NTSD 2.4 All Locked Character

Locked and secret

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Author ninjahero3 (4 years)
the code for kimmimaro is spike in the code tool

Author StoryOfGames (4 years)
Tobi pwns. Eany hints how to get his code?

Author Jordan Cheong (4 years)
Join my hamachi Name:Blankedge pass:123

Author 00MadridVideos00 (4 years)
do you know how to unlock tsunde and pein.

Author Pwnnkitteh12 (3 years)
Nope still aint workin

Author nicknicknicl (4 years)
um i wrote goodboy on the code thing and now i cant load up ntsd

Author Marcy O (4 years)
CamStudio is alot petter than hypercam let me tell you that now

Author Eric Catastrophic (3 years)
@fanboy8888 type in "goodboy" in the cheat code thing go to data then
change "goodboy" to "badboy", simple as that

Author TruonGGs92 (3 years)
to get Pain: just type "eternal" while loading the game to get tobi: just
open codetool and type "vasdrh" How to get Minato, Haku, Kimimaro etc. i
don't know.

Author lpernites2 (4 years)
tobi is no longer invulnerable

Author D1sc0nn3ctED (4 years)
what is code on 2nd hokage?? and i write other code

Author LAUSAI QUI (1 year)
lol when u go in the game just type bawkbak n u have all the pupil accept
for some

Author hidan424 (4 years)
you go to your data folder an click on data then yo type id: 0 type: 0
chars\badboy and then save

Author fanboy8888 (3 years)
@neo2582 no matter how many times i put in id: 0 type: 0 file:
chars\pein.dat it doesn't work, can you just type that out in a message so
i can copy and paste?

Author ninjahero3 (4 years)
i typped in goodboy and mine still works

Author KyubiNarutoUzumaki (4 years)
yamato? maybe minato?

Author IcePour (4 years)
NAGATO FTW! id: 0 type: 0 file: chars\brrrrr.dat id: 0 type: 0 file:
chars\bacon.dat id: 0 type: 0 file: chars\spike.dat id: 0 type: 0 file:
chars\smiter.dat id: 0 type: 0 file: chars\speedy.dat id: 0 type: 0 file:
chars\jkhg.dat id: 0 type: 0 file: chars\badboy.dat All except badboy type
the code in the codetool. Goodboy for the codetool works, but it freezes in
the Game. So instead go to Data Notepad and paste id: 0 type: 0 file:
chars\badboy.dat For the character Tobi

Author AQWORLDSBlackaccount (3 years)
badboy dosnt work

Author Isaiah Hicks (4 years)
to get pein type bawkbak in character select if anyone want to play online
my ham is isaiahhicks pass 123 join if u want to play me my name is

Author Paopao369 (4 years)
it works but some of his jutsus doesn't work!?

Author John Speed (3 years)
codetool does not work!!

Author Puuh13 (3 years)
*cough*overused song *cough* XD

Author ariyangjahat (3 years)
@MultiDestroyer11 DUDE IT WORKED THX!!

Author Kevin Zajączkowski (3 years)
@JiaJien1304 if you really don't know this song, you're a noob this is the
best song ever : "Requiem For A Dream"

Author Happytreefriendsfan3 (4 years)
its becasue you are using animal path the one of 6 paths of pein wich can
only do summonings,i think there are only 3 paths in the game (altrough i
just unlocked the animal one)

Author Darth Vader (4 years)
Also, how come a lot of Pain's moves don't work for me? The only moves that
work for me are the dog things, the bird thing, deva path summon and human
path stab. Why don't the other moves work for me? Whenever I put in the
input for the other moves, nothing happens (except a puff of smoke). How do
I fix this? Please reply

Author Drago204 (2 years)
write bawkbak in character selection on vs mode

Author BlankDerp (4 years)
codes: tobi> badboy god>smiter tonton>bacon yamato>speedy ex: id: 0 type: 0
file: chars\bacon.dat ____________________________ open the game and type>

Author Red Punch (4 years)
plis post the codes

Author yourmumusername (4 years)
Join my hamachi Name: NTSDaddicts Pass: 123

Author Michal Otto Gender (4 years)
write in data id: 0 type: 0 file: chars\pein.dat

Author DualShot1 (4 years)
Wat about the code for kimimaru

Author iBlazeable (4 years)
I writted badboy on tobi but i didnt work but when i typed goodboy it sayed
patch succesfull but when i pressed play it didnt work..Why?

Author Sumokorn Mosila (6 months)
I like Sarutobi Hashirama Tobirama and Tsunade

Author Sarnicone (4 years)
Why are you looking at the mirror while you are saying this?

Author SoulGyro (1 year)
can u pick sasuke in his cs2 form

Author Michal Otto Gender (4 years)
badboy omg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:

Author Michal Otto Gender (2 years)
@condexa1999 Yep , id: 0 type: 0 file: chars\pein.dat

Author fable1029384756 (4 years)
i know bacon, the_bone, smiter,brrrrr

Author lakasapaka (7 months)
tobi not madara

Author lpernites2 (4 years)
but my computer says it's an error so i have to type id: 0 type: 0 file:

Author TheAriel745 (4 years)
whats toby's code ? :D in 2.4

Author Tk4D (4 years)
how do you play it online?

Author IcePour (4 years)
Its a deformed version of pain. Change the numbers back to normal. and load
the NTSD 2.4 While loading Type Bawkbak.

Author IcePour (4 years)

Author Michal Otto Gender (4 years)
code is brrrrr

Author studentsonic (4 years)
never mind

Author AzNCuPC4kE (4 years)
what is code for pain? plzz someone tell me.. thanks!

Author H Dinh (3 years)
guys every single character works here's i show you id: 0 type: 0 file:
chars\bacon.dat id: 0 type: 0 file: chars\brrrrr.dat id: 0 type: 0 file:
chars\speedy.dat id: 0 type: 0 file: chars\spike.dat id: 0 type: 0 file:
chars\pein.dat id: 0 type: 0 file: chars\badboy.dat id: 0 type: 0 file:
chars\kidomaru.dat id: 0 type: 0 file: chars\sakon.dat id: 0 type: 0 file:
chars\tayuya.dat id: 0 type: 0 file: chars\jiroubou.dat id: 0 type: 0 file:

Author Michal Otto Gender (4 years)
codes is here for few :P brrrrr-haku badboy-tobi spike-kimaro smiter-god -
isnt in video jkhg-master hand - isnt in video bacon-ton_ton speedy-manato

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