really wanna be a pilot but i dont have 20/20 vision. Was gonna go to USAF as an officer if i did and go for pilot but since i dont im going for the USMC or Army as a tank crewman

  • Louis Suguitan
    Louis Suguitan 22 hours ago

    Is the f22 raptor already beaten? Im kinda outdated when it comes to plains

  • Tomnoid wwr
    Tomnoid wwr 1 day ago

    the animation of the SU-35 is incorrect, it has 6 wings, 2 small ones at the front, the main ones in the middle and of course the back wings.

  • Orion Shipley
    Orion Shipley 1 day ago

    China Russia and USA must learn to wrk as one for all how sakes

  • allan matthews
    allan matthews 1 day ago

    As a pilot I would go with the F-35, but as a military force I would rather have twice as many Su-35's that cost the same amount as only half that number of F-35's. The Su-35 seems like a more agile fighter and only lacks the computing and data collection ability of the f-35's and with that ability it would be a much superior fighter. I would rather have twice as many planes that could be upgraded with computers, software and longer range weapons. The better plane at this point is purely philosophical as to which approach is the best one for a nation to build upon. Final analysis, it's a draw with the edge going to the F-35 in that it can run to stay out of the Su-35's reach if necessary.

    The best approach though would be to work toward finishing up our (US's) work on anti-gravity aircraft with laser weapons. If wars must be fought the US should go for total air dominance with next generation aircraft. Having weapons roughly equal in ability to your enemy isn't good enough to serve as a deterrent to war. Not having to fight is the only way to win in my opinion.

  • dererere rurary
    dererere rurary 1 day ago


  • Alton Bauer
    Alton Bauer 1 day ago

    f 35

  • -Meme_._King-
    -Meme_._King- 1 day ago

    i'm only here to point out they put a picture of a fucking f-16 on the picture for the f-35

  • Hammer Rocks
    Hammer Rocks 1 day ago

    Why not compare the Su-35 to the air superiority fighter of the US that is already available, the F-22 Raptor?

  • Minty Latte
    Minty Latte 1 day ago

    The F-35 is just a device of political-marketing. In terms of usefulness in actual combat, you would make a flying tank, not a flying tesla. But thanks to the level of expensive sophistication this jet offers, countries that buy it will remain heavily reliant on USA's military provisions. If you want vehicles for winning wars, look towards those that are capable of surviving things they were not even designed for.

  • yolohipster
    yolohipster 1 day ago

    My dad builds f-35bs

  • Mike Asterios
    Mike Asterios 1 day ago

    love jets, they so pretty <3

  • Chef Mew
    Chef Mew 1 day ago

    My penis wins

  • NeostormXLMAX
    NeostormXLMAX 1 day ago

    fighter jets can carry nukes NOW?
    what have i been missing

    • dumdumbinks274
      dumdumbinks274 12 hours ago

      About 50 years of fighters carrying nukes.

  • Oleg Braghis
    Oleg Braghis 2 days ago

    The new improved Russian mig-35 would destroy the f-35

  • Ahnaf Ahmad
    Ahnaf Ahmad 2 days ago

    unless you have an aerospace engineering degree... shut up

  • Homemedrunkimtake
    Homemedrunkimtake 2 days ago

    So... The F35 is literally a "Bitch Mobile"

  • the goalie#1
    the goalie#1 2 days ago

    for example finland is going to buy soon many jets, but su35 is not going to be the one we buy for only one reason: we dont trust russians. we wonder if we got into a war against russia, is there any secret access to su35 programs what we dont know about

  • Spirit Phoenix783
    Spirit Phoenix783 2 days ago

    the f-35 would definenetly beat the su-35

  • Alexander Nunez
    Alexander Nunez 2 days ago

    I think F-35 just because of the Stealth aspect and Long Range Radar it can potentially jam it's Coms and Shoot it down Before it realizes it's there

  • Kopelin Turner
    Kopelin Turner 2 days ago

    F-35 is made for air to ground fighting not air to air.

  • zagadka 314
    zagadka 314 3 days ago

    So basically the Su 35 is better in almost every way?

  • Dead Parasite
    Dead Parasite 3 days ago

    so what's the point of a "fighter" jet if it's not gonna fight?

  • Martin Zetocha
    Martin Zetocha 3 days ago

    I think the F 35 would win. Because, in Vietnam the F4 phantom an American plane had more kills than the Russian Migs.

  • Derp Derpington
    Derp Derpington 3 days ago

    "America" land of the fat. Home of the free

  • Li Bass Master
    Li Bass Master 3 days ago

    the f 35 can hit the su 35 from long range and is more versatile, the f 35 was not design as an air superiority fighter , it was built to be a multi role fighter aka an interceptor, fighter bomber, to replace the f 18, f/a 18, and the f 16.

  • Dota2Player
    Dota2Player 3 days ago

    nah i think it depends if ur pilots are good or not

  • Shubham Bhatnagar
    Shubham Bhatnagar 3 days ago

    Sukhoi su-30 is better than f-35 at cheaper price

    • dumdumbinks274
      dumdumbinks274 12 hours ago

      Situational awareness is usually the deciding factor in combat, and the F-35 far outclasses all variants of the Su-30 in that respect. Su-30s are also not much faster and can only achieve their max speed without weapons; 2100kmph vs 1900kmph.

    • Aaron B
      Aaron B 1 day ago

      If only air to air combat is considered (which is the only time one would ever truly compare 2 jets head-to-head), the F-22 is superior to everything else by a fair margin.

  • Chris Summers
    Chris Summers 3 days ago

    One is designed for dog fighting the other is a air ground jack of all trades. We would use F22 which was designed to be a dog fighter.

  • Mohit Sharma
    Mohit Sharma 3 days ago

    Peace out. Make love not war ✌

  • Bart050384
    Bart050384 3 days ago

    Oh, the f-35 can only take 4 rockets in the fuselage. That is a pathetic load for a fighter! If it does takes rockets or bombs on the wings, than the stealth is gone.

  • dispatcher7007
    dispatcher7007 3 days ago

    Did you really just compare the active radar range of the F35 with the passive infrared sensors of the Su35 to show the technological superiority of the F35? How stupid do you think, people are???

  • JonasHL
    JonasHL 3 days ago

    The f-35 looks like a fucking spaceship so its not weird it can fly higher

  • ApertureWarrior
    ApertureWarrior 3 days ago

    The aa-12 "has received good reviews" sadly i had to return mine back to amazon, it just wasnt compatable with my su35, cheap construction, made in china and it cost me a fortune in postage.

  • Björn Snellman
    Björn Snellman 3 days ago

    If the F-35 can detect and engage the SU-35 AT long range then it will be a pretty hard call... It would depend on how well the SU-35 can handle a surprise attack by the F-35's weaponry, if it survives and manage to get close to the F-35 then it will win.

  • jjramos46
    jjramos46 3 days ago

    the F22 is way better than the F35. The F22 beat 4 F16s while F35 can't. f35 sucks

  • jjramos46
    jjramos46 3 days ago

    the F35 is crap.

  • Strafe / Virtual Pilot

    I think the Sukhoi whould win, and next time make one between the T-50 (PAK FA) and f-35

    TDONLEY91 4 days ago

    I thought f22 was supposed to better than f35. even the old f18 was supposed to be better. and the f16 is supposed to be the most fun to fly.

  • MrXcman92
    MrXcman92 4 days ago

    what about the F-22 Raptor vs the SU-35?

  • Roleterma
    Roleterma 4 days ago

    The best aircraft ever made is the rafale from Dassault

    WILLORCHILL 4 days ago

    F-22 vs SU 35

  • Stan Catts
    Stan Catts 4 days ago

    I would like to think america,s plane would win.Again,there was a comment made that the israelies would only use the 35 for inteligence gathering.And also i must mention israel was to take delivery of some 35,s and the polies turned up at the air strip to find that flights to israel had been cancelled owing to malfunctions on planes.But the israel,s ,standing on their heads,will improve this plane)) And given the corruption in russia their people would be selling inteligence on their planes for a feed and a few us dollars....israel will attack syria and try the 35 out soon))

  • donnik ronald
    donnik ronald 4 days ago

    f35 can sniff su 35 emf radar emission

  • aaron e
    aaron e 4 days ago

    If you wanted a dog fight should have used the f22 not the f35

  • Steven Chandra
    Steven Chandra 4 days ago

    Russian jet is good on dogfight and weapon

  • 22steve5150
    22steve5150 4 days ago

    Some notes:
    --There was no mock dogfights between F-35 and F-16, there was flight software testing using an F-16 as the baseline (and the findings were that the safety systems for the flight software were too restrictive and need to be loosened up to increase maneuverability). Having said that, the designed maneuverability will reach near-F-16 levels but will not match it, as it is not designed to be a dogfighter and the highly maneuverable F-16 (which is also more maneuverable than the generally superior Eagles and Superhornets) was designed for that.
    --The F-35 top speed is the same when no weapons carried as it is with a full internal load. The SU-35's listed top speed is only when it's flying "clean" (carrying no missiles, bombs, or external fuel tanks). When actually carrying a full combat load, the SU-35 is nowhere near that fast (externally carried weapons radically increase drag and severely limit the top speed of a given jet), probably no faster than F-35 or maybe slower.
    --The range for the F-35 is with no external fuel tanks, the range given for the SU-35 is with it carrying 2 external fuel tanks. If you can't understand the difference between comparing one aircraft on internal fuel only vs another with a couple of external tanks added, you shouldn't be making this video :)
    --For all the talk about the cost of the F-35 (and it's down to around 98 million right now), it would cost almost double the cost of the F-35 program to keep the older F-16, FA-18A-D, A-10, and AV-8B upgraded and flying from now until the designed end of life for the F-35 program (around 2070), and those older aircraft cannot be upgraded to so some of the things the F-35 can do so you'd be spending far more to get much less.
    --You failed to mention some of the other advantages the F-35 will have, such as:
    1-Conducing close air support/ground attack from high altitude (most modern fighter losses have come from ground based missiles and anti-aircraft artillery, particularly when on bombing runs and low to the ground (5,000 ft altitude or less). F-35 is able to identify and attack ground targets from normal altitude (out of range of AAA and shoulder fired missiles) and it's stealth allows it to operate more safely in areas with protection from larger surface to air missile batteries
    2-This aircraft is far less reliant on specialized electronic warfare aircraft, radar early warning and control aircraft, and surveillance & battle management/control aircraft, meaning a strike package does not have to have these extra aircraft as a part of it, simplifying logistics.
    3--Advanced battlefield networking. Each aircraft can "see" everything that the other aircraft see, as well as recieve targeting information from any other friendly aircraft or ground unit. This radically increases situational awareness and improves the ability for each asset to support each other.

  • Tannhaeuser X
    Tannhaeuser X 4 days ago

    So far F-35 is a money pit and a yuuuge disappointment with endless problems.

  • Cabalistic Asian
    Cabalistic Asian 4 days ago

    what if it was the Lockheed Martin's F-22 Vs the Su-35?

  • Lloyd  Cedric Cañaveral

    nah still shitty aircraft mig 21 may able to destroy F-35 in a dogfight

  • from the fog
    from the fog 4 days ago

    do we take in to account how the USAF cheat to get to pass it tests or how F-18G beat a F-22 in a dogfight.

  • Levvy Is Awesome
    Levvy Is Awesome 4 days ago

    F-35 = Mac

    Su-35 = PC

  • Awesomeness Blah Blah


  • JOEY joe
    JOEY joe 4 days ago

    it would all depend on if the us plane started at a farther distance or not. thats the whole point of the technology basically.
    if the US plane was able to lock on earlier then there would be no dog fight

  • HeatedWafflez
    HeatedWafflez 4 days ago

    I love how this channel is never biased

  • maZpi
    maZpi 4 days ago

    and it's obvious that Rafale > all :p

  • Garrett Dean
    Garrett Dean 4 days ago

    Good video, but I feel that a more accurate/reasonable matchup would be the F-22 vs the Su-35, as the F-22 is the USAF's most modern Air to Air oriented fighter jet, while the F-35 is intended for multirole use.

  • lark Miller
    lark Miller 4 days ago


  • Colonel Corn
    Colonel Corn 4 days ago

    The F-22 could beat the Su-35 easily, even if the F-35 can't

  • Mantana Jansi
    Mantana Jansi 4 days ago

    Why are they both 35?

  • Griffin Filaski
    Griffin Filaski 4 days ago

    the F22 would is what we would use for dogfights most likley

  • UnitedTSR
    UnitedTSR 4 days ago

    Russia comes in 3rd; The US Navy has the 2nd largest air force.

  • DoniStunts
    DoniStunts 5 days ago

    F-35> Hydra
    Su-35> Lazer

  • logan siemik
    logan siemik 5 days ago


  • SERVER gamers!
    SERVER gamers! 5 days ago

    pls compare the super awesome.super high tech.mind blowing F-22 Raptor to those Russian Air supporiority Jets!....

  • Rac
    Rac 5 days ago

    I think your can do a Su-35 vs a F-16 Fighter Jet.

  • Valdi Noor Azhar
    Valdi Noor Azhar 5 days ago

    Make F-22 vs Eurofighter Typhoon.

  • Pippo Finotto
    Pippo Finotto 5 days ago

    T50 ?????

  • Crashburn 32
    Crashburn 32 5 days ago

    Why compare a dog fighter to a non dog fighter?  If there was a war, the F-35 would detect the Su-35 long before it knew it was being watched, and call in a couple F-22's to dogfight with it. Assuming its long range missiles didn't kill it first.

  • Patrick Mpefo
    Patrick Mpefo 5 days ago

    I'd say that the winner depends on rank and expierence

  • wassuup
    wassuup 5 days ago

    Hey my name is andrew and i am the youtube expert. I also own all model planes in the world

  • kiko chinsi
    kiko chinsi 5 days ago

    I didnt like the channel....I loved it awesome and good job

  • El Craxo
    El Craxo 5 days ago

    Me throwing a pen > Both

  • BobtheMinecrafter 567


  • Dragan Nikcevic
    Dragan Nikcevic 6 days ago

    All this videos are shit, so what's the point? Who would win? You need to answer on that question, not we. All this info we can read on wikipedia, this videos are totaly shittt

  • K
    K 6 days ago

    China spends more on defence budget compared to Russia, Russia isn't second

  • Don Sullivan
    Don Sullivan 6 days ago

    One of the f-35 hidden features is that it burns dollars.

  • Renen Baskerville
    Renen Baskerville 6 days ago

    Just a piece of shit channel

  • Michael Covello
    Michael Covello 6 days ago

    If the f35 is a shittier aircraft than even the f16, and it's the technology under the hood that gives it the advantage, then wouldn't upgrading existing planes with the new technology be more cost effective than spending exuberant sums on an airframe that doesn't fly as well?

  • Erndem Sterff Prederctions

    Did you seriously call the F-35 the United States' pride and joy of the sky? That title is reserved for only 2 planes. The F-22 Raptor and the SR-71 Blackbird.

  • Trey Mckenzie
    Trey Mckenzie 6 days ago

    next lets compare the Su-22 to the F-22 because both have 22 in the name.

  • AlabamaSoldier
    AlabamaSoldier 6 days ago

    The F-35 has six times the detection range and is capable of hiding from the Su-35 in a way that the Su-35 can't. But, the Su-35 can out-turn, out-run, and out-climb. So, basically the Su-35 brought a knife to a gun fight.

    • AlabamaSoldier
      AlabamaSoldier 6 days ago

      It's hard to see the value of the F-35 if you compare it the way aircraft of the past were compared; via speed, endurance, and agility. The F-35 isn't just a new plane, it's a new type of weapn. It starts fighting from 186 miles away by winning the information war first. It can choose when and where and how to fight.

  • Potluck5
    Potluck5 6 days ago

    The battle of the 35s

  • Ryan Tongs
    Ryan Tongs 7 days ago

    it really should be the SU-35 vs the F-22

  • Anthony Tonny
    Anthony Tonny 7 days ago

    Budget, budget! Tired to hear that USA has 1st largest military budget. 1/3 of US budget is salary and insurance stuf of servants. Russians have conscript form of army. They don't need to pay soldiers. Second article of US budget is cost of service of foreign bases. US has 80+ bases, Russia just a few. And next step, Russian salary of engeneers who creates military stuf much smaller than american collegues. If u compare all money spending according that stuf u will see that in real, Russians spend not less than USA

  • Ernesto Delmoral
    Ernesto Delmoral 7 days ago

    A-10 avenger is better than f-35

  • TapAndDab
    TapAndDab 7 days ago

    War will break out end of this year then next year china will join as they got their jet

  • Mark Langstaffe
    Mark Langstaffe 7 days ago

    These videos are pointless.

    The only way find out beyond any doubt if the USA and Russia have a full blown war.

    And if that happens, the last thing anyone will think about is this video.

  • Vympel Krasny
    Vympel Krasny 7 days ago

    F-35 is very UGLY!!!

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