6 Must Try Japanese Foods | Iwate

We discover six must try Japanese dishes in Iwate prefecture.
► Huge thanks to Tohoku 365: https://tohoku365.com/
► And huge thanks to Quinlan! What an awesome guy! (his Airbnb): https://goo.gl/8lMu46

► All the dishes we ate in this video! https://tohoku365.com/traveler/page/7/

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やまもと98やまもと98 (1 day ago)
jajamen is from china btw

SamuelSamuel (1 day ago)
11:11 that's imposibruu!

the truth is herethe truth is here (2 days ago)
ur so lucky man I wish I had ur job or the money to visit Japan.. my all time favorite foods are mexican, italian, nd asian when I say asian I mean Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese all of the continent...
sorry to say but american food is good but u cannot mess with my 3 top...

rtarbinarrtarbinar (2 days ago)
this reminds me of the side quest in yakuza 5 to try the local cuisine :D

Murad BeybalaevMurad Beybalaev (3 days ago)
I have a low crigne threshold.
I would priobably die of cringe overload if I ever went to Japan and was surrounded by people failing so hard at English while naively and obliviously trying to sound cool.

鄭宇桓鄭宇桓 (4 days ago)
2:00 Racist stupid thoughts, you think you are funny?

Fabian del Rosario BaldurFabian del Rosario Baldur (5 days ago)
Fresh food fresh ingredients. so fresh even the parasites smile :D

Fabian del Rosario BaldurFabian del Rosario Baldur (5 days ago)
me so hungry :D

Leonard WinchesterLeonard Winchester (6 days ago)
Miso Toufu is like soy beans.

Ahaan thakker -Ahaan thakker - (7 days ago)
Looks tasty

2phalanges2phalanges (7 days ago)
arnt u that guy with the sushi tutorial channel? u sound like that guy wish nasal congestion.

SSJ SuloSSJ Sulo (9 days ago)
Justice delicious or just this delicious?

Kartikeya KrishnaKartikeya Krishna (10 days ago)
I want natsuki as my English teacher

john tanjohn tan (11 days ago)
the girl in 6:37 was sooo cute

Champ GrayChamp Gray (11 days ago)
Natski is like my friend amare

ell bienell bien (11 days ago)
who does watch this in 3AM? 😂😂😂
Can't sleep because of foods.wth.

tenou213tenou213 (12 days ago)
Quality content. I miss Japan.

Matthew CorderyMatthew Cordery (12 days ago)
Had some amazing cheese naan that this Indian place in Kyoto near the Hotel Mystays Kyoto Shijo

Scarx2gtScarx2gt (12 days ago)
He says it's torture watching it cook for 20 minutes ...and I'm here in London where getting hold of a wagyu beef is hard, and even if you do it's the lower grade stuff with ridiculously ramped up prices.

Niriel NabokovNiriel Nabokov (13 days ago)
How easy or difficult is it to eat vegetarian/vegan in Japan? I do know, from experience, that the only vegetarian option you'll get on the Champs Elysées is pizza, and if you're vegan you're screwed. In Spain, they count chicken as vegetables. Does the notion even exist in Japan? I feel like I should add that I'm not judging; as I personally don't really care, but as someone living in the Netherlands (where vegetarians and vegans are very well taken care of in grocery stores and restaurants), I am curious.

jindaddyjindaddy (14 days ago)
I see alot of Korean influence or Korean-like food in this province. Grilled meat, typically is a Korean thing (which is where Yakiniku grilled meat comes from). Plus jajamen, which is Jjajangmyeon in Korea and the Reimen dish, which is called Naengmyeon in Korea.

Iqbal 992Iqbal 992 (14 days ago)
Miyagi prefecture= karasuno XD

Natan The 6thNatan The 6th (15 days ago)
Why haven't I found this channel sooner before we left to Japan! Thank you :D

Steve OstrowskiSteve Ostrowski (16 days ago)
I so envy you these experiences, glad you're seizing the day and thanks for letting us watch!

Ahk MedrenAhk Medren (16 days ago)
Yanno. I was ready to dig this video until you passed on the chance to eat something new, liked smoked internal organs. Who travels so far and doesn't try all food offered at least once?

rebecca finnrebecca finn (16 days ago)
I feel like you should be starring in a BBC documentary

前川源四郎前川源四郎 (17 days ago)

W U MenschW U Mensch (19 days ago)

Luu ChanLuu Chan (20 days ago)
Justice delicious

Gökhan GökçeGökhan Gökçe (20 days ago)
Brush your teeth my friend

907110Eddizzle907110Eddizzle (21 day ago)
Why did you guys have to wear the paper aprons when eating the steak?

Luke ChuehLuke Chueh (22 days ago)
Just incase you didn't know, Jajamen (or Jia Jain Mien), is actually a Chinese dish. It's also pretty comes in Korea too. Then again, ramen is Chinese too, but whatever.

Jason WhenegerJason Wheneger (25 days ago)
4:08 He looks like Arin Hansen from Game Grumps.

ron baerron baer (26 days ago)
odd that its called teppanyaki. here in the states where I live its called a hibachi bar. unless that's the name of the place then I'm not listening I guess

David Nghia HuynhDavid Nghia Huynh (26 days ago)
He is left-handed?

lol Telugu speaking people @5:19 hehe tofu *******

aacb2004aacb2004 (28 days ago)
This video is an insane "try not to get a snack" challenge.
The Ethiopians would be great, they have loads of experience not eating.

laughingc0wlaughingc0w (29 days ago)
Chris, I love your videos! Hilarious and informative. I didn't realize jajamen was Japanese. In America, you'll find it at Chinese restos

HackemSackem RollingRackemHackemSackem RollingRackem (1 month ago)
GG starting with the Genghis Khan is indeed an evil move and I have a question: is the Jajamen kinda like korean's jajyangmyun?

Jacopo BreitfeldJacopo Breitfeld (1 month ago)
If thos look ar even taste like spaghetti bolognese , then u really ate them out of a british or american 99c brand.. Not that a brit are famous for their taste.

How Dare YouHow Dare You (1 month ago)

Matthew DameronMatthew Dameron (1 month ago)
Quinlan is definitely a Star Wars character.

YunYi LimYunYi Lim (1 month ago)
"My only criticism is that the dish didn't come with a side of chairman mao"
-Chris 2017

Albis SanAlbis San (1 month ago)
so fun to watch it :)

SannaSanna (1 month ago)
The videos on this channel are shot like professional documentaries. Awesome

Emma CarleyEmma Carley (1 month ago)
i want a friend like natsuki

Im TrasheIm Trashe (1 month ago)
5:12 Nice moobs ;_;

dcacs85dcacs85 (1 month ago)
Genghis Khan is a dictator? how about you do some research before stating that fact, ignorant

Mindaugas IncMindaugas Inc (1 month ago)
It's a torture to watch while hungry...

duorientduorient (1 month ago)
jajamian is influenced by a Chinese dish called zha jiang mian (炸酱面)

Marie McCORMICKMarie McCORMICK (1 month ago)
Did he said "Lollipop?.."
I can smell a Massage after Five bottles of Sake.

Hummm...Friend ey?


IriaChanIriaChan (1 month ago)
Dengaku = Lighting Study

sock2828sock2828 (1 month ago)
Quinlan is easy on the eyes

Obay JsObay Js (1 month ago)
British cunt who does not deserve to go to japan eats its food like and ungrateful and unmannered bitch

Ist vanIst van (1 month ago)
I can now clearly see the difference in weight 😁 from this vid to your latest... But i guess thats normal...

jojo rojasjojo rojas (1 month ago)
what jazz song is being playes

XxenXxen (1 month ago)
"Jar Jar Binks is my favorite character" **Shuts off video asap**

Terry ElcoateTerry Elcoate (1 month ago)
sure u saying all British people have bad manners and are horrible is well pretty horrible and bad manners and u have the nerve to say it about British people lol

Hasbi AlfariziHasbi Alfarizi (1 month ago)
what he means was probably divine lol not justice xD

田所田所 (1 month ago)

NicoooNicooo (1 month ago)
The British wit and sarcasm in this is so good, it has to be fattening.

derek dodsonderek dodson (1 month ago)
its always been my dream to go to japan ive never traveled and im 22 xD

larry lovehandlelarry lovehandle (1 month ago)
Why are you saying ghengis Kahn was a dictator. That's how all rulers were back then dufus

ukigumoukigumo (1 month ago)
Are you going to upload the other prefecture videos?

Rob zo5000Rob zo5000 (1 month ago)
dudes slimmed down a ton

sean rawlinssean rawlins (2 months ago)
Hey Chris I'm here in Japan. It seems like it's really expensive to eat anything. Could you talk about prices of food in Japan. Maybe what to eat on a budget?

InterkomkomindInterkomkomind (2 months ago)
wait, is jar jar binks your favorite star wars character?

oh dear

nindi nidanindi nida (2 months ago)
I really love your british accent. it sounds like a beautiful song for me.

mojomomomojomomo (2 months ago)
He didn't say justice he said this dish is

Lunar FrostLunar Frost (2 months ago)
I think my biggest issue with japan is adapting to the type of food served there.

I'm extremely picky and well, American. I love Meat and Bread...and Potatoes...and that's about it.

Zelda HensonZelda Henson (1 month ago)
Good luck...

MrFesterMrFester (2 months ago)
I would like to know how many days did he spent in each city, because I see a ton of food being eaten that is going to fill you up fast.

Ava AbdonAva Abdon (2 months ago)
can I marry you :)

AtrinochAtrinoch (2 months ago)
your friend quinlan has a huge nose

Ruchit NegotiaRuchit Negotia (2 months ago)
You can ONLY find American hospitality NOT in America. lol

aWildWaterMelonAppearsaWildWaterMelonAppears (2 months ago)
"yay watermelon"
I approve of this message.

TwirchTwirch (2 months ago)
That BBQ bucket is brilliant! I want one!

Jay AndersonJay Anderson (2 months ago)
Justice Delicious number one!

PøppyPøppy (2 months ago)
i feel like i'm watching jamie oliver

Rasheed GillespieRasheed Gillespie (2 months ago)
Tantan... also from Star Wars.

Autistic SheepAutistic Sheep (2 months ago)
That guy sounds like Black Pigeon Speaks ^^

Sieren TokiioSieren Tokiio (2 months ago)
go see the cows! lol

Rickson Geometry DashRickson Geometry Dash (2 months ago)
Id like some adolf hitler for appetizers
Genghis khan for main course
Mao ze dong as side dish
And maybe a bit of impaled vlad ice cream as dessert

Matt ChowMatt Chow (2 months ago)
fuck the word "ex-pat" he's a fucking immigrant

Don QuijoteDon Quijote (2 months ago)
natsuki clearly said "just is delicious" not "justice delicious"

Marvin G.Marvin G. (2 months ago)
one thing noticed watching japan videos is that I still have to a find fat regular japanese walking on the street I was just curious with all those delicious foods they have and yet they are with the lowest obesity rate...

Bryan TaylorBryan Taylor (2 months ago)
NOM, NOM, NOM,,, One of these days.

onilukaoniluka (2 months ago)
Damn that looks nice!

WiseguyRavenWiseguyRaven (2 months ago)
i think he meant "just is delicious" lmao XD

avatar098avatar098 (2 months ago)
Hmmm, I shall try and implement this bucket idea for home KBBQ :)

Lady GestaltLady Gestalt (2 months ago)
I need a tofu lollipop

DukeDuke (2 months ago)
10:30 I love that guy. lol

Justin ErraJustin Erra (2 months ago)
What part of America dictates how polite you are. Midwest=Polite. EastCoast=Dickheads

jere jakobjere jakob (2 months ago)
fuckin hell now i want some of that

Joshua MadocJoshua Madoc (2 months ago)
Guess my reaction to wagyu beef would be 「天国のようだ」

27022702 (2 months ago)
i like watching food shows whilst eating

ltd1980ltd1980 (2 months ago)
that beef looks like food of the gods. amazing

lucretius123lucretius123 (2 months ago)
that american expat is wearing the classical american expat outfit.

恵理 / 爱梨 石工 / 梅森恵理 / 爱梨 石工 / 梅森 (2 months ago)
Now you've been vegan for 90 seconds, would you be able to make a video about how to be vegan in Japan? I am also passionate about food. Love your videos.

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