ASL In Christ Alone

Snohomish Community Church worship ministry presents a worship song with ASL translation. Music included for learning ASL. Because of YouTube's 10min limit, sermons are available at ?UID=392286&type=public . Visit for more information.

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Author blossom4asl (10 months)
If this is a true "deaf ministry" they would have deaf people involved! A
deaf ministry means that deaf people lead as well doing what they are
called to do weather it be signing music teaching bible study or being
greeters or helpers. I am a deaf woman in ministry and interpreters do
play a part but not the whole entire part. People need to be educated in
what a deaf ministry is. Don't claim yourself as a deaf ministry unless
you have deaf people involved in ministry not just sitting there in a tight
lil nit group in the pews and you show them off as ministry, thats a NO
NO! Deaf are hands on visual type of people. Please have them involved we
are the body of Christ we should be allowing everyone to bring forth the
light in Christ Jesus! Yes she signs signed english which i don't teach or
acknowledge! I stay true to ASL and how we deaf people do it!

Author David Pledger (1 year)
the interpretation was clear but boring. I seen no expression. next time
you do a song try asl. in doing so you wont have to sign so many word. what
I am saying don't sign the words but sign the meaning. Break the form and
go for the meaning

Author Laurie P (1 year)
I completely agree. And although signed English is an easy way for new
signers to learn to do music, i wish more people were committed to
continuing PAST THAT and learning how to truly translate into their
language, which is ASL. Different in look, flow and structure.

Author MsFyathyrio (1 year)
I understood the song; however, it was more signed English than I'm use too
seeing. Aliandsamson, no one is arguing with you. The below discussion
board seemed to be fair and accurate. Even though you say you are deaf and
no one has the right to debate your opinion, other deaf people like myself
see this as Signed English. We all have opinions and should allow others to
have there's as well.

Author sign4uall (3 years)
@Prehensile777 So THAT'S the word? I know how to sign COMFORT, I just
didn't know the word at number 46. Thank you.

Author An H (4 years)
Thank you for posting this video! It's such an encouragement to me!!!!

Author Carol Freeman (3 years)
@MusicInMotion67 i know right? thats what gets confusing about learning
asl, so many people use signed english that after awile you just wanna give
up :\

Author sean scullewaig (5 years)
You sign more ESL than ASL ....

Author dancechic98 (3 years)
I signed this is kids choir!! This lady in the video did it ALL wrong!!!!

Author GloryB2Jesus (3 years)
I'm going to sign this song for church on Sunday and I love it. But my ASL
is terrible so most of my music is pigeon signed. I'm learning and I can
only ask that any deaf in the audience bear with me and forgive any

Author SignLanguageLaura (5 years)
PSE (pigeon), but still a very good job. Well done.

Author Myrta Gschaar (2 years)
Yes, She signed it perfectly. I am hearing and have a deaf ministry.

Author sign4uall (3 years)
@Prehensile777 Well, it would help if it was a captioned song.

Author sign4uall (3 years)
@ktloveland I was perplexed by MY WET-PERSON or MY SOFT-PERSON. What is the
words there? Number 46.

Author angelcake4 (3 years)
I sang this song in my church choir and loved it, and with the signs its
very moving and beautiful

Author Karen Sawyer (3 years)
She signed this song in Signed English or maybe even PSE which is simply
ASL signs but English structure. I wish if people say they are putting up
an "ASL" video, that it would actually be done in ASL and not SEE or PSE,
that's a little disappointing. There simply isn't many quality ASL signers
on here when it comes to songs :-/

Author Karen Sawyer (3 years)
@Prehensile777: She didn't sign comforter, you said you know how to sign
COMFORT if you're signing it correctly, then all you do is sign COMFORT
AGENT which simply represents that it's a person. It's signed just like
PERSON but you're not using the "P" letter you're just bringing your hands
down PO (Palm Orientation) facing one another & simply come down this is
typically used at the ending of a sign and is called a compound sign,
meaning it takes more than one sign for the meaning to be clear.

Author Prehensile777 (3 years)
@sign4uall Yea. Comforter was definitely signed wrong. I would explain how
to sign it properly, but just google search ASL comforter and an online
dictionary will show the right sign. Ah well. Good effort.

Author Prehensile777 (3 years)
@sign4uall if you follow the song & what she signs it matches up with the
word comforter in the song. Soft/wet-person can also be used for gentle
person, but yea. Comforter would work better for it. Ah well.

Author vphillip24 (5 years)
BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for posting one of my favorite songs in a beautiful

Author John Nichols (3 years)
this does look like "SEE" more than asl... but at least some hearing folks
seem interested in the deaf...

Author Erthanianlady (3 years)
This is more English then ASL. She needs to use facial expression to convey
meaning and some of the grammer instead of using a sign for about every
English word.

Author joz365 (2 years)
Absolutely Marvelous!

Author Heather Tams (3 years)
:) I get to sign this song for church on sunday!

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