Funny pre-flight announcement

A very funny safety brief

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Author speedometer111 (3 months)
He obviously loves his job.

Author Value Parking (10 months)
Being a pilot is not always serious business… Funny pre-flight announcement

Author Air Fleet Training Systems (10 months)
Being a pilot is not always serious business… Funny pre-flight announcement

Author T Bragg (1 year)
Insert 25 cents for the 1st minute of oxygen. There are fees for
everything now.

Author Craigslist Administrator (6 months)
so if you dont liek the service you can kill yourslef at 30k feet real

Author Lazlow Rave (1 year)
oh noes. grammer polise! hahah!

Author LadyTyger51ne (1 month)
Too funny!! 

Author Craigslist Administrator (6 months)
i love this guy

Author football11248 (1 year)
I think I have that flight attendant from mdw to sjc.

Author snareskillz (4 years)
@fuzzydeathray It is southwest. They are known for doing this

Author jaec52609 (4 years)
wat airline was this? i obviously took the wrong airline when i

Author Xi K1LLJ0Y iX (3 years)

Author Xilstealth (3 years)
This guy is great. Why can't we have more flight attendants like him?

Author Leanne Strong (2 years)
We do have seatbelts. They're not as dangerous as they look! lol.

Author Mike Mcfall (2 years)
OMG I have had this guy as my attendant before!!! HE is HILARIOUSSSSSSSS

Author dapav96 (2 years)
Haha it helps people pay attention too! :D

Author squiddy820 (3 years)
Stop screaming long enough to pull down the mask and place it over your

Author MrAaront703 (3 years)
put it over your head, already you look beautifully fashionable !! :L I
would love to have a pilot like this on every flight, it would make you
feel comfortable.

Author aval1998 (4 years)
@00bean00 lol

Author 4crevis (3 years)
I thought the aircraft had reverse gear at 1:58!

Author hollywoodpimp23 (3 years)
"So sit back relax, or lean forward all twisted up... the choice is really
yours!" BHAHAHA!!

Author DJJakubz (4 years)
@FloriBlueAngel Not to get too nit-picky, but they also fly the 737-300
(almost 200). There is a chance it's a -300 retro-fitted with winglets.

Author Vaughn Mercredi (3 years)
@7john7cena7 LMFAO X100!!!!!!!!!!

Author nwvfd22 (2 years)
"Immediately stop screaming, let go of your neighbor..." What flight was
this on and when? Because with that quote, I strongly believe I was on this

Author Weegee010 (3 years)
everyone on southwest does stuff like this

Author Psythik (3 years)
I'm pretty sure Southwest pays them to be funny. Last time I flew Southwest
the flight attendant was also making jokes like "If you need a flight
attendant, please press the hairy light bulb button".

Author McBallyhoo (4 years)
yea... theres a reason I like to fly Southwest

Author Marcus_Mravik (2 years)
I take it he got bored LOL

Author Joshua Sutherland (3 years)
@bajesus666 jet blue is the same

Author immcguyver07 (1 year)
Seat belts actually increase deaths in plane crashes bc ppl panic and can't
figure out how to get them off while high from adrenaline. Also most
survivors went wearing them on most crashes. Thank you for worrying about
our safety captain.

Author Matt McEwen (3 years)
@laxi98 you should see the air new zealand 'Fit To Fly' with richard simmons

Author thirteenfingers (3 years)
Does this guy remind anyone else of Mr Leo. the "fashion consultant for the
army" as done by Robin Williams in Good Morning Vietnam? Especially the bit
about life vests, looking beautiful and making sure your shoes match your

Author rüdiger drescher (3 years)
@Zethux mind me sending the transcript? could use it for teaching EFL but
couldn't work out all that is said

Author Edgar Woodhead (3 years)
Lol :)

Author Radek Raczkowski (3 years)
someone plz call Hollywood and give him a job!

Author Ahmed arif (2 years)
this guy's name is randel... known as tommy on westjet .. i bet .. u wanna
see his face search on youtube "HILARIOUS WESTJET FLIGHT ATTENDANT"

Author SamLynn93 (3 years)
what was this pilots name?!?!?! xD i want him to fly me places!

Author masuman1 (4 years)
wow i love this it made me laugh who was the pilot

Author TheModelmaker1 (3 years)
One of the best preflight announcements I have ever heard

Author YDoesLifeHaveLemons (1 year)

Author taiblademaster (4 years)
@laxi98 totally!!!!! if ally pre-flight announcements were this funny,
flying would be SO MUCH MORE FUN!!!

Author Chris Agatep (3 years)

Author harrygoozee (4 years)
is this a airbus a330?

Author shh071 (3 years)
"Already you look beautifully fashionable" roflmao

Author Mitchellpilot909 (3 years)
@bajesus666 I know man. Every southwest flight I go on the flight attendant
says something funny!

Author u wot m8 (2 years)
"insert a quarter for every minute of oxygen"... Shit. I'm broke.

Author kinluc06 (3 years)
i wish this guy was on my last flight we more people like this on every

Author michael douglas (2 years)
Can't believe it's not buttercup oxygen masks ha ha what a legend

Author Nick Leyman (3 years)
OMG I love that

Author Lazlow Rave (3 years)
"Sit back, relax. Or lean forward all twisted up the choice is really
yours... " LMAO

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